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I am embarrassed to admit how long it has been since I have had a FO around these parts. We’re talking months. Leave it to Chester to break me out of my slump.


I was thinking on my drive home tonight about what Chester’s personality would be if he was a cartoon character. I decided he would be the best friend of the really funny but sometimes annoying character. Chester’s best friend is small, maybe a raccoon or something. I am not really sure what the movie would be about but I am sure that Chester would act the cool and handsome devil I know him to be. I can just see him giving deadpan responses to his overly excitable counterpart.

Project Stats:

Pattern: Intricate Stag Bag

Source: Knitting Daily/Knitscene Free Web Project

Yarn: Blue Sky Alpacas, Melange, Orange and Yellow Mustard

Needles: US 5

Mods: None

Notes: Okay, I have quite a few notes…but first, Chester needs to know that I love him always–faults and all. That being said, I know he is an accessory and all but you may want to check your gauge before you start knitting this bag. Mine turned out a little longer than the pattern intended meaning my row gauge was off. But hey, I always look on the bright side, now it is going to be SO much easier to carry baugettes.


Next, the strap. Literally, it took a village to make this twisted cord strap for the bag. Imagine my sister-in-law, brother, Mom, Kara, and I all standing in different corners of a large room twisting long strands of yarn to just the right level of taughtness and then carefully allowing it to reverse twist on itself forming a evenly twisted rope. We failed to the point of serious frustration. I finally got one that worked right but upon closer examination I realized that in an ideal world I would like it to be thicker. But, I just wasn’t willing to spend the time to create another rope and I thought this one would do.


You see how Chester almost covers the expanse of my hips? That’s HUGE.

Now, gauge issues. Beyond the final size of the bag, there are some gauge issues to pay attention to. Specifically in regards to the front and back sides measuring up to each other. I found my front (with the stranded stag and chevron patterns) was wider than my back (knit in all stockinette). Even though I blocked it like crazy, the front is still wider which makes for some annoying puckering. This is probably due to my gauge ratio (between stockinette and colorwork) not being consistent to the designers which frankly, I wasn’t paying attention to while knitting. Sometimes I get lazy and assume the designer and I will have the same results, but when the designer is accounting for differences in gauge he or she can only base that off of their experience. In reality, it is not that noticeable so I am not too worried about it.

Finally, a style note. In the picture, the stag portion of the bag is highlighted more and given more of a styled look by having the stitches picked up on the wrong side when adding the top and bottom chevron patterns. However, in the pattern, it tells you to pick up the stitches on the right side which will give you a more tailored seamless look. Obviously up to you which style you prefer, I just thought I would give you a heads up that the pattern as written does not perfectly represent the picture in the pattern. I picked up the stitches on the right side as the pattern instructs–probably would have preferred it the other way but didn’t think about it until I was too far down the road and at that point it wasn’t worth frogging.


In the end, I am pleased with my little…urm, big bag. Chester did me proud.

The following 28 comments were originally left at blogspirit:

love your bag. looks great. i often ignore guage too and end up with funny results. i’m currently doing a baby pillow which is going to be a very odd size. oh well. by the way, the wedding pics look lovely!

Posted by: Haley | 07/31/2007

Aw, Chester as Cary Grant in The Philadelpia Story! I like it. Like the bag too–the bigness is perfect for farmer’s marketing!

Posted by: Ashley | 07/31/2007

Chester looks lovely! Congrats on a great project! 🙂

Posted by: Amy Artisan | 07/31/2007

That looks great! You inspired me to knit the stagbag too, I’m half done with the front piece. Maybe someday I’ll even write about it…

Posted by: Artmomma | 07/31/2007

Chester is lovely – I mean handsome! He looks very regal.

Posted by: Cheryl | 07/31/2007


Posted by: kelliann | 07/31/2007

I think Chester is fantastic!

And no! You do NOT have big hips! Silly girl.

Posted by: tiennie | 07/31/2007

What a great bag, it looks like it was fun to knit too.

