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I bound off the arms for Green Gables and was finally able to try it on. Want to see?


I think I like it. This is a pretty good picture of the color although it is a bit more vibrant in real life. I am knitting size Medium–sort of. Really it is somewhere between the M and the L since I added some extra rows and increases. I am attempting to cater the fit to me and am going to make several adjustments to the pattern in order to do so. I am going to try short row increases at the bust and add more decreases at the waist. The beauty of this sweater is that I will be able to try it on as I go so I can frog if something doesn’t work out.

I finished the left panel of Rambling Rose and I think it looks awesome. My only worry is that it looks a bit small. I hope I don’t end up with a too petite sweater. That would make me sad. Here is a peek at the rose pattern. I only added one of the roses so far–just to see how it looks.


I am aware that I walk a thin line with this sweater. It could either turn out vintage and anthropologie-esqe looking or it could look really antiquated and grandma-like. Obviously I am hoping for the former.

Finally, indecision…I have been having some second thoughts on my first Amazing Lace project. I know I said I was going to knit the Baltic Sea Stole but now I am debating if I should begin with it since I realized I don’t have enough of the yarn I was going to use. So now I am thinking it might be fun to find yarn for the stole at the Estes Park Wool Market. But then the official start of the Amazing Lace was yesterday and I can’t wait weeks to start. I don’t know why this project has been so difficult for me to make a decision on. I keep seeing more and more lace projects that I want to knit. Sometimes I feel panicked like I have to get them knitted soon or the good projects will go away or I will forget all the projects that I want to knit. I know, I am silly. I am now thinking I might start with something smaller…perhaps the Trellis Scarf from spring ’06 Interweave. I have two very different yarns I could use for this scarf.

Kaalund Expressions in Silky Oak:


Anne, Schaefer Yarns in unique colorway:


Both are stunning yarns that I love. Which would you pick?

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Wow, your Rambling Rose looks just great! I can’t even imagine that I will ever get that far with mine! It’s taking ages to knit!

And I think you should go with Anne from Shaefer, I loved that colour combination!

Good luck with Green Gables!

Posted by: VivaPia | 05/30/2006

If I were you, I’d use the first yarn and save the Schaefer Anne for socks! I know the stuff almost feels too nice for socks, but they turn out SO lovely.

Posted by: Jenna | 05/31/2006

Shaeffer Anne is fabulous but I will tell you that Plain and Fancy Wool has a soft and beautifully dyed lace weight that is wonderful. She only sells at Estes and Taos Wool Markets. Brooks Farm also has very nice yarn for lace. You will find all sorts of unique yarns in Estes.

Posted by: margene | 05/31/2006

My vote is the Kaalund. Because I am a solid color lace Nazi.

Rambling Rose is looking beautiful.

Posted by: Posted by: Katherine | 05/31/2006

That green Gables looks like it fits perfect so far and Rambling Rose is looking great too. I love how they paired that cardi with the sleek pencil skirt, it makes it look very vintage-elegant. It could also be cute with some capris, I think you’ll get lots of wear out of it, it doesn’t strike me as grannyish! I’d pick the Kaalund for the scarf, I love how light and airy the color looks, perfect for a lace pattern. The Schaefer is stunning, I’d save that for some luxurious socks maybe.

Posted by: Steph | 05/31/2006

Both sweaters are looking great! Love the colors!

Posted by: Amy Artisan | 05/31/2006

well..what are you missing most in your shawl wardrobe? a beautiful lustrous neutral or some vibrant color?

Posted by: bonnie | 05/31/2006

your green gables is coming out very nicely, and *wow the rambling rose is gorgeous, gorgeous!

i would probably go for the Kaalund Expressions probably because im in the mood myself for more solid colour lace, but they are both really lovely colours. x

Posted by: the knitchick | 05/31/2006

I think how your rose sweater ends up looking really depends on what you wear it with. As far as an anthro look, I could see it over a cutie dress with a full skirt. But really, it’s such a beautiful pattern!

Posted by: Sarah | 06/01/2006

Just go yarn shopping–you know you want to! 😉

Green gables looks nice.

By the way, you’re posts are coming up mighty strange in bloglines.

Posted by: Chef Messy | 06/02/2006

I love the Green Gables ~that sweater is one of the things that makes me have knitting envy (clearly the green kind.)

Posted by: Posted by: Ann | 06/02/2006

Anne! Anne! Anne! Trust me, it’s not just for socks anymore!


