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All about…Kara

You guys know my sister right?

Well, for those that do and for those that don’t, here is a random, itemized list all about her:

  • Kara is 4 years my junior and pretty much idealized me while growing up (let’s be frank, I doubt this has changed much.)
  • We share A LOT of the same obsessions: travel, knitting, sewing, urban living, young adult literature, all things British.
  • I don’t really remember when this happened but at least post-High School graduation Kara has always been “the funny/clever/witty one”.
  • Kara has way better hair than I do (but my toes are better than hers so it all evens out.)
  • I once had a group of co-workers who labeled Kara “bad sister” because of the difference in how I talked to her on the phone as opposed to baby sister Bri (who was labeled: “good sister”.)
  • Kara is not (and has never been) a “bad sister”.
  • Kara is like a mama bear to her cubs when the people she loves are hurt or wronged. Lesson: don’t mess with Kara’s people.
  • Kara’s last passport got so full she needed to expand the pages.
  • Kara LOVED animals when she was a kid, so much so that she once declared herself a vegetarian but couldn’t make it stick due to a slight addiction to Chicken McNuggets.
  • Kara still loves herself some Chicken McNuggets.
  • And finally…today is Kara’s birthday!

Happy birthday to my beautiful, brave, creative, strong, adventuresome sister.  I am grateful every day that God saw fit to give you to me.  Love you Kara.

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Um, I believe I have just found the greatest invention ever.  Are you ready?

A reclining armchair/blanket combo!!!

(Make sure you scroll through all the pictures to really see what I am talking about.)

If it weren’t so weird and my place wasn’t so small I would be ALL over this.

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So yeah, this was supposed to be my great winter sweater.  I was going to be trekking around with it on in the snow and some fun boots.   Looks like I will have to wait a while to fulfill that dream but at least I finally finished it.  Even if it is May.

This is not a light jacket.  It has a whole lot of yarn and makes for a VERY warm sweater coat.  Hands down my favorite part of this sweater is the hood.

One thing you should know before starting this sweater:  Watch your gauge.  I didn’t realize it until my first sleeve was done but my sleeve gauge was off from the gauge for the body of the sweater.  This resulted in VERY long sleeves that are not as slim fitting as I would ideally like.  As you can see I have cuffed the sleeves and kind of like them that way so at least that works.  It is such a new experience for me to have any knit that turns out too long.

I did add length to the bottom of the sweater (before the waist.)  I keep debating if I like the length as it turned out longer than I envisioned.


Pattern: Vivian by Ysolda Teague

Source: Twist Collective

Yarn: Knit Picks Wool of the Andes Bulky, Wine

Needles: US 8

Size: 38

Mods: As mentioned earlier I lengthened the body of the sweater before the waist.  I also “embiggened” the hood by following the mods detailed by felinity.

I must admit that I wasn’t thrilled with this sweater when I first put it on.  It is not perfect.  But I think it is growing on me.  Maybe by the time next season rolls around I will forget all about the parts of it that bug me and be able to enjoy it while tromping around in the snow.  A girl’s got to dream.

A better view of the sleeve.

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