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How great is my sister-roommate? I’ll tell you. On a recent day I came home to find this laying on my bed:


She got us both one from here. So fun. When we are home together Kara and I are usually downstairs, each with our knitting project bag at our sides, working on our current project, and watching one of the assortment of shows we enjoy together. Just so you can get the image we usually have yoga pants on and often have needles sticking out of our hair. Good times I tell you.

Kara is currently working on her first pair of socks�??Jaywalkers. They are turning out great although she already almost finished one and realized it was way too small (didn’t fit over her heal) and so she had to rip out and start again. That was a rough day.

I am making good progress on the stained glass scarf. I am looking forward to finishing though because I am getting a little bored of it. But I do like how it is turning out.

This weekend I gave my second knitting lesson to my fabulous friend Zada Louise (not her real name but a wished for one). She emailed me about her knitting. Here is an excerpt:

“I think about it when I close my eyes. I’m really worried it’s going to overtake my life!”

All I can say is, it just might�??but you are in good company.

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That is an awesome shirt!!!!!!! I want one too!

Posted by: Reagan | 01/31/2006

That really is a fun shirt! I taught my sister to knit right before I moved and wish I could knit with her again!

Posted by: Kim | 02/01/2006

You are so darling in that shirt! How could I not get it for you…

Posted by: Posted by: Sister/Roommate Kara | 02/01/2006

Erin- You are gorgeous dahling! Thanks for putting the spark in Kara and letting it pass down!

Posted by: Posted by: Cassi-Lou | 02/01/2006

Rocken’ shirt! How lucky are you! Just tell your friend to start planning where to put the yarn stash! ; )

Posted by: Amanda Cathleen | 02/01/2006

Really, what is the need for a man, when you have a fun knitting sister living with you all the time? Okay, I know, I know….

Posted by: bonnie | 02/03/2006

It’s official. I’m hooked. Finishing my first project and PROUD to join the ranks of the rest of you. Is there some sort of initiation rites I should know about? An application to fill out? A secret password that must be memorized to be accepted?

Posted by: Posted by: Zadalouise | 02/12/2006

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My first official 2006 finished object:


Feast your eyes on my Koigu Gauntlets. This is from Sally Melville’s book “The Purl Stitch” which for the most part has a bunch of patterns that I will never touch but I bought the book specifically for this pattern after seeing a finished pair on a blog.

Reasons why I love my Gauntlets:

  1. They are made out of Koigu�??a cool almost army green, peach, mint mix of color.
  2. They are perfectly shaped to my hands, wrists, and arms highlighting the one part of my body that I am freely vain about. I just love my wrists/hands. I can’t help it.
  3. I can drive, type, and shop while wearing them.
  4. My boss asked me about the 80’s and called me Jem when I showed them to him. Meaning Jem and the Holograms. Meaning my favorite cartoon of my childhood. Jem is also my Karaoke Revolution/game name but my boss didn’t know that so I feel extra cool. Yes, they look a little 80’s but I also think they look cool. He admitted that to me when I told him I made them�??he was surprised.
  5. They look like I bought them.

This weekend I also bought the lining for my clutch. Here is a peek:


I went to this great fabric store that made me want to learn how to sew and design clothes in the vein of the designers on Project Runway. Then I remembered that I am not a designer on Project Runway and to be the design/sewing girl would actually involve sewing and I wasn’t interested anymore. Lining the clutch did involve some sewing. It is not finished but when it is I will share my adventures in the land of sewing�??needless to say, I did not visit for long.

Right now I am actively working on my Stained Glass Scarf. I think it is turning out very cool.


If you flip it over it looks exactly the same except the colors are reversed. I am using the two-stranded method to make it. This was difficult to figure out but now that I have it down it is very easy to do. The only problem is that it takes forever to work. I want it to be done already but when after every stitch you are switching the location of two strands of different colored yarn it gets to be a bit time consuming. I made a few adjustments to the pattern–I cast on less stitches because while I am using the recommended yarn brand, I am not using the right yarn type. So I have a bigger gauge that I am working with and am using size 7 needles as opposed to 5’s. So far so good.