Posted by: Wendy | 06/04/2006

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So sister/roommate Kara is out of town for 10 days. Leaving me the house to myself. I used to live alone so I thought it would be nice to have the place all to myself and that I would enjoy my alone time but frankly, I am feeling a little lonely. I miss Kara…sigh.

I also thought that I would be knitting like crazy. I have been knitting but not crazy-like. It has been pretty slow going on all my projects and for some reason I haven’t been able to commit to one. Each project is strewn about on the parts of the couch I am not sitting on, all screaming “pick me, pick me.” I just need to settle on something, buckle down, and finish. Here are a couple updates:

Rambling Rose : I am on the left front (the part with the pretty rose chart).


See the beginnings of the vine? I am enjoying it so far but this chart is pretty slow going. I knit several rows and then I get tired. I am encouraged by the start though. I think it is going to be pretty.

What I have been working on the most is a new project…


Oh yes, I have joined the many ranks of the Green Gable -rs. I love the color I found at my LYS. It is Brown Sheep Cotton Fleece in Willow Leaf which is like a bright olive green. The color in the picture is not quite accurate�??it is a bit lighter in real life. I am almost to the point where you put the sleeves on a holder. I can’t wait to get there because then I can really try it on. I am loving top down sweaters mainly because you get to adjust the sizing as you go.

Next up, I need to start my lace project for the Amazing Lace…my team introduction is soon to come. So stay tuned for that.

Also, thanks to everyone for your encouragement on my Deep-V Vest. This week I am going to embark on operation goodbye wings. Cross your fingers.

As for tonight, I think I will get some knitting done. The question is…which project?

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I really can’t wait to see more progress on Rambling Rose. That was one of my favorites from that Rowan and I’m so glad someone is making it!!

Posted by: Sarah | 05/23/2006

Isn’t it strange when the house is all quiet? I feel so off balance when the kids aren’t home! I hate it!
Rambling Roses looks so delish! Look at green gable go! : )

Posted by: Amanda Cathleen | 05/23/2006

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So even though I had written off my Deep-V Vest attempt as an unfortunate, un-wearable mistake, I still check out the knit-a-long to see how everyone is doing. I mean, I still love the vest and I am planning on making another one come fall but I do still love the the one I made. I love the colors and I worked hard on it and the stitches look good but…it just doesn’t fit well. I really had no hope. That is, until, I read this post today on the knit-a-long.

It appears Marika had the same wing problems I did and I am cautiously optimistic about her fix. So do you guys think this could work on mine? Is there hope after all? I would have to frog the armhole ribbing and figure out how to re-pickup the stitches to the size I want it and then sew to secure it and cut the extra material. In my head it works but is there anything I am missing that I need to take into consideration? Should I try it?

I am relying on the greater wisdom of the blog world to give me advice. Of course if no one gives me advice then I will take that as a sign. A sign for what I don’t really know. If you have any ideas for what the sign should be then you can let me know that too.

Soon I will have news of another…yes, another…project I cast on for and another…I know, another…knit-a-long I joined. I am crazy. But I also found out I have 15 days of vacation that I have to use before the end of August or I lose them so it looks like I have some summer knitting days ahead.

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I say go for it! What do you have to lose? You aren’t going to wear it as is anyways so why not try to save it?

Posted by: Sister/Roomate Kara | 05/17/2006

What Kara said, Go for it!!: D

Posted by: Amanda Cathleen | 05/17/2006

you should definately give it a go. you are obviously slightly unhappy with it the way it is, so what have you to lose? (other than completely ruining hours and hours worth of work?… :0) i say, take the plunge! x

Posted by: the knitchick | 05/17/2006

I think you should go for it too! And please, don’t keep me waiting any more! I want to know about your new projects! I’ve just joined the Summer of Lace project. Rambling Rose will have to wait just a bit.

Posted by: VivaPia | 05/18/2006

You should totally go for it! Otherwise, you probably wouldn’t even get use of the vest. Nothing lost, potential super awesome vest gained, right?

Posted by: Sarah | 05/18/2006

That is exactly the fix that will work. Your other alternative is to reknit and decrease all the stitches you’d cut away. Just make sure you secure the stitches well with a machine. Good luck!

Posted by: margene | 05/18/2006

Absolutely. Frog the ribbing.

