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  1. I didn’t finish the body of the sweater before Thanksgiving per my theory. medium_venezia_body_close.jpg
  2. Communicating to friends that I can’t see them because I need to spend all my free time knitting became complicated and futile.
  3. Two people on my team at work quit in the past two weeks. This is our busy season.
  4. I discovered staying up until 2 am at night does not give me more knitting time–I just end up sleeping in more in the morning.
  5. Technically, I didn’t start the sweater until the second week of November–so I was already a week behind.
  6. Um…look at it.

I have been trying hard, I have. I mean, I haven’t been blogging or commenting on blogs (sorry about that) or really doing anything with my spare minutes except knitting the Venezia Pullover. That is it. I know I was crazy to think I could do it and I am proving right all those who doubted BUT may I also say, IF I had started on the first of November or IF I didn’t have friends or work or unexpected obligations with my time, I totally would have finished. Really all I need is another weekend. That is it. I am done with the body (see it blocking below) and I am half way through the left sleeve. If I could I would take a day off work this week and get it done in time but due to #3 reason above that is just not going to happen.


I will be honest and admit to being a little bummed. I wanted to finish this month…and I am SO CLOSE. I can taste it. Either way though, I can’t be too sad. I have a sneaking suspicion that either in November or December this is still going to be pretty awesome.

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It’s looking soooooo good! Does it fit? You are kicking butt with that thing, and who cares if it isn’t done by the end of Nov. It will still have been knit in an amazingly short amount of time. (Mine is coming along, I’m almost done with the waist decreases.)

Posted by: bunchkin | 11/28/2006

Hey You, Stop beating yourself up. You’ve done really really well so far and family and friends are very important. Keep up the good work. Take care you

Posted by: Posted by: Bev | 11/28/2006

Wow it is gorgeous. Whatever, making that sweater in a month is ridiculously fast, even if it’s the second week of November to the second week of December – it will still be a month. I can’t wait to see it finished. 🙂

Posted by: natalie | 11/28/2006

It is going to be SO worth the wait. It’s a sweater that just shouldn’t, couldn’t be knit in ONE month! Your work is perfect.

Posted by: margene | 11/28/2006

It does look fablous, and it will be great once it is finished, regardless!

Posted by: Lauren | 11/28/2006

The sweater is looking great. No matter when it is finished it is going to be a fabulous garment to wear! 🙂

Posted by: Amy Artisan | 11/28/2006

I bow at your sweater greatness. I think you’re insane thinking that you should be finished in a month. I’m sure you could have been done earlier if you did a crappy job, but you’re just not that kind of person. 🙂

Posted by: Stitch-n-Snitch | 11/28/2006

The Venezia looks fantastic and if you had finished I would have checked you in to the mental hospital for your insanity! You’re going to finish so soon – good things come to those who wait, right?

Posted by: tiennie | 11/28/2006

OH MY WORD THAT IS GEORGOUS! You have done fantastic work!

Posted by: Posted by: Heather Joins The Round | 11/28/2006


Posted by: domesticat | 11/28/2006

It really is lovely and it makes me giggle to think you would blow off work just to finish a sweater in time ~ but I totally think you should get an extra week and still be able to count it as NaKniSweMo.

Posted by: Posted by: annzy | 11/28/2006

That is still some very impressive progress! It looks beautiful, I really like the reddish color you substituted in.

Posted by: Brooke | 11/28/2006

If you started a week late, you get an extra week! Technically, you still made the deadline. 🙂

It’s beautiful, and you’ll enjoy wearing it when it’s finished, which will be soon!

Posted by: Debby | 11/28/2006

I am in awe.

Posted by: canknitian | 11/28/2006

that sweater is just plain gorgeous – no matter when you get it done.! wow.