As a side note, last weekend I purchased my very own digital camera! I would take a picture of it for you but, well, I can’t. Let me just say that she is beautiful and small and lovely and has given me the freedom to take beautiful pictures whenever I like. Any ideas out there for a cute camera cozy?

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Ooooh, that is nice fabric! I wish I could find a decent fabric store out here. I’ve been wanting to make handbags.

All your projects look great!

Posted by: Kim | 01/26/2006

Everything looks sooo nice! I think about lining things all the time, but never do it. Love the scarf and gauntlets too. your wrists and hands look lovely.

Posted by: bonnie | 01/31/2006

I’ve seen the gauntlets live and they look great. AND this girl is one helluva knitting teacher. I’m finishing my first scarf and I’m hooked. Now that I have my own needles and yarn, I will certainly soon be starting my own blog….girlwhoknitstoo…..=)

Posted by: Posted by: Zadalouise | 02/12/2006

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Love Smart

Daytime talk show hosts are an odd breed. Now I do love me some Oprah and Ellen DeGeneres but their couterparts sure do provide some serious entertainment. I mean remember Ricki Lake? How about Sally Jessy Raphael? Montel Williams? Maury Povich? The majority of daytime talk shows are hysterically pathetic. I always thought Dr. Phil was no exception.

Enter my friend, who at Christmas time gave me a book. She had to issue an assortment of disclaimers before the book was revealed so I wouldn’t be offended or think she was a big dork for reading it let alone giving it to me. At the time I thought, surely it can’t be that bad. Then she hands it to me…”Love Smart” by Dr. Phil McGraw. Yeah, I know. A Dr. Phil self-help book…for dating. Yikes. My friend is one of those make lame things cool types and so I accepted the book in the spirit it was given and really did think it was a funny/nice gift from her. Then I realized that I would probably have to read the book. She was bound to ask me how it was coming or what I thought. Yup, I was going to have to read it. I did NOT want to read advice from Dr. Phil.

Because I love my friend and because, frankly, dating advice couldn’t hurt me�??I started to read the book. To my horror, I sort of enjoyed it. Let’s just say, I not only read it, but I did the little exercises in the book. Yes, I not only own the book but I have marked it up with notes.

Now why am I telling you all this? I don’t know. It is a totally embarrassing confession akin to me crying during the high school graduation episode of the 90201 kids. But who knows, Dr. Phil quite possibly could help my love life. I have even applied some of his wisdom in a recent dating interest. Perhaps the book is just in time. Or perhaps I am just as pathetic as Dr. Phil. Either way, I actually would recommend the book to all you single women out there that are looking. Really the best advice in the book is to 1. figure out the qualities in a partner that you can’t live with out and 2. discover the wonderful things about you and find out how to showcase the authentic you in social situations. See even writing that makes me sound dorky.

In knitting news, I am almost done with my gauntlets (finished with one and half way through the other) and should have pictures up by the end of the week. Hopefully I am buying my fabric for my clutch tomorrow so I can get that sewn this weekend. Then who knows what is next. I kind of like that I have several projects in the queue so I can pick and choose what I feel like doing. One of these days I really have to finish and fix my intarsia sweater and Paula. I just need to lock myself in a room and force me to do it. It is just so hard to get excited again about a project when it has already dissappointed you. Mr. Darcy once said that his good opinion once lost is lost forever. Perhaps that works with knitting too.

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You’re too funny. If Dr. Phil helps, good for you!

Posted by: Stitchnsnitch | 01/19/2006

I used to make fun of Dr. Phil too. And then, back when I was staying home with the little person I somehow ended up watching it almost every day.

The man just has an odd charm, what can I say?

By the way, here I’ve been reading your blog for a good couple of months and I had no idea you were from SLC!

Posted by: Kim | 01/24/2006

I’m just glad to know you read it. You already know where I think it will lead….