Posted by: Lin | 08/01/2007

Thanks for such detailed notes on the pattern. It’s annoying when little discrepancies add up to big differences in the outcome, but your project is an eye catcher, and I’m sure you’ll get a ton of comments–nice work!

Posted by: Heather | 08/01/2007

Chester looks fantastic. I would have considered it a bonus that the bag turned out a bit bigger than expect (as I see you did with the baguette!) And I totally sympathize with you about the twisted cord. I made one of those… once. I practically had to have my friend stand at the other side of the street it was so long at first!

Posted by: Erin | 08/01/2007

You are going to love having Chester around…he’s a peach!

Posted by: margene | 08/01/2007

Such a wonderful bag! I am happy to see a finished photo – this is on my list, and I was thinking of doing it in 2 brown alpaca yarns. Thanks for all of the notes on the pattern.

…you can tell I have Harry Potter on my mind. The first thing I thought of was Expecto Patronum! 🙂

Posted by: Lolly | 08/01/2007

I like it! And I think the length is excellent…bigger bags tend to be more useful, right? Great job!

Posted by: nova | 08/01/2007

It turned out great! And hey – a larger bag means it’s more useful for more things, right? 😉

Posted by: Chris | 08/01/2007

It looks fab!

I saw you at the Stitch and Pitch, but I feel like too much of a goob to introduce myself to people that I’ve only ever seen online. I hope you had a fun time!

Posted by: Cathi | 08/01/2007

I love him more than ever! I am looking forward to making one with the aid of your pattern notes, which rock.

Did you line the bag/have your mom line him for you?

Posted by: Heather Joins The Round | 08/01/2007

Your bag looks great! This one is on my list, thanks for your notes!

Posted by: Risa | 08/01/2007

The stag bag looks great! A wheel, or even a drop spindle would help you with making the strap – if you ever decided you wanted to make thicker one. Now, inquiring minds want to know – did you line it?

Posted by: Kristi aka Fiber Fool | 08/01/2007

Chester looks great! I love it that you named him Chester. How funny is that.
The wedding photos from your last post are great as well. It looks like it was a wonderful wedding and a fun time for everyone.

Posted by: Michelle | 08/01/2007

I love Chester! Your bag looks great! That is a bag I would love to make.. one day.

Posted by: allie | 08/01/2007

How COOOOOLLLLLLLL is that?!?!?!

Posted by: Kodachrome | 08/01/2007

It looks really lovely Erin, despite the fact that it is not ‘perfect’. Thanks for sharing your notes. I will definitely be reading them again before i attempt to knit this pattern in the future.
Regardless of his flaws, i think you and Chester are going to be good friends. :0)

Posted by: vera | 08/01/2007

Chester looks amazing! What a great bag.

Posted by: Knittypants | 08/01/2007

chester is awesome, despite the gauge struggles. he looks so proud to be carrying a baguette!

Posted by: rachel i. | 08/02/2007

Chester is awesome — and thanks for the tips!

Posted by: Octopus Knits | 08/02/2007

Next time you need twisted i-cord—-try your hand mixer. Use the bread dough attachments. Works like a charm.

The bag is LOVELY. You too.

Posted by: Alarming Female | 08/02/2007

Yay, loving Chester. He is so awesome.
I also jumped in without swatching. However, even looking at the intended measurements, it is a pretty large bag.

Posted by: christy/ not hip | 08/02/2007

Love it. You picked great colors.

Posted by: Elizabeth | 08/03/2007

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Bri gets married.

Well, I am back from a pretty memorable week. All that free time I thought I would have was wishful thinking on my part–I didn’t get to see as many friends as I had wished, get as much knitting done as I thought, or be able to visit all my favorite places as I hoped. But in the end, it didn’t matter. Bri got married, and all is good.


Kara and I both think she looked like Audrey Hepburn or another classic beauty. Happiness suits her.


Bri in her “fun and flirty” version of her wedding dress at the luncheon with her husband Adam.

