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You all have heard me talk about my sisters. My girls. One I knit with, the other I have knit for. We like to sing Karaoke Revolution and eat REALLY large bowls of Baskin Robbins ice cream (Peanut Butter-and-Chocolate and Gold Medal Ribbon to be exact.) I love my sisters.

Last weekend, little Bri got engaged. To a boy named Adam (note to self: must find out if Adam is okay with me writing his name and talking about him on my blog. Update: not only is he cool with it, I even got permission to post a picture. Point for Adam. ) I am thrilled about this news. I like this Adam since I think he knows how lucky he is to have my sister love him. Bri is happy in that good wholesome way which makes me feel right about things.


Cute Bri and Adam

I have been asked a lot how I am feeling and if I am okay with the news. Well, we are not living in Jane Austen times. I am okay with the younger sister getting married before her elders. Bri is no Lydia Bennet either. She is smart and knows who she is. She has a career she loves and a great perspective on life. She is ready. I think the only thing I will have a hard time with is that this event changes everything. It an ending. She is no longer only my Bri she is also some guy Adam’s Bri. I have to share and I am not sure how I feel about that.

On the other hand, I am gaining another brother right? Maybe he will let me knit him a hat or something–that could be fun. So it is also a beginning.

Much like life, knitting also has it’s beginnings and endings. (Nice segue right?) Soon to be ended is my Phildar Zip Cardigan as the zipper arrived in the mail Friday! As soon as Ann can get her sewing machine over here I will have a FO. I am so excited to show you this sweater–I think it is going to be one of my favorites.

As for beginnings…my knit picks needles arrived today too so work on the Dollar and a Half Cardigan can finally begin.

And of course, I mustn’t forget Blithe. See what has begun…


(fyi-color less baby blue in real life–is is more like a nice deep gray blue)

One thing knitting has taught me…new beginnings can be a very good thing.

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Congratulations to Bri! That’s excellent news.
Am very jealous of the Blythe. I’m definately ordering one soon. It’ll be a 21st birthday present to myself.

Posted by: Kate | 04/01/2007

Congratulations to Adam and Bri!!

How exciting for your whole family.

Posted by: jacqueline | 04/01/2007

Congratulations to Bri! Your family must be so excited for her (and for Adam, too.)
You whipped right through the cardigana and will Blythe, too! They are both going to be fabulous on you!

Posted by: margen | 04/01/2007

Congratulations to them and you! They make such a sweet couple.

Can’t wait to see the cardigan, but Blithe is stealing my heart! Is that mostly-garter-with-some-purling on the bottom? It’s a neat effect.

Posted by: Amy | 04/01/2007

Congrats to Bri and Adam. What a sweet photo of them.

We’re all most definitely looking forward to seeing your completed cardigan 🙂 and that Blithe.. wow. I might have to buy myself one of those too. It is going to be so pretty.

Posted by: Teyani | 04/01/2007

congrats to your sister! yeah!!! Blithe is turning out so freaking nice. Stop knitting nice things, you make we want to make them too!!!!

Posted by: lisa | 04/01/2007

Congrats to your sister & your whole family! What a great “older sister” posting on it all! 🙂

The new sweater is looking great!

Posted by: Amy Artisan | 04/01/2007

Congrats to Bri and Adam. Gee, I wonder where they’re standing?! 🙂

Posted by: Stitch-n-Snitch | 04/01/2007

Congrats to Bri! I think you and Kara need to knit her wedding dress.

Posted by: susan | 04/01/2007

What a lucky lil sister to have such a caring older one!

I’m a loving Blithe and have almost ordered it like 5 times…

Posted by: Heather | 04/01/2007

Congrats, also, to Bri and Adam. Whoa! I think I want to just stop time for a minute and let everybody around me get older. Alas, I must move on with time also. I think you need to make the cute couple some matching hats for their wedding. ; )

As for your projects HURRAH! You are the KNITTING MASTA!!! HI-YA! (I live in the land of little boy cartoons!! This is what Kekoa tells me when he is happy!)

Posted by: Cassi | 04/01/2007

Congrats to the happy couple!

I know what you mean, though. Although we all got married around the same time, basically 3 of us within a year, my oldest sister started her family right away, and I and my younger sister both waited for almost ten years. It was strange not being in the same stage of life as she was for so many years. Sisterhood is a strong enough bond to take it, though.

