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Happy Halloween

You think I have enough candy?


That isn’t even all–there is at least one other big bowl not pictured here. My intention was to fill the little white Halloween bags with an assortment of goodies and be the house that gives those out but I couldn’t find the bags anywhere. So instead I just have a ton of candy.

But I still wanted to do something special for Halloween. So in addition to the massive amounts of candy you see here, I also decided to be the house that gives out full size candy bars.


I am not rich so I only have 60. I’m trying to figure out what my criteria should be for who should get the big candy bars. The first ones to arrive? Those that say trick or treat the cutest? Those with the best costumes? Let me know if you have any ideas.

Perhaps I went a bit overboard but trick or treating is fun. I remember one year I came home with my trick or treating bounty and proceeded to itemize all the candy I recieved. I wanted a record of what I had so I would know if my brother ate any of my Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups. I was a little crazy…looks like I haven’t changed much.

Happy Halloween!!!

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Happy Halloween!

I present to you the Pumpknit…
This is my contribution to the Halloween arts. Plus, it won me a prize at work…don’t you just love holidays?

Now I have to go pass out obscene amounts of candy to children thanks to Erin. More knit blogging soon,…

Posted by: knitting lemonade | 10/31/2006

You are the BOMB! I’ve never trick-or-treated a house where they gave out full-sized candy bars. You’re like a legend come to life!

There were a couple such houses when my own Mother was little… Once, we were trick-or-treating in my Grandad’s old neighborhood, and she pointed to one, saying: “those people used to give out nickel candy bars for Halloween”.

I was astounded these full-sized bars used to cost just five cents–in my day, they were fifteen.

Posted by: Posted by: Heather Joins The Round | 10/31/2006

This makes me so sad that I live in a neighborhood full of college students!

Posted by: Jenna | 10/31/2006

Sounds like you had an awesome birthday! I hope your Halloween was close to that good! I definitely saw some killer costumes tonight, little kids are so cute 🙂 And I’m sure you were the hit of the neighborhood, I always loved the houses that gave out full size bars.

Posted by: Sarah | 10/31/2006

We gave out full-size candy bars one year (because I waited until October 31st to buy candy and Smiths was cleaned out of the bags). The next year, we had TONS of kids; more than any other year before or after. So be prepared next year. Word gets around.

Posted by: susan | 10/31/2006

Can I come to your house! France doesn’t have a tradition of trick or treating and its quite sad that no one here understands the jackpot that is full-size candy bars. Cheers to you.

Posted by: Stefanie | 11/01/2006

Can I come to your house! France doesn’t have a tradition of trick or treating and its quite sad that no one here understands the jackpot that is full-size candy bars. Cheers to you.

Posted by: Stefanie | 11/01/2006

Wow, you would have definitely been my FAVORITE house when I was a wee trick-or-treater! Happy Halloween!

Posted by: Kim | 11/01/2006

You are the candy QUEEN!! Matt’s boss hands out KING SIZE candy bars outside of their office. Everybody in Springville knows to hit Wing Ent. before it gets too late so you can cash in. Looks like your house was the jack pot!! I wish I could’ve taken my kids to your house this year. You guys are such a fun part of my Halloween memories. I’m glad that you are keeping on with the tradition and making fun memories for other people.

Posted by: Cassi-Lou | 11/02/2006

YOU guys ROCK!! Can I come to your house?? : D

Posted by: Amanda Cathleen | 11/03/2006

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Birthday Report

Since I know you are all waiting with bated breath for my long overdue birthday festivities report…here it is (okay, so I am just referring to my Mom but you all can pretend you have been waiting too okay?)

So I turned 31 last week Monday. A week ago in fact. I am 31 and one week old today. Yikes.

Anyway, it was my birthday and with traditional style and flair, my sisters helped me forget how sad I am to be getting older.

medium_invitation.2.jpg It all started on the Saturday before when I received this note. Intrigued, as soon as I set my last foot upstairs music began to play loudly which filled the whole house. But not just any music. The Pride and Prejudice music. I stepped into the living room and this is what I saw.


Yup, that is the A&E/BBC Pride and Prejudice 6 hour mini-series movie projected onto a sheet hung up between our living room and dining room. Here is Briana modeling the screening room:


There were British goodies from the London Market and popcorn and blankets and I could even knit! (Which was a really good thing since if you are following my Toasty Toes drama you know, I HAD a lot to get done in a little time. I did finish them…more on that in my next post.)