More pictures from the wedding:


Me and my nieces after the ceremony.


My Dad and his unmarried daughters.



And finally,


Me and my niece Emma taking a self-portrait after a long day. Today is beautiful Emma’s birthday…Happy Birthday baby!

Now that I am back home I am faced with the ultimate dilemma–finishing my knitting or Harry Potter. Since I am paranoid someone is going to let something slip about the book to me, Harry is currently winning. But unless Harry completely consumes me I will be back later this week with a finished Chester bag.

P.S. I bought stuff for embroidery while at home…just what I need, another hobby.

The following 27 comments were originally left at blogspirit:

It looks like everything was perfect. Your neices are SO CUTE.

And your sister looks beautiful.

Posted by: lisa | 07/25/2007

Get Harry out of your hair;-) It looks like you all had a wonderful time and, if you ask me, you are all timeless beauties.

Posted by: margene | 07/25/2007

You guys look adorable! Congrats to your sister. And definitely finish the Potter first–what if someone ruins it for you???

Posted by: Ashley | 07/25/2007

Harry comes first – at least it has in my house 🙂

Lovely pictures of the wedding! You all look so beautiful! Congrats to Bri and Adam!

Posted by: Lolly | 07/25/2007

Happy birthday to your niece! Bri and Adam look wonderful together – and wonderfully happy.

Posted by: Chris | 07/25/2007

Your sister looks beautiful, I love both dresses. I had the same Harry Potter dilema…I was so paranoid that someone would give it away that I read the whole thing last weekend. Happy reading!

Posted by: Brooke | 07/25/2007

Yeah new hobby!
Also it was so fun to crash the wedding and see all of your family looking so fabulous ~especially that hair you were sporting ~Amazing!

Posted by: Posted by: annzy | 07/25/2007

Congratulations, Bri!

*Totally* read HP. 🙂 It won’t take you long.

Posted by: Amy | 07/25/2007

beautiful pictures of what looks like a very happy day. As do my three daughters, you three sisters look very alike, even with your obvious differences. My girls often get comments of surprise or puzzlement at how they can look so different (height, hair colour) but their faces look so similar — with the one or two-child family becoming more the norm, perhaps, people seem to have forgotten how genetics works! Do you ever have the same experience?

Posted by: materfamilias | 07/25/2007

Beautiful Bride, beautiful sisters–just gorgeous! what a fun trip!

and you know, sometimes knitting just has to go on the back burner. it’s always temporary. 🙂

Posted by: rachel i. | 07/25/2007

Wonderful wedding pictures! Your sister made a beautiful bride.

My husband ordered HP from England, so we don’t have our copy yet. I am careful about anyone’s post where I think there may be a spoiler. So far, the knit-blog community has been very good about not spoiling the story.

Posted by: Brenda | 07/25/2007

That was a perfect (and hot) day.

PS – I’ve finished Harry Potter…nah, nah, nah.

Posted by: Kara | 07/25/2007

My, what genes! 😉 Thanks for sharing these pictures, and enjoy Harry!!

Posted by: sulafaye | 07/25/2007

Your sister looks so beautiful and happy!

You and Emma are so cute, too.

Posted by: Knittypants | 07/25/2007

your sister and hubby look fantastic! Congratulations! Also, I scummed to Potter as you well know, it just feels good to get that book good and done and not fear you’ll click something on the internets that will give it away! Also I can now concentrate on knitting while not thinking about the Book! Oh and don’t get me started on other hobbies….

Posted by: margaux | 07/25/2007

The pictures are great — you all look wonderful and happy! (Happy birthday, Emma)

Hope you’re enjoying book 7!

Posted by: Octopus Knits | 07/25/2007

What sweet sweet pictures! You all look so happy!

Posted by: tiennie | 07/25/2007

It was so fun to see you this past weekend. You and Kara both look gorgeous along side Bri. I must say you stole the show down in the waiting room to go up to the sealing. Your hair was AWESOME! That whole bouquet thing may rub off on you. I hope it does. Love ya tons!