Posted by: Heather Joins The Round | 04/01/2007

Congratulations to Bri and Adam! They make a beautiful couple!

It is definitely an adjustment when one of the sisters gets married, and the other(s) have not yet, but you are all close, and will make the adjustment just fine. Married or not, girltime is always important!

Posted by: Debby | 04/02/2007

Congrats to your sister! I understand it being bittersweet, but “that Adam” must be pretty cool to let you post a picture on the blog and all 🙂

Posted by: Kristi aka Fiber Fool | 04/02/2007

Erin! I can’t believe your little sister is getting married! I remember when she was just a little girl called Breezy. Congrats to her and to your family. 🙂 I know what it’s like for younger siblings to get married first. Good thing we’re not in Jane Austin’s world. Love and miss you!

Posted by: holli | 04/02/2007

Congratulations to Bri and Adam! You have such a great family!

Posted by: tiennie | 04/02/2007

Your Blith looks soooo good, can’t wait to start mine. Congragulations to Adam and Best wishes to Bri. They look so happy!

Posted by: Posted by: Leslie | 04/03/2007

How exciting for Adam and Bri! My best wishes go to them. Marriage is awesome and having more siblings is awesomer (yes, awesomer) I love all my new brothers and sisters-in-law, you’ll love it too!

blithe is looking fabulous. You’re really chugging through it. also, i may have completely copied you again and bought the same yarn in the same color for the dollar and a half cardigan. flattery. it’s flattery. it’s not creepy, i swear.

Posted by: rachel i. | 04/03/2007

Congrats on the engagement for Bri and Adam! That’s wonderful. It’s a bit bittersweet, but happy nonetheless.

Posted by: Wanda | 04/03/2007

Congrats to Bri and Adam!

blithe is looking amazing, your really flying along

Posted by: Amanda Cathleen | 04/05/2007

Congratulations to your sister! It may seem like an ending, but you’re right, it’s only just the beginning!

Posted by: Erin | 04/05/2007

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For those who were wondering…my biggest loser competition ended at work and I, alas, did not win. I did, however, lose 12 pounds which is great. The winner was really die hard about the whole thing–didn’t even have cake on his birthday–so I guess he deserved to win. I guess. I am glad I participated if only because I learned what devious and competitive co-workers I have. I would do it again in a second, only this time I would know my enemy, urm…competition better.

In other news, something special arrived in the mail this weekend…


My Blithe kit!!!

It came wrapped up all pretty with tissue and ribbon which made it super fun to open. Like a real present. I also love the way the pattern is printed on nice card stock. I am NOT regretting the kit purchase. I give Kim my seal of approval–awesome customer service and the product itself is exceptional. Now if we could only work on that currency conversion rate…

I was planning on not starting Blithe until mid-April BUT I am waiting on the new KnitPicks options needles I ordered last week in order to start Dollar and a Half Cardigan AND since I finished all I can do on the Phildar Zip Cardigan until I get the zipper in the mail…I swatched and casted on for Blithe last night. Awww Yeah!!! I will post a picture as soon as I have a couple inches done.

For the record: I already love it.

The following 26 comments were originally left at blogspirit:

So glad you dug right in!! Blythe looks like it’ll knit up in no time at all!

Posted by: knittingphilistine | 03/26/2007

i am so lovin’ kim h right now! that top is lovely! i’ll defintely be buying a kit of her’s real soon! let us know how the pattern is written (i know others in blog land have had trouble with other patterns)

v. interesting about the co-worker competition, my school collegues are the same way.. it’s pretty devious how competitve they are!!

Posted by: margaux | 03/26/2007

Well losing 12 pounds is pretty great, good job!

Posted by: Lauren | 03/26/2007

well done on the 12 pounds! that is fabulous!!

i just love kim hargreaves kits..they really are super special.

Posted by: jacqueline | 03/26/2007

Such a pretty kit. I am hinting for the same one for a birthday gift.

Posted by: Knittypants | 03/26/2007

oh how exciting! there is nothing better than mail, i say {except bills, i don’t like bills}.
12 pounds…tries to convert to kilos…good job! and no cake on his birthday? he definately deserved to win, hands down. But you are all winners in the end, no?

Posted by: vera | 03/26/2007

Congrats on the 12 pounds and I can’t wait to see the progress on Blythe — it looks like such a great kit!!