We sat and watched and ate and sighed over Colin Firth and laughed about taking turns about the room and really just had the best time ever. We were so pleased with the screen set-up that after P&P was over we watched other DVDs well into the night. I love my sisters.

Sunday was great too, I have no pictures but we went to my brother’s house and played with the babies and ate good food and had cupcakes which I love because they are so whimsical. Kara even gave me cupcakes to bring to work on my actual birthday. Like I am in 3rd grade. It was awesome.

My actual birthday came and I felt like I had already celebrated. But if you can believe it…there was more! One thing you should know about the way my sisters and I roll on birthdays…everything is a surprise. So we are driving and…surprise, Faustina for dinner and we all yell, “yea, Faustina!” Not everyone gets us but for the record we are HYSTERICAL. So, Faustina. Kara was really hungry.


Yup. That is a full slab. Meaning TWO racks of ribs.

After dinner we went home and then…CARVED PUMPKINS!!! For those of you who remember the list I wrote of things I wanted to do in October, watching P&P and carving a pumpkin were both on the list. So we now see my sister’s inspiration in the planning of my birthday.

I really don’t know why I put pumpkin carving on my list, I forgot that I hate pumpkin innards.



We cleaned and we designed and we carved and we all managed to create beautiful pumpkins.


We love our pumpkins.

I am not really sure where Kara’s inspiration came for her pumpkin…perhaps she was thinking about the exsessive amounts of ribs she consumed earlier? Just a thought.


Finally, there was cake (Yea! cake!)…I was informed though that it was not an ordinary cake. A Baskin-Robbins ice cream cake. 31 Flavors…I turned 31…get it?

You want to know the funniest thing about my birthdays? Since I was a kid, I always took the birthday wish really seriously. You would think I would grow out of it.


I don’t. I get all nervous if I am not prepared and think deeply about it and carefully word the wish. I am a dork. Especially considering the fact that my wish (at least since my 16th birthday) has NEVER come true. Sad but true. I am still hopeful though. (and just in case you are speculating, my wish has not always been the same and it is not always about men. just so you know.) Also, in case you were worried, I blew them all out in one breath…


Are we the only adults that still take pictures of blowing out candles? I hope not.

I even had some other celebrations: lunches with my work peeps and an elegant dinner at Log Haven with a group of totally classy friends. I was spoiled. Which is why I feel like such a jerk for still having a hard time with the passing of this year. Time is flying by too fast for my liking. I am sure I will get over it and feel better. Maybe when I am 31 and 2 weeks.

I really couldn’t have asked for a better birthday celebration. One of the greatest blessings in my life is that I have such amazing sisters and in them such best friends. I don’t know what I would do without them. Thanks girls.

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I think it sounds like a great way to celebrate your day!

Posted by: amanda | 10/30/2006

Sounds like quite the birthday! I have still continued to take cake/candle pictures as an adult.

Posted by: Jess | 10/30/2006

Fun! Happy joining the ranks of the 30s!!!

Posted by: Stitch-n-Snitch | 10/30/2006

Happy belated Birthday! It looks like you had a great time – those pictures look like a lot of fun. 🙂

(You don’t look 31 – I’d guess 26. 🙂

Posted by: natalie | 10/30/2006

You know how to party! Happy Birthday and may be party go on and on!!

Posted by: margfene | 10/31/2006

You know, I don’t want it to make it seem like I don’t love my husband and don’t love being married, because I do, but your posts always make me really miss the days when I was single and living with a bunch of girls! You guys seem to have so much fun! I miss those days!

And you are a LOVELY 31 year old! Hope you had a happy, happy birthday!

Posted by: Kim | 10/31/2006

Oh, it sounds like an awesome way to celebrate the passing of a year and looking forward to the next!

Posted by: Kristi aka Fiber Fool | 10/31/2006

happy birthday for the other day! looks like you had a fantabulous b’day party!
seriously, if i had a spare 6 hours everyday i would watch P&P without fail every single day…i kid you not.
you are definately never too old to take the candle-blowing-out picture. we still do.
happy 30’s erin!!!
:0) x
p.s whoa! that was one *hell of a lot of meat on kara’s plate…

Posted by: vera | 10/31/2006

Happy Belated Birthday! It looks like your sisters really took care of your for your birthday! Awesome.

Posted by: Wanda | 10/31/2006

Faustina! Yea! One of my fav’s.