Posted by: Posted by: jeffj | 05/18/2006

What Margene said. She knows a hell of a lot more than I do, and I’d trust her.

Posted by: green-eyed grrl | 05/19/2006

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My first teammate for the Amazing Lace is…

the Baltic Sea Stole!

It came down to Icarus and the Baltic Stole. Thanks for all your comments, the advice really helped me narrow my choices. It was tough but I settled on the stole because I love it and I already have the yarn (see right) I want to use for it. That is Kaalund Expressions in Wild Oak colorway. I know it is going to be difficult (lace pattern on every row!) but I am excited to see just how difficult. I still want to do Icarus (and most likely Print ‘o the Wave too) so I will be keeping my eyes peeled for great yarn to use for those projects. Who knows, maybe the summer of lace will bring more then one teammate.

It is the sister/roommate Kara’s birthday today (go and wish her a happy birthday!). I don’t know how I feel about her getting older. Is it bad that her turning 27 makes me think that I will be turning 31 this year. Yikes! To sum Kara up, well there is no way to sum her up. She is funny and beautiful and creative and clever and the best. roommate. ever. I thought I was done with roommates but when both of us needed a place to live at the same time I felt right about living with Kara and am so glad I listened to my gut. We are completely different and totally the same. We share many obsessions including knitting, Gilmore Girls, and Baskin Robbins ice cream. There is no one I would rather knit with than Kara. I just love my girl.

Here are some pictures from yesterday’s Happi-tiser (Kara calls them Happi-tisers because appetisers make her happy) picnic:

Good times at the park (Kara’s the one with the tiara.)


My poor attempt at cupcake decoration…they tasted good though.


Niece Ellie loving her cupcake.


It was good times.

And finally…Mom. For those of you that don’t know, my parents live in Hong Kong. So, they live far. I miss them always but on days like today the distance hurts a little more. If they were living near, today we would all get together for a big mother’s day dinner. Maybe we would sit outside because it has been so nice. We would share inside family jokes and there would be lots of hugging and teasing going on. I am sure at some point we would also watch the Survivor finale together (Kara, Dad and I have fun watching that show together.) We are a close family and we get, love, support, and accept each other.

There is one thing we all feel passionate about. That is, our mother. Mom is and always will be, the heart of our family. She is smart, kind, thoughtful, and compassionate. Everyone loves being around my Mom. She is the best teacher I have ever had. She is wise and is not afraid to share her mind. She cooks, sews, reads, travels the world, teaches, adjusts to new cultures, worries over her unmarried daughters (think Pride & Prejudice), and delights in the successes of her children. If I am blessed with a family of my own someday, I hope I can be even a fraction of the woman and mother she is. I love you Mom. Happy Mother’s Day.

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Love your choice for the Amazing Lace!!! Good luck : )

Posted by: amanda cathleen | 05/14/2006

Awesome choice for a teammate. And I am glad that you are a Hallstrom! I don’t know what I would do without your family! LOVE YA TOO ERIN

Posted by: Posted by: cassi | 05/15/2006

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Yes, I joined another knit-a-long!

The Amazing Lace. I couldn’t pass up this knit-a-long event. One, because I am a big fan of The Amazing Race show. I love a good adventure. The concept of the knit-a-long is this: to knit lace and take it on a summer adventure. Sounds a little vague yes? I love it. Honestly, I have no idea what to expect. A challenge will be issued once every two weeks and it is up to us to interpret the challenge on our blog. Teams are made up of you (or in the case of my team, me) and your lace. There will be winners of each individual challenge and a grand prize winner. The official start date is Memorial Day and end date, Labor day. Doesn’t this sound fun? I just couldn’t pass up such a creative interpretation of a knit-a-long�??especially since I have wanted to knit a lace shawl and just haven’t gotten the right kick in my pants to start.
So here is where I need your help. I can’t decide on a teammate. I want to start with a shawl of some sort. Here are the options I have narrowed it down to (I linked to either the pattern or pictures on blogs that show off the pattern best.)

All are beautiful. You see my dilemma? I need help. So which is your favorite?

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what a decision. i am quite partial to the baltic sea stole but seeing as i am on a very strict student budget and thus couldn’t afford the couple of dollars for the pattern (sad i know :0) i would probably knit the print o the wave. but they are all gorgeous! x

Posted by: the knitchick | 05/11/2006

Hmm, if you go triangular, I vote Icarus. If you go for rectangular, I vote Baltic. I’m not much help, am I!