Posted by: Cassi | 07/25/2007

Bri looked absolutely gorgeous- as did you and Kara. Love her dress, so stylish. Sending all my good wishes to you all. May the happiness continue! :0)

Posted by: vera | 07/25/2007

You all look so beautiful! What wonderful pictures. 🙂 Thank you for sharing them!

Posted by: Romi | 07/27/2007

Congrats to Bri! Sounds like a wonderful day : )

Posted by: Amanda Cathleen | 07/28/2007

What a beautiful day for a wedding! My son Christopher and his sweet bride were married in the SLC Temple August of last year and they had a gorgeous day too.

Congrats to your sis. =)

Bev Q


Posted by: BevQ | 07/29/2007

Congratulations to your sister. She looks so happy!

As far as Harry Potter goes. I read it pretty much as soon as I got it, because, like you, I was so sure somewhere I’d come across a spoiler on the internet or someone would let it slip!

Posted by: Erin | 07/30/2007

Looks like such a fun day! I’m sure it was nice and emotional too 🙂

I’m paranoid about HP too. I haven’t started it yet b/c my husband claimed first dibs so I’ve been trying to avoid any spoilers like the plague!

Posted by: Sarah | 07/30/2007

What lovely pictures – your sister looks gorgeous and so happy. I have to say you are a very photogenic family, there’s not a bad shot of any of you!

Posted by: Heather | 07/30/2007

Looks like a beautiful wedding! You are all such beautiful happy people! I love it!

Posted by: nova | 07/30/2007

love the pics and love you!!

Posted by: megs | 07/31/2007

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Many many things

It has been quite a week. I am struggling with finding a great theme to tie together all the things I want to talk about so I believe it is time for an itemized list…

1. Last weekend: I told you all how I moved, got my stuff back and finally had a place to call my own as of last Thursday. What I didn’t tell you was how as soon as my stuff was strewn all over my new apartment and after contemplating ALL the cleaning and organizing I had to do, I was in a bit of a overwhelmed, panicked state. I had no idea how I was going to get anything–let alone everything–done. I was totally and completely paralyzed. After venting to my Mom on the phone I got a call about an hour later from my Dad who asked “how would you like a visitor this weekend?” Um…YES! So my Dad and my sister Kara drove 8 hours each way to help me clean, move stuff around, and go shopping for my new place this last weekend. THAT my friends is love. Miraculously, we got way more done than we ever imagined and despite all the work we did we all had an amazingly fun weekend. I am overwhelmingly blessed in the family department. That I do know. Thanks Dad and Kara.

2. Tour de France KAL: I haven’t had a chance to go to a LYS here (but thanks for the suggestions everyone, I can’t wait to go to all the new yarn stores in my area) to get yarn for Cherry and then I decided I didn’t need to when I was given the link to the Webs site from Beth and saw that the color Java was on such a great sale and I thought it could be really pretty so I ordered, and now I am waiting. I am really going to have to “sprint” to get this done–depending on when I get the yarn I might have to re-think my project choice. I know, I am not very prepared for this knit-a-long–don’t judge me.

3. Stag Bag: Front is finished which means I am really close to being done. Want to see Chester?

I am a magnificent beast in the wild.
4. The Workroom: I moved into a 2 bedroom apartment and I have been debating what I want to call the spare room and what will go in there. After some discussion with Kara and my Dad I decided on “The Workroom”. A place for my yarn, books, office, craft supplies, etc. to all live together in happiness and love. It is pretty empty so far:

Obviously there is much work to be done. I have some ideas and inspiration to work off of (thanks for the link Vera!) and I hope when I am done it will be a fun room for me. First order of business is to buy a desk and table for blocking board, and then maybe some shelves.
5. Web’s order: I didn’t only order yarn for Cherry. In anticipation of my workroom, I also ordered a large blocking board and a wooden swift. Yea!