Posted by: Posted by: Melissa | 03/26/2007

You may not have won the money but you won by loosing the poundage and learning how hard that is! LOL
Blithe is fabulous. I love getting boxes of yarn from GB (Alice Starmore kits are wonderful, too). It is a gift, one you’ve given yourself. Happy knitting.

Posted by: margene | 03/26/2007

Ok, a guy beating you at loosing weight is not fair–they can lose so easily without even trying!! Wow, the kit is beautiful, I’m going to have to check that out.

Posted by: Heather | 03/26/2007

Great job anyways – 12 lbs! I can tell already that your sweater is going to look fab on you.

Posted by: tiennie | 03/26/2007

Fantastic news on the 12 pounds lost! You’re a winner in our eyes.

Posted by: Cheryl | 03/26/2007

Even if you weren’t the biggest loser, you still done good! 12 lbs is nothing to sneeze at. And Blithe looks great. Enjoy your newest knit.

Posted by: Wanda | 03/26/2007

Ooo Blithe…I’m in love.

And grats on getting closer to where you want to be in your skin, even if your co-worker was crazier with his lack of cake. Personally, I’ve hit a point in my life where I work out so I can eat what I want, instead of the other way around, and I find I’m happier that way.

The other weight loss program that I’ve always wanted to try would be to decide that every time I keep five pounds off for a week, I can buy a bound of yarn. Needless to say, the boyfriend likes that one less. 🙂

Posted by: Kristine | 03/26/2007

I got that same kit in the mail late last week, in the original color. I had the same thoughts about the customer service and packaging. I started singing in my kitchen about “brown paper packages tied up with string”.

Can’t wait to see how yours knits up (you’ll probably start long before I get to mine!)

Posted by: Jenn | 03/26/2007

oh wow!! 12lbs you go girl…Blithe is gorgeous! can’t wait to see it knits up.

Posted by: vanessa | 03/27/2007

Congrats on the 12 pounds! That is wonderful. I just got my knit picks options and I love them, I hope you do too.

Posted by: Posted by: Rachel | 03/27/2007

There should have been 2 competitions. No boys allowed! Oh well – 12 lbs is still great! Congrats!

Love the new kit too 😉

Posted by: Lolly | 03/27/2007

I am so jealous right now! I cant wait to see some progress pics on Blithe.

Posted by: Stefanie | 03/27/2007

there is nothing like a good wrapping job on a package! i love it 🙂

Posted by: rachel i. | 03/27/2007

Wow, 12 1bs lost! Well done as it is so hard to do. I like that kit too, I have one of my own in a different style to knit which I can’t wait to start!

Posted by: Lin | 03/28/2007

I’m so glad you are starting on Blithe straightaway, I can’t wait to see it knitted up.

Posted by: Kendra | 03/28/2007

Oh, that is SUCH a beautiful color for Blithe. Between the kit and 12 pounds down, you’re having a good spring!

Posted by: Amy | 03/28/2007

Congratulations on losing the 12 lbs. If the winner didn’t even eat his own birthday cake, then that’s not a competition I would feel bad about losing…some things are too great a cost!

Blithe sounds like a wonderful kit and I’m looking forward to seeing your progress. Do you have to knit a smaller size now? 😉

Posted by: Debby | 03/29/2007

I could stand it no longer and caved. I hope to get Blythe in the mail this week. Thanks for the inspiration actually. I almost never check Kims website anymore becuase I didn’t like her first couple of seasons. How are you liking the yarn? I’ve never used Rowan’s cottons (not including Calmer).

Posted by: Michelle | 04/02/2007

I love Blythe. You’ve got great taste. Can’t wait to see progress. I love Kim’s season this time around, she’s got some great stuff.

Posted by: Estee | 04/03/2007

Stellar! I can’t wait to see both the Phildar and your progress on this one. Kim has such beautiful patterns.

Posted by: Sarah | 04/04/2007

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Dude. Seaming is hard. Well, I should say, normally I quite like seaming but in the case of the Phildar Zip Cardigan, seaming is a challenging, time consuming and thus painful process. Allow me to explain why.

  1. This sweater has 12 (yes 12) pieces to seam together.
  2. There are all kinds of ribbed bands you have to attach to non-ribbed edges that do not measure up perfectly. So you have to make sure you allow the right amount of give in the right places so that the pieces seam together neatly while not creating bulges in places where there shouldn’t be bulges.
  3. The majority of the sweater is knit in reverse stockinette. I have worked on perfecting seaming for stockinette garments–not reverse.
  4. Because of reasons #1-3, some knitters might have to resort to re-seaming parts of the sweater several times since they just can’t get it right.
  5. There are 12 pieces to seam. Ugh.

