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Wanted: Inspiration

Thanks to my blog and it’s handy archives, I have noticed a pattern with me.  At least over the past 4 years, I tend to get a little sluggish around this time of year.  The end of summer/pre-fall season.  I don’t want to knit or sew–can’t really think of anything I want to make.  I don’t want to cook or try new dishes.  I certainly don’t want to blog.  I am tired.  Bored.  Uninspired.  Simply put, in a funk.

If I could write this off as an isolated occurrence I would feel better but using my blog as evidence, this is a pattern.  This discovery is troubling to me.  Fall is my favorite season…or so I have always thought.  Actually no.  It is.  Fall is my favorite.  I love the weather and the food and the holidays and the clothes and everything about how it feels.  So why aren’t I anticipating it?  Gearing up?  Planning my fall adventures?

My worry is that (as in years past) the funk that falls over me bleeds a little too far into the actual season.  Thus spoiling, or at least preventing me from fully enjoying fall.  I am not sure how to snap out of it but I figure recognizing the pattern is my first step.  Second step…Inspiration.

My first thought was knitting.  I need to start knitting something I actually want to wear and make.  Everything I have started since I finished the carp hasn’t done anything for me.  I go to ravelry for the first time in ages and the first pattern I see…Delancey Cardigan!  Ummm…I love it!  Looks different and fun to make.  Plus it looks like something that would actually look good on me.

Could this be it?  The answer to my post-summer/pre-fall funk?  Maybe it is that easy but just to be safe I think I need a little more inspiration to wake my soul up a bit.  So I was thinking, maybe you guys (the faithful still reading my blog) could help me out.  What has been inspiring/exciting you lately?  Doesn’t need to be knitting or craft related–really anything: a recipe, pattern, song, book, quote, activity…whatever.  Thanks in advance.  As you can see, I can really use your help.

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