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One Glove

I wonder if I could revive the single glove trend…


I must personally thank you all for recommending the frogging of my first attempt. Doesn’t it look so much better?

Now I have to cast on for the second. Although first I may just cast on for another project–I really can’t help myself. But eventually this gauntlet is going to get lonely. I’ll keep you posted.

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Single glove trend? I so bet you could Erin.
Wow, now doesn’t that just look fabulous?! Sometimes a little pain can lead to a *massive* gain. I love that glove!

Posted by: vera | 11/15/2007

So much better. Love the twisties.

Posted by: Shannon B | 11/15/2007

It’s BEAUTIFUL! Stunning. I love the color! great job.

Posted by: Cass | 11/15/2007

That is really amazing. Beautiful work as always!

Posted by: Artmomma | 11/15/2007

It looks fantastic! Great job. Now if only that second one would just magically appear…..

Posted by: Julie | 11/15/2007

It looks great, definitely a good idea to rip and knit again.

Posted by: Erin | 11/15/2007

But your other hand would get really cold!

Posted by: Heather Joins The Round | 11/15/2007

wow, it looks really nice! if it were me, i probably wouldn’t finish the second glove until next year, but i have more faith in you. if you can persevere through venezia, you can knit a glove #2.

Posted by: Sara | 11/15/2007

It looks fabulous!

Posted by: Chris | 11/15/2007

I think you could only pull off the single glove look if you are moonwalking. Which could get tricky.

Fabbity fab glove, of course!

Posted by: Kara | 11/15/2007

Lovely (but lonely-looking) glove! Not enough rhinestones to be left alone, in my view.

Posted by: Lark | 11/15/2007

With a glove that looks that good, you can totally revive the trend!

Posted by: nova | 11/15/2007

It’s beautiful!

Posted by: Amy | 11/15/2007

the glove looks SO much better than the first attempt. I was looking through the pictures of the glove in the magazine and they do flare out quite a lot. Your adjustments look lovely. The other glove can wait while you cast on for something else….right?

Posted by: rachel i. | 11/15/2007

Beautiful! Love the color.

Posted by: Lesley | 11/15/2007

Perhaps if you’re Michael Jackson you can revive the one glove trend! 🙂 I’m glad you reknit it, it looks great.

Posted by: Wanda | 11/15/2007

Beautiful glove! The pattern is so pretty, don’t let it stay lonely for too long 🙂

Posted by: Knittypants | 11/15/2007

Kudos for restarting, such a lovely result!

Posted by: Heather | 11/16/2007

Wait, there was a single glove trend? And why?

Anyway, looks nice!

Posted by: Kim | 11/16/2007

great job! so glad you re-did it……….it really looks beautiful!

Posted by: leslie | 11/16/2007

Nice job! You trimmed those sails…errrr… gloves beautifully! Can’t wait to see the mate. Don’t wait too long, just think how tragic it would be to have a brisk fall day ahead of you and only one glove!

I just found out that I’ll be moving to your neck of the woods in Janurary! I’m quite excited, I hear rumors that you can actually wear sweaters up there! Any tips?

Posted by: Posted by: Natalie | 11/16/2007

It does look so much better! Lovely job.

Posted by: tiennie | 11/16/2007

It might need some sequins to really work as a single glove….

It’s beautiful! A perfect fit, too.

Posted by: Marlena | 11/17/2007

it’s a lovely gaunlet – hope the other hand gets one soon…
how are things going to CO?
Are you totally prepared for the brrrr cold winter?

Posted by: Teyani | 11/17/2007

Beautiful glove! I totally understand your desire to CO for something new, I’m in the CO mood too. But must finish Kailey’s jacket first..

Posted by: amanda cathleen | 11/17/2007

Fabby. So how did you modify it? Because I heart those gloves too, but not the flarey so much.

Posted by: Ashley | 11/17/2007

Oh Erin, how is your sewing coming?

Posted by: Posted by: Natalie | 11/19/2007

Gorgeous glove! Maybe finish the second sock from the previous post, and then you’ll be ready to do the second glove? Too many choices.

