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I finished!

Well, I am done. Weaved the last end in Sunday afternoon. Take a look:


I’ll start by saying I like them. I love the pattern, like how the colors turned out, and really enjoyed the process of fair isle. You can feel it coming though can’t you?…the but. I guess I just have a hard time accepting that I am not an expert fair isle knitter on my first try. You can tell by looking at the picture that not all the stitches are even and I mentioned in a previous post the errors I made on my first stocking.

I did knit the second one a little different then the first so it would fit better. I knit until the decreases on US 3’s and then switched to 2’s for the rest so it would be more form fitting on my lower calf, ankle, and foot. I like this much better. I also knit a shorter heel flap since it is too long on the first stocking. I think I have a short heel because that was the same problem I ran into with the first sock I ever did (and never finished the second pair of because I was too new to knitting to know how to adjust a pattern.) Here is a close up of the better stocking:


One thing I still need to do is add elastic to the ribbing at the top. I am not sure how to do this but they don’t stay up well on their own and I am hoping elastic will solve that problem. The big question I need to ask myself is this: is it worth it to re-knit the first stocking to match the better-fitting second. Really, they don’t look that different�??they just feel a lot different. But is it worth it?

I still haven’t blocked them and I am thinking that and the elastic will make a big difference in how I see these so I am going to withhold judgment until then. Honestly, I don’t want to re-do it so I am hoping I don’t feel compelled to.

I did finish but I can’t help feeling my Olympic dreams were not exactly as I pictured. You would think that to earn a gold medal it would be my best work�??the pinnacle of my knitting achievements. So I was a bit down when I finished because I just didn’t feel that was the case. And then yesterday, while wearing my newly finished stockings and watching the Olympics wrap up, I heard something eerily relevant. A commentator was saying that often Olympians do not give their best performances for their Olympic medal wins. Not that they don’t try their best but that an olympic medal performance isn’t always their career best. I worked so hard and spent so many hours over the last 16 days on this project that I think I am going to look at it in this new way. I tried my best, it was a project that was an accomplishment to do in 16 days for me, I learned a new skill, and I finished. All this makes me a gold medalist and I am happy and proud of me.

I am also proud of sister/roommate who is also working on these babies and finished her first stocking this weekend. I am not going to write about how embarrassing it must be for her to have one finished when I have finished two. We all work at our own levels.

I will leave you with the obligatory stocking with shoes picture:


I would have given you an outfit shot but I am wearing a bathrobe in all these pictures. It was a nice look.

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What am I up to? Thanks for asking.

So this is what is on my needles. My sister and I were doing a mini-Norwegian Stocking KAL. Um, yeah. She’s done. You wanna know where I am at?

That’s my second stocking. Well, at least I am done with one. These are the infamous Norwegian St…

Posted by: knitting lemonade | 03/02/2006

They look fabulous and yes, the commentator was right. We do the best we can day to day. One day that may mean near perfection and other days not quite so…it’s all good. Wear and enjoy your fabulous accomplishment!

Posted by: margene | 02/27/2006

WELL DONE!!! They are gorgeous, I rank them up there with Yarn Harlot’s sweater. I am so envious of you talented knitters, I am new to the “sport” Maybe I will be ready for the Vancouver Games!!!!!

Posted by: Suzanne | 02/27/2006

They look great! I don’t see any mistakes and most people never will. Do yourself a favor and never point out the errors when you wear them. Just revel in people’s compliments!

Posted by: Posted by: Kristi | 02/27/2006


Your are being way too hard on yourself. Those stocking are GREAT! I mean do you realize you took the whole sock thing to the next level? I really commend you on your progress, and I consider you success and the outcome of your project a GREAT success, even if you don’t.


Posted by: Necia | 02/27/2006

Your stockings look awesome! Mistakes? what mistakes? You did a great job : D

Posted by: Amanda Cathleen | 02/27/2006

They’re absolutely lovely and you should be quite proud. Congrats!

Posted by: Glaistig | 02/27/2006


Posted by: Bad Amy | 02/27/2006

Definately a gold! Congrats! They are amazing! 🙂

Posted by: Julie | 02/27/2006

They look spectacular! Even if one doesn’t fit as well as the other, they both sure look like they fit perfectly…I can only imagine how comfy they are! (Well, hopefully I won’t have to imagine for much longer and will have my own pair to lounge around in!) Good for you for meeting your own challenge, and for recognizing the value in your effort even if you feel it wasn’t your “personal best”! Because trust me, no one else is noticing. 😉

Posted by: Kerry | 02/28/2006

No you didn’t…did you just call me out?? If I were you I would sleep with one eye open and a pair of knitting needles.

Posted by: Posted by: Sister/Roommate Kara | 02/28/2006

They look great!!! Enjoy them.

Posted by: Laura | 02/28/2006

Well Done! Absolutely stunning stockings…honestly, I am in awe of you and your sister’s talent…who knew?

Posted by: Posted by: Mom | 03/01/2006

Wow! Your Norwegian Stockings are just beautiful! Especially for your first time doing something like this. Really you should be so proud! This pattern just looks so great. Way to go!