Posted by: Cheryl | 10/31/2006

I would have said 17.5 for sure.

Posted by: Posted by: jeffj | 11/02/2006

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In denial

It has been way too long since I have had an update. Our internet is down at home and work has just been too busy to get much blogging done. It has just been one of those weeks.

Last week, while knitting amongst the very talented knitters in Salt Lake City, I was forced to confront the denial I have been living in over the last few weeks. The denial went deep and started with the assertion that this:


will fit my Toasty Toes pal even though i have to pry it on my feet praying that the fabric will hold as it painfully stretches over my heel. For some reason, the fact that I was able to get it on eventually and allowed me to forget the pausing and the slow cinching required to do so.

Unfortunately, the fit wasn’t all. I also have been ignoring the fact that in order to finish the toe of the first sock, I had to break into the second skien of Koigu. Um…why I didn’t at that point realize there is no way I will have enough yarn for the second sock I don’t know. I really was living under the hope that the second skien magically will have more yardage than the first. I am stupid. Unfortunately for me, I had to be outed as a dumb dumb at last week’s SnB in front of smart knitters.

My eyes finally opened and not wanting to send my pal socks that don’t fit, I went home and immediately went into full scale fix-it mode. I found another pattern I have been wanting to try and that I think my pal will be into, grabbed some awesome green yarn I bought from Plain and Fancy Wool at Estes Wool Market and cast on the next day. I have been knitting ever since. I am done with one sock and 80% done with the second.

Meet the Petticoat Socks from Weekend Knitting:


Here is me trying it on (it fits!)


These socks are SO comfortable and very…dare I say…toasty. I am pleased with how they turned out and hope my pal will love them–more than anything I want her to be happy. I am still morning the loss of the Lombard Street socks and I know those would have been great, but how great can a pair of socks be that take 10 minutes to get on…and with one having a missing toe.

So there is the knitting update. On a different note, today is my birthday. I wish I could live in denial about that but I am all too aware that I woke up one year older today. Just like that. I am 31. I know, not old but still, not super young. A good age I think but one that really makes me reflect on my life and the direction it is taking.

I will give you a full report on all the festivities (they started on Saturday) and on all the fun things my clever sisters have done for my birthday. But as a teaser, here is how it all began at 3:30 Saturday afternoon:


Intriguing no?

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OK, so I hope you take this in the spirit that I mean it (a very VERY flattering way), but I was talking about you to my brother in law in regards to our P&P weekend forthcoming and he asked if you were single (he’s sort of lonely right now) and I said that yes, but you were a bit older than him (he’s younger than me) and I estimated that you were like… 26 or 27, so HOLY CRAP! You don’t look AT ALL like you’re 31! I never would have guessed it 🙂 So happy birthday lovey! And I can’t wait to watch P & P with you this weekend! 😀 Perhaps I’ll make scones or some other delectible britsh treat. I’ve been thinking of making lavendar mint shortbread too.


Posted by: Miriam | 10/23/2006

Did I read this right–you’re missing a toe? Or is the sock missing its toe? Oh, I’m SO confused!

Posted by: Stitch-n-Snitch | 10/23/2006

Bummer! But ya know I’ve always loved that Petticoat pattern and have yet to see anyone knit it. What’s up with that? Anyway, it is gorgeous and I love the color. I think these socks will be very well received!

Posted by: amanda | 10/23/2006

Happy b-day! Mine was last week and I got all sorts of knitterly goodness including 2 skeins of Yarn Pirate, and a skein of STR. Hopefully you get some good stuff as well! Sorry about the sock disaster, but the second try looks great.

Posted by: Posted by: Christine | 10/23/2006

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! Erin, I hope your birthday is fabulous. And as someone who tried out 31 a bit before you did, it’s not so bad…I can’t believe we’re this old, though.

Enjoy every minute of your birthday. Wish I could be there to celebrate. And yes, I also wish we lived near each other and could talk each other through our ‘funks’.

Love ya!

Posted by: holli | 10/23/2006

Happy Birthday Erin!! I hope you’re having a lovely day. At 31 I couldn’t believe that I was that old, and now I look back and think,

Posted by: Steph | 10/23/2006

oops, hit the wrong…anyway I meant to say, now I look back and think how young I was 😉

Posted by: Steph | 10/23/2006

You wore 30 so well I’m less intimidated about my turning it this winter. I have no doubt 31 will be just as lovely on you. Many happy returns!

