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Family Love

I love surprise packages. How can you not? Especially when they are sent from a far off place and from a much beloved person. Tonight I received this from the Best. Mom. Ever:


11 skeins of 100% Bamboo Eden Madil in a pink/coral color. I love it. So soft and luxurious. Now I have to figure out a project. Anyone worked with this or a similar yarn before?

Kara got some too, a pretty yellow/mustard color. My Mom is not a knitter but she is very attentive to our hobby. She goes to her LYS (she even calls it that) and compares yarn prices online to make sure she is getting a deal and that the yarn is quality. She has learned all about yarn and fiber just because she loves her girls. I don’t know anyone more thoughtful and supportive then my Mom. We are lucky girls. Only thing that would make me happier is if my Mom could have brought the yarn to me herself. Hong Kong is too far away.

In other family news, little non-knitter sister Briana had a birthday recently. One thing about us and birthdays is anything can be celebratory as long as it is a surprise. So to up the surprise factor this time, we went on a treasure hunt. Clues were left mysteriously throughout the night–our activities driven by whatever was written on the paper by “the benefactor.” At least that is what we called him. Oddly, the benefactor forgot to pay for the evening.

We started the night by meeting at the outlet mall in Park City. Our first clue led us to dinner at Hapa Grill, where we indulged in delicious Asian fusion food. Here is the group of us, from left to right: Bri, me, good friend Amanda, and Kara.


Our next clue was cleverly slipped in the dinner bill. After some deduction we headed to the Alpine Slide for some adventure in the mountains.


Bri and Kara look nervous don’t they? Okay, only I was nervous. But willingly sliding yourself down mountain on a slick track justifies it right?


I am a bit of a coward. It was fun though.

The next clue mysteriously appeared in a flower bed while we were looking the other way. Bri picked it up:


She read the clue while the group tried to work it out.


We are a smart bunch and so we soon were on our way to Chimayo for dessert. We ordered fondue, smores, and caramel pots du creme. Oh how we feasted. We look full don’t we?


We made it through the hunt and nice girls that we are, we let Bri have the treasure in the end. The benefactor was very good to us. He may be cheap but he was extremely clever. Very, very clever. Just like my Bri. Happy Brithday babe.

The following 12 comments were originally left at blogspirit:

Yo your mom rocks! Seriously. I love hearing stories about you and your sisters. I have 1 sister and we have way to much fun when we get together. I wish there’s was a few more, but oh well. For now, I’ll adopt her friends.


Posted by: Necia | 08/31/2006

What a cool idea for a party time with family –
Your Mom certainly got you a treasure – I haven’t knit with it, but it looks like it will be hard to resist.

Posted by: Teyani | 08/31/2006

i love the treasure hunt! that is a neat idea. i love that color yarn.

Posted by: pearl | 08/31/2006

What a fabulous idea for a birthday party. You grrls know how to have fun. And you do have the best mom ever!

Posted by: margene | 08/31/2006

What a great family 🙂 You guys always sound like you have so much fun together!

Posted by: Sarah | 08/31/2006

If that yarn is anything like Southwest Trading Company bamboo, you’ll love it. I made a Clapotis with some of that recently, and it knit up so nicely and stayed just as soft and silky after I washed it. Enjoy it!

Posted by: Posted by: Jennifer | 08/31/2006

oh! suprises from aunt di! what could be better?!? i know your meticulous attention to detail is due to your genes from her. but that makes it that much better. your mom is aweseome. i love her to death and you yarn is gorgeous. have oh so much fun with it!

Posted by: Cassi | 08/31/2006

Your mom certainly sounds like a real sweetie! What a great gift! Your little sis’s Birthday sounds like it was a TON of fun! Happy Birthday to your little sis! : )

Posted by: Amanda Cathleen | 09/01/2006

You have a great one to send you yarn and she doesn’t even knit! Looks like you had a lot of fun celebrating your sister’s birthday! What a clever bunch you are! 🙂

Posted by: Wanda | 09/01/2006

a non knitting sister? what?! how could that be? ;0)
hope she had a great bday! sounds like you all had a blast!

that yarn is such a lovely colour. spoilt! :0) x

Posted by: the knitchick | 09/02/2006

How fun! Looks like you girls had a great time, Happy Birthday to your sister!

Posted by: Lauren | 09/03/2006

Oh, you’ll love the Bamboo! I used a different brand to make the “Silk Camisole” in Last Minute Knitted Gifts. It has a great feel to it.