Posted by: Chef Messy | 05/11/2006

i’m knitting leaf lace right now. it’s pretty easy. i also plan to knit icarus and print o’ the wave someday. they are all beautiful!

Posted by: Sara | 05/11/2006

All are beautiful but you have quite a contrast in difficulty there. If you want something easy for summer knitting go with Leaf Lace but if you really want to challenge yourself then Print O’ the Wave would do that.

Posted by: margene | 05/11/2006

Gotta agree with Margene about the differences. I’m nearly done with Leaf Lace. It was quite easy. Um, I’m getting a little bored with it and I’m glad it’s almost done (yeah, well, it will be once I order more yarn. Why would I think 770 yards is sufficient when the pattern clearly states 1000?) But it is lovely and I’m VERY happy I made it. Me love Evelyn Clark.

I’m on a stole kick right now, so just from my own personal taste, I’d go with one of the two stoles. I hate to add this when you’ve already gotten it narrowed to four and all, but have you visited the Fiddlesticks website?

Posted by: Posted by: Katherine | 05/11/2006

I chose Icarus for my. I have a Leaf Lace that suffered troubles upon return from a vacation and I’m just not in the mood to figure out what the trouble is. But I adore both of the stole patterns you picked as well.

Posted by: Kristi aka Fiber Fool | 05/11/2006

I really like the Baltic stole, there is something different and modern about it.
Icarus is pretty, yet my eye is constantly drawn to the big yo’s running down the spine instead of the beautiful border. I’d probably prefer the leaf lace over it.

Posted by: Steph | 05/11/2006

Oh well! You’re making it so hard for me! First you post a comment on my blog saying that I should start to knit the rambling rose. Fine, but then I visit your blog and suddenly I get an urge to knit lace this summer instead. Not much help! So now i have even more knit-options and even less time! 😀 As udecisive as I am, I can’t even say which one of the patterns I would have chosen…

Good luck anyway!

Posted by: VivaPia | 05/13/2006

Print ‘O the Wave hands down ~I feel good about my decision.

Posted by: Posted by: Ann | 05/13/2006

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As I write this post Kara, her (and my) friend Meredith, and I are singing Karaoke Revolution for the PS2. Could there be a more amusing pastime? What is funny about it is we are all singing slouched on the couch and I am blogging when it is not my turn. We are very relaxed and efficient revolution-ers. Right this second Meredith is singing “You Make Me Feel Like a Natural Woman”. Darn her, the crowd seems to be liking it. Just as in American Idol, this game is all about song selection. Kara is now singing Michelle Branch’s “Everywhere”. A song she would never in a million years listen to on the radio. She is doing good too. Oh, it is my turn now…

…Aw yeah everybody. I got a perfect score on “Time After Time”. I had to go with a ringer. I am song selection queen.

So what have I been up to knitting-wise?…lots and lots of ribbing.

First, there is Forecast


This 2×2 ribbing actually goes pretty fast but since the warmer spring weather I have lost my motivation for this sweater. I still want to finish it and love it but there is no way I will be able to wear it until fall. So I am okay with a slow pace on this one.

Next, there is Rambling Rose


Okay, I am LOVING this sweater. I know I am only on the back but the yarn is so soft and is knitting up so pretty that I am very hopeful this will turn out well. I actually just finished the back ribbing last night. This 1×1 ribbing knit on 1’s was not so fast. It would have taken me a lot longer if I wasn’t so in love with the garment it is creating and am really excited to get to the front. I want to wear this sweater while picking flowers in a field. It seems like a sweater I could have deep, romantic, and meaningful thoughts in. That is just how I feel about it.

So I am about to sing the final song in our last round of the game. The problem is this round is random. Meaning the game picks the song for you so forget about song selection. Kara is singing “Pain”�??a crap “hard” rock song. Oh it is amusing watching her try to belt the chorus she doesn’t know. My turn again…

I got…”Play that Funky Music White Boy”. Junk. This game was mine until I had to sing that one. Kara won. I was robbed.

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So did you do your best Taylor Hicks rendition of “Play…”? 🙂

The knit projects look great!

Posted by: Amy | 05/05/2006

That game sounds like so much fun. I should prolly get it for my ps2. What a hoot that would be! That pink knit is absolutely gorgeous. It does seem extremely romantic and at peace. I can totally see why it would be used for rambling rose.