BTW, you are a machine pounding out the Petticoat socks in so little time. They are beautiful!

Posted by: the other erin | 10/23/2006

Happy Birthday to you. Happy birthday to you. happy birthday dear Erin, happy birthday to you, you, you, you, you. Deep breath! You belong in the zoo! You belong in the zoooooooooooooooooooooooo, happy birthday to you! Sike!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hope your day was fantastic.

BTW, petticoat looks good! So no worries, k?


Posted by: Necia | 10/23/2006

I can’t believe you’re almost finished with the Petticoat socks. The knitting elves must be helping you… right.
And I don’t like to think of those of us who mocked you last week as the “smart knitters.” We’re more like the “mean knitters.”
Sorry we won’t see you tomorrow night. Have a great birthday.

Posted by: susan | 10/23/2006

Youth is wasted on the young. The Petticoats are lovely indeed, and your pal is lucky to receive them. And don’t feel bad about last week!!! You have to come back because I love sitting next to you. You simply cannot imagine the idiotic things that I have done while knitting.

Posted by: KatherineOfItAll | 10/23/2006

Good choice. The new yarn and pattern are lovely!

Posted by: Allison | 10/24/2006

Sad sock story. Look on the bright side–it could have been a sweater!

And happy happy birthday! Can’t wait to see the festivities.

Posted by: Kim | 10/24/2006

A belated happy birthday!!

Posted by: Kathy | 10/24/2006

Beautiful sock — and happy (now belated) birthday!!!

Posted by: canknitian | 10/24/2006

Happy Birthday! I’ll be marking the same birthday in April so I know what you mean.

I can’t wait to see how you celebrated. You guys know how to do it right!

Posted by: Kristi aka Fiber Fool | 10/24/2006

Happy belated birthday! I hope you had a kick-ass celebration.

And your sock looks gorgeous, so I’m sure your pal is going to be delighted. How can she not be?

Posted by: sprite | 10/24/2006

Happy Happy Birthday!!! Hope you have a great one! Your pal is going to love her socks, really how could she not? ; )

Posted by: Amanda Cathleen | 10/24/2006

Looking forward to hearing about your celebration! The thirties are great, really. I think it’s the decade where we decide if we’re going to remain young in heart and attitude, or if we’re going to throw in the towel and believe all the stuff society says about getting older, which is all lies. 🙂

Posted by: Debby | 10/24/2006

Happy Birthday!!!

Love your blog and just wanted to tell you to enjoy your day, be good to yourself and don’t think about the number!!!


Posted by: Posted by: Claudia | 10/24/2006

Hou Oli La Hanau!!! This month is such a special one it’s birthday time for you! I’d really like to celebrate this happy day with you. Zippity eh! And Hidey Ho! There’s something I can do. I’ll sing a song that we all know. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU!! I’m sure if your festivities were as fun as Brianna’s then you had a rip roaring good time.

Sorry about the socks, but the new ones are smashing!!

Posted by: Cassi | 10/24/2006

Happy birthday, Erin!!!! We will have to celebrate soon!

Posted by: Amy | 10/24/2006

Happy Birthday Erin!!!! What a wonderful time for a birthday, the leaves are changing and the weather is getting cooler. I hope you have a great day. Your new socks look great, your pal would be a fool not to love them! I haven’t seen you say anything about Glee in awhile, I was just wondering if you had given her up.

Posted by: Stefanie | 10/24/2006

Happy Birthday, grrlfriend! You’re now truly into the best decade of life! The 30’s rock all over the 20’s!!!!!!

I love the Petticoat socks! They are georgous, and you’re amazing for knitting them so quickly. See you next Tuesday, when I’m back at SnB.

Posted by: Posted by: Heather Joins The Round | 10/25/2006

You and your sisters are so cute. I love hearing about the wonderful things you guys do for each other!

And I’m lovin the green socks. They do look toasty 🙂

Posted by: Sarah | 10/25/2006

I’m sure your pal will love the petticoat socks. I made them for my mom and she wears them all winter long.

Posted by: Theresa | 10/26/2006

happy birthday!!
and I think your new socks are grand.
wonderful story about knitting-denial. I too have paddled down that river (de-nial) many a time. Don’t we all imagine that knitting is magical? 🙂

Posted by: Teyani | 10/26/2006

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So last Tuesday I got a bee in my bonnet. An itch that would not be denied. I wanted a new fall hat. So I searched and searched online for a pattern I liked and yet had some textural interest to it. Then I found it…Shedir (found here in Knitty’s Breast Cancer Awareness Issue, Fall 2004.)


