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What is up with my blogging lately? Or I should say, my lack of blogging? If I really think about it there are several contributing factors. They are as follows:

  1. The gym: I joined a gym in early December and ever since have been working out, a lot. When you factor in my commute (2 hours a day) and then 2 hours at the gym 3-4 times a week, my free time starts slipping away from me.
  2. Obligatory knitting: I have been doing a lot of what I call “obligatory knitting” in January. These are projects I committed to knit, am gifting to people, or have a deadline for. This doesn’t necessarily mean it is boring knitting or knitting I don’t want to do, it just limits me from casting on and working on whatever pleases me at any given time. I HAVE to knit these projects, and thus they become obligatory and often squelch my interest in blogging about them.
  3. Stupid blogspirit: I joined blogspirit when I first decided to blog because a blogger I really liked used them. I signed up for the free service but after about a year and a half they told me that I couldn’t continue without paying them to host. I didn’t have the time or the inclination to switch at that point (all my photos are hosted through them) and so I thought I would pay for 6 more months and deal with it then. Well, due to a mix-up on their part with payment, they charged me twice (for 2, 6-month periods) and refused to give me a refund but instead told me it would be applied to a year of hosting. It didn’t matter how many emails I sent asking for a refund, they only answered a fraction of them and those that were answered were annoyingly simple and never addressed the content of my emails. So I gave up. My paid for year is about to reach it’s end and so I have been working on launching a new blog–stay tuned for details on that soon. Oh, and maybe the new blog will finally start showing up in bloglines. One can only hope.
  4. The departure of a most beloved sister: Kara left, this week in fact, to start her grand adventure abroad. I flew home last weekend to see her off and to help her pack. She called me from the San Francisco airport on Tuesday right before she got on the plane to Hong Kong. After our call I realized I don’t know what I am going to do without our regular check-ins. It is rare that a day goes by without me getting an IM, text message, or phone call from Kara. I am not sure if I like this international living situation she has planned. It is just not the most ideal situation for me. Plus I am painfully jealous. But I am very proud of Kara for what she is doing and support her all the way. May (the month of Kara and my London/Scandinavia/Paris trip) can not come soon enough. Miss you Kara!
  5. Hunger: This is a little misleading, I have not been going hungry. But the whole no sugar, no white flour/rice/pasta pledge for the month of January took a lot of planning and energy in order to not go hungry. It much easier to order a pizza then cook healthy meals. Why that has to be I wish I knew. Well, today is the last day of January. I survived and feel great. Especially since tomorrow I can eat a cookie if I want. I am not saying I am going to, but the fact that I can is very comforting.

In my last post I mentioned that there was an award for completing this January eating goal. Over the holidays, Kara and I went shopping at our favorite SLC LYS, Black Sheep Wool Co. As often happens when Kara and I shop together, we 1. enable each other to buy more and 2. often end up buying the same thing. On this visit I fell in love with the Norah Gaughan Vol. 1 book by Berroco. Oh my goodness, I love these knits. Kara and I both bought yarn for a first project from this book. Justina is the first knit skirt/dress I have seen that I think I could actually wear. The length is flattering and the a-line shape is a good style for me. I believe I finally found the project that I could use to take my first deep dive into what is uncharted territory for me: the knitted dress.

So for my reward, I decided that I would not cast on for this project unless I completed my January goal. Part because it is something I was excited about and part because I wanted to loose a little weight before I started a knit dress. Well, I did it. As of tomorrow I am free and clear to cast on for my reward. More on this project, other WIPs, my new blog, make my day thank yous and anything else that crosses my mind soon.

(yeah, yeah, I really mean it. more blogging soon. promise.)

The following 10 comments were originally left at blogspirit:

31 One Days!! Wahoo – you are totally amazing and I am so proud of you. You will look so amazing in the dress.

Posted by: Posted by: DeAnn | 01/31/2008

Hello friend!
It was so great to see you last weekend. It made me realize how much I miss you 😦 I can’t wait for your new blog. And I truly believe I will be coming to see you in June – yay! Hope all is going well. Love ya.
P.S. On a knitting note, that dress is fabulous.

