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I need a man

Yes, I am going to admit it. I need a man. A boyfriend/husband type. This is what I was thinking last night while shoveling my driveway for the first time this season (and well, ever.) The fact that I did shovel it successfully proves that I can do it myself but frankly, I don’t want to. It is not an activity I want to be in charge of. Like car maintenance. I don’t want to check the oil and talk to the men at the auto repair shop. I just don’t want to do it. As my boss likes to say, it is not my brand.

Now keep in mind I am a strong independent woman who is perfectly capable of taking care of herself. I am only saying, it is times like these I am reminded of the things I don’t want to take care of in life, and would prefer to have someone�??who I don’t have to pay�??take care of it. Is that so wrong?

The other thing that was funny about shoveling my driveway was how when I started I just wanted to get done and was thinking that I could do a decent job but that it wouldn’t kill me if it didn’t look perfect. Man I am delusional. Once I got started I couldn’t stop. There was always more snow to shovel and more ground to uncover. It was still snowing when I finished and about an hour later I knew there was more snow that could be removed and so I went out and did it again. I am my father’s daughter. OC but not “D” right Dad?

I also finished decorating my house. I will post pictures soon, perhaps tomorrow. My sister and I managed to pull off a silver, red, gold, and pastel blue tree. How did we do it you ask? Well, you will soon see. I am pleased with the finished decor.

I am still working on the collar of Paula. It is taking forever! But I believe it will be done very soon. I can’t wait to get that sweater done. It has been way too long in coming…just like a good man. (He he, now I sound like a bitter single woman but I couldn’t help myself from tying my conclusion to my intro. Blame it on the English minor.)

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So…you shoveled the driveway all by yourself? Interesting story.

Posted by: Posted by: Your sister and roommate | 12/07/2005

I never said I shoveled it all by myself…sheesh, so sensitive. I did shovel it the second time by myself though.

Funny how the only time you ever comment on my blog is when you are trying to give yourself props for something. Just an observation. 🙂

Posted by: Erin | 12/07/2005

Has [you know who] ever grown up yet? I was going to ask which sister is your roommate but I think I know without asking. More I might say but won’t for the time being. 🙂

Posted by: Michael A. Cleverly | 12/07/2005

Time to hire someone to do it for you…or maybe barter a sweater, scarf, or whatever to a guy with a snowblower or plow? I had a friend who selected her men by how much home maintenance they would do for her. No lie. We actually had a name for that….

Posted by: Gwen | 12/09/2005

I understand your comments on wanting a man. I hope that you’ll find him soon enough.

Posted by: Latoya | 12/10/2005

Ah, if ONLY the presence of a man in the house meant that the steps would get shoveled (I’d say driveway except we don’t have one), the trash would get taken out, the fixin’ would get fixed! Sometimes our men, as much as we love them, just mean more messes to clean up after!

I know what my problem is: When you decide to get a man, try not to get a law student. I’m just saying…

Posted by: Kim | 12/12/2005

If that’s all you want him for pay some neighbor kid to do it. Less hassle in my opinion. People who get paid generally don’t have to be nagged. LOL But I’m sure you’re thinking of the kind of man who’d be shovelling at dawn out of kindness and chivalry for you (do they exist?) and not the kind who’d only realize it snowed after you broke your ankle on the ice.

Posted by: heather | 12/13/2005

HAHAHAHAHA. You need a man, huh? Oh–joke overload–they’re coming too fast–my brain just can’t choose…

The funniest was probably already said above by “heather”, “If that’s all you want him for pay some neighbor kid to do it.” Hopefully people will read carefully, and not just skip ahead to that part.

As your boss says? Oh–that’s right–I keep forgetting I’m not your boss anymore.

Posted by: Posted by: Jeff | 12/20/2005

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It’s December!

Okay, I LOVE the holidays. Love them. People are nicer. Food tastes better. The weather is cold and brooding…which is a good thing. It is just a fun time of year. Making a cup of hot chocolate feels like an event. My house is not decorated yet�??that is a this weekend thing�??but I am getting it all ready and am excited for how everything will look. A few days ago I did get quite the surprise though, in front of my house is kind of old-fashioned light post. Whoever is in charge of my neighborhood wrapped lights up the base of the post. I am obsessed…it is so magical. I know it is a little thing but looking at it through my window is mesmerizing. I feel like I am living in who-ville or something. I love it.

Once I get the house all decorated I will post pictures. Spread a little holiday spirit around right?

In knitting news, I finally finished the sleeves of Paula and am in the middle of the blocking process. I am working on the collar (the final piece before seeming) right now. For it, I had to cast on 282 stitches. You heard me. 282. Yuck. I hate casting on because you have to count the stitches like 5 times to make sure you have the correct number and can I tell you how many times I had to count 282 stitches? Many many times. I tried to get my sister to count and double check it for me but she refused. I didn’t remind her of all the times I have helped her when she threw her cast on needle to me in frustration…no, she should have remembered that on her own.

After my seventh time counting, I am confident I have the right number of stitches and I begin knitting the first row. It took forever, as you can imagine, and when I made it to the end�??instead of ending with p2�??I ended with k2. Meaning, I had 1. counted wrong or 2. gone off the ribbing pattern at some point in the row. Either prospect (starting over or un-knitting) was not welcome. It was then I threw down my knitting in exasperation. Later I looked closely at it and realized that I messed up the pattern toward the beginning of the row. So it is time to un-knit. Not something I was willing to do that night. Sometimes I just need distance from my knitting. Time to forgive and heal you know?

Last night I was ready to fix it and I did so hopefully I am on my way to finishing the collar soon. Patience is a virtue, especially in knitting.

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that sucks! When i cast on a lot of sts, I place markers every 20 or 25 sts, and then can count just those groups of 25, instead of going back and countin the entire thing all over.

Posted by: Melissa | 12/02/2005

I’m with Melissa. I’ve just finally begun using lots of markers and it has saved me so much frogging. Really. If you’re ribbing by twos, I’d suggest placing markers after even numbers…like 10). I love the magic of this time of year, and the hustle bustle, the snow, just everything 🙂

Posted by: Gwen | 12/04/2005

Good for you for taking a deep breath and being patient. That comes in handy not just in knitting…

Posted by: Bonnie | 12/04/2005

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