Posted by: Teyani | 11/28/2006

oh goodness, i don’t think it’s very good to be giving up everything else in your life to finish it off. i mean, one day is as good as any day, it doesn’t * have to be november. i think it looks divine. really, really divine. :0) x

Posted by: vera | 11/28/2006

Aww, forget abou tthe deadline. I think you’ve done a great job on the sweater. It is absolutely beautiful and to think you got this far in a month is amazing, or even less than a month. Now that you’re this far, you’ll be motivated to finish it and wear it.

Posted by: Wanda | 11/28/2006

Beautiful! November, Shnovember… it is amazing!

Posted by: K.T. | 11/29/2006

I’m impressed that you’ve come as far as you have! Colorwork always seems to take me twice as long and look at all you’ve done in about 3 weeks! Go you!

Posted by: Sarah | 11/29/2006

Take a look at this, girl! You have already accomplished so much! I am sincerely impressed. It is beautiful and amazing. Don’t stress out too much – it will be there. Don’t forget to enjoy the process of making it 😉

Best wishes~ hope things calm down at work!

Posted by: Lolly | 11/30/2006

don’t be bummed! you’ve done an exceptional job to even finish that much in november.

it is so gorgous – the wait will be well worth it!

Posted by: jacqueline | 11/30/2006

your progress is amazing! Like you said, wiether you finish in November or December you are going to have one AMAZING sweater!

Posted by: Amanda Cathleen | 12/05/2006

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Good theories

Not nearly enough knitting got done this week as my deadline on Venezia is looming…I am getting nervous. I think I just need to be more disciplined with my knitting.

So I have a theory. I think I have to finish the body of the sweater by Thanksgiving in order to meet my November 30 deadline. I could then get the sleeves done over the holiday weekend and seem it up in time for the end of the month reveal. This is a great theory. Problem is, it is only theory. Now I have to prove it.

Another Erin (not me) asked me to give the specifics on my color subs so I thought I would document it for anyone else who is interested.

The colors that stayed the same are: Mooskit, Mooskit/White, Sand, and Ivy

Here is what I changed:

Yellow Ochre > Jamieson & Smith brand, FC55

Rosemary > Jamieson’s brand, Eucalyptus (794)

Peacock > Jamieson’s brand, Stonewash (677)

Pine Forest > Jamieson & Smith brand, 82

Turf > Jamieson & Smith, 1293

And for the edges and bands > Jamieson’s brand, Maroon (595)

For those of you wondering what the difference between Jamieson’s and Jamieson & Smith is, well I can’t remember. I was told what the deal is but honestly I don’t remember what happened only that they are basically the same yarn–just under different names. So there you go–my yarn subs.

I will report on my progress next week. Happy knitting–let’s hope I am able to prove my theory right.

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i’m cheering for you! {can you hear it all the way over there?}. i definately think you finish venezia by the end of the month, and i’m hoping you do so i can see how lovely it looks. kidding. am i??? ;0) x

Posted by: vera | 11/17/2006

good luck. yuuuucandooooooit!

(sorry, i’ve seen The Waterboy way too many times)

Posted by: Sara | 11/17/2006

good luck proven your theory girl! You can do it ; )

Posted by: Amanda Cathleen | 11/17/2006

You can TOTALLY do it. Go, Erin, GO!

Posted by: K.T. | 11/18/2006

Well, that sweater is amazing, a major accomplishment, whenever you finish it.

Posted by: Posted by: Heather Joins The Round | 11/18/2006

Good luck on the finish…it’s beautiful. You’ve got gumption…and, more importantly, a plan!

Posted by: knittingphilistine | 11/18/2006

Thanks for posting the color subs. I know you can do it!!!! Knit knit knit.

Isn’t it amazing the number of Erin’s that knit out there in Blogland? I know when I was growing up they were few and far between! Good Luck!

Posted by: Erin | 11/20/2006

What are you doing reading your comments? Knit!