Posted by: Amanda Q | 01/31/2008

Congratulations on your sugar/flour free January! I’m really impressed – you must be so proud of yourself AND now you get to cast on for your dress. Awesome!

Posted by: Posted by: Melissa | 02/01/2008

seriously the gym 2 hours 3-4 times a week? I’m so, so, SO impressed! That takes dedication and time. Good for you!

Posted by: Posted by: Erin F | 02/01/2008

Yippee! Congratulations on sticking to your goal for January. You rock!

Posted by: Cheryl S. | 02/01/2008

Obligatory knitting…now that sounds familiar. I am hoping to finish up all obligatory knits in February so that I can start working on delicious new projects.

Posted by: Knittripps | 02/01/2008

Impressive that you stuck to your goal! And you’re going to the gym so religiously.

Oh, new blog – how intriguing!

Posted by: Chris | 02/01/2008

No excuses necessary, although you’ve got some good ones up there! I can’t wait to see the new blog and the new dress. I do have a request, though: Please stop inspiring me to try to be healthy (Seriously, though–does it feel good?)!

PS “4. The departure of a most beloved sister”– I think you are channeling J.S. Bach, who wrote a “Capriccio on the Departure of his Most Beloved Brother.” Seriously, freaky! Have you had any inexplicable desires to compose harpsichord music lately??

Posted by: sulafaye | 02/03/2008

I would recommend that you and your sister get headsets and sign up for Skype. Free long distance calling! Its been wonderful for my family as we are all over. I talk to my parents so much more now. Then you would arrange set times to call each other, plus instant messaging, and maybe you two could get webcams! No reason not to have regular check-ins in this day and age with amazing technology available!
Anne in Calgary

Posted by: Anne | 02/04/2008

This newest post didn’t show up via bloglines! Anyhow- you are my hero… how’d you do without the sugar? Did you see some good results?

Fill me in! I’m curious!

Anyhow- hope you didn’t vomit in your hand after your work-outs. (Sorry. I had to.)

Posted by: laceyJ. | 02/04/2008

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First FO of 2008

So it is a baby knit, but it is still a Finished


A Bananahead Beanie for Isabelle

I love baby knits. I get to try out new patterns
and never get tired of knitting them before I finish. Oh yeah, and
I actually finish them.

I first saw this pattern (Ravelry link) on a blog and
thought it was the perfect hat for a baby to be born in the middle
of winter in Denver. Lucky for me, I know of such a baby. I knit
the beanie with Debbie Bliss Baby Cashmerino which is decidedly one
of my favorite yarns. Knit up, this hat has a great squishy fabric
to it that makes it look like it will be really comfortable. I
almost wish I could try it on.

I made something else for the baby shower. Oreo Bon


Sister Bri shared this little treat with me while I
was home for the holidays. SO yummy. I thought I would share the
super easy recipe with you all.

Bri’s Oreo Bon Bons

Mix one package of Oreos with one package of cream
cheese in a food processor or kitchenaid mixer. Roll the Oreo
mixture into one inch balls. Melt chocolate and dunk Oreo balls
into melted chocolate. Dry on wax paper. Optional: drizzle melted
white chocolate on cooled bon bons for decoration and fun. You can
even spell things.

See, that is it. Go make yourself some Oreo Bon
Bons today.

Side note: I am sure you are all concerned that me
making this treat means I have gone off my goal of no refined sugar
for the month of January. I am happy to put your minds at ease.
Although it was hard, I did not have a single morsel. Next post I
will tell you what reward I am promising myself for completing my
goal. Believe me, it is worth it.

The following 21 comments were originally left at

And Isabel is SUPER excited to try this
hat on, it is absolutely adorable, even more than the picture can
capture. I will give Erin a picture to post with it on once she is
here. Thanks Erin, you are great! Oh, and I can vouch for Erin that
she didn’t eat a single sweet or bread, she is good!