Posted by: Cheryl | 09/04/2006

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First Anna Down

You guys are the best do you know that? Thanks to all the blogland suggestions and help I figured out what to do about the question of shaping I had about my Anna socks. Knitting the first half using size 3’s and then switching to size 2’s for the rest worked perfectly. See:


I think I love it. Off to cast on for the second.

The following 13 comments were originally left at blogspirit:

Oh, la la! And great legs too! 😉

Posted by: VivaPia | 08/28/2006

Must. Make. These. Socks Eeek! So Awesome! And the shaping looks perfect.

Posted by: bunchkin | 08/29/2006

Oooh, sexy :). What was the Rowan Magazine? I must make some…very, very nice.

Posted by: Isela | 08/29/2006

You’re going to get Leg Fetishers commenting now! 😉

Posted by: Stitch-n-Snitch | 08/29/2006

those are even lovelier on you than they are in the Rowen picture! Nice JOB!!
So now you know that we all would like a photo of the cool outfit that you will be putting together to wear with those amazing socks… 🙂

Posted by: Teyani | 08/29/2006

What a perfect solution!!

Posted by: margene | 08/29/2006

That is beautiful. Can’t wait til see a pic of you modeling both. I would never guess it was a hand knit.


Posted by: Necia | 08/29/2006


Posted by: David | 08/29/2006

The sock looks great – congrats! 🙂

Posted by: Amy Artisan | 08/29/2006

wow you’re fast! It looks fantastic!

Posted by: Steph | 08/29/2006

Unbelievably cool!

Posted by: KatherineOfItAll | 08/29/2006

Ooooh, sexy–great job!

Posted by: Amy O’Neill Houck | 08/30/2006

How gorgeous. You are so talented!

Posted by: holli | 08/30/2006

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Crafting a man

I hesitated showing you this. Indeed, I am still a little weary. Just don’t judge me folks. Don’t judge.

So I went away to a cabin for a fun weekend with 6 amazing girlfriends. This is the second year we have gotten together like this, we plan activities, eat good food, and share stories and ideas with each other. It is a great time. So there is the set up. Now onto the slightly embarrassing part…

An activity was planned for Friday night. A tongue-in-cheek crafty exercise that was ridiculous and fun…we created paper doll men for each other.

We were each given a bag filled with all kinds of supplies (popsicle sticks, beads, thread, yarn) and shared a bunch of stickers, paper, markers and such to create everyone’s dream come true. I know, it is silly. I loved it.

So how did I start? Well, I mentioned there was yarn right? Only problem, no needles. But there were popsicle sticks…so I cast on. Everything else flowed from there.

Meet Dr. Peter Jacobsen, a professor of English at the University of Idaho and future husband to my friend Angie:


What professor doesn’t need a striped sweater vest? And notice how the colors match on both sides…see, I am even OCD when I knit for paper dolls.

Interested in my man? I was too. Until I met him:


Why oh why did I ever mention my new obsession with the show Dog the Bounty Hunter? At least my Dog has a sensitive side. I know this because he is holding a chef’s hat in one of his hands. I guess men who cook are sensitive? At least this is what I was told. It doesn’t really matter though, it is not like I have ever gone for the sensitive ones. Perhaps this is my problem.

The following 11 comments were originally left at blogspirit:

Yes but what’s in the OTHER Hand? And did you say you were with girlfriends? Better go with grrlfriends from now on;-)

Posted by: margene | 08/27/2006

So your little knitted vest was too cute! And as for Dawg he looks like some of the kids I work with now. Maybe when they turn 18 and aren’t jail bait I can introduce you to them, if they get off of probabtion. J/K. I am obsessed with dog the Bounty Hunter too. Mine is more for the shots of home, though. Funny story, Dog and Leland went out to catch a guy out in Hauula. Guess what? It was down the street from where Matt and his family used to live and he knew the family who lived there. AH!!!

Posted by: Cassi | 08/27/2006

*LMFAO* too funny!! I have to say that I LOVE the vest!! *L*

Posted by: Amanda Cathleen | 08/27/2006

you just can’t get away from the knitting can you, erin! :0) i *love vesty man- the professor is definately cool! and your guy- definately sensitive. the best ones usually come in strange packages… x

Posted by: the knitchick | 08/27/2006

Okay, now you’re scaring me. Were we separated at birth? First it was Monarch and now it’s Dog. (I’m so totally a closet Dog watcher!!!) 🙂

Posted by: Stitch-n-Snitch | 08/27/2006

Wow. I can’t believe you haven’t found this man and forced him to marry you in his chef hat.