Posted by: Debby | 11/27/2007

Please, oh please knit the second one!! It’s absolutely gorgeous!

Posted by: jenna | 11/28/2007

Just saw you looking fabulous in Knitting Daily!

Posted by: Heather Joins The Round | 11/28/2007

Ooo, it’s beautiful! Definitely don’t wait too long to knit the second : )

Posted by: Octopus Knits | 12/01/2007

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Too much

I am trying to imagine a time when I was uninspired, struggling to find something to knit. This is not that time. Normally, this wouldn’t be a issue. But guys, I have a serious problem. I can’t stop casting on. Or wanting to cast on. Add to this my inability to finish anything and you see my problem.

THIS is what I am talking about…

Projects casted on for

Cherry –75% of both fronts completed.

Tangled Yoke Cardigan –body to underarms done.

Twisted Stitch Gauntlets –frogged 1st attempt, re-knit about 7 inches of first glove.

Autumn Rose Pullover –like many others I am starting with a sleeve, I have about 1 inch of progress so far.

Projects I want to cast on for–like this weekend

Oblique –have you guys seen this one? Sigh. That Veronik Avery is genius.

Gathered Pullover –love the gathered bit in the middle.

Thermal –haven’t seen a bad looking finished one of these yet.

Turtleneck with no pattern–I have a sweater in mind that I want to figure out how to make. Perhaps my first foray into design…?

Plus various socks, hats, scarves, and whatever else suits my fancy on any given day.

Projects I need to cast on for

Secret Christmas gift knit–I really got to get moving on this one.

I can’t figure out what to do about it–it is just too much. I can’t just keep casting on right? At some point I am going to have to finish something.

Oh, and lest I not forget, I also have an empty foot to cover.


See the beautiful Eleanora sock knit for just one of my feet by the very talented Amy. It fits perfectly and I love it. Amy is super thoughtful, a really good baker of brownies, as well as very talented (just check out her finished Tangled Yoke Cardigan for additional proof.) Amy, thank you so much. I can’t wait to cast on for the second.

(see? I really do have a sickness.)

The following 29 comments were originally left at blogspirit:

I feel like I’m stuck in a requested knits phase. All I seem to be knitting lately is things others have requested and I’d like to get back to knitting something that I’d like!

Posted by: tiennie | 11/09/2007

I forgot to say that I can’t wait to see your projects finished. Beautiful sock that you got – enjoy knitting the mate!

Posted by: tiennie | 11/09/2007

I go from one extereme to the other, not wanting to knit anything and, like you at the moment, full of loads of patterns that inspire me! Just keep casting on!

Posted by: Lin | 11/09/2007

I am feeling similarly inspired, but trying really hard to finish one project and then dive into gift knitting. I blame all of the knitting magazines and websites. They’ve all really outdone themselves!

Posted by: Marlena | 11/09/2007

There is just SO much right now – I agree! I am trying hard to finish the things in my basket, but yes, I feel the pull too. you have so many great projects going, Erin! Can’t wait to see them develop 🙂

Posted by: Lolly | 11/09/2007

I’ll continue the enabling! My theory is, if you don’t have to buy new yarn or needles, cast on! Then you can always have the perfect project on hand if you just want to pick it up and do a few stitches…between your gift knitting!

Posted by: sulafaye | 11/09/2007

Don’t worry–my lists are longer than yours!

That sock is gorgeous–no one would blame you for casting on for its mate right away. And i am DYING to see the Gathered Pullover on you–are you going to be modeling the sample for KD? I’m in love with it, but I have anxieties about how the front will look on my chest, as opposed to the tiny little model’s.

Posted by: Ashley | 11/09/2007

How well I know that feeling! Good luck getting focused. Oh, and that is one gorgeous sock Amy knit for you!

Posted by: Chris | 11/09/2007

That one lonely sock is stunning! what a great colour.

I know what you mean about wanting to cast on- I have a ravelry queue that is disgustingly long, and I want to knit it all, right now! Sigh.