6. Bella Blouse: Waiting on my new blocking board…should be soon.

7. Travel plans: Remember baby sister Bri? Well next week Saturday is her big wedding day. On Friday I am driving home for the week to spend some quality time with the whole family and to participate in all the wedding celebrations. To say I am excited is an understatement. Expect posts about sisters and weddings and family stuff but it is safe to say there will be plenty of knitting ahead too.

(FYI–Itemized lists are effective AND fun.)

The following 32 comments were originally left at blogspirit:

the hard wood floors are proof enough that you held out for the right place. I LOVE that you have a workroom….also soon to be known as “make-shift-guest-room”. You are so where you need to be…

and I’ve been inspired by your itemized list. I think I’ll go and write one myself!

Posted by: Posted by: Laurel | 07/12/2007

Ooh I love the Stag Bag – I was just looking at the pattern today when I was at JoAnn’s.

Posted by: Kaitie Tee | 07/12/2007

1. You’re welcome.
2. Java Cherry…delicious.
3. Well, hello, Chester!
4. I have high hopes for that workroom. It is going to be fab.
5. I am kinda sad you don’t need me to wind yarn anymore…
6. Oh, Bella, where are you?!
7. Can’t wait to see you tomorrow.

(You’re right, lists are the mostest fun. )

Posted by: Kara | 07/12/2007

What a fantastic family! And I’m sure with the wedding they could have been plenty busy at home too. I wish my family were only 8 hours away!

Have a great time back in Utah and don’t forget to enjoy the process of making your new place yours 🙂

Posted by: Kristi aka Fiber Fool | 07/12/2007

You have such a wonderful family! And Chester is looking mighty fine!

Posted by: Cheryl | 07/12/2007

The Stag Bag looks great! Your workroom looks to be a good size, and your family clearly rocks. Enjoy your sister’s wedding!

Posted by: Brenda | 07/12/2007

Yay for your family! I’m glad you’re getting settled in and aren’t feeling overwhelmed anymore. Have fun at the wedding! The Stag Bag is looking magnificent, too. 🙂

Posted by: Chris | 07/12/2007

1. The work room reminds me of your mom’s sewing room when we were little. Good memories.

2. Chester looks awesome! I think it will be so fun to have it completed.

3. I hate movinge because I too get paralyzed and it is so cool that your dad and Kara drove up. They are awesome!

4. Can’t wait to see you this weekend and next. I can’t believe that Bri is getting married. Where did all of our sleep over nights and McDonalds breakfasts go?

Posted by: Cassi | 07/12/2007

It looks like you’re living in my old hood- I hope you’re happy with your new place!

Posted by: Cathi | 07/12/2007

How nice of your family — that’s so great! I love your Stag Bag! (and your work room is awesome!)

Posted by: Octopus Knits | 07/12/2007

Yay for love like that in your life! Have a great time!

Posted by: tiennie | 07/12/2007

he stag bag looks good, I like the colours you chose. the workroom ideas look good. I have workroom but it usually ends up as an “ironing, guest and hide the junk in” room!!

Posted by: Lin | 07/13/2007

Wow- so jealous! You could do so much with that room! Glad to provide a little inspiration. :0)
You have such a wonderful family- you lucky gal!

Oh, and the stag bag is coming along nicely. You and the stag are getting to be good friends i hope. He looks quite charming, doesn’t he? :0)

Posted by: vera | 07/13/2007

Love your apartment! Those floors!!! So glad you are getting settled and that you were able to see your family and all that–they definitely sound like a good bunch!

The stag bag is looking fab!

Posted by: Kim | 07/13/2007

Your new place looks wonderful. Lovely to hear about your family’s closeness. I have three grown daughters (and a son) so I love to read about your family interactions from the perspective of my kids’ generation. It’s reassuring to see how well you can keep those bonds working even at a distance. Reminds me of my dad surprising me many years ago by driving, with my sister, 20 hours to visit me in a new home. Takes more than miles (in my Canadian case, kilometres) to keep a family apart, right?