Did I mention I have struggled a bit with the seaming of this sweater? I really thought I would be all done by now. Silly, silly Erin.

But, I have come a long way. See?


It almost looks put together right?

There has been a lot of trial and error with the seaming. I have done and then taken out and re-done almost every seam so far. Some of them I have seamed more than twice. You might think this is a little extreme but let me show you what I mean. There is a part of the sweater where you have to seam two ribbed bands together but you are connecting the purl valley of the rib. The first time I did it I didn’t know what I was doing which resulted in the seam looking like this.

Ugly seam:


After an epiphany last night, I re-did it and now the seam looks like this.

Pretty seam:


See how much better??!? As I work on it more and get better at it I realize how bad my first attempts at seaming the sweater are and am compelled to re-do the parts that don’t measure up. I just want it to be as close to perfect as I can. Is that so crazy?

In related news: I went hunting for a zipper that would work for this sweater on Saturday and came up empty handed. Very discouraged, I called Knit-n-Tyme (the place where I purchased the kit) to ask them if they sell a zipper that would work. The very nice woman on the phone asked me, “didn’t one come in the kit?” Um…no, it didn’t, but doesn’t it make perfect sense that it would? Turns out the zipper was on backorder when I ordered the kit and I just didn’t realize it was supposed to be part of the kit and so I didn’t notice when it never got to me. So she is sending me the right zipper this week which is lucky that she still has it in stock seeing how I ordered the kit over a year and a half ago. Phew. Now I just have to put the zipper on. Ugh. It better be easier to do than seaming this baby. Somehow, with my sewing skills, I doubt it.

The following 22 comments were originally left at blogspirit:

Beautiful seaming. I admire the final product, worth the effort. I have Green Gable just about done, and then your Glee!

Posted by: Petunia | 03/19/2007

The pretty seam looks great! I’m looking forward to seeing the finished prduct!

Posted by: Kate | 03/19/2007

The seaming looks beautiful! Too bad there are 12! pieces to your sweater. That would drive me mad. Good luck with the zipper!

Posted by: Brenda | 03/19/2007

ugh. 12 separate pieces? remind me to never, EVER knit this. i despise seaming! ;0)
erin, i whole-heartedly congratulate you on your perseverance.

Posted by: vera | 03/20/2007

Wow, your new seam looks…seamless! Good for you for sticking with it until it’s right. Your finished product looks impeccable.
I share your dislike of finishing–sewing and knitting don’t even seem slightly related in my brain. I now try to do everything in the round.

Posted by: Heather | 03/20/2007

I totally bow to your producing-extremely-wearable-and-beautiful-sweater prowess. Go, girl!! 😉

Posted by: Stitch-n-Snitch | 03/20/2007

I HATE seaming too, however I want my seams to look perfect, so I can understand why you kept re-doing them.

On a good note – now you have better seaming skills for the next more difficult to put together sweater!

Posted by: lisa | 03/20/2007

12 pieces! Holy crap, I looked and could not pick out where 12 different pieces would go. Unless it still has a complicated hood or something. I’m guessing that your pieces are so fabulously seamed I don’t even notice they are there. Nice work!

Posted by: artmomma | 03/20/2007

Wow, what a lot of work. You’re awesome!

Posted by: Heather Joins The Round | 03/20/2007

your work on the seams is really going to pay off – wow – what a difference it makes in the two seams.
keep on plugging away at it – it’s going to be one of those sweaters you keep forever I bet. Very very pretty.

Posted by: Teyani | 03/20/2007

Having 12 seams to seam would drive me crazy. Looks like you can handle it though. Can’t wait to see it finished. 🙂

Posted by: Julie | 03/20/2007

Obviously I will never make this cardigan! But I admire your work, and your re-seaming looks great. Excellent job! At least I know who to come to with any seaming questions…

Posted by: Cheryl | 03/20/2007

You should probably consider sitting farther away from the boys at lunch — you actually opened up your blog with the word “DUDE”!

Posted by: Posted by: MM | 03/20/2007

I have one word for you in regards to putting in the zipper ~basting. I normally never do it because I am a cowboy when it comes to sewing but you being the donna you are basting will be a necessity.