Posted by: Julie | 11/09/2007

I love Oblique too – it looks so comfy and pretty, I want to cast on for it immediately! I love your Eleonora sock – how lucky to get Amy as your pal!

Posted by: Elizabeth | 11/09/2007

Oooo, that sock was for you!? Lucky grrl. You’ll love knitting the second one…it’s a blast. So many great knits…so little time!

Posted by: margene | 11/09/2007

Great sock, you lucky duck!

Also, way to match the pedicure.

Posted by: Heather Joins The Round | 11/09/2007

I know what you mean. As soon as I got the Knitty fall surprise, I parked two of the three projects in my Queue at Ravelry, but only ’cause I thought I’d wait a day or two for decency’s sake before adding Oblique! Currently have four projects on needles and itching to cast on for Dollar and a Half plus Koolhaas plus Silver Belle… Keep thinking that retirement and full-time knitting might be the answer — at least I’m only a decade away from that — Not an answer for you, I know!

Posted by: materfamilias | 11/09/2007

oh, i hear you! i wake up in the night because there is too much knitting to do! crazy!!!!
i can’t wait to see some of yours finished. 🙂
love the sock you got!

Posted by: leslie | 11/09/2007

i think it’s the season change, b/c i feel the same way. i’m at least trying my best to be disciplined by making myself finish one thing before casting on another, but i’m only so-so at actually adhering to this.

and when i have a great need for a new hat and mittens set, it’s difficult to make myself finish the second gift sock. *sigh*

Posted by: Sara | 11/09/2007


Good luck with all the upcoming projects. Wish I could be as talented as you with those knitting needles.

Hope the job is treating you well, too!

Posted by: laceyJ. | 11/09/2007

Maybe it’s in the air? I’m sure feeling the same way. (SO glad the sock fits, and that you enjoyed the package. 🙂

Posted by: Amy | 11/09/2007

It’s gotta be the season — I’ve got a million projects on the brain, too. Maybe I should make a chart like yours. 🙂

Posted by: pamela wynne | 11/09/2007

I made a stupid error the other night that had me ripping back and it made me angry for wasting precious knitting time – not because I was enjoying the current project but because I’m almost seeing what I have on the needles now as an obstacle to getting more things on the needles rather than as an enjoyable and worthwhile end in and of itself!

Posted by: Posted by: Marie | 11/09/2007

I’m all over the place too with what I want to knit. What’s on my needles isn’t nearly as exciting.

Posted by: Wanda | 11/09/2007

startitis is a very serious problem, you know. I have knits that are more than half done just lying around from two years ago. it’s embarassing, but i can’t stop casting on. The best solution i’ve found so far is asking people in a knitting circle or group to hold you accountable. my little group of wednesday night knitters keep me in check…sorta…

Posted by: rachel i. | 11/09/2007

That’s a gorgeous sock.

There’s so many great patterns and yarns out there, I want to knit everything! It’s gets pretty overwhelming, I need to put blinders on I think.

Posted by: Knittypants | 11/09/2007

ahaha and I’ve added another!
But seriously, it’s a gorgeous hobo and that rustic-y straw type yarn?

swoon much?

Posted by: jen sunshine | 11/09/2007

you know.. maybe its a sickness, but there are alot of us who have it (is it contagious via internet?? grin)
I’d say, cast on for all of them, and give every single one a tiny bit of attention each week…. you’ll be happy, and definitely not bored (another grin)… just a thought,.

Posted by: Teyani | 11/09/2007

I share your cast-on insanity!

Posted by: Heather | 11/10/2007

Of all the sicknesses a person could have Erin, this one isn’t so bad. ;0) It could be worse, right?
I say EMBRACE all this knitty love you are having right now. Go for it! – says the gal who has no desire to even pick up her needles at the moment. so jealous…

Posted by: vera | 11/10/2007

I’m with you on Oblique ~ I WANT IT

Posted by: Alarming Female | 11/11/2007

I say to embrace Caston-itis. It can be okay. Think of it this way: You’ll always have a knitted item started that you can choose to finish. Smile.

Knit on!

Posted by: Latoya | 11/12/2007

Amy did such a great job on the first sock – so beautiful!

