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A little zen

I learned what comforts me when I can’t decide on anything to knit. A Buddha Bowl.

Buddha Bowl

Can I just tell you, I love my Buddha bowl. I first saw this bowl on a blog (I can’t remember whose but thank you) and I kept the page as a bookmark.  Someday I thought, I will buy one. Well that someday came. My bowl doesn’t completely fill the void left by the lack of knitting inspiration–but it helps.

I do realize I can only eat so many bowls of cereal though. At some point I am sure I will get excited about something else. So…since it is inevitable, I am preparing for that day now.

Here is what is coming up on the knitting front:

  • Cherry is blocking now. I finished knitting the pieces ages ago, just lost motivation to seam it when winter descended. But now that spring is here I think it is time for Cherry to see the light.
  • There are some new patterns I have seen previews of from a couple upcoming spring books and magazines. As soon as the patterns are released I will have to make some decisions about what I want to do but I am excited for the options to come.
  • As my mind is turning to my upcoming trip to the UK, I have been thinking about my fav Brit knitwear designer Kim Hargreaves. I am contemplating buying Rosa. Or maybe Flo. I think I can rock the ruffles. But the question is, short sleeves or the quarter-length cardi? What do you all think?

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