Posted by: bunchkin | 11/21/2006

Best of luck! It is beautiful so far 😉

Posted by: Lolly | 11/21/2006

Hey Erin–you probably have no idea who I am–I am Holli’s little sis. You are so cool! How did you learn to knit like that? I just started knitting last week–at enrichment we learned how to knit scarves. I am no good though and had to unravel mine several times, so now I only have a couple of lines. 😦 But really, how did you get so good? Your projects amaze me!

Posted by: Posted by: Hillari | 11/23/2006

Just wanted you to know I’m thinking of you! I can’t wait to see you in the sweater!

Posted by: Posted by: Heather Joins The Round | 11/27/2006

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Venezia begins

I am completely enamored. The Venezia Pullover has begun…

I can’t even tell you how much fun this is to knit. I love watching the pattern emerge and grow. Just to give you an idea of scale, I am starting the increases so I am at the waist. I am pretty surprised at how fast it has gone so far. I have just been relentless.

Must. Finish. In. November.

I think if all the stars align I just might be able to finish for NaKniSweMo. Hopefully.

The pictures are a little dark but hopefully you can see–they are as accurate as I could make them in artificial light. You want a close up?

Aren’t I pretty?

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I already said this on Craftster, but that is so beautiful!

Posted by: Crystal | 11/14/2006

it is beautiful! Look at all those tiny stitches!

Posted by: elizabeth | 11/14/2006

I’m soooooo jealous!! I am hoping to get my magazine and start tomorrow. Yours is beautiful!

Posted by: bunchkin | 11/14/2006

gosh that’s gorgeous! i have a subscription but haven’t got my magazine yet *pout* (i am in australia).

i like your colour choices much more than the yellowy tones in the original.

Posted by: lupinbunny | 11/14/2006

Gorgeous!!! I thought that sweater was beautiful, but I’m nowhere near that level of knitting. I can’t wait to see it finished!

Posted by: Posted by: Christine | 11/14/2006

Very, very pretty!! Nice work, too. Watching the pattern change and grow is the main reason I love knitting Faire Isle.

Posted by: margene | 11/14/2006

It’s looking great, you can do it!

Posted by: Lauren | 11/14/2006

Wow, I’m in awe…. 🙂

Posted by: Stitch-n-Snitch | 11/14/2006

Wow – it looks beautiful!

Posted by: Amy Artisan | 11/14/2006

You should be so proud, Erin, it looks perfect! Your fair isle is so freaking even. Also, I like how you have 3 hands 🙂

Posted by: Jenna | 11/14/2006

It is beautiful! And yeah, who is the 3rd hand, lol :).

Posted by: Isela | 11/14/2006

Oh! That is stunning…I LOVE the colors you chose. I’m so excited to see this being knit!

Posted by: eunny | 11/14/2006

OH.MY.GOD! Damn you! I was so close to being able to NOT knit this sweater. And here I am…. plotting it’s cast on. I can’t wait to see it in person!

Posted by: Miriam | 11/14/2006

amazing, fabulous, wonderful… totally impressed.

Posted by: Teyani | 11/14/2006

You knock me out!

Posted by: Posted by: Heather Joins The Round | 11/14/2006

Effing rad.

Posted by: David | 11/14/2006

Wow, I’m so impressed with your progress…it is looking fantastic!

Posted by: knittingphilistine | 11/14/2006

Simply gorgeous!

Posted by: Jess | 11/14/2006

OMG that is gorgeous! Even though I love Eunny, I love your color choices much better! Cheering you on to finish!

Posted by: tiennie | 11/14/2006

my goodness, it looks *gorgeous! it looks absolutely perfect. i can’t believe you have already knit so much of it. i honestly don’t think i could pull it off myself, it looks so difficult. you go gal! :0) x

Posted by: vera | 11/14/2006

your progress is amazing! everything about it looks fabulous – I love the colors.

Posted by: Crystal | 11/14/2006

Wow that is so PRETTY! I can’t wait to see what it looks like when it’s finished!!