Posted by: Posted by: Zadalouise | 02/12/2006

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Panta Crazy

Over the holidays, I hosted a dinner party/Christmas get-together for some amazing girlfriends of mine. We had decided that we wanted to give each other homemade gifts and well, the only thing I am remotely crafty with is knitting so obviously I wanted to knit something for each friend (7 of us in all.) But as you knitters know, knitting is time consuming�??especially when you want to knit something cool that you know your friends will want and that is not boring and platonic. I searched and searched�??in all my pattern books and online. Then one day…I found it. It was beautiful. It is…the Panta!

I found it on Craftster.org when searching for headbands and really thought it was a great, quick knit for gifts. It is a headband that gets larger in the top so you have a nice wide part covering your head and ears. So cute. I was seriously obsessed with Pantas for the three weeks I was making them. Honestly though, after the 6th I grew a little tired of the Panta. I struggled with the drive to knit myself one. I had to give myself a good couple of weeks before I was ready to knit it again but now I am also the proud owner of a Panta. I highly recommend this knit for anyone who wants to make a gift for a friend.

You want to see all my pretty pantas? Well okay:


The picture is a little fuzzy but you get the point. I had so much fun with this pattern. Anything from sport weight to bulky yarn, 4 to 6 inches wide, varying colors and yarn content. And I think they all liked them. The difficulty for me was figuring out what size to make each one. I have one friend who has an abnormally small head so I had to make a kid-sized one for her. But I think they all worked out, except for maybe one that I made a little too big.

I need to update all my albums and such so when I do that I will post a close up picture of the panta. You know the best thing about this knit? How much fun is it to say “Panta”?

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Aren’t they fun?! I’ve only done one, but I will definitely be doing more, also for gifts.

Posted by: Lauren | 01/12/2006

So cute! Sounds like a good idea to use up small(ish) amounts of yarn! What lucky friends you have : )

Posted by: Amanda Cathleen | 01/12/2006

I have the Panta pattern, but I haven’t started making mine yet. It was great to see your gallery of them! 🙂

Posted by: Stitchnsnitch | 01/13/2006

love it. saw it on craftster too, and really want to make one. how cool that you were able to make one for each friend!

Posted by: bonnie | 01/14/2006

Love your Pantas! I have been wanting to make one for so long but the Craftster link confuses me. Did you work your own pattern out? Any suggestions? They really look great!

Posted by: SpiderWomanKnits | 01/22/2006

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Sister’s Night

When I was 12, I got a white board for my birthday. I asked for it–I just loved white boards. The problem was, I ran out of things to write on it. A few months later it was Christmas time and I finally had an idea for the white board. A sign inviting my two younger sisters to spend Christmas Eve in my room, anticipating the coming morning together. I called it Sister’s Night.

We just celebrated our 18th annual Sister’s Night. The tradition stuck. Since about the 3rd or 4th year we have exchanged gifts. Our way of getting two Christmas presents from each other every year I guess. This year my knitting sister Kara gave me “Handknit Holidays” by Melanie Falick. This is a really wonderful pattern book with plenty of beautiful knits. Kara also gave me some gorgeous yarn in my stocking–2 skeins of Classic Elite Miracle in orange (color 3385). It is a 50% Alpaca, 50% Tencel (whatever that is) blend. I decided to use it to make the Accessories Pouch version of the Counterpane Carpet Bag found in Handknit Holidays. See the two sides I made below:


I love it. I made it with one more round of scallops so it would be more like a clutch. This week I need to find the right fabric to line it. Now, I am NOT a seamstress so I am pretty nervous about sewing this all together but I have a few friends who can help me. I think it will be pretty.

Now I have a few other projects I have targeted. Here is one that I am currently working on:


These are the Gauntlets from Sally Melville’s “The Purl Stitch.” They are made with Koigu PPPM–I got mine from Knit Happens when I was on a trip to DC. I am about half way through the first one and am really loving how it is turning out. I heart Koigu.

On Saturday, I visited my LYS to buy yarn for a couple upcoming projects, both from my new book. The first are the Over-the-Knee Socks:


I am going to make them in simple black since I think they will be more wearable. I also think I am going to adjust the pattern to make them only knee high instead of the less practical over-the-knee.

