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  1. Prison Break.  The TV show.  All seasons are on Netflix instant watch and my good friend Teri had recommended the show to me a while ago so I tried it…and can’t stop watching it.  I am on the final season now so soon I will have my life back.
  2. Vivid dreams.  Lately I have had a rash of them.  I suspect it has something to do with number 1.  Last night Lincoln from the show stopped by my dream which was lovely.  Characters from the show are welcome just as long as T-bag stays away.
  3. A small bowl of Multi-grain Cherrios when I get home from work or the gym.  For whatever reason, with it staying light so much later right now I just don’t feel like cooking dinner.  So right now, at 7pm, nothing sounds better than a bowl of this particular cereal.
  4. Cup hooks.  My brother-in-law Adam came by a couple weeks ago to help me with some stuff around my house.  One thing we did was install cup hooks in the kitchen and every time I look at them they make me happy.  It is the little things folks.
  5. Karaoke Revolution.  When Kara and I were roomies we had much more of an opportunity to break out the game and sing our little hearts out, often with lil sis Bri in tow.  Fun times I tell you.  I don’t ever do it on my own so it has been a while but lately I have had some occasions to karaoke again.  By far my favorite experience was when my nephew Ryan decided to give it a go.  He was fearless…even when booed of the stage by computer generated concert goers.
  6. My view.  In particular my across the street neighbors.  They do a fantastic job with their flowers and lawn and every time I open my curtains I am greeted with the sights of a beautifully designed and maintained garden.  I love it so much I think I am going to send them a thank you note in the mail.  Just trying to decide if it will come off as creepy or not.
  7. My office space heater.  Holy cow I love this thing.  A co-worker had a spare and gave it to me when I mentioned the sub zero temperatures I have been working in now that summer time air conditioning is in full effect.  Admittedly, I am a wee bit addicted to the heat but I can’t begin to express how happy it makes me.
  8. Drinking my homemade light chocolate soy milk/banana/peanut butter smoothie with a straw.  Especially the bendy kind.
  9. Listening to Pandora radio on my iPhone while working out or while getting ready in the mornings.  I never know what little gem is going to pop up on the playlist.  Love it.

So there you go, nothing like a good itemized list to break me out of my no-blog slump.

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I have wanted to put up an inspiration board for years–ever since I had a designated craft room in my Denver apartment–but just never got around to doing it…until now.  In my new place I knew exactly where the inspiration board should go but couldn’t find a big enough bulletin board for the space so I ended up buying 4 smaller ones, initially thinking I would cover each in a different kind of fabric.  None of the fabrics I picked were working for me AND with the color of the walls.  Some were perfect individually but none really went all together.  So I sat on it while I thought, and thought, and finally one day I was talking it out with Kara and the idea came to us…why not use all one fabric?   So I did.

Fabric is Anna Maria Horner’s Branching Out.

I love it!  Almost enough to not tack anything on it.  But then I did.

And I loved it even more.  I had a hard time getting a good close up shot but there are some pictures of outfits I ripped from magazines and catalogs, some of my favorite photos (one of my all time favorite Halloween costume, Wonder Woman, sewn my my Mom and a casual shot of my Mom and Dad when they were dating), my old passport (idea stolen from Kara), postcards, a take out menu from a great restaurant in Denver, my MS walk medal…

It is a work in progress, but the studio/craft room is well on its way.

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Just in case you were wondering if the shoes I made little Maggie before she was born fit…wonder no more.


I love her feet.  I love these shoes.  I love her.

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