Posted by:
Posted by: Teri | 01/12/2008

Okay, saying you made oreo bon bons is one
thing. But making them with cute decorative things on top that
spell out “it’s a girl”? That’s quite another. If the knitting
thing doesn’t work out for you, you could open some kind of
“sweets” shop!!

Posted by:
Laurel |

That is such a great recipe! Sounds super
easy, yet, stupidly delicious. I’ll have to try them. Great baby

Posted by:
Julie | 01/13/2008

Hi Erin, I found you blog via Chef Messy.
I wanted to thank you for your tip about Blurb, I had been
searching for just such a thing. It’s a shame the tip came from
such an unpleasant happening for Kim, but none-the-less, I
appreciate it. Cute blog, I’ll visit again.

Posted by:
Duchess |

so cute — hat (love the i-cord) and
bon-bons both!

Posted by:
| 01/13/2008

Very cute hat! And you definitely have
much stronger will power than I do – congratulations on making such
a wonderful treat and not having any!

Posted by:
Cheryl S. |

Such a cute hat! I’m forwarding the link
to my girlfriend, Baby Hat Queen of Northern California. I bow to
your willpower in baking without eating!

Posted by:
Heather Joins The
| 01/13/2008

Cute hat. But I’m still in shock that you
didn’t even taste those treats!

Posted by:
Chris |

That hat was my first FO of 2008, too! So
cute! And what a lucky mom to have homemade oreo bon bons.

Posted by:
Jenny |

What a sweet little hat. And Yummm!! I’m
not going to make them, because there is no way I could resist.

Posted by:
Knittypants |

wow those look delicious. can’t wait to
see the reward.

Posted by:
Sara |

*Very* cute hat! That must be one
spectacular reward, lady.

Posted by:
Amy | 01/14/2008

Just got done moving furniture and
rewarded myself with a trip to your blog! The oreo bon bon thing
sounds good… wonder what would happen if you tried it with those
trader joe’s candy cane oreos that I’ve been addicted to all
holiday season???? And cute hat!

Posted by:
Posted by: Natalie | 01/14/2008

The hat is so cute! And those bon bons…

Posted by:
Octopus Knits |

Those bon-bons are insane. We had two tiny
white boxes of them in our apartment, and I devoured one box
quickly. I was excited to start on the second box when Teri said
“Oh, that box just has M&Ms in it.” I was devastated.

Posted by:
andy pudding |

oh my lordy, that hat is adorable and
those oreo bon bons sound aMAZing!!!! i want to make them right
now! thanks for the recipe 🙂

Posted by:
rachel i |

Whatever–that hat is absolutely adorable!
The yarn looks so yummy and soft.

Posted by:
Oksana |

That amount of willpower is totally beyond
my comprehension. But just in case no one’s told you this lately,
do you know you make my day? Check out my blog, if you get a

Posted by:
sulafaye |

Cute hat and yummy bonbons! I was
wondering where you’ve been and noticed that Bloglines is not
picking up your feed – bad Bloglines!

Posted by:
tiennie | 01/24/2008

Hi Erin- I’ve nominated you for a You Make
my Day Award! see blog for details….

Posted by:
Julie | 01/26/2008

Hiya! Just lettin’ you know that you also
make my day!

Posted by:
tiennie | 01/29/2008

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This is my brother Brett. I have written a lot about my sisters on this blog but yes, we have a brother. The oldest in the family by two years (I am next) Brett was lucky enough to be raised with a bunch of girls in the house. Yes, he was SOOOOO lucky. Then again, so were we.


The Cobblestone Pullover was the first guy sweater that I really wanted to knit. I had never knit anything for my brother before and I thought it was about time. The Cobblestone would be his.

I really enjoyed knitting this sweater. It was that perfect mix of mindless and interesting knitting. And the result…well, I don’t think I have seen a bad looking Cobblestone. It is modern, has really cool details, and it fits great. I just knew it would look great on my brother and I was so right.

I think my favorite part of the sweater is the side panel.


It is funny to think that a simple garter stitch side panel can make me this happy. But it just does.