Another project is the Stained Glass Scarf:


I am excited to see how this will turn out with the colors I chose.

So a lot of non-sweaters in the queue. I think I just need a little break from my seeming inability to make a great fitting hand knit sweater. I will get over it. I just need some healing time.

Up later this week…my knit gift obsession of December 2005 and then the book. Thanks for reminding me that people do read my blog. You are right, sometimes I forget people do. 🙂

The following 5 comments were originally left at blogspirit:

I just had to say that accessories pouch is gorgeous!

Posted by: Lauren | 01/09/2006

All of your yarn is so pretty! 😉

Posted by: Stitchnsnitch | 01/10/2006

Wow, those are some ambitious knitting plans there! Those socks look like they’ll take forever! Good luck!

P.S. Your clutch is beautiful!

Posted by: Kim | 01/10/2006

oooo…I got the same book and really think it’s got some great new patterns and ideas. Love that little purse you’re making and thought the scarf was really interesting too.

Posted by: bonnie | 01/11/2006

I love the stitch pattern on your accessory pouch! Tencel is made out of wood pulp, or something like that. There was an article about it in Interweave knits summer 2004 (I think)

Posted by: Amanda Cathleen | 01/12/2006

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The New Year

It has been a while since I have updated�??too long really. I guess I got all caught up in holiday festivities and got lazy. In addition, my home computer has a virus and so I can’t use that to update right now. I also feel sometimes like I can’t update without posting pictures. I do have pictures to post but as I am currently using my sister’s digital camera and with my computer out of service it is difficult to get them in a workable format. I promise to post them soon and hope this post is still interesting without pictures.

I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday season. I celebrate Christmas and had a great time with my family although we were sans Mom and Dad. That was hard but hopefully we will all be together next year. Traditionally, Christmas is a big family event so it is sad when we are not all together.

So I was thinking this weekend, I do love the idea of the “New Year.” I love resolutions, new beginnings, fresh starts, and hope for what is to come. It is a rather exciting time of year. I am looking forward to this year and really think it will be a good one. One thing I am looking forward to for sure is going to the gym tonight. I am sure I will be joined with the hordes of people looking to better their physical selves in 2006 which is always fun. I get to feel smug that I am an all-year-round gym go-er�??with the exception of the last 3 weeks of December. I really need to get to the gym.

In knitting news, I admit to facing some discouragement over the last few weeks. I finished Paula�??except for the tie�??and put her on and she (I don’t know why the sweater is feminine but go with it) just didn’t look right. I think I need to re-seam the collar which I SO don’t want to do. I will post a picture of Paula soon so you can see what I am talking about but annoyance over how it is turning out has lead to the greater realization that I do not love any of my sweater knits. None of them have turned out exactly as I pictured. Knitting sweaters are not cheap and they take serious time. So much is invested into the project that it is devastating when it doesn’t work out. Really frustrating. Maybe I need to stop knitting sweaters altogether. Grrr.

I promise I will write more soon�??especially since I have stuff to share. Here are some previews:

  1. The project I was obsessed with for 3 weeks while creating knit gifts for a group of 6 friends.
  2. Insights from the slightly embarrassing book given to me by a good friend that I started reading out of obligation and am now enjoying.
  3. My current project using new yarn I got in my stocking and a pattern from a new book given to me by my sister for Sister’s Night.
  4. What is Sister’s Night?

Intriguing yes?

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okay, you think no one’s reading this don’t you…so, what’s sister’s night?

Posted by: bonnie | 01/05/2006

I love that I know the embarrassing book. Just finished it last night and I’m convinced it’s going to change my life!

Posted by: Posted by: zadalouise | 01/06/2006

Yeah, I want to know the book too!

I know what you mean about the gym! Uggh! And I have to admit I’m totally one of those New Year people, though I remember back when I was a regular and made fun of the New Year crowd!.

Posted by: Kim | 01/09/2006

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