Posted by: Brooke | 11/14/2006

Erin it looks great! Congrats you are seriously cookin’ on that sweater – way to go. Will. Finish!

Posted by: Cynthia | 11/14/2006

Impressive! Good luck!

Posted by: Amy | 11/14/2006

That is so fabulous!! I love the colors you used, too.

Posted by: Cheryl | 11/14/2006

amazing. I’m loven the color’s you’ve choosen.

Posted by: Amanda Cathleen | 11/14/2006

It’s so pretty. I can’t wait to start mine. 🙂 You’re right, it is going really fast – you’ll definitely be done in November.

Posted by: natalie | 11/14/2006

ok. i still think you are bordering on insane for even attempting this….but i have to say…that is freaking gorgeous!

Posted by: jacqueline | 11/15/2006

Wow. I cannot wait to see it finished.

Posted by: Gina | 11/14/2006

Ooh, I am turning green with envy. What yarn are you using? I think your FO list is my favorite out of anyone, including my own. You pick the best projects!

Posted by: Sarah | 11/15/2006

Beautiful! Looks like you’re having a great time knitting this up!

Posted by: melissa | 11/15/2006

I just got my issue of IK and saw that sweater and wondered how many people would be up to the challenge of making it. It is so cool to see it “in progress” and you are doing an amazing job! Good luck in meeting your goal of finishing at the end of Nov.

Posted by: Debby | 11/15/2006

I saw your post on Craftster and just had to come by and let you know how lovely it looks! Amazing work.

Posted by: Meredith | 11/15/2006

That sweater is absolutely beautiful. You might be a little insane to knit in one month’s time, but that will be a masterpiece sweater. Even if you don’t finish it by the end of this month, you will finish it and love the sweater forever.

Posted by: Wanda | 11/15/2006

WOW! The colors you picked look perfect, and it’s turning out great!

Posted by: Rachel | 11/16/2006

good lord, i admire your courage! my god, that is GORGEOUS!!!!!

Posted by: Sandra | 11/16/2006

I saw that in the new interweave and thought, “yeah right, only Eunny knits like that.” But you knit like that too. Beautiful. So glad to have found your blog.

Posted by: Melanie | 11/20/2006

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Yes, Utah is beautiful and unique in many ways. But if you are a knitter, well, this is the place. (heh)

The Salt Lake City SnB group is a large weekly gathering of knitters of all ages, backgrounds, religions, and political persuasions. This is not a quiet group, but an interesting one–there is never a dull moment or a lack of opinions. Over the months since I joined their ranks I have learned even more about who these women (and one guy) are. They are amazing cooks, accomplished knitters, charitable and socially conscious, passionate about all things bread (specifically rye), grammatical geeks, and very generous and thoughtful.

The final quality is never seen more clearly than when the group celebrates a birthday. It was mine and Jacquie’s turn this last tuesday and I was amazed and so grateful for the gifts I received from these classy ladies.


There is so much fun to be had in that bowl I can hardly contain myself. I got tweedy orange Rowan yarn and a hand sewn bag from Teri, Trekking sock yarn, pastries and cuticle soap from Katherine, a light burgundy knit picks lace yarn from Karen, homemade jam and a notebook from Miriam, the new book Yarnplay from Margene, an all too applicable coin purse with images from Reality shows on it (which I watch altogether too much of) and stitch markers from Susan, stunning stitch markers from Jacquie, and much needed stitch holders from Cheryl. Oh, I almost forgot–this isn’t pictured but a couple weeks earlier I was given two coral pink skeins of sock yarn from Heather too.

Simply, I was spoiled. What a haul and from such a group.

Thank you for the gifts but most of all, thank you for welcoming me into your ranks. I couldn’t be happier with my plans every Tuesday night.

So see, don’t you want to come join us?