There are many reasons why I love my older brother. Like how he is kind, loves his family, opens his home and kitchen to his sisters at any time and fathered three of my favorite people in the whole world. Oh, and there is also how he let me put a picture of his backside on my blog. I told you he was a good brother.


Project Stats

Pattern: Cobblestone Pullover

Source: Interweave Knits, Fall 2007

Size: 43 1/2

Yarn: Classic Elite Skye Tweed, 1206 (Gray)

Needles: US 7 Circulars

Mods: None

Notes: A perfect starter sweater and a great one to practice and/or learn techniques like short rows and seamless sweater construction.

The following 29 comments were originally left at blogspirit:

love the brother. love the sweater.
You are a very very kind sister.
where’s MY sweater? (grin)

Posted by: Posted by: Laurel | 01/07/2008

Wonderful Cobblestone! It fits your brother so well. You are a wonderful sister to knit your big brother a sweater. I’ve knit my “little” brother a hat.

Posted by: Brenda | 01/07/2008

Loved the blog update and the handsome man in it! The sweater is fabulous…and I, too, love it for all the reasons you just listed in your entry! You are a such a thoughtful sister to take the time to knit for someone else…I do know that he loves the sweater (because he told me so!) Proud of you Erin…beautifully done!

Posted by: Posted by: Mom | 01/08/2008

The sweater looks great on your brother. You did an amazing job with it!

Posted by: Emily | 01/08/2008

You have to love a pattern that requires no mods! I too love the garter stitch side panels. Nice job indeed (and lucky brother!)

Posted by: Posted by: Marie | 01/08/2008

Nice work, Erin! I love how it fits!

Posted by: Heather Joins The Round | 01/08/2008

My husband’s a model… cool.

Posted by: Posted by: Julianne | 01/08/2008

It looks great!

Posted by: Cheryl S. | 01/08/2008

Fantastic work!

Posted by: Amy | 01/08/2008

The sweater looks great–I love the color you chose!

Posted by: Clumsy Knitter | 01/08/2008

The sweater looks fantastic, and it’s easy to tell that your brother thinks so, too. The Cobblestone has magical flattering properties, seriously. 🙂

Posted by: Katinka | 01/08/2008

Wow! Looks fabulous – and now I’m tempted to knit the sweater…

Posted by: Chris | 01/08/2008

I love that sweater! You did a great job, and now I’m thinking of putting one or two in the queue (husband, son, son-in-law…)

Posted by: materfamilias | 01/08/2008

Brett looks very nice. Aweseome job! I love the color. It is a very Brett color.

Posted by: Posted by: Cassi | 01/08/2008

It looks amazing! And it seems to fit him really well, I always think that’s the challenge of knitting for a guy- not driving them mad with the holding-up-against-them and the trying-on. You did a great job, congrats!!!

Posted by: Julie | 01/08/2008

Wow Erin, it looks great! I haven’t seen a gray one yet. I really enjoyed making that sweater as well.

Posted by: Heather | 01/09/2008

That looks great! What a sweet post about your brother.

Posted by: Emilee | 01/09/2008

He looks great in it!

I love seeing the family resemblance.

Posted by: Katherine | 01/09/2008

Happy knitting projects are the best and this one turned out so nice! What a great post. Thanks for sharing.

Posted by: Cayenne | 01/09/2008

Looks great! What a lucky brother, and how sweet that he posed for all the pictures.

Posted by: Knittypants | 01/09/2008

Ah! your cobblestone is lovely! it really is the best guy sweater i’ve come across. men of all ages seem to be drawn to it, and approve of the simplicity and style. i’m in love with the garter stitch panel too!

hooray for the cobblestone!

Posted by: rachel i | 01/09/2008

This is just wonderful! You did a fantastic job and your brother looks great in it!

Posted by: tiennie | 01/10/2008

This is wonderful Erin! You did a fantastic job and your brother looks great in it!