Posted by: Carly | 03/01/2006

they are incredible! i’ve used super skinny elastic after the fact on a hat that was a little too big. I just wove it in and out of the inside of the hat, every other back side of stitch or whatever tightness you need and made sure did the same thing on several rows of the band, and it turned out great! i was so surprised at how uniform it will look if you just weave the elastic in a consistent way. also, i think the socks will relax after they’re washed and worn and will form more to your foot anyway, so i think you should just wear what you have already knit. they are seriously, beautiful! maybe framing them would be better?…nah…

Posted by: bonnie | 03/02/2006

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The foot (dum dum dum)

I am not sure if my title relays the kind of doom I feel about the foot of my stockings. Regardless, I am feeling it. I have finished one stocking (and am about half way through my second) but I am thinking about fixing the first which will make my Olympic Knitting that much more impossible. There are several things that are bugging me about it:

  1. The stitches are not even. I don’t know if that is a fair isle thing or a two handed knitting thing or a “it is not blocked yet” thing. But it bugs me because…well, it is not perfect.
  2. The ankle/lower calf portion is a little big. Darn my skinny ankles (okay, I don’t really mean that because I am actually vain about the parts of me that are delicate and petite�??I am allowed because I had to endure people calling me big when I was an impressionable teenager just because I was 5’10 living in Hawaii.) But still, I think I should have switched to 2’s for the lower calf and ankle portion to make it more form fitting. The bagginess is really only apparent after I have been wearing the socks for a minute but do I really want to be constantly pulling the stockings up to give it a more form fitting look?
  3. I messed up the pattern…slightly, but still messed up. Stupidly, I rearranged some of the stitches on the needles earlier after a dropped stitch. When I got to the heel flap I forgot about this and did the heel flap with the wrong stitches (about 2 stitches off from the pattern.) These pictures are a little old since I have now finished but they help demonstrate:

Right side of foot:


Left side of foot:


You see? See how the right side has 3 lines bordering the instep pattern and the left has one? It is all wrong! I know it might not be a big deal to some people but it drives me crazy! I continued on and finished the stocking thinking I would get over it but upon further reflection (and if my second sock turns out much better) then I am going to frog the first to the decreases and do it over. Now the question remains…can I finish the perfected stockings before the games are up?

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i just admire your stamina. they look wonderful to me.

Posted by: Posted by: cassi | 02/22/2006

For what it’s worth, I think they still look great, even with that little pattern mess-up. The colors are just lovely. I’m also having issues as I tackle my own pair, also in Baby Ull. I ended up going down a needle size for the ankles because, as with yours, they were too loose, but now I’m torn as to whether or not to go back up for the foot! How many stitches did you cast on for these, by the way? I started out with 110, because I have big ol’ calves, but I still wonder if that’s too much.

Posted by: Kerry | 02/24/2006

Are you using Baby Ull for these? I had a hard time decided how many stitches to cast on, since the gauge is different from the Heilo. This weekend I started a new stocking, I cast on 100 and decreased down to 96 to get the right number of stitches for the leg motif. It’s definitely more form-fitting, but the pattern doesn’t seem too stretched out like I was worrying it would. I think now once I hit the ankles they should be the right size. And the CC-under-MC technique is a definite hit…my tension overall looks MUCH better. I’ll keep an eye on your blog to see how yours go–and someday I’ll post pictures of mine on my blog! Good luck!

Posted by: Kerry | 02/27/2006

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I heart Norway

For Norway produced a style of knitting that is giving me such pleasure. Here is my Olympic knitting update:


I love these stockings so far. Love them. It makes me happy to knit them. Now, I have not been the perfect fair isle knitter. Learning to knit with one strand in each hand has been a challenge and combine that with fair isle on double points�??some of my stitches are uneven. But for the most part I am pleased with how they are turning out. I started on the heel flap last night�??I figure I have to finish the first one by Saturday in order to finish my project by the deadline. I can taste the gold medal.

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That is going to be one gorgeous pair of stockings! I’m going to the LYS to buy the Rowan pattern book tonight. I saw a couple of things I need to knit, too.

Posted by: margene | 02/16/2006

Ur stocking is lookin’ really good! Love it! : )

Posted by: Amanda Cathleen | 02/16/2006

Wow, those are gorgeous! And I love it that it’s the middle of winter and your toenails are still painted!

Posted by: Kim | 02/17/2006

very, very lovely stockings! and your legs are shaved too!

Posted by: bonnie | 02/19/2006

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Pacing myself

I must make this:


and this:


Both are in the new Rowan 39. I am hoping an LYS around here has it because I am anxious to see the patterns. Just beautiful. Rowan can look a little crazy bohemian but they have some really unique patterns that I enjoy.