Posted by: KatherineOfItAll | 08/28/2006

That is SUCH a cute and inspiring idea.

Dog rules! I’ve gotten my entire family hooked on him.

Posted by: Jess | 08/28/2006

That’s AWESOME! What fun friends 🙂 At least you don’t look like Dog’s wife…ay, ay, ay.

Posted by: Sarah | 08/28/2006

I mean, how could you NOT fall for a man in a sleeveless vest, sneakers, and a bowler hat? Really now, I’d like to see what woman COULD resist him.

🙂 Looks like fun.

Posted by: Kim | 08/28/2006

I think the only thing you can deduce about a man who likes to cook is that he’s a man who likes to eat sometimes. Vocation does not equal personality. I knew this incredibly gifted saxophone player who was the meanest, most bigoted misogynist I’ve ever met, and I work with a former Marine and current Air National Guard reservist who is one of the most sensitive, thoughtful men I know.

Posted by: David | 08/28/2006

You are the MacGyver of knitting–popcicle stitcks, that’s awesome! Were they the flat kind or were they round?

Posted by: Amy O’Neill Houck | 08/30/2006

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A question of shape

So I started them.


The oh-so-elegant Anna socks from the new Rowan. Of course, my picture is ever so slightly less elegant.


Last week I picked up the book and yarn at a LYS I don’t often go to. They have a great selection of Rowan yarn so I usually make it there at the beginning of each season. For the socks I am using the suggested yarn, Rowan 4-ply Soft. It is black, a nice crisp black. I love this yarn, it is the same stuff I used for Rambling Rose so I am very familiar with it. I am going to make sure to use some reinforcement yarn when doing the heel since I have heard some say the yarn is not traditionally used for socks and may be a bit delicate. I think it will be fine though.

The pattern is clear and I memorized the lace part quickly. But I have an issue…there is no shaping for the sock. No decreasing for the lower leg and ankle. None.

Um…I should be worried right? I know it is a stretchy lace pattern but could the same size material really fit my calf AND ankle? I don’t think so. This is very vexing indeed.

See, I love these socks. Love them. But I don’t think I would love them quite so much with saggy ankles. I brought this up tonight at SnB. The ladies there were also surprised about the knee socks with no shaping. We talked a little about how I could add some shaping in so I have some ideas that I am trying to work out. Any suggestions you all have would be appreciated too. Problem is, there is no back seem and the lace pattern doesn’t lend itself easily to decreases.

I just don’t get it.

The following 12 comments were originally left at blogspirit:

I really like these socks too! Kate over at http://knitlit.blogspot.com just finished the first of her Annas, and she recommends using a smaller needle for the ankle. Check out her blog for more tips! And good luck!

I’m struggling on to finish my rambling rose, finally…

Posted by: VivaPia | 08/23/2006

Erin- Try moving what you already have down to your ankle and see how it fits????? They look great so far though!

Posted by: Erin | 08/23/2006

the pic looks good. i would knit it up to the ankles (without the shaping) and dry it on and see how it goes first.

Posted by: pearl | 08/23/2006

I was almost convinced to knit them and then you said that there’s no shaping, I guess I won’t have to make them. Pretty socks. It’s pretty odd there’s no shaping at all for the calf/ankle.

Posted by: Wanda | 08/23/2006

Those socks are gorgeous. I have the same advice as VivaPia–move what you have knitted down to your ankle and see how it fits.

Posted by: Isela | 08/23/2006

If you look at the picture, you can see that the lace is not as stretched out over the ankle. The whole sock get more opaque there. Do you like that look? If so, go for it.

I second the other opinions, too. See how it feels on your ankle right now, and if it’s really too loose, go down a needle size or two to snug it up. With such a linear lace pattern, I might hesitate to do too much shaping.

Posted by: Posted by: Katherine | 08/23/2006

thanks for stopping by to check out my anna! yours looks smashing in black. i’ve already got the yarn for my second pair: some of the prescribed rowan 4ply soft in a chocolate brown color. as for this first pair, i guess you saw on my blog i’m having the same ankle issues. HOWEVER, i do think downsizing your needles midway down the calf will solve the problem neatly. that’s my plan for the next pair, anyway. good luck and can’t wait to see how yours turn out!

