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I had another post planned but I had to preempt it for very important breaking news.  Denver is home to many things I love, one of which is Smashburger.  Most of my Denver friends (and every friend that came to visit me when I lived in Denver) knows how much I love me some Smashburger.  The decision to move was made more difficult when I realized I would have to leave behind my BBQ Bacon & Cheese, Mushroom Swiss Smashchicken, and Haagen-dazs ice cream shakes.  With great reluctance I said goodbye to Smashburger vowing to return soon.

Well folks, soon may be closer than I thought…


No, your eyes do not deceive you (as they did mine at first.)  Smashburger is coming to Utah!!!  The Sugarhouse location is opening in mid-August.  Um…can you believe it?  I am kind of freaking out here.  I am not sure what it says about my life that this is the best news I have heard in a long time but whatever…I get to eat Smashburger!  Any time I want to!

Now all that is left is if my Denver people moved to Salt Lake.  Smashburger did it, why can’t you?

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