Posted by: Posted by: annzy | 03/20/2007

You are so persistent! It does pay off since your seaming is beautiful!

Posted by: tiennie | 03/20/2007

What a pretty seam! It feels SO good to have a neat seam. Kind of makes you want to run around and show the neighbors. LOOK LOOOK!

Posted by: bunchkin | 03/21/2007

You are doing an amazing job on those seams. I feel your pain; I’m a rip and re-do knitter myself. The seam on my cami border drives me nuts, picking up from garter stitch but also in between the garter stitch “bumps” to have the required # of stitches. I’m going to have to go around and pull every stitch tighter with a crochet hook. Me, obsessive? Just a little.

I’m so glad to hear about the zipper…it only seems (seams?) fair, considering all the work you’ve been doing.

Posted by: Debby | 03/21/2007

It looks SO good thought!! Keep up the spirits, I’m sure this will be a winner when you’re done. And then you’ll be crazy good at seaming. Crazy good.

Posted by: Sarah | 03/21/2007

What torture….12 seams! yuck. BUt it looks lovely, way to go on re-working for perfection…and what a great turnout on the zipper!

Posted by: Beth | 03/21/2007

Wow, that is a lot of seaming. I would want it as close to perfect as I could get it too!

Posted by: Erin | 03/22/2007

12 pieces? Is that even physically possible? Your seams look fabulous, though!

Posted by: Risa | 03/22/2007

As painful as it sounds like the process is, it’s turning out a *fantastic* sweater. The cardi really looks beautiful. You’ve read Grumperina’s tutorial on zippers, right?

Posted by: Amy | 03/25/2007

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A Love Story

About two months after I taught myself to knit, I casually mentioned to my sister Kara that she should knit a scarf. She agreed but then later when I was teaching her she asked if I was sure I was okay with her learning to knit seeing how it was “my new thing” and she didn’t want me to think she was stealing my thunder. I assured her I didn’t mind at all and so we continued with the lessons.

Kara was a quick learner and soon she was past the scarf phase and interested in knitting more complicated patterns. I was actually really pleased that like me, she wanted to keep knitting. It was the oddest thing actually, we didn’t just learn how to knit–we felt this unexpected draw toward it. It was strange to realize we both REALLY liked knitting. You know what I mean right? When it becomes more than just knitting a scarf or beanie every year. When you start looking at yarn like it is art. When you think about it all the time, make lists of your upcoming projects, and start calling a yarn store your LYS.

At the time we started we weren’t roommates but would get together to watch shows and knit. I remember turning to her and saying “I really love this.” She would turn back to me and say “I do too.” It made me happy because she got it. We got each other you know? We both loved knitting.

Kara and I have knit several projects together. In fact, our first sweater project was the ill fated and totally wrong for our body types Rebecca Wrap Cardigan. Next up was Nancy Bush’s Norwegian Stockings which fared much better. It has been a while since Kara and I have done a knit-a-long together and frankly, we missed it. So when we both fell in love with the Dollar and a Half Cardigan from the new Spring 07 Interweave, we knew we had found our project.

Last weekend we bought Brown Sheep Cotton Fleece in Truffle (for me) and Willow Leaf (for Kara.) Eager beaver that I am, I knit a swatch last night and blocked it and everything. I think this is going to be fun.


Erin: “Do you think this will all go away and one day we won’t care about knitting anymore?”

Kara: (after some thought and a brief pause) “I really hope not.”

Me too Kara. Me too.

The following 17 comments were originally left at blogspirit:

It’s wonderful that you and Kara have such a great thing to share. My only sister lives in Massachusetts, so I only get to see her about once a year. Enjoy it while you can! Hopefully it will last for many, many years.

Posted by: Cheryl | 03/15/2007

That is such a sweet story! I wish I had a sister!

Posted by: laura b | 03/15/2007

I love this! My sisters won’t knit with me. 😦 Oh well. I can just watch the two of you!

Posted by: tiennie | 03/15/2007

A very charming story–my best pal Babs and I have similar ‘what did we used to do before we knit?’>/i> conversations all the time…and I am very impressed that you only started knitting a few months ago, amazing!

Posted by: Heather | 03/15/2007

That’s a sweet story. I love that color for Dollar and Half too. I really must get some yarn for it. Thanks for reminding me. Good to know that the yarn can work to gauge with the pattern too.