Posted by: kate | 08/23/2006

I have a feeling they’ll fit just fine without shaping. It seems to me that the part around the calves will stretch laterally and gather vertically so that the fabric at the ankles will do the opposite– stretch vertically and gather laterally. My only concern would be keeping them up… maybe some elastic at the cuff.

Posted by: David | 08/23/2006

I second (or third) the idea of knitting the ankles on smaller needles. Sounds like it could work perfectly.
I can’t wait to see how they knit up for you!

Posted by: Allison | 08/25/2006

they are looking great! yet I’d be a bit concerned about the shaping as well. you might check out Cara’s blog (januaryone.com) as she has been knitting knee socks like crazy, and a few posts ago she has a link to a knee sock pattern. maybe that will help?

Posted by: Teyani | 08/26/2006

I just come with a bit of encouragement, as I have no idea about shaping when it comes to socks.
They look great so far, and they are going to be fantastic when they are done : )

Posted by: Amanda Cathleen | 08/27/2006

I’m making Annas too — going down a needle size at the lower calf is definitely the way to go. Unless you are knitting these for a giraffe, pay no attention to the length instructions! Try on the sock as you go and begin the heel where you normally would. Also, the instructions call for a rather short heel flap in stockinette, which practically guarantees a baggy ankle. Go with a traditional heel stitch instead and you’ll get a much better fit. I’m knitting mine in Lorna’s Laces Shepherd sock on 3 mm and 2.5 mm Addis with these mods and they fit beautifully. HTH!

Posted by: Posted by: Karen | 08/27/2006

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Here she is…

I had several concerns with this sweater the more I knit it. I was worried that the color would be too hard to wear and that I would have a hard time finding anything to wear with it. But I found this shirt in Kara’s closet and she has graciously now bequeathed it to me. Got to love sisters.

medium_molly_sleeve.jpg Here are the details:

Pattern : Molly Ringwald

Source : Knitscene Fall 2006

Yarn : Classic Silk by Classic Elite Yarns, #6947 Colbalt, 4 balls

Needles : US 6 Straights

Size : 37

Mods : None

medium_molly_back.jpg Notes : I love, love, love this yarn and would definitely knit with it again. It comes in great colors and has a really nice feel and spring to it.

Overall, I do like this knit. It is a specialty sweater and not one I see me wearing often but it is something fun and different and I am glad I knit it. Plus it is fast. Just took me a couple of weeks and would have been much faster if I had solely knit it.

Only thing left to wonder about is, who came up with the name Molly Ringwald? What an odd name for a sweater. I guess it does evoke a bit of 80’s teen drama. Sort of. But hey, the 80s are back right?

The following 23 comments were originally left at blogspirit:

It is totally cute to the max! You and Molly look so darling together, but I am not biased at all…

Posted by: Kara | 08/18/2006

Verrry cute. Maybe the Molly Ringwald ref was because the model was in pink? That had me confused, too.

Posted by: Stitch-n-Snitch | 08/18/2006

yay pictures! i love it! it looks so adorable on, and the colour is really lovely. you knit that up really quickly, i’m impressed. i could definately see me wearing that top *especially in some silk yarn. mmm…

Posted by: the knitchick | 08/19/2006

It looks great! And the shirt is perfect with it!

Posted by: Kathy | 08/19/2006

You’re all too young to remember the 80s well;-)
It is totally something Molly would wear in one of her movies. The color is perfect for jeans and you’ll find other things you can wear it with, too. It looks fun to wear and great on you!

Posted by: margene | 08/19/2006

Congrats on finishing the sweater – it looks great! The whole “ensem” does remind me of something Molly would wear in any of those 80’s “classics.” 🙂

Posted by: Amy Artisan | 08/19/2006

That is very cute! The sleeves are really interesting. Must have been fun to knit

Posted by: Emily | 08/19/2006

CUTE!! the blue is perfect for you. totally love the photography.

Posted by: Cassi | 08/19/2006

Looks so kewl. I was casting on for this a coupla of weeks ago. Then I lost the magazine, so now I have to wait until i get another copy. I agree, totally 80’s, totally rad, totally hot! Good job!


Posted by: Necia | 08/19/2006

Such a cute sweater! It turned out great. I don’t see why you couldn’t wear the sweater without a shirt underneath it? Especially going into fall when there’s Indian summer? I love the color too.

Posted by: Wanda | 08/19/2006

*I’m* not too young to remember the 80’s! Molly Ringwald was my first TV crush… well, her or the princess from Voltron.