Um, yes, I know this is the first time I am talking about it but it is done. I am obsessive like that.

As soon as I saw the many versions of this cap finished online I just fell in love. I wanted it. I had to knit it. Besides, it is just a hat…I could squeeze in a quick knitting project. Heh heh. See those cables? Yeah, I refused to face the level of effort required for this hat. It wasn’t until the 3rd night of knitting that I accepted the fact that all knit hats are not created equal. But I loved how it was turning out so I spent the last week knitting this and only this.

You want to see the coolest part of this hat?


The crown! The decreases on this hat are designed so beautifully and the pattern is just so clever. I love the pretty flower on top. I just love it.


Here are the stats:

Pattern: Shedir Cap

Source: Knitty Special Breast Cancer Awareness Issue, Fall 2004

Yarn: Brooks Farm Sock Yarn, doubled, Red Wine color

Needles: US 3 circs and dpns

Mods: I was getting a bigger row gauge so I only did 4 repeats of the braid instead of 5.

Notes: It turned out a little longer then I would have liked but I still like how it turned out. I love the color and the finished knit feels like an accomplishment. If you hate knitting with complex patterns then this is not the knit for you. It grows slowly but it sure is pretty.

(For those of you keeping track, this now officially crosses off one of the items on my October to-do list :#5, Knit fall hat…yea!)

The following 26 comments were originally left at blogspirit:

That is the coolest hat. And perfect for this fun weather. This weather blows around and I ALWAYS think of you and Kara and finding an excuse in Hawaii for sweaters. =) Way to get something off of your list and look dang cute doing it too!

Posted by: Cassi | 10/12/2006

it is very cool and definitely a hat to see you through fall….and winter…and perhaps even spring for that matter.

Posted by: jacqueline | 10/12/2006

Fabulous… of course. What’s for an encore?

Posted by: susan | 10/12/2006

love, love, love your hat! The decreases are super cool, I can see why you felt compelled to work on it all week! Its truely lovely : )

Posted by: Amanda Cathleen | 10/12/2006

Loved the hat and the girl wearing it! The design is beautiful and the color you chose certainly looks fabulous on you. What an amazing and talented woman you are! You inspire me…

Posted by: Posted by: Mom | 10/12/2006

Beautiful, beautiful hat – I love the way the decreases work. I may just have to make one myself…

One day…

Posted by: Anne | 10/13/2006

I love it! I have come to find out that her designs take a bit more concentration than other patterns, but I love them :). It looks perfect 🙂

Posted by: Isela | 10/13/2006

Looks great! I made one for my sister in law when she was undergoing chemo therapy and she LOVED it.

Not sure what the temp is in your area, but it is freaking cold here!

Posted by: Lisa | 10/13/2006

what a gorgeous hat – I too would have been obsessed with finishing it. You look like a movie star
and that flower design on the top is so totally clever. I love patterns that are so well written that they do cool things. you rock!
Is it cold enough where you are to wear it yet?

Posted by: Teyani | 10/13/2006

YAY! It looks GREAT! I always thought it was a pretty hat, but I haven’t knit it yet. I’ll add it to my list of possibles for my winter hat.

Posted by: Miriam | 10/13/2006

Perfect for you, perfectly knit! It is a great fabric. You’ll wear it often this winter, surely.

Posted by: margene | 10/13/2006

It looks amazing! And good for you for perservering!

Posted by: Posted by: Heather Joins The Round | 10/13/2006

ooh it’s so cute! i love that hats knit up so quickly. i’m working on my winter hat right now.

Posted by: Sara | 10/13/2006

I love the hat! It looks so good on you! I didn’t have any idea how cute it is until I saw it on you. I think I’m going to have to make it too.

Posted by: Laura | 10/13/2006

Lovely! When I looked at your pictures I envied the length…mine is made with one skein of Calmer but it doesn’t cover my ears completely and tends to ride up a bit too. Yours will keep you nice and toasty!

Posted by: Steph | 10/13/2006

That hat is gorgeous! It looks great. and yay for crossing things off your list!

Posted by: Wanda | 10/13/2006

I love that hat, and yours came out beautifully. The color looks great on you!

Posted by: Emily | 10/13/2006

GORGEOUS hat! I might have to make that one!! Looks very nice.

