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Checking in from Oslo

Just a quick post from Scandinavia.  I promise to post full trip details and photos when I get back but since it is too early in the day for anything other than sitting in the train station in an Internet cafe I thought I would give a quick check in now.  Kara and I just arrived in Oslo, Norway on an overnight train. We spent all of yesterday touring the fjords.  I will tell you more about this later but for now let’s just say, amazing. 

Today we will spend celebrating Norway’s National holiday in Oslo and tonight we are off to Sweden.  Frankly, we are a little excited to be going on to Sweden as Kara and I are really hungry.  Kara coined the motto yesterday when she said: I am never full in Norway.  You see, food here is pricey.  Now when I say pricey, I really mean it.  We gave up and decided to go to McDonald’s for lunch (even though it is generally against our principles as travellers to eat in American joints) because we thought, surely we can eat for cheap there.  A value meal?  14 american dollars.  Want to buy a bottle of water?  5 american dollars.  We have found ways around the cost of food by shopping at grocery stores and have basically been eating bread and fruit out of a grocery bag for the past day to sustain ourselves.  Just call us Oslo hobos.  Word on the street is, Stockholm is more within our budget so we may be able to, gasp, eat in a restaurant.  I will keep you updated.

So sorry I couldn’t get to a finished Cherry post before I left.  No time to take pictures and I thought Cherry deserved more than a self-portrait in my standing mirror with no natural light.  Never fear though, i brought Cherry with me and will do a photo shoot some time before I arrive home.  Perhaps Paris…

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Random Thoughts

I believe it is that time.  Time for another random but itemized list:

  • My new favorite cereal: Smart Start Maple Brown Sugar
  • About Battlestar Galactica, for those who watch…i got caught up on the current season this weekend.  Oh how I love this show–so much.  for those who don’t watch…you really should.  Trust me.   For those who have a unsubstantiated and judge-y prejudice towards all things sci-fi…get over it.   Just because something is set in an imaginary world doesn’t mean it is geeky or boring.  Seriously, you are missing some quality television.
  • Speaking of BSG, if I had to marry a television character right this second it would be him.
  • Thanks for all your votes on which Kim Hargreaves kit I should buy.  Rosa was the big winner.  The kit is ordered and will be waiting for me when I arrive in London.
  • Oh, did I mention I leave for London on Friday?   Because I do.
  • Cherry is done.  Seamed.  Buttoned.  Just sitting on the couch with me waiting to be photographed.  I will do my best to bring you a FO post before I take off this weekend.  For now though, here is a really bad preview pic taken by my trusty photo booth:

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