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Baby Ryan

Two nights ago I dreamt I was pregnant. Like 8 months pregnant. This is funny now because I am SO not pregnant. In the dream I was freaked out because I didn’t remember getting pregnant and I was a bit scared and nervous. Luckily, in real life, I am not the one who had a baby.

Meet my new nephew, Ryan:


He is wearing the oh-so-soft green angora booties his favorite Auntie (me) made for him and he is holding Bubby made for him by my talented but without blog sister Kara. He is about 2 weeks old now and is so small and sweet and smells good. It is hard to imagine him growing up. Life is a beautiful thing.

On to my knitting. I have been in a bit of a slump. I don’t know if it is busyness or laziness but I haven’t gotten a whole lot done. A couple nights ago I decided to check out a bunch of blogs online and all of a sudden I was excited to knit again. Just like that. It is amazing how inspiring the knit blogging community is. So I casted on for Paula sleeve #1 and I am almost done with that. With the holiday I am going to try and get this sweater done.

I am looking forward to Thanksgiving. My sisters and I are dining out. Should be fun and very stress free although I think to some degree I will miss a big family thanksgiving. Mainly I will miss my Mom and Dad, especially when I have to pay for dinner (he he, just kidding Dad.) I am really just excited to be with family and not have to be at work for an extended period of time. I love the holidays. Perhaps on Friday I will start decorating. So so fun.

I hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving. I can tell you one thing I am thankful for.

This little guy:


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Awww – he’s gorgeous – and the booties look fab too. (And isn’t he a clever boy, clutching onto his bubby already – well done Ryan.)

Posted by: Anne | 11/23/2005

He is so sweet! Baby booties alone are enough to make me baby hungry, and yours look great! Congrats to the mom!

Posted by: Kim/ChefMessy | 11/25/2005

I really like those fuzzy booties! They are adorable. I’m sure that Bubby will be loved, too.

Happy Knitting!

Posted by: Latoya | 11/26/2005

Okay…okay…maybe I’m finally ready to take up this knitting thing…if it can spontaneously create a cute little bundle like Ryan.
Well done, Aunt Erin. Well done.

Posted by: Posted by: Zadalouise | 11/27/2005

The booties are precious, but not quite as precious as your nephew. Welcome to Ewetahknits!

Posted by: Gwen | 11/30/2005

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Clapotis is finished!!! Just in time for my trip to DC.

Here is me wearing Clapotis as a scarf:


It is really lovely and I am so glad I used my Koigu for this project. It came out much thinner then the designed one would have and since I blocked it, it doesn’t have the natural curl that I liked so much from the picture but I still really like the way it turned out. Technically, I could wear it as a wrap.

Here is proof:


So there it is. Clapotis finished before Paula. Paula is next though…well, I guess it is not really next. Definitely next post-vacation project. On the airplane I made one of these little guys:


This is one of the Angora Baby Booties from Last Minute Knitted Gifts for my very soon to be born nephew. It is in the “Less-than-two-hour Gifts” section. Less then two hours my foot. I made these booties for a friend’s baby earlier this year thinking it would take me a couple hours…7 hours later I had a pair of booties. I am more experienced now and a bit faster but an hour per bootie is stretching it. Still, I love these booties and I love the green angora. So cute and so soft.

I have been in DC three days and I have been to two knitting stores. Knit Happens was great. The people there are so nice and there is this wonderful little community of knitters that work and gather there. I really enjoyed the few hours I was there. I picked up a great pattern for a lace scarf and some beautiful green Koigu.


Yesterday I went to Stitch DC. They have a lovely store with a beautiful set up and lots of yarn. I also met some fun knitters there. Makes me want to move back to DC. I might try and make it back to the store on Saturday for a sweater design class. I bought some great Lorna’s Laces Sock yarn for some knee-length lace socks I want to make:


Should be fun. I was looking for some deep red yarn but then I saw this color and thought it would look great too. But I promise�??and this time I mean it�??I am working on Paula first thing when I get home. Really.

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nice! what are the measurements of your clapotis? you used 4 skeins of koigu, right?

Posted by: jess | 11/07/2005


Why does something that looks so nice sound like it should be treated with Penicillin?

Just a question from the non-knitting peanut gallery…

Posted by: Posted by: Jeff | 11/12/2005

The clapotis (which sounds oddly enough like a point of humor from a Seinfeld episode) is almost as pretty as the knitter.

Nice work, Queenie!

Posted by: Posted by: Zadalouise | 11/20/2005

“almost as pretty as the knitter”

Well, sure, if you’re into that sort of thing…

Some of us prefer our Queenies robot zombie flavored.


Posted by: Posted by: Jeff | 11/22/2005

I want to be robot zombie flavored too!…right after I take up knitting…..

Posted by: Posted by: zadalouise | 11/27/2005

Nice Clapotis. Nice lurking too. You should come to a SLC S’n’B one of these days. Thanks for the info your Clappy too.

Posted by: Katherine | 12/02/2005

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