The following 11 comments were originally left at blogspirit:

Shame, knitting not as popular in England as it was. May be making a comeback though.
I loved knitting cable sweaters and cardigans in Aran wool.
Keep knitting!

Posted by: enna | 11/12/2006

If everyone came to SnB, we’d have to get a new venue. We’re overflowing as it is! 🙂

Posted by: Stitch-n-Snitch | 11/12/2006

I missed the book from Margene! Dang, I’ve been wanting to flip through that.

Posted by: susan | 11/12/2006

sounds like you have found yourself a grand group of friends! So many lovely gifts : )

Posted by: Amanda Cathleen | 11/12/2006

I hope your birthday “outside” of SnB was as nice as it was “inside” SnB.

Posted by: Cheryl | 11/12/2006

Wow, what a lovely gift (well, more appropriately, gifts!). What a great knitting community, as well!

Posted by: knittingphilistine | 11/12/2006

Happy Birthday!! Great gifts. I do wish to have a SnB group but as it is, my knitting is still sort of a secret thing.

Posted by: tiennie | 11/12/2006

We truly are very lucky grrls to be part of such a fantastic group 🙂

Posted by: Jacquie | 11/13/2006

You are a very welcome addition. We can be an aquired taste;-) You describe us well and thanks for being such a fun part of our group.

Posted by: margene | 11/13/2006

ooh! so fun! looks like an awesome bunch. i wish there was something like that down here in provo. all i can find are old griping women. oh well. i’ll keep looking.

Posted by: Cassi-Lou | 11/13/2006

Happy Birthday!!

Posted by: Kathy | 11/15/2006

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Forecast is good

It has been a long time coming but I am finally done with Forecast. Finally. I casted on for this sweater in the beginning of April. It might have taken awhile but I am glad I finally buckled down and finished it because now I get to wear this…


This is one of those patterns that I never would have noticed were it not for seeing several pretty versions knit up in blogland. I am so glad for people who have the vision of what a pattern could be. I am also grateful for blogs and the endless inspiration found in them.

This pattern is fun and easy to follow. It knits up quickly–don’t take my 7 months to finish as this being a difficult or time-consuming sweater. It is a warm sweater though so you might not want to knit it in the summer. Just FYI.

I found the buttons at my LYS. I love how they look a little tortoise shell like. I didn’t have the pattern with me so I bought 8 buttons thinking, surely that would be enough. But no, the pattern calls for 10. Instead of going back and buying more buttons I opted for just using 8 buttons.


I also LOVE the yarn. It is Cascade 220 in this great deep green with a yellow undertone (I wish the pictures showed the true color better but alas, the sun was just not cooperating. Just trust me, it is a deep color.) I was looking for something tweedy but I found this instead.


I love how it fits and the style and the texture of the material.


Here are all the stats:

Pattern: Forecast

Source: Knitty (pattern by Glampyre )

Yarn: Cascade 220

Needles: US 7 and 5 circs and dpns

Mods: I made the popular mods for this sweater (changed from 5 to 3 stitch bobble, started ribbing on arms just under the elbow.) I also lengthened the body of the sweater. Initially I made the body really long but I had some problems fitting it over my hips. So I frogged a couple inches and while it is still longer than the pattern calls for, it is not as long as I had initially envisioned. But I think the length worked out well in the end.

All and all folks, it is the perfect fall sweater. I just love fall.

The following 32 comments were originally left at blogspirit:

Wow! So awesome! Isn’t it nice to finish something like that? And then it actually fits? Whoo hoo! It looks so pretty there. Must be nice to live somewhere that it’s still fall. sigh. (as she sits in a pile of wool, shivering in 0 temps in Alaska)

Posted by: bunchkin | 11/09/2006

it looks fantastic and suits you so well. big kudos to a great knitted FO!

i am very envious of all the fall knitting going on with you northern hemisphere girls.

Posted by: jacqueline | 11/09/2006

It was even more beautiful in person! 😉

Posted by: Stitch-n-Snitch | 11/09/2006

It looks great!