Posted by: David | 08/19/2006

It does look very Molly — moreso in the pink than in the blue. But I like your blue one better! Why does it need a shirt under it at all? Do the shoulders slip off without one? I think it would look cute both ways. Well done!!

Posted by: Margo | 08/19/2006

It looks awesome. Nice job!

Posted by: lisa | 08/19/2006

so cute! Love the sleeves, and its a great color. : )

Posted by: Amanda Cathleen | 08/20/2006

very very sweet! It looks GREAT on you.

Posted by: Teyani | 08/20/2006

That’s such a pretty sweater and it looks fantastic on you!

Posted by: lyn | 08/20/2006

it looks great! it took you a couple of weeks, really? it seemed faster than that! i just might have to pick up a copy of knitscene now.

Posted by: melissa | 08/21/2006

Oooh, cute! Love it with the shirt!

Posted by: Kim | 08/21/2006

You know, I could never figure out why they called that sweater “Molly Ringwald” either. But it still looks grrrreat on you!

Posted by: KatherineOfItAll | 08/21/2006

Darling…love the color and the style…you are amazing!

Posted by: Posted by: mom | 08/22/2006

Oh that is so so so cute! I guess Molly in her heyday would have worn something like that. Especially in breakfast club.

Posted by: Sarah | 08/22/2006

Very cute! I bought the new knitscene after I went to JoAnn and remembered seeing this post.

Also, I think it’s called Molly Ringwald because the one in the magazine is pretty in pink. 😉

Posted by: Jess | 08/24/2006

Adorable!!! I must admit when I read “Molly Ringwald is Done” I thought I was connecting to an article about something our beloved 80’s starlet had done to make us hate her….

Posted by: Posted by: Meredith | 09/11/2006

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I am a fan of reality shows. You know how they always have certain archetypes? Like the “cute one” and the “annoying one”…or is that boy bands? Either way, I think it is safe to say I when it comes to the Amazing Lace, I am the “one that got voted off on the first episode.” I was always so embarrassed for that person on Survivor and now I can empathize. Of course it is worse for me because no one actually gets voted off the Amazing Lace. Yup, I did it to myself.

I don’t know what happened. The concept was awesome and I thought the challenges were cool…I think it comes down to the lace. For me, it was not a summer inspired by lace. Sure I finished Hedera and the cool hemp ponchette, but let’s be honest shall we? I joined the amazing lace with visions of an intricate scarf or shawl. After I finished the edging of the trellis scarf, I completely lost interest. Do you ever feel like you have to knit a project? Like once you cast on you are obligated to I don’t know who (the yarn, the pattern, your blog) to finish? I just need to remind myself that I will knit what I want and when I want. It is my choice. So will I finish Trellis? Maybe. I just don’t know. Depends how I feel. There are some other lace projects I would like to make too. But right now I have to be true to what is inspiring me. And I am all about the sweater right now.

So I do feel a bit like a loser that didn’t fully participate in all the Amazing Lace challenges, but I just have to be me. I simply wasn’t feeling it. Just keeping it real folks.

P.S. I worked late last night and missed SnB but now I have the rest of the week off work. Know what I am doing? Yup. Knitting. And cleaning my house, but mostly knitting. Maybe even visiting a couple LYSs that I don’t normally get to. So. Fun. Next up on the blog, a finished Molly…stay tuned.

The following 7 comments were originally left at blogspirit:

One a project gets more than about 20 rows in, I feel like I absolutely have to finish it even if I hate it. Ridiculous! Let’s give ourselves permission to frog and start something else with clear consciences!

Posted by: Posted by: The Purloined Letter | 08/16/2006

I had the same problem with the Amazing Lace challenges. I only did the first one introducing myself and then quit after that. Though it was fun seeing everyone else’s projects.

With all the time you spend knitting something, the finished item should be something you actually like, and it should be fun to knit, or it’s a waste.

I can’t wait to see your sweater!

Posted by: natalie | 08/16/2006

ARace is one of my favorite reality shows – so when I saw ALace I loved the concept but knew that my summer of work was not going to play nicely with a summer of lace – maybe another year. Enjoy your time off at home & knitting – sounds great! 🙂

Posted by: Amy Artisan | 08/16/2006

I’m a total failure at Amazing Lace. Joho hasn’t moved on stitch in two months. We missed you last night! Enjoy your week off.

Posted by: margene | 08/16/2006

I have the same problems with KALs. Somehow, as soon as I join them, I lose total interest in the project. Which is why now I”m just staying away from them!