Hee, hee… I want to cast on for all sorts of things, but I mostly just think about it (I’m too lazy to actually wind yarn into balls on the spur of the moment) : )

Posted by: Octopus Knits | 12/01/2007

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So many things to cover that aren’t really related. First off, thank you, thank you for the birthday wishes. For a birthday I thought was going to be awful, it turned out pretty awesome and all the blog love sure helped. You guys are the best.

You know what else is the best? Coffin racing. (yeah, that’s me, working the segue.)

This past weekend I went to the 13th Annual Emma Crawford Coffin Races. This quirky town actually dresses up in all manner of costumes, builds coffins on wheels, and races them down their main street following a hearse parade. I am not making this up.


Meet team “Fat Elvis'”


My favorite guy in the competition was the one in the white shirt. The shirt said “I’m Bad” and he warmed up by doing lots of high knee running. This was pretty much my most favorite festival ever.

Now onto some knitting content. Yes my friends, I actually finished something.


I really wish you couldn’t see one of my toes in this picture, but all the others came out blurry.

One sock. I did my part and now it is on it’s way to the talented knitter who will knit the other one. I really hope she likes it. And that it fits. And that she likes it. I really feel in love with this sock and particularly the yarn. Here are some quick stats:

Pattern: Socks for Veronik

Source: Interweave Knits Holiday Gifts

Yarn: Lorna’s Laces Shepherd Sock, Firefly

Needles: US 1 double points

And finally, fitting in with the theme of this post…I was tagged by Julie for the “8 Random Things about me” meme last week. Here goes…

  1. Most 80’s music depresses me. Generally I am talking about pop 80’s tunes like “Let’s Hear it for the Boy” and “Love is a Battlefield” and anything by Paula Abdul. Carnival Cruise Lines commercials depress me too.
  2. I like to “plate” my food like they do in restaurants and on Top Chef. I am not saying I am good at it or anything, just that it pleases me to try.
  3. My “game name” is Jem (as in the 80’s cartoon character, Jem and the Holograms). Not sure why I chose it except that I think Jem is pretty awesome. I was even Jem for Halloween this year.
  4. Because of the spray-on pink hair I used for Halloween yesterday, anything that came out of my nose today was hot pink.
  5. I love popcorn at movies and for years I would not allow anyone with me to eat any popcorn before the lights went dark. This rule stemmed from years of going to movies with my Mom who also loves popcorn but would always eat it before the movie started. I felt it was more festive to wait but if I waited then the popcorn would be gone. I have recently relaxed my rules because trying to enforce them makes me seem “demanding” and “OCD”. But deep down it still pains me to eat popcorn before the trailers begin.
  6. I am strongly influenced by marketing. How something is packaged, sold, and advertised greatly determines what I buy.
  7. I got glasses in second grade. I earned my first Barbie a few months earlier by reading the 80 books my Mom required me to read in order to have Blue Jeans Barbie for my very own. I read all the books in one night and one morning. In hindsight, I am not sure the Barbie was worth my expedited near-sightedness. Although in the end, I am proud to say that I liked books way better than I ever liked Barbie.
  8. I have been told that my sneeze sounds like a karate chop. My friend and old co-worker used to call me on the phone after she would hear me sneeze at work and when I would answer she would say “hie-ya”. It never got old.

The following 23 comments were originally left at blogspirit:

That’s awesome! I love a good parade ~ and that sounds like a good parade! Pretty sock, too–what a great idea!

Posted by: Alarming Female | 11/02/2007

please tell me you took pictures of “jem erin”!? i so want to see those.

the “bad” guy seems pretty sweet. i can just imagine him doing the high knee run. it made me laugh out loud.

love you!

Posted by: meghan | 11/02/2007

The sock is beautiful. And I am afraid my son has the same popcorn rule, so we all sit there until given the go-ahead to start eating!

Posted by: Lin | 11/02/2007

I learned a lot from your random 8 things. Who knew you “plated” your food?! 🙂

Posted by: Stitch-n-Snitch | 11/02/2007

Coffin racing- I love it!! Towns should be quirky.