Posted by: amanda | 11/09/2006

It looks great! Congrats on a beautiful FO to wear this fall! 🙂

Posted by: Amy Artisan | 11/09/2006

It looks great, I like the buttons!

Posted by: Lauren | 11/09/2006

It’s gorgeous! The color looks fantastic on you, and it fits perfectly. The buttons are indeed fabulous- good eye.

Congrats on a job well done.

Posted by: Coralie | 11/09/2006

Forecast looks so good on you! You did a beautiful job of picking yarn, buttons and making mods. Very, very nice work as you have ended up with a classic sweater. The best thing about fall and winter is the sweaters we get to knit and wear!

Posted by: margene | 11/09/2006

It’s fantastic!

Posted by: Posted by: Heather Joins The Round | 11/09/2006

Hey Erin,
It certaintly is the perfect fall sweater, much like my Starsky would be if I EVER FINISHED it. Lol. The fit looks good on you. Enjoy your sweater!


Posted by: Necia | 11/09/2006

it looks gorgeous on you. so fitted! i never noticed that pattern when it came out on knitty, but all the finished ones look so elegant.

Posted by: Sara | 11/09/2006

What a beautiful job you did! You should love it and wear it proudly!!

Posted by: Posted by: Leah | 11/09/2006

That looks really great! I probably won’t knit this sweater (famous last words), but I just have to say that your blog is a great example of how this pattern can look really great.

Posted by: Posted by: Katherine | 11/09/2006

Simply gorgeous on you! Perfect color/pattern/sweater for fall. Great job!

Posted by: tiennie | 11/09/2006

It looks fantastic on you! Congrats.

Posted by: Stefanie | 11/09/2006

What a perfect sweater, the buttons go really beautifully with the yarn.

Posted by: Steph | 11/09/2006

Pretty! Pretty! Your mods turned out great. This is probably the best forecast I’ve seen so far.

Posted by: vanessa | 11/09/2006

Beautiful!! Love the color and the buttons you chose.

Posted by: Areli | 11/09/2006

Wow, it looks beautiful. What a great picture, and what a lovely knit! I hope mine looks this good.

Posted by: Posted by: Carrie | 11/09/2006

It looks fabulous on you! I have been planning on making this, but other things keep getting in the way. Yours makes me want to knit that sweater even more. I love the mods you made, too. And those buttons!!

Posted by: Crystal | 11/09/2006

What a perfect Forecast! I love those buttons, too!

Posted by: Daphne Jean | 11/09/2006

How beautiful it looks on you! Love the color and all the little details in the sleeves and body, down to the buttons! You continue to amaze me with your exceptional talent. Congratulations…

Posted by: Posted by: MOM | 11/09/2006

It looks fantastic!

Posted by: Kim | 11/09/2006

it looks awesome!! i just started mine…and i’m having some doubts about the gauge. Can you tell me what gauge did you get? And did you just swatch and measure or did you block your swatch before measuring it? also, does the fabric seem loose to you? (like, can you see through it somewhat easily?)

sorry for all the questions, but i just LOVE how yours turned out and want a similar fit. thanks in advance!

Posted by: knottieknitter | 11/09/2006

Beautiful green- just plain yummy! all your hard work has certainly paid off. 🙂 It’s been so long since I knit a sweater. – yet you are inspiring me to begin one again. Lovely.

Posted by: Teyani | 11/09/2006

It came out just great, and looked even better in person. Good job!

Posted by: Cheryl | 11/09/2006

really beautiful, erin. that is yet another top i have been meaning to knit. i think the buttons really suit the yarn and the style. i really like the yarn, too. overall, i give it a 10/10 ;0) gorgeous! x

Posted by: vera | 11/10/2006

Beautiful sweater! You did a fantastic job, and I love the buttons. Enjoy your sweater, because you wear it well! : )

Posted by: Amanda Cathleen | 11/10/2006

Forecast looks awesome! You’ve renewed my interest in this sweater.