Posted by: Kim | 10/13/2006

Gawjus. This hat has been on my list for a while now, but you’re inspiring me to actually cast on for it. Not to mention, I want to practice cabling without a cable needle. Is this a suitable project?


Posted by: Necia | 10/13/2006

Looks fantastic! It was challenging, but I loved making Shedir – it looks great on you.

Posted by: Cara | 10/13/2006

I’m not a hat person, but if I were, I’d knit that right away. I love the flower design on top too. It looks pretty on you!!

Posted by: Debby | 10/13/2006

Ooo, that is awesome and the top is sooo cool! I think I may know what I’m going to make for my coat that I got last year!

Posted by: Kristi aka Fiber Fool | 10/13/2006

Erin, you are so gorgeous! You always were, but even more so now.

Posted by: holli | 10/16/2006

Fantastic! 😉

Posted by: Stitch-n-Snitch | 10/16/2006

love the cables and the top flower pattern. just lovely. yay! one crossed off the list! :0) x

Posted by: vera | 10/17/2006

So pretty!

Posted by: Laure | 10/18/2006

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Can’t tell you why but I am in a funk. If you are a watcher of Grey’s Anatomy you might be familiar with the phrase “dark and twisty.” That pretty much sums up how I am feeling. I need to shake it off if only because my hands down favorite month has arrived and with it the most whimsical, beautiful, and comforting season…fall.


Picture taken while out for lunch two days ago. I. Love. Fall.

So how to break out of this mood I am in…I just don’t know. There are all kinds of things I want to do but for reasons that I won’t bore you with, can’t bring myself to do them.

Kim has a really thought provoking discussion going on her blog about pipe dreams. This week I have been thinking about my dreams (pipe and otherwise) and while this is not the cause of my dark and twisty state it has added to it with the sobering realization that I am not doing a great job of working my dreams. As pathetic as this sounds, I always thought that my dreams hinged on finding someone to share them with. As cliched as THIS sounds, I am realizing now that my dreams all hinge on me.

So what am I going to do about it all? Well, first things first, I need to snap out of my mood. The only way I can think to do this is by achieving–doing something so yet another month doesn’t fly by without note or with any regret. So here is what I propose…I am writing a list of goals/things I want to do/see/accomplish this month. The kinds of things that I want to do and always say I am going to do and could easily do but then comes life and I get busy and lazy and don’t have the motivation to make it happen. I am hoping just getting these things done, if I feel like it or not and with someone or by myself, will help turn my mood around and get me that much closer to a light and clear mind which, in a way, is living my dream.

Ready for the list? (Itemized lists are fun)

  1. Make my first batch of from scratch, homemade soup (preferably on a cool, fall night.)
  2. Take a private Pilates class.
  3. Finish knitting Forecast (it is time.)
  4. Put together and give out Trick or Treat bags for lucky Trick or Treaters. (You know the kind I am talking about right? Those small white paper bags filled with an assortment of goodies? I loved the homes that gave those out so why not be one of them?)
  5. Knit fall hat (already started…more on this soon.)
  6. Watch the 6-hours of BBC’s Pride and Prejudice in a night (for the umpteenth time but it has been a while since I watched the whole of it in one sitting.)
  7. Attend a fall-themed festival or event.
  8. Carve a pumpkin.

I know some of these may seem really simple and basic but I think they will move me down the road towards living the life I want and add a touch of the festive to my favorite month. I will keep track of what I accomplished here on my blog. If you have any suggestions for me–or better yet, want to make your own list–I would love to hear all about it. Let’s celebrate October.

The following 16 comments were originally left at blogspirit:

What a great idea! Because I am here to tell you that it’s no easier to achieve dreams once you have someone to share them with…my laziness is still getting in the way of my dreams!

I think I will have to follow your lead and set some achievable goals for the month. Even though I don’t enjoy the fall.


Posted by: Holli | 10/06/2006

I have two fantastic recipes (chicken noodle and broccoli cheese) at your disposal. 🙂

Posted by: Stitch-n-Snitch | 10/06/2006

ERIN!!! Do you want to watch P&P Together and knit?! I have it if you don’t.

Posted by: Miriam | 10/06/2006

Fall = FOOTBALL!! Ofcourse fall is one of the greatest times of year. I like summer more, becuse that means beach in Hawaii, but fall is Utah is awesome too.

I keep telling Kara that we need to have a girls night and ofcourse we are the worst planners at it. But I want to know when you are doing P & P so I can come watch and knit with you.