Posted by: Necia | 05/05/2006

“Time after Time” is, hands-down, 100%, my favorite pop love song. And “Play the Funky Music White Boy” is hands-down, 100%, my favorite funk song. I must play this game.

Those statements may be a wee exaggeration, but they give you an idea of my emotive response to those two songs you mentioned.

Also, (I should say this in an e-mail but I’m lazy so I’ll say it here) — I have worked in garden centers for several years in the SLC area, so I have some experience with the gardening stuff. I work at a software company now, but feel free to ask if you come up with any questions. In addition to my own knowledge, I am still friends with many people who still work in the industry and we are all total plant geeks. Like, it makes our day when someone wants to talk to us about plants. Seriously.

Posted by: Posted by: Katherine | 05/05/2006

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I loved May Day in Hawaii. Flowers, hula, and maypoles. Sometimes I miss school since it would force celebrations on me. I didn’t even remember it was May Day today until someone at work mentioned it off-hand. This weekend, however, I did notice spring had arrived. I love my house. I have only lived there since last June so I have been enjoying the surprises of spring since I have no idea what is going to bloom next. Like take a look at the purple budded tree…


This bloomed almost overnight. So pretty!

In honor of spring, one project I have decided to take on is planting a garden. Now I have not done any form of gardening in the past. In fact, I could be known as a killer of house plants�??I just can’t seem to keep them alive. I have no idea why I think I can plant and maintain a garden. I do have help though. There is this nice retired guy who lives down the street…his friends know him as “the tomato king”…and he has volunteered to teach me. He has given me advice, prepped the ground, and helped me plant my tomatoes. Here is the garden as it stands today (tomatoes planted, everything else soon to be planted):


The blue plastic are walls of water that you put up to protect the plants from frost. Those come down on May 15th. I have yet to plant the rest of the garden…really need to get to that this week. I am thinking beans, carrots, cucumber, squash, bell peppers, peas, and onions. I think that sounds good but any suggestions out there? What’s that? You want to see my tomato plant growing? Well, okay:


The tomato king tells me I will have tomatoes from July until October. I don’t know if I would bet on it but so far I seem to be keeping my plants alive.

This weekend I casted on for the decidedly spring project Rambling Rose. I have miles and miles of ribbing ahead but I am LOVING the way it looks (pictures soon to come). The yarn and color (Rowan 4 ply soft in #378 Daydream ) is very feminine and I think matches well with the very vintage-y, girl-y accents of this sweater. I think the season is propelling me to work on this sweater because it so wants to be worn while the flowers are in bloom. I must work on it tonight. There I go…my own little May Day celebration. Happy May Day everyone!

The following 5 comments were originally left at blogspirit:

There is nothing – NOTHING – to compare with home-grown tomatoes. Store-bought tomatoes will be ruined forever for you – I hope you’re prepared.

And it’s so cool that there’s someone there to teach you the ropes. I’m not so good with plants myself, but I’d love to learn.

Posted by: Imbrium | 05/01/2006

I am jealous of your sunlight — I don’t have enough to grow vegetables. Here’s my advice, though, from long years in the horticulture industry:

Get crackin on the peas. You’re nearly out of time for that.

Carrots and onions should go in now.

The others should wait until May 15th.

Swing by a local garden center (not a big chain) and try to get a copy of the Utah State University/UNLA (Utah Nursery and Landscape Assoc.) garden guide. It recommends varieties (a little out of date, but still useful) and gives recommended dates for various things based on our climate here.

Also, my perennial advice to everyone who has a garden is to plant beets. That’s because they’re easy to grow and they are the best vegetables ever. Like plant candy!

Also, my perennial advice to everyone who has a garden is to plant beets.

Posted by: Posted by: Katherine | 05/01/2006

Only plant ONE zucchini plant. Don’t be tempted by the six pack of plants. Just one. Bell peppers need tons of water too, every day for juicy peppers.

Posted by: Posted by: Natalie | 05/01/2006

Oh I am so very jelous of you!! I kill all plants that are my own. When I care for other peoples plants, somehow I manage to keep them alive!
Your yard is beautiful by the way! ; )

Posted by: Amanda Cathleen | 05/01/2006

I have to recomend a little bit of Basil for the Garden ~I got a lovey plant of it at the SLC farmers market last summer and it was so lovely and prolific ~and it goes lovely with tomatoes

Posted by: Posted by: Ann | 05/03/2006

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