Posted by: Wanda | 11/11/2006

Atta girl! What a fantastic sweater.

Posted by: Heather Bailey | 11/11/2006

Perfect! I love your mods for a good reason – it fits you beautifully! Nice work, and way to be daring enough to rip out your work. I would have been so annoyed at myself for having to do that, but look how pretty 🙂 I really want to make one now!

Posted by: Sarah | 11/13/2006

It looks beautiful, Erin. And a great use of the super Cascade 220.

Posted by: Kathy | 11/15/2006

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I got socks!!!

So my detective skills weren’t needed for very long. Driving into my driveway tonight, what did I see outside my door? Yup, a package. And not just any package. My toasty toes package. YEA!!!

I know you are all wondering who my pal was…my earlier guesses were dead wrong. But even before I opened the package, I knew who it was. Earlier today I visted KT’s blog and saw her finished socks. As soon as I saw them I knew they were for me. I can’t explain how I knew. I just did. But of course I couldn’t announce this to you all in case I was, well, wrong. I am so glad I wasn’t.

First. The package. I LOVE packages and stuff wrapped in tissue.


That is what I got. Here is what was inside:


Oh my goodness oh my goodness!!! Take a look at it all. Let’s start with the yarn. 2 Skeins of the most stunning fall colored Lornas Laces sock yarn. Beautiful and oh so soft. Then there is the chocolate. 2 bars of delectable belgian chocolate. Yum. I also got cute candle holders and thanksgiving colored corn candles. So cute and seasonal. Also, KT sent me a bonus present sure to make my favorite aspiring knitter very very happy.


And inside…


Can you believe even Emma gets a present? I am in awe of the thought that went into every aspect of this package. Thank you, thank you. I couldn’t imagine a more fun package.

Oh wait…you want to see the socks? Oh the socks.


Yup, she made a label. First, the socks are this amazing shade of green (my favorite color–KT, not to worry about the color, you got it exactly right.) Second, they are long. I LOVE long socks.


Look at how the cable row pops. I love how the sock looks. And the fit…well, it is perfect.


You want to see my absolute favorite part of the sock? The toe.


I love how the ribbing goes all the way to the top. It is pleasing.

You ready for the shocking news? These were KT’s first pair of socks! Her first. As in she hadn’t knitted socks before these. The first few socks I knit are long ago forgotten, frogged, and for very good reason. KT, I can’t believe you parted with these socks, not only because they are awesome but also for sentimental reasons. Although, I am glad you did. I promise I will take good care of them. Thank you for my socks. I heart them.


The following 18 comments were originally left at blogspirit:

yay! so your detective skills finally came around. nice job! what a fantabulous package. very lucky :0) x

Posted by: vera | 11/08/2006

Yay Erin! Yay KT!

Posted by: canknitian | 11/08/2006

Awesome socks!! I must be the only knitter in the world who hasn’t used koigu kpppm! ‘Scuze me, I’ve gotta go do some yarn shopping…they look so squishy and soft and warm! I gotta get in on this secretpal/sock-swappin’, too! It looks like so much fun!

Posted by: knittingphilistine | 11/08/2006

Those socks are just as amazing as you said last night. And that’s the Gold Hill colorway of Lorna’s, right? Oh, how I *heart* that colorway.

Posted by: susan | 11/08/2006

You got lovely socks! And lovely sock yarn! And lovely goodies!!

What a great pal you also got!!

Posted by: Posted by: Leah | 11/08/2006

OOH! I’m green with envy–ha! 😉

Posted by: Stitch-n-Snitch | 11/08/2006

Love the socks! But I have to say, I would love to have the Hello Kitty stuff, lol, I used to love that stuff back a few years ago. Enjoy all the goodies.