As for soup I have a couple of really good ones I had passed down from my mom, just give a shout out and I’ll send them your way.

Halloween: The highlight of of Trick-or-Treating was the ‘family goodie bags’ we used to get at Grandma and Grandpa Hallstroms. I think it’s awesome you are going to continue that tradition. You will be one of the coolest people in you neighborhood (not that you aren’t allready) on Halloween.

Oh yeah! HAPPY BIRTHDAY MONTH TOO!!! I think B-day celebrations should last the whole month and culminate on your b-day. And you are entitiled to an awesome b-day month this month, along with Sumi (Summer) Sunshine.

Posted by: Cassi | 10/06/2006

We tend to say…when I grow up, when I gratuate, when I get married, when I do this, that or the other…instead of living now. Build the life you would want no matter who is or who isn’t there to share it with you. The other person, if and when he comes along, will be the sprinkles on your beautifully iced cake called life. Your list is wonderful, but you forgot a very important thing. Hang with grrlfriends and LAUGH!

Posted by: margene | 10/06/2006

I think it’s normal to be in a funk now and then, maybe even necessary to have a little break so new ideas can come in. Be extra kind to yourself in times like these. Your list is lovely, all these things put a smile on my face. Homemade soup, hmmm, I’ll make some this weekend too, maybe roasted butternut squash and pear to say hello to fall.
My pipe dream would be to get a master’s in textile design and then have a job making beautiful clothes (but I don’t want to be a fashion designer, I’m thinking more smallscale)

Posted by: Steph | 10/06/2006

i think its important from time to time to take the time to think about our dreams. Because life changes, and our dreams change too. I love your list, mmmm homemade soup. Perfect for this weather : )

Posted by: Amanda Cathleen | 10/06/2006

What a beautiful picture. Thank you! I miss fall so much – I am so jealous of anyone who lives where the leaves change color. Florida sucks.

I hope you get everything done that you want to get done and whatever else pops up on that list. Make sure you enjoy yourself while you’re doing it!

Posted by: natalie | 10/06/2006

those funky days can be a drag – yet with all the amazing color in the trees, you’ll most likely shake it off soon. October is truly one of the best months of all!
Defiantely live the life you want first, and then the partner will come. It’s interesting how it doesn’t work the other way around…

Posted by: Teyani | 10/07/2006

i love me some p&p and knitting. your list looks like a good start in enjoying life and taking time to do the little things that make you happy. have fun.

Posted by: thuy | 10/07/2006

I’m in a funk a little, too, because summer is over and that’s my favorite season. But I think your list is a great way to highlight the special activities of every season, and to make sure you do them.

A friend and I make a New Year’s Goal list of all the things we want to do for the upcoming year, and try to tackle it a little at a time. Sometimes it’s taking a class for a new thing we want to learn, or trying to exercise more, or visiting a place we always say we’re going to visit but never seem to get to. These lists have been pretty successful and this year I’ve done most of the things on that list…you might try it and see if it works for you too! It helps you to get closer step by step to the things you really want to do in life, instead of just saying “someday.” I’ll be watching your blog to see how you do! 🙂

Posted by: Debby | 10/08/2006

gosh as i sit here typing this comment i don’t really know what to say. i only just came across your blog and to see you verbalise the funk that i also have been feeling is unnerving. (although our seasons are reversed).

i guess i only have one productive thing to say and that is thank you for a lovely post.

Posted by: jacqueline | 10/10/2006


I too adore P & P, and Sense and Sensibility, etc. etc. I loved chatting with you at the tea.

Your dreams for you should be yours. I wasted a lot of my life waiting for my partner’s dreams to come into line with mine.

Now, daily, in some small way, before I sleep, I take a few steps toward my dreams. Your list is a wonderful idea, in the true sense of wonder and full. No life can be dull if you fill it with wonder.

My favorite quote is from Ralph Waldo Emerson: “When it is dark enough, you can see the stars.” Sometimes funks serve a purpose. Accept this funk as the gift that it is.

