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I have a confession: Speaking french makes me feel pretentious.

Now, to be clear, I don’t know the french language.  What I am talking about is saying simple words like “Bonjour” and “Merci” or even worse, “Merci Beaucoup.”  It might be blamed in part to the fact that my French accent sounds like I just arrived from the opening scene of Disney’s Beauty and the Beast.  But I am wondering if it is something more.

Lately I have been obsessed with all things (hats) slouchy.  I love the idea of a beret–much in the same way I love the idea of speaking perfect french–but I have always had this inner restraint against the idea of me wearing said beret.  I believe I always felt I couldn’t pull it off.  That I would look, how you say?…pretentious.

Where does this come from?  Maybe I had a French classmate (probably named Pepe) as a child who bested me at everything.  Or perhaps I am secretly adopted and am haunted by my French birth parents who just knew I would never be elegant enough for life in Paris.

Whatever it is, here is proof that I am growing up:

This is Parom.  A slouchy (even though in this picture you can’t tell) beret-esqe hat designed by the very talented Jared of Brooklyntweed.  I finished this a few weeks ago.  It was a very quick knit and one I highly recommend.  I had this yarn in my stash, purchased at Estes Park Wool Market a couple years ago and I love love the color.

Here is a side view:

And the back:

My family members wanted to get in on the Parom fun (or I forced them to get in on the fun-whatever):

Ellie and Parom

Emma and Parom

Kara and Parom

I am very pleased with this hat and as you can see above, it can be worn in many different ways and looks great on everyone.  One concern…I have not yet blocked the hat and to be honest I am a little nervous to do so.  I quite like the size of it just as it is and am not sure how much more slouch I want and worry about it growing when I wet it.  So washing it for the first time will be an adventure and a risk.

Now the stats…

Pattern: Parom

Source: Brooklyntweed

Yarn: Brooks Farm Acero (a fraction of 1 skein)

Needles: US 6 and 8 circulars

Mods: Used slightly thinner yarn but used the suggested needle size and crossed my fingers that it would work.

Notes: I stopped knitting at a little over 6 inches before the decreases (the pattern tells that you can knit a little more in order to get more slouch.)

So in conclusion, while I still struggle with eek-ing out a more confident “Bonjour,” at least I now have my beret right?

Take that Pepe.

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A Thanksgiving Buffet

For our Thanksgiving meal this year, Kara, Bri, Adam, and I headed to the Grand America and enjoyed a Thanksgiving Brunch Buffet.  The meal got off to a rocky start when Kara and I discovered Bri and Adam didn’t eat breakfast that morning.  Rule #1 in buffet/feasting preparation is that you need to stretch the stomach and should never starve before the meal.  Amateurs.

This discovery aside, we were all excited to enjoy as many plates of food as we could.

This is Adam (and Bri) and Adam’s first plate of food.  As this was a Thanksgiving “Brunch” Buffet there was breakfast food as well as the more traditional Thanksgiving fare.  On Adam’s plate here there is shrimp, ceasar salad, pork tenderloin with duck confit, and an eggs benedict. I really love the randomness of food selection that often accompanies a buffet.

We got lazy taking pictures of every plate but you get the idea I think. I did take some pictures of the buffets.  Like this one where Adam is choosing cheese:

Here is me in line for meat (Bri got all paparazzi and snapped several shots of me waiting in line.)  There was lamb, tenderloin, and of course, turkey.

After about 2 hours of eating (including long talking breaks in between in an effort to postpone the inevitable food comas), we finally allowed ourselves to descend on the dessert table.

And drink egg nog.

We LOVE egg nog.  Years ago my Dad decided it would be a fun family tradition to start drinking egg nog on Christmas night.  I still remember the first year we did this.  We all topped out at maybe two sips due to how rich it was.  I remember trying to force it down that first year as I was just not into it.  As the years went by our glasses got bigger and bigger and now…well, we all love egg nog.

Now, I am aware that Thanksgiving is more than feasting on excessive amounts of food but one of the many things I am grateful for is that I have the means to be able to do so now and again.  One of the other things I am grateful for…

Sisters. (And brothers-in-law who will take pictures.)

Side note: For those of you that have seen Gossip Girl, anyone else think Kara looks a little Blair Waldorf-y here:

After our meal we went to my brother’s house and hung out with his family for a few hours.  It was a perfect end to a great day as I got to be a human jungle gym for three little kids who I have missed very much.  And even though we were stuffed we ate cheese blocks which is a tradition for our family on Thanksgiving.

You know, I try to be aware of this most of the time but on days like this I can’t help but be reminded of how abundantly blessed I am.  For those that celebrate Thanksgiving, I hope all of you had a wonderful holiday and were reminded of all you have to be thankful for.

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A Random List

1. I am on my way to Salt Lake City for Thanksgiving (sitting in the Denver airport now.) SO excited.

2. I still haven’t decided which cardigan/jacket I will knit (Vivian or Sylvi.)  Kara made a good point that Vivian is more me but Sylvi is so fab with the flowers…I just don’t know.  (Yes I know I could knit both but I have a better chance of finishing the one I start first.)

3. I saw that Twilight move and liked it.  A lot.  It was corny and dramatic and ridiculously awesome.

4. I am thinking Australia has the potential to be pretty awesome as well–but on a different level.

5. If you get a chance to try Slow Churned Thin Mint Ice Cream you really should.

6. Black Friday stresses me out.  I don’t like feeling like I “should” buy stuff just because it is crazy cheap.

7. I am glad I am good at turning my work brain off when I am not at work.

8. I am sad my SLC LYS’s 25% off ALL YARN sale happened two weeks ago and not this weekend.

9. Why don’t yarn stores host black Friday events? I am pretty sure feeling obligated to buy yarn on sale wouldn’t stress me out.

10. Sometimes I miss phone calls because I am too busy listening to my new Mad Men theme song ring tone.

11. There are lots of hot single guys at the airport tonight.

12. There are some not so hot ones too.

13. I should write a short story about a bored knitter at the airport the night before thanksgiving.

14. Have I ever mentioned I really like itemized lists?

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Note: Sorry for the unexpected blog break.  I have been without internet at my home for about 10 days and it is slowly killing me.  How did we survive before the internets?  I am hoping to have internet back up and running very soon when more normal blogging and internet activity can return.

I think my last post was my most favorite ever.  Not because of anything I wrote but because of your comments.  Turns out, I love reading about things people are thankful for.  Who knew?  Thank you, thank you for commenting and reminding me about the really great and simple things in life.

So the giveaway contest…you wondering who won?  Based on a random number generator, the winner is Lin from Queen of the Froggers!  Lin is from the UK which is obviously reason number one why I like her but she is also a talented multi-crafter whose style I love.  I don’t remember when I first was introduced to her blog but I have been following her for a while now.  So Lin, look in your inbox for an email from me and please send me your address.  It might take me another week but I will have something in the mail to you very soon.  Thanks for being such a great blog reader!

As for my crafty pursuits I have been a bit all over the place lately.  Lots of inspiration abounds and I am drawn to all kinds of projects but am not sure what direction to go in.  I have been fairly busy in my non-crafty life lately and so have pretty limited time for projects and yet I am still feeling the desire to create.  I have committed myself to a few handmade Christmas presents that I am super excited about and think I will be able to get done in time.  I am dying to share these with you but will restrain myself.  Sorry. 

I am also drooling over the latest issue of the Twist Collective.  Specifically those two cable-ly beauties Sylvi and Vivian.  It is a big debate in my head over which one I should make.  So maybe you guys can help me. 

Sylvi vs. Vivian.  If I could only make one, which should I make?

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