Posted by: Wanda | 03/15/2007

Eliza is making that sweater, too. I’ve admired it in the mag. Does this mean I’m hip like you and Kara. Huh? Does it??? Please.

Posted by: susan | 03/15/2007

you know i’ve asked myself that very question!

i can’t wait to see your dollar and a half cardigan.

Posted by: jacqueline | 03/15/2007

you two are just gorgeous. as i type this my mum is sitting by me knitting a cushion cover. sometimes we sit together and knit on the couch while talking about our day. i really do treasure those moments. you are very lucky to have kara who shares the same passion as you. may it last forever!
that cardi is definately a classic. i will definately be wearing one myself this winter for sure. :0)

Posted by: vera | 03/16/2007

I have one brother and so no knitting sibling, so it’s really nice to get to hear about your experience. P.S. — yeah for you for ordering the Blithe kit — I LOVE it!!

Posted by: Posted by: Melissa | 03/16/2007

It’s great to share what you love with those you love. 🙂

Posted by: Stitch-n-Snitch | 03/16/2007

I have 5 sisters and none share my passion for knitting. I have made a family of other knitters who share my passion (and you’re in it…like it or not);-)
Before you started coming to SnB I saw you and Kara at BSWC and you were buying some yarn and Kara had on a Stacey’s scarf. I recognized you when we joined the Ewe-tah ring and starting coming to SnB. You two work well together. 😉

Posted by: margene | 03/16/2007


I’ve taught 2/3 or my sisters to knit, and they like it, but they’re not INTO it in the same way I am. Maybe someday–it took me years to progress from being someone who knew how to knit to being a knitter.

Posted by: Heather Joins The Round | 03/16/2007

You are so lucky to share your knitting with your sister! I have one sister and have offered several times to teach her, but so far she is not interested. I’m looking forward to seeing your new cardigans. 🙂

Posted by: Debby | 03/16/2007

Yanno I love me some Erin & Kara knitting stories. I’m just in wow of you and your sister. Embrace it. It won’t end. Me and my sister, the only thing we good at together is drinking and talking about people, ha. Gotta take what I can get huh? Now, thanks to you two talking about this cardi, I’m considering it, which is a shame, because I’m really all cardied out. We’ll see how I feel once I finish Sesame.


Posted by: Necia | 03/17/2007

lovely story – and no.. I don’t think it will ever go away (fingers crossed here for all of us!)

Posted by: Teyani | 03/17/2007

How great that you both love knitting. My sister quilts and does not like knitting, although she does wear all the things that I knit for her. I loved that cardigan in the mag too, so I cant wait to see how good yours looks when your done.

Posted by: Sue | 03/17/2007

Awww. That is such a sweet love story! I’m glad you and Kara have such a fun passion to share. My sisters and me (and my mom) all crochet, but we are not as into it as you guys are into your knitting!

Anyway, I miss you. I’m glad I get to read about your life and your knitting habit. 🙂

Posted by: holli | 03/19/2007

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It has been a bit of a random week for me so I thought I should honor it with a totally random post. Oh, oh, maybe I will itemize my random and unconnected thoughts. That will be fun. (I love itemizing things. And white boards. I warned you about the random. )

  1. If you could be any knitter who would you…Eunny. I would be Eunny in a heart beat. I want to knit like her and design like her and have vision like her and be cool like her. Have you seen the sweater she so temptingly gave us a sneak peak of? I want it. HAVE to have it. Hear me know…I will knit this sweater.
  2. Wondering how my Biggest Loser competition is going? Well the first month went really well. I lost 7 pounds and came in 3rd of 22 at our mid-competition weigh-in. The first two weeks of the second month? One word for you: plateau. It is so frustrating. But for the final two weeks I am really going to kick it into high gear. Working out 6x a week, really strict diet, no eating after 8–I must finish strong. At this point it is all about the money. And pride. MM, EB, BR and JP…I am coming for you.
  3. Anyone out there seen MI-5 or as they call it in the UK, Spooks? Kara and I watched the finale of season 2 last night. Holy cow. Within 5 minutes of finishing the episode, season 3 was moved to the top of our Netflix queue. Seriously amazing show. Plus a little Matthew MacFadyen action doesn’t hurt.
  4. I am almost done knitting all the pieces of my Phildar Zip Cardigan. Which means pretty soon I am going to have to face the zipper. Oh you zipper…how you taunt me. Thankfully my buddy Ann and seamstress extraordinaire is staying with me next week. So my goal is to have it all knit and seemed by Monday. Then at least I will have a teacher for the zipper insersion. (Or someone who will just do it for me if I whine long enough.) It is exciting though, I should have an FO by end of next week. At least I hope.
  5. I bought it. I am talking about the Blithe kit. Thank you so much for all of your recommendations and support. I love posts that bring out the lurkers too–it is always fun to be introduced to new blogs. So what color did I go with? Well, it happens to be the same color that got the most votes from my post. I was torn between two colors in the end and a friend (Thanks lil’ Jeff!) helped me make the final decision by photoshop-ing the yarn colors in the sweater for me to visualize it. You want to see the winner? Here it is…