Posted by: tiennie | 01/10/2008

The sweater looks fantastic – and Brett needn’t worry, his backside looks great on the blog ;0)

Posted by: Heather | 01/11/2008

what a sweet sister!
i love it, and it looks perfect on him.

Posted by: leslie | 01/11/2008

Wow, it turned out great. And it looks like it fits him so well!

Posted by: Erin | 01/12/2008

You are absolutely right– it is a great looking sweater and it looks great on your brother! Funny how lovable brothers are when they are not getting you in trouble with Mom…

Posted by: sulafaye | 01/13/2008

The sweater looks great on your wonderful brother – and I too love those side panels! Great job.

Posted by: Octopus Knits | 01/15/2008

Fabulous! A lovely gift for a brother you love!
Drat Bloglines!

Posted by: margene | 01/24/2008

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I resolve…

…to not eat white sugar, white bread, white rice, or white pasta in the month of January.

…to organize my work/craft room.

…to travel domestically and abroad.

…to remember birthdays.

…to sew a pair of lounge pants.

…to not over-commit myself.

…to finish things I start.

…to be a more thoughtful friend.

…to be more bold and less afraid.

…to send cards.

…to learn a new skill.

…to refresh my blog.

…to knit something completely fabulous and challenging for me.

…to have better abs then my brother-in-law Adam by July.

2007 was good, bad, difficult, happy, scary, full, lonely, not at all expected, but all in all pretty great. Still though, I am kind of excited to see it go. So goodbye 2007. 2008, I am so ready for you.

Happy New Year Everyone!!!

The following 20 comments were originally left at blogspirit:

WOW! great resolutions- you’re an inspiration.

Posted by: becky | 01/01/2008

Happy New Year!

Posted by: Knittypants | 01/01/2008

Transition years can take a toll. You’ll have a great 2008!

Posted by: margene | 01/02/2008

Happy New Year!!

Posted by: Chris | 01/02/2008

my birthday is september 21. just thought i’d help you fulfill your goal. 🙂

love you! and happy new year!

Posted by: meghan | 01/02/2008

Happy New Year!

Posted by: tiennie | 01/02/2008

Happy New Year! I think you’re on to something with avoiding all those white foods. I’m totally sick of white stuff and it’s only January 3rd. Of course, it’s probably a little easier to avoid snow than it is to avoid sugar. Good luck, baby. You can do it!

Posted by: Katherine | 01/03/2008

Not Likely. GRAARRGH!!!
(That is the sound of me Hulking-out)

Posted by: Brother-in-law Adam | 01/03/2008

yeah erin!!! happy new year!

Posted by: margaux | 01/03/2008

Yeah! I finally found you via bloglines. Great resolutions!!! Good luck to you in 2008!

Posted by: laceyJ. | 01/03/2008

Knitting in Pink (also on blogspirit) sent a ticket into bloglines because her blog stopped showing up, too. Suddenly (although they never replied to her), both hers and yours are showing up! Yay!!!

Posted by: Chris | 01/03/2008

Margene is right. When you make a transition, such as a move across states, it does take some time to get adjusted. I’m glad your blog is showing up in Bloglins again.

Posted by: Wanda | 01/03/2008

No white bread? That’s bold-good luck.

Posted by: Posted by: wade | 01/04/2008

have a super 2008 and lots of knitting happiness!

Posted by: Lin | 01/04/2008

Happy New Year, Erin! I wish you luck with all of your resolutions. I am trying the sugar thing too – and it is hard. My sweet tooth is voracious…

Traveling abroad shouldn’t be too hard with your sister’s news 🙂

Posted by: Lolly | 01/04/2008

Happy new year to you!

Posted by: Amy | 01/04/2008

I love white sugar. Good luck! Happy New year!

Posted by: nova | 01/04/2008

More lounge pants, eh?

Posted by: Alarming Female | 01/06/2008

Happy New Year, and best wishes with your resolutions. You can do it!

Posted by: Debby | 01/08/2008

Other than your January goal (which I could never do!), your goals are impressive and inspiring. Can’t wait to see what the year brings you!

Posted by: holli jo | 01/15/2008

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