I hear you about marketing. I’m highly influenced by marketing, too- specifically food commericals. I see fries, I want fries. I see pizza, I want pizza.

Posted by: Julie | 11/02/2007

My town? Outhouse races. Now THAT’S a high-knee kind of race.

Posted by: Ashley | 11/02/2007

Love the Elvises. Or is that Elvi? And as for the popcorn, I admit to not being able to wait to start it, but I refuse to finish it before the movie starts. There must be actual popcorn during the actual movie.

Posted by: Cheryl S. | 11/02/2007

That Festival looks like a hoot! Most 80s music depresses (or drives me crazy!) because it’s SO BAD! I like your popcorn rule. Smith wouldn’t wait, however. #4…ewwww

Posted by: margene | 11/02/2007

Hee hee, this is all too much fun (re: your nose, the same thing happened to me when I dyed with Kool Aid…)! I would totally be with you on the popcorn thing, so next time we go to the movies 😉 you’ll have some OCD support.

PS Your sock is beautiful! I love the color, and the photostyling, although I did have to wonder why you didn’t want the toe (I assumed of the sock) in the pic at first.

Posted by: sulafaye | 11/02/2007

I got glasses in 2nd grade, too!

Pretty sock! I’m sure the recipient will be thrilled.

Posted by: Chris | 11/02/2007

Jem! Oh my! Please, please, please say you have a picture. I remember playing Jem with Kara when we were little. I have said it a couple of times allready to different people, Halloween reminds me of the Hallstrom’s and all fo the fun we had when I was little. We had some good times.

The sock is B-U-T-ful. I love the color.

Posted by: Cassi | 11/02/2007

Coffin Races will always be my favorite Halloween tradition from now on.
Okay the movie popcorn thing kills me ~i never finish the popcorn so it would never occur to me to wait to make sure there was enough for the movie.

Posted by: Posted by: annzy | 11/02/2007

I understand the popcorn thing. I can’t resist having some before the movie starts, but I try to just nibble until the previews are over.

Posted by: Kaitie Tee | 11/02/2007

Seriously, your sneeze reaches decimals that no human can comfortably hear.

Posted by: Kara | 11/02/2007

That’s really wild that they have that festival. I’ve never heard of such a thing.

I’m not totally there with you on the popcorn, but I like to nibble on previews, but save the popcorn for the movie. But it smells so good, I usually cave during the previeww and gobble it down!

Posted by: Wanda | 11/02/2007

love the sock! that pattern is definitely going on my list.

Posted by: Sara | 11/04/2007

That festival sounds fun! Now I totally want to see a picture of you as Jem!

What a pretty sock – your friend will love knitting the second one!

Posted by: tiennie | 11/05/2007

Love the sock and the Fat Elvises, but your random list entertains me to no end. I “plate” all of my food. I even when out and bought new plates after I saw how nice things looked on Top Chef on square plates. It’s alarmingly geeky when a non-chef goes through the trouble I go through for the sake of food presentation. Jem and the Holograms…truly truly truly outrageous. I loved this show when I was a kid, and 9 times out of 10, people have no idea what you are talking about when you start talking about it. And my career day barbie was your Blue Jeans Barbie. Unfortunately, I think I was always astigmatic.

Posted by: nova | 11/05/2007

Tee, hee! Coffin racing!

Your sock is lovely. I’m sure your pal will love it 🙂 And I really enjoyed your 8 random things!

Posted by: Octopus Knits | 11/05/2007

Good to hear that Colorado has a good coffin scene!

Posted by: Posted by: Natalie | 11/05/2007

Love your sock, I’m sure your pal will too!

Posted by: Heather | 11/05/2007

I try to “plate” my foods too. Some days are better than others 😉

Posted by: Lolly | 11/08/2007

Have you ever noticed (#1 ) how grocery stores play depressing music, apparently to get you to buy more food? If I hear Phil Collins’ Separate Lives or Crowded House’s Don’t Dream It’s Over *one* more time when I go shopping, I’m going to scream. 🙂

Posted by: Debby | 11/08/2007

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