The problem I run into is that I go a little crazy when I see patterns that I like. I can’t knit every pattern I get obsessed with. I really need to pace myself. I also really need to finish projects I have already started. Here is what I think I am going to do…

  1. Finish Olympic Knitting �?? I am about halfway down my leg with the first stocking so I will post progress pics soon.
  2. Organize knitting room (used to be called craft room but who am I kidding�??it is the knitting room)
  3. Finish Paula and Intarsia Sweater �?? I am so close on both but got discouraged over one thing or another and so put aside. Must persevere and finish.
  4. Take pictures of all finished projects and update photo albums.
  5. Then decide on new exciting project.

So that is my plan.

Last night I was Olympic knitting AND watching the Olympics. I am sure everyone else has been doing this all along but last night was my first watching the Olympics this season. I decided that I want a child in the Olympics. I think I would be a good parent of a Olympic level athlete. I mean when Ted Ligitey (I think that is how you spell his name) from Utah won the gold last night, I was crying along with his parents. I also cried when we were told that the other guy’s dad cut some wood for his skis so he would always have a piece of home with him…I am so easily manipulated by those darn features. I love the Olympics. And I love my stockings…I promise I will show you what they look like soon.

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And I’m off…


So I am off to a bit of a slow start. Perhaps I can be one of those Olympians who starts off rocky and then comes up from behind. I have to say though, for my first time Fair Isle knitting, I am really quite enjoying it. I love watching the pattern take shape. Also, I had to learn how to knit continental style which feels really awkward but I think will be worth it as knitting with a strand in each hand should go faster. Actually, it is already feeling more natural. I think I am liking the colors although admittedly navy is not normally my thing. I am getting pretty excited about how it is turning out. I figure I have to finish the first one before this weekend in order to complete on time.

So I finally took pictures of my Stained Glass scarf:


I learned double knitting for this scarf which I actually think is helping me with learning fair isle knitting. I used Artyarns Supermerino in Deep Brown (113) and Teal (120) and US 7 size needles. I made a few alterations�??it is a little shorter then the pattern called for and since the yarn is thicker then the recommended yarn, I did not cast on as many stitches. The best thing about this scarf is how so soft the yarn is. I am happy with how it turned out. Here is a better picture of the colors and one that shows the front and back of the scarf:


I tell you, it is fun to have a finished object. It makes me want to get my act together and finish several projects that I am so close to being done with. But first, my personal olympics must be won.

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You’re off to a great start! Keep it up! Oh, and the scarf is very pretty.

Posted by: Kit | 02/13/2006

You’re stockings are going to be adorable! Kara tells me you’re worried about the colors but I’m sure you’ll find plenty to wear them with.

And yay for the contintal knitting! You’ll be hooked by the time you’re through 😉

– crystal (kara’s friend from work)

Posted by: Crystal | 02/13/2006

hey – I am learning fair isle too for the olympics. Seems to be going well now that I’ve done a few rows.

I love that scarf – where did you get the pattern??

Posted by: michaele | 02/13/2006

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My Knitting Olympics

I wasn’t going to do the Knitting Olympics…not because I didn’t want to but because I didn’t pick a project and just didn’t get around to committing. Well, yesterday I was hit with the inspiration bug and now officially have a new project�??unfortunately, I think it is too late for me to join the official Olympics Knitting group. I left a comment saying I wanted to participate but it may be too late for me. Of course, that doesn’t mean I can’t still do it. So if I don’t get in I will just have to be a renegade and do it on my own…or with my sister/roommate who unknown to me also has been eyeing this project and when I brought it up to her yesterday we both decided to knit it at the same time. So if I can’t be an Olympic Knitter, then at least I can be in a knit-a-long with my girl Kara. So you want to know what we are kitting?…

Norwegian Stockings!

Since I am a total copy cat and really pick a lot of my projects from all the amazing bloggers out there, I first saw these knit up by Eunny and feel in love. She is obviously an incredibly talented knitter (I also just bought her original pattern for a Deep V Argyle Vest ) and has a great blog. The socks are from Nancy Bush’s Folk Socks book. I went to my LYS yesterday and got my yarn. I bought Dale of Norway Baby Ull in Dark Navy (Main Color), Beige (Contrast Color), and Baby Blue (Top Accent Color). Honestly, I am a little scared about how the colors will turn out. I hope they work the way I want them too. I will take pictures of the yarn and my progress this weekend. I am very excited for these…my first attempt at fair isle and if successful, my first completed pair of socks.

So I finished my Stained Glass Scarf but don’t have pictures to show yet. I think I want to block it a little longer�??I made it shorter then the pattern specified partly because I thought it was fine but mostly because I didn’t want to break into my third skeins. I will post pictures and give my full notes of the knit this weekend. Really, I promise I will.

Happy Olympic Knitting!

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whoOOT! Happy Olympic Knitting : )
Can’t wait to see that scarf

Posted by: Amanda Cathleen | 02/10/2006

Hi, I just thought I’d invite you to join me (Team Utah) in the knitting olympics! It’s just me over there, but you’re welcome to join if you want to. I’d love the company 🙂 Here’s the link http://utahknittingolympics.blogspot.com/

Posted by: Lauren | 02/11/2006

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