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First off I should say, I love Denver and the two years I have lived here.  I love the city and the restaurants and the over-sized animal statues.  I love my job and the company I have been lucky enough to work for.  I really love the people I’ve met here, real lifetime friends that I hope to always have in my life.  But, no matter how much I love a place, when I feel the need to move on, I need to move on.

In the last week, I accepted a new job (a great job I couldn’t be more thrilled about), gave notice at the company I currently work for, and began the process of moving my life from Denver to Salt Lake City.  Yes, I am coming back.  Close to family and many dear friends–I am excited to start a new life in a familiar place.

I officially move on May 16th so I have LOTS to do until then.  In the next three weeks I will be writing some posts about some of my favorite things in Denver so stay tuned for that.

Also upcoming…taking advantage of my transition period coinciding with the news that my parents are moving away from Hong Kong in July, I decided to go on a 2 week trip to China in June.  Crazy!  So you can expect some travel notes on the blog after I return from that adventure.

I feel very blessed with all the great things happening in my life right now.  Life is never perfect but so far 2009 is really doing well by me and for that I am very grateful.

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Before I started sewing, one of the projects that kept tempting and wooing me into the craft was the Colored Pencil Roll pattern found in Last Minute Patchwork Gifts.  About a month after I started sewing I realized I could totally make it now.  I immediately thought of my niece Ellie’s birthday coming up and knew she had to have a custom colored pencil roll made by her Auntie Erin.

I started to collect fat quarters and found a bunch of great ones at this quilt market my friend took me to.  Next step was to buy the colored pencils.  I then painstakingly went through all the fabric I had in order to match the right color tone of the fabric with the different pencil colors.  For those that I didn’t have the right matching fabric for, I took to the fabric store and matched the pencil to the bolts of fabric.  I learned A LOT about color with this project and it really made me want to try my hand at other patchwork and quilting projects.

I found this great Little Red Riding Hood fabric (actually Kara was with me at the time and she spotted it) that was perfectly suited for the backing of the roll.  Every step of this project was fun to create from the patchwork front to attaching the little ties to the side.  I love the result.  And I hope Ellie does too.

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In the craziness that has been the last month, I completely neglected to post about a quick knitting project I picked up one night when I needed to knit something different, small, and out of stash yarn.  I went to my handy ravelry queue for ideas and was reminded of the Anthro-Inspired Scarflet–a pattern that copies a pretty little scarf as seen in the Anthropologie catalog.

It was perfect.  Fast and easy and the end result is so very sweet.

The thing is, as I was knitting it I started to have a little debate with myself over which side looked better.  The above picture is of the “right side.”  Here is the “wrong”:

Both are pretty I think.  This is a perfect little scarf for those cool spring nights.  It was also the perfect little project that distracted me for a few days and then…it was done!


Pattern: Anthro-Inspired Scarflet

Source: Kim Seio (Free Ravelry Download)

Yarn: Alpaca with a Twist, Highlander – less than 1 skein

Needles: US 8

Mods: None.

And special thanks to my friend Teri for lending me your modeling skillz.  I need to get more knitting done so we have another excuse for a fun modeling shoot!

I will be back soon with the new sewing project I have been waiting to show.  Hope you all are having a spendid weekend.

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Ohana Means Family

I have a hard time summing up my feelings about my visit home for Grandpa’s funeral.  The funeral itself was very profound, the time with my family was much needed–just being in Hawaii is a somewhat spiritual experience for me.  It was…wonderful.  Organized in sections, here is my attempt to document some of the highlights of the week.


We ate all kinds of food that reminded us of grandpa.  Food like KFC, Chinese take out, Chantilly Cake, Kalbi Ribs, Kua’aina Burgers, and Hot Fudge Sundaes.

Yes, this is a lot of KFC. I believe we got a discount, although I think that was mainly because KFC found out grandpa had died–he was a good customer.

If you’ve never had Kalbi ribs before–specifically grilled by my Uncle Jim, then I am deeply sorry for you.

Chris really did eat the 8 pieces of Chantilly Cake on this plate.  And then he went back for seconds.

Side note: If you ever visit Hawaii, please make an effort to visit Liliha Bakery.  Just in case you are wondering what to order, it should be a Chantilly cake and/or–if you don’t have the space to store a whole cake–a Coco Puff (great blog about the tasty treats here.)  The topper of this divine pastry is a nice portion of their famous Chantilly icing (yum, yum, yum.) Liliha bakery also  has a small eating counter with diner like food on the menu. I hear it is good although I have always felt a wee bit too haole to sit at the counter.  My mom has though.  She’s local like that.


I feel pretty lucky to have so many memories and experiences with cousins who I genuinely like.  I am also pretty grateful that the ones who are married have given me some cousins-in-law that I am proud to call family.  All the cousins except the pregnant one (We missed you Jill!) were in Hawaii which served as a wonderful impromptu family reunion.


We had a work party.

Picnic party.

Went for walks.

We took self portraits.

Some successful.

Some not so much.


Of course, the whole reason we were there, and the meaning behind all the activities we shared, was to pay honor to the life of our Grandpa.  I was reminded of the good life he led and was inspired to look at my own life, reset my focus, and make some important changes.  I also committed to stay connected to some of my favorite people on earth.

My family.

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