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Hexie Afghan

I should have finished this blanket a couple of months ago.  I could have.  Really, it is all Kara’s fault.  Let me explain…

The pattern calls for 39 hexagons.  When I was about 80% done, I laid out my completed hexagons to see how the colors were looking.  The color balance looked great but all laid out together the blanket looked a little small.  Now, I knew I wasn’t making a queen size quilt or anything but I was thinking the afghan would at least be big enough to cover my feet.  Knowing my blanket preferences, Kara looked at the laid out hexagons and declared there was no way I would be done at 39 hexes.  Her thought was I would need double the number I had.  Double!??!  I was deflated.  I did NOT want to be half-way done when I thought I was almost done.  So instead of hunkering down and getting back to work on my hexagons, I took a break.  I stopped all work on the blanket–just didn’t want to deal with it.

A month or so later I decided it was time to pick it up again.  I finished the initial 39 hexagons pretty quickly and seamed the blanket together, hoping on the off-chance it would be bigger than we imagined.  The blanket was in fact bigger but it was definitely still just a lap blanket.  Remember, I wanted something that would keep my body AND toes warm.  Thanks to my really long legs, the size of this afghan just didn’t cut it.  I knew I would need two more rows.  11 more hexagons.  This time though, seeing how beautiful the seamed hexagons looked made me super excited for the finished product.  So I got to work immediately and finished my longer afghan a week later.

Hexie Blanket fullLove.

Seriously, how can you not love these hexagons?  I loved crocheting them.  Choosing the color combos, watching the hexagon grow, completing one hex and then stacking it with other completed hexagons.  All very satisfying.

So many hexagons

As my first entry into crochet I thought this project was perfect.  Easy enough for a beginner like me to complete but cool looking enough that the end result does not feel beginner at all.

And even though I was grouchy about needing to crochet more hexagons, I am super glad I went ahead and did it.  Here is what the 39 hexagon afghan would have looked like:

Hexie blanket - too short

But my 50 hexagon afghan:

Hexie Blanket - perfect fit

Which results in me feeling:

Hexagon Blanket - happyHappy.

As you may be able to tell, I love it.  I think everyone should have a hexagon blanket!  And crochet?  No way is it trumping knitting but mark my words, this will not be the last time I pick up a hook.


Pattern: Ruby Hexagon Blanket by Nova

Yarn: Cascade 220 in many various colors.

Hook: G

Mods: Added two rows (one of 5 and one of 6) for length.

Hexie Blanket

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26 down…

26 down13 to go.

Things I have learned about crocheting hexagons (and myself):

  1. It is fun.
  2. There really are endless color combos.
  3. I like some hexagons better than others.
  4. While I may not love them equally, I still love each hexagon for what it brings to the table, er, blanket.
  5. I like it when people tell me which hexagons are their favorite.
  6. It takes almost as long to weave in the ends as it does to crochet a hexagon.
  7. Like with knitting, I think I over weave ends.
  8. Although I suspect I am over weaving the ends, I still can’t stop.
  9. I know I should start blocking the finished hexagons but the growing stack of hexagons on my table really pleases me and I haven’t wanted to part with it.
  10. Stack o' Hexagons

  11. I think this blanket is going to be crazy awesome.

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Yeah, I crochet

Before last weekend the only crochet I had attempted was some edging for a knit project.  I didn’t really have the desire to learn to crochet because (generally) I like the look of knitting better.  I figured knitting was enough and I didn’t need crochet.  But over the years a few projects crossed my path, and project by project my prejudice quickly melted away.

Of course, the desire to crochet is not enough–you still have to learn how and I was dragging my feet.  As a result of my call for inspiration (thank you, thank you to everyone who shared what is inspiring you) I decided that learning a new skill might be just what I need.  (It was.)

I bought the book The Happy Hooker as my reference guide (in honor of the SnB book that taught me how to knit in the first place), created a few swatches and then went to town on my chosen project.  Ever since I saw Nova’s GORGEOUS hexagon blanket I knew my time as a non-crochet person was ending soon.  I had to have one too.

I got some yarn:

Cascade 220Cascade 220 in all kinds of heavenly colors

And here are my first hexagons:

First 5 hexagonsLOVE.

I am a wee bit addicted to making these right now.  I love them.  I love picking the color of each round as I go.  I love how each hexagon is different and has its own personality (really, they do!)  I love how fast crochet goes which leads to more instant gratification.

One thing I feel I have to admit though, I’m not sure I’m doing it right.  Meaning the whole crochet thing.  The book teaches to hold the working yarn in your left hand (like when you knit continental style).  I started out that way and honestly am not sure when it changed but a few hours into crocheting I noticed I was holding the yarn in my right hand–exactly like I do in knitting, using my pointer finger to control my tension and everything.  It has been working for me so I hesitate to bring it up but I thought I would in case anyone knows why I shouldn’t be doing this.  Am I forming a bad habit?

Overall this project was exactly what I needed.  I am feeling creative again.  I am itching to make stuff again.  I choose to knit a hexagon over playing ninjump on my iPhone…and that folks, is progress.

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