Posted by: Isela | 11/08/2006

ooh beautiful socks! yay the suspense is over.

Posted by: Sara | 11/08/2006

You are one lucky grrl on so many levels. KT did a fabulous job of knitting and giving, too!

Posted by: margene | 11/08/2006

I love those socks. I still can’t believe they were her first pair!

Posted by: amanda | 11/08/2006

Ooohhh! Lucky you! Gorgeous socks and gifts. Enjoy them well!

Posted by: tiennie | 11/08/2006

what fabulous socks – and they even have cables.. listen and you’ll hear the sounds of clapping hands coming to you from the west coast. KT rocks!

Posted by: Teyani | 11/08/2006

Clearly the disappointment of not being my recipient is easily tempered by those incredible socks LOL! – KT has really come through (I still can’t believe it is her first pair). You were superbly spoiled which is terrific. Enjoy the socks (as the list of suspects gets smaller LOL) and your goodies. Nice job KT!

Posted by: Cynthia | 11/08/2006

I love those socks. I’m so happy for you. They are truly beautiful and I can’t believe those were er first socks ever. I don’t and won’t! It’s not possible. My first pair of socks were serviceable, but never that good. I’m awed by her handiwork.

Posted by: Wanda | 11/08/2006

What a sweet and generous pal you got! The socks are lovely!

Posted by: Steph | 11/08/2006

Wowee, those are her first socks! I almost don’t believe it! What a lucky swapper pal you are! I am jealous.

Posted by: Sarah | 11/08/2006

Those are a fab pair of socks! Loved the color and the pattern they look so comfy!

Posted by: Amanda Cathleen | 11/10/2006

Oh, that is so cool to have the first pair of socks made by a knitter! I remember those days…when I was a young sock knitter…alive with possibilities…unspoilt by self-striping yarn…I didn’t even have enough sock yarn in the house to make more than a couple pairs…

How quickly things change. 😀

Posted by: Emily | 11/14/2006

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I thought I had my Toasty Toes pal all figured out. I would love not to admit that I have been doing some detective work around who my pal must be and thus, what socks I am getting. Is it uncool to be curious?

I thought it would be easy since my pal is a little delayed in her socks so I can easily discount the majority of people in the exchange who have already finished and sent off their socks. It is fun to guess from who is left based on the colors they choose and such. Because I think I am so smart, I had it all figured out.

About a week ago I was SURE I was getting these socks.

Yesterday, I changed my mind and was CONVINCED I was getting these even to writing a smug “I have you figured out” comment on Cynthia’s blog.

Today…yeah, I have no idea. Amanda posted an update and I guess there are more unfinished socks out there then my poor detective skills have unearthed. Shocking I know.

Here is the deal though, I have clicked through to them all and they are all gorgeous!!! I love them all. The socks are all in colors I would like and patterns that I love. Seriously, I would be happy with any of the socks I have seen. Only thing I am not happy with are my poor deduction skills. I think I should just stop trying to figure it out. Don’t I have better things to do with my time? Actually, not really. Who am I kidding? Until those socks are on my feet I will still try and figure it out. Hear that Toasty Toes pal? I am on your trail.

FYI–I am wearing Forecast as I type!!! (That means right now and in public!) It is done and I think I like it. I am going to try and take pictures today so a FO post is soon to come. Stay tuned…

The following 4 comments were originally left at blogspirit:

Maybe your detective skills will pay off….maybe not! LOL It’s good to be curious and obviously this is a hardcore crowd of crafty secret keepers….mums the word baby!

Posted by: Cynthia | 11/07/2006

Well, you know who it ISN’T, right? Hopefully they’ll be on your doorstep soon.

Posted by: margene | 11/07/2006

I’ll never tell… 😉

Posted by: canknitian | 11/07/2006

too funny! and if memory serves correctly those socks should be in your possession by now and your sleuth work will have been for naught!

Posted by: amanda | 11/07/2006

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