Posted by: Sarah | 08/17/2006

there is something about the pressure that comes from knitalongs and blogging that is not good for feeling free to do what you please (and what you dont) with your knitting. it’s good to be able to say ‘no’ when you lose interest in a project or knit concept. so, good one chickie!
– besides, you did a pretty good job with the lace projects you did complete.

i am sooooooo looking forward to seeing molly…you have left me hanging! x :0)

Posted by: the knitchick | 08/18/2006

I think that’s exactly why I rarely join Knit-Alongs, especially if they have structure or deadlines. I just don’t like to be obligated to anyone, especially when it involves things I do for fun or just for me! Don’t feel bad about it. If you voted yourself off, I think that’s completely respectable.

Posted by: Kim | 08/18/2006

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While road tripping with my family, my Dad often used the term relentless to describe my knitting. Code for obsessive I guess. I was knitting all the time. I wouldn’t let up while in the car. I just loved all that free knitting time and didn’t want to waste it. But it is true, when I get it in my mind to work on something, I am relentless.

Last weekend I casted on for Molly Ringwald. After a day of relentless knitting, I have a front.


medium_molly_front_detail.jpg I really like it. Sad thing is I haven’t touched it since. I have been knitting Glee ever since I got the happy news about the yarn (yea!) and have sadly ignored Molly. This must change. I want Molly to be done. But I want to finish Glee too. And then there is Somewhat Cowl. Not to mention all the projects I haven’t started yet. It is just too much sometimes. Why aren’t there more hours in the day?

And why does there seem to be a constant stream of new and gorgeous knitting patterns? I can’t catch a break. What am I supposed to do when faced with such temptation…?

First, from the new Rowan :


Anna Socks. So elegant. I love.


Kay Jacket. Very nautical? Military? Either way, I like it.

From RYC Alpaca :


Exmoor Jacket. Simply stunning. But will it be as pretty without the horse?

From RYC Classic Style :


Belt Bag. I have seen several bloggers call out this pattern and I can see why. LOVE IT.

I am just praying there will be no other patterns that catch my fancy. You hear that? No more. I have enough inspiration. Okay?

Life is hard. At least for us relentless types.

The following 12 comments were originally left at blogspirit:

i know, i know. and then when you think that you have it all under control- boom! all the fall editions are out and you are stuffed! like now. i find myself complaining about how good some of the patterns are because i want them all- am i insane?!
you knit that molly ringwald front piece so fast! keep it up! x

Posted by: the knitchick | 08/09/2006

The Molly is looking great! At least knitting is a good thing to be relentless about – there could be worse things. 🙂 All of those new patterns look like a lot of fun. So many great patterns & yarn…so little time! 🙂

Posted by: Amy Artisan | 08/09/2006

One day? ONE DAY?!? Well it looks fantastic, and you are an incredibly fast knitter! I’m totally jealous.

Posted by: Emily | 08/09/2006

I’m locking myself in the house until I finish some of my FOs. I shall not be tempted by the zillions of fab patterns coming out for fall! 😉

Posted by: Stitch-n-Snitch | 08/09/2006

so many patterns, so little time 🙂
my patterns-to-do-pile sits beside my chair while I spin, and continues to call my name – one of these days, I’ll get to it!

Posted by: Teyani | 08/09/2006

Wow, that’s great progress on Molly Ringwald! You may just have inspired me to get that magazine…

Posted by: Lauren | 08/09/2006

Molly looks great! The socks ARE fabulous as you said last night. Must get a good look through that Rowan book soon. Relentless, obsessive, enamoured of the process…it’s all good.

Posted by: margene | 08/09/2006

Erin — this post makes me laugh. ‘Relentless’ — What a great word for you; a nice euphemism for obsessed. Ha. I get obsessed too, but my obsessions don’t last nearly as long as yours do…I love that you’re a knitter.

Posted by: holli | 08/09/2006

Geez, you are my knitting superwoman! So funny about the horse, why is that so true? Same thing about all the gorgeous countryside photos they use. Things just look so pretty when you imagine them running through the fields on ‘holiday’ 🙂

Posted by: Sarah | 08/10/2006

Molly is looking good. I love that belt bag.

Posted by: Julie | 08/10/2006

You know, I looked quickly at the model in the shot with the Exmoor Jacket and for a second I thought it was you! Did you knit the darn thing already????

Posted by: susan | 08/13/2006

Ooh, I want those socks!

Posted by: Posted by: The Purloined Letter | 08/16/2006

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