Yup, Steel Blue. I am a happy girl and looking forward to my first spring/summer knit.

Have a grand weekend everyone!

The following 19 comments were originally left at blogspirit:

Love Spooks/MI-5 – definitely a fun thing to watch. 🙂

Posted by: Amy Artisan | 03/09/2007

Just today I was wondering “Where is that Girl Who Knits?” Eunny is one of the best desiners ever…she gets better and better. Nice choice for Blithe! Hope to see you next week…you know it’s partah time!

Posted by: margene | 03/09/2007

Yeah zippers ~I can’t wait and I guess I get to see season three of MI-5? This is going to be a very good week I think.

Posted by: Posted by: annzy | 03/09/2007

Saw Eunny’s sweater. Knew I would never make it, don’t have the eyesight any more to follow a chart that intricate. Don’t think I have the patience, either. Drooled and slobbered anyway!

Posted by: Petunia | 03/10/2007

Eunny’s new sweater really is gorgeous. And of course, we KNOW you can do it. Unlike the rest of us poor slobs.

Posted by: Cheryl | 03/10/2007

I want to marry Eunny. Seriously, I want to have her babies.

Posted by: David | 03/10/2007

Blithe will be lovely in the steel blue.

My husband and I have been setting up a Netflix list. I had fogotten about wanting to see MI-5. Thanks for the reminder!

I love all of Eunny’s knitting. I hope you do knit the sweater!

Posted by: Brenda | 03/10/2007

Eunny…sigh…she is amazing, isn’t she? Matthew MacFadyen…sigh…he is amazing, ins’t he? Glad you’re checking in with the randoms!

Posted by: tiennie | 03/10/2007

that Eunny is extraordinary alright!
Love the sweater in blue – can’t wait to see it on you!

Posted by: Teyani | 03/10/2007

the steel blue is going to be smashing! great colour choice.
i know, i nearly died when i saw eunny’s new sweater. wow.

Posted by: vera | 03/10/2007

Eunny is killing me with that fair isle.

Posted by: Kate | 03/11/2007

Great choice on the blue steel. Blythe is going to be quite lovely. Yay, spring!

Posted by: knittingphilistine | 03/11/2007

The colour you have chosen is lovely. I have just discovered your blog and your knits are inspirational!

Posted by: Lin | 03/11/2007

Wow, that is going to be an awesome color! It’s such a cute knit too! I also just spent about an hour looking through Eunny’s blog thanks to your link. How is it that I’ve never come across her before???

Posted by: Erin | 03/12/2007

Hey–you make it sound like I encouraged you to pick the blue. To clarify my stance for future generations, I voted AGAINST the blue.

Chuck Palahniuk, Panic! at the Disco, and I all voted Aubergine, all the way.

Posted by: Posted by: Lil’ Jeff | 03/12/2007

Glad you chose the Phildar kit in steel blue. I hope you get through the plateau soon!

Posted by: Debby | 03/13/2007

Wow, you went against the advice of Chuck P? Can’t say I blame you actually. This is going to be a beautiful knit.

Posted by: KatherineOfItAll | 03/14/2007

Ha! As soon as I saw the post on Eunny’s new sweater, I knew you would want to do it too. Are you going to? If you do, I think that I would just suck it up and buy the yarn and knit along with you. I’m eager beaverly awaiting when it will be available for my grubby hands to buy.

Posted by: Sarah | 03/21/2007

I really, really miss sitting on the other side of the cubicle wall and getting all of this firsthand. I have, however, fully recovered from MMS (have YOU?).

I’m also wondering why Lil’ Jeff is weighing in on your knitting projects (AND WHY YOU’RE LISTENING TO HIM)…

Posted by: Posted by: hollers | 03/22/2007

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