She wrote, in knitterly sisterly love…

Posted by: Lark | 10/10/2006

what a beautiful fall picture. it makes me miss living somewhere that actually gets cold and where the leaves fall from the trees…

sad to hear that you are in a slump. it happens to the best of us- though sometimes i think it happens to me more than others! ;0)

my life is made up of lists. i would be lost without them.
i love the items you have on yours. {bbc’s P&P is my absolute favourite dvd- you can never watch it too many times!} i look forward to seeing you cross the items off your list and seeing you get back into your groove, chickie x

Posted by: vera | 10/10/2006

Sorry to hear you are feeling dark and twisty. It’s a familiar feeling. I try telling myself that if I didn’t know sadness, how would I know happiness, if I had nothing to compare it to? It works sometimes… but sometimes you just have to feel crappy.
You list looks great- I might have to take on a few of those things as well.

Posted by: Allison | 10/11/2006

I’m sorry to hear you are in dark and twisty funk! I love that you made yourself a list–those are almost all things I’ve thought of doing myself! Do you know that I have NEVER seen the BBC Pride and Prejudice? I’m almost ashamed to admit it!

Posted by: Kim | 10/13/2006

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Pre-birthday Goodies

Tonight was a good night. You want to know why? Well here is the reason you all will most understand…

My birthday is not until the end of the month, but my parent’s are in town visiting now so tonight we celebrated my birthday early as a family. My Mom is one of those incredibly thoughtful gift givers–she always trys really hard to get you things you want and would like. So what did I get…well yarn of course!


So maybe it all fell on the ground outside when the bottom of the box blew out as I was trying to bring it home. Kara promptly pulled out her camera and documented my fumbling efforts to pick it all up. Not really sure why she didn’t help me pick them up instead. Anyway, here are the close ups:


15 skeins of this beautiful wool blend


8 skeins of this teal cotton

I love them both. As soon as presents time was over I decided to swatch with the wool.


So here is what I am thinking…Exmoor Jacket from the RYC Classic Alpaca book.


My gauge is slightly off (pattern is 5.5 and my gauge is 5) but I am thinking I might be able to make it work by doing a smaller size. I will have to investigate more but I do think the yarn is the perfect color and texture. Oh, I love a new project.

Thanks Mom (oh yeah, and Dad.)

The following 15 comments were originally left at blogspirit:

Oh, I think it would work if you knit the smaller size :). The yarn does look beautiful. Happy Birthday…a bit early :).

Posted by: Isela | 10/01/2006

Happy Early Birthday! What an awesome set of parents you have there.

Posted by: Lisa | 10/02/2006

lucky girl!! what are you thinking for the teal cotton? I have something very similar and am at a loss, other than maybe a tank.

Posted by: amy | 10/02/2006

I think that yarn will be wonderful for the pattern – what a great jacket!

Posted by: Cheryl | 10/02/2006

*snicker* great pic Kara! Love the yarn you got from your parents! How thoughtful.

Posted by: Amanda Cathleen | 10/02/2006

Thank you for the compliment of the beret! I have to say that you look rather stylish yourself picking up the yarn! I’d wish my sister could understand the importance of FO-pictures in blogland so that I could show you my rambling rose.

Good luck with the exmoor jacket!


Posted by: VivaPia | 10/02/2006

At first glance I thought that was a pic of *you* with the horsie. You’ll look as fabulous as the model in the knit! 🙂

Posted by: Stitch-n-Snitch | 10/02/2006

Wow, that’s a nice birthday gift! Your mom definitely knows how to shop for you!

Posted by: Wanda | 10/02/2006

That teal is gorgeous!! I’m excited to see all of the fun stuff that comes to fruition. Your mom is just…. i don’t have any words… she just rocks!!

Posted by: Cassi | 10/02/2006

Gorgeous yarn. I think the brown tweed will be perfect as that sweater jacket. The teal cotton looks like it just SHINES. Also…. love the boots!!

Posted by: Crystal | 10/02/2006

The yarn is amazing and I LOVE that sweater — so you! The teal would look amazing in a scarf around your neck like in that picture!

Posted by: Posted by: Meredith | 10/03/2006

Your mom sure knows how to pick out the yarn! Happy birthday 🙂

Posted by: Sarah | 10/03/2006

mmm yummy yarn! how lucky you are.
and i *luv that cardigan pattern. cables!
**ahem** yarn all over the ground?! box breaking?! it would appear to me that perhaps you just had too much of a good time out, more like it! ;0) kidding. x

Posted by: vera | 10/03/2006

The yarn looks great, even if it is all over your front step!

Posted by: Kim | 10/04/2006

You have such a nice Mom and Dad, to find you the perfect yarn presents for your birthday! The Rowan sweater is gorgeous and I’m looking forward to seeing your photos of it.

Posted by: Debby | 10/04/2006

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