Posted by: materfamilias | 07/13/2007

I think it was Oscar Wilde who said “I have so much to do that I think I’ll go to bed”… that *stuck* feeling is awful. So much to do that you don’t even know where to begin. But how wonderful your dad and sister could drive out to help you!

Your workroom looks very inviting. Nice warm floors. A couple ferns and a nice smooshy chair to knit and/or read in… 😀

Chester is very cute – I dig the colors. He will make quite the stylin bag!

Posted by: Ella | 07/13/2007

This is such a great entry, filled with positive things, but for me the workroom takes the cake. Such luxury, and it looks like such a great space!

Posted by: Amy | 07/13/2007

My boyfriend and I have a spare bedroom in our place too. We like to refer to it as the super cool fun room. It really is our office/craft/lounge area and it just sounds a little better than calling it “the other room,” or “not the bedroom.” Enjoy your new space! 🙂

Posted by: Posted by: Jessica | 07/13/2007

Thank you for this succinct bit of catching up! Sounds like things are going well for you! And all that traveling, speaks volumes about the love of your family. Very jealous of the new workroom, by the way.

Posted by: nova | 07/13/2007

a workroom? I’m so very jealous! Your Dad and your sis rock, how sweet of them to come and help you.
Chester does look magnificent

Posted by: amanda cathleen | 07/13/2007

The bag looks great! Big congrats to your sister. 🙂

Posted by: Romi | 07/13/2007

It was SO fun to see you last night!! I just love you! And remember how we can live in Colorado together in 6-8 years!?

See you Saturday!!


Posted by: Meghan | 07/15/2007

Lists are wonderful things! It sounds like things are going very well with you! Love the stag!

Posted by: Erin | 07/15/2007

Erin! My life has been crazy lately, but I’ve been meaning to comment and say congratulations on finding your dream job and doing what it takes to get it! A move to a new place is scary, but I’m excited for you!

I’m moving in two weeks, so I’ll understand how it feels soon! I’ll send you an email w/ my new contact info.

Posted by: holli jo | 07/15/2007

Yeah for Chester. I’m working on my stag bag, but my stag hasn’t told me his name yet…I’m still waiting.

Posted by: Christy/ Not Hip | 07/15/2007

A cool workroom with hardwood floors = instant artistic credibility.

Posted by: Posted by: jeff | 07/16/2007

Your stag bag is very impressive. I heart Chester.

Posted by: knittingphilistine | 07/16/2007

are you meaning to tell me you haven’t knitted anything for bri for her wedding? 😉

Posted by: cassilou | 07/17/2007

That’s so cool that your family came to help you get settled in. Hoping that you’re starting to adjust to your new home better!

Posted by: Wanda | 07/18/2007

I’m still in love with the STAG!

Posted by: Heather Joins The Round | 07/24/2007

Do you think they’d come help me get moved in? Sheesh. It’s unending.

Posted by: Alarming Female | 07/26/2007

Oh my gosh, that organization link is awesome. And that might be my new time wasting blog, wow!

Posted by: Sarah | 07/30/2007

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I Joined!

I think it is funny that I pretended I wasn’t sure I was going to join the Tour de France Knitalong. As soon as I posted about it I knew in my heart I was going to join–I just think sometimes my head lives in denial.

So I am in.


And thanks to you all for voting, i have a clear project winner of Cherry with 63% of the vote. Now about yarn, I thought I had something in my stash that would work but upon further reflection I don’t think it will. So I need yarn.

To all you Denverites out there…what is the best yarn store to shop for sweater amounts of yarn? I don’t have a lot of spare time on my hands so it would help to only have to go to one shop. Any suggestions?

Also, thanks for all the well wishes on my new place. I am really excited about getting unpacked and settled. Pet Peeve about moving though: spending hours and hours making sure the place I leave is spotless and clean for the next renter and then moving to a new place that was left filthy. This really, really vexes me. Just for the record.

The following 16 comments were originally left at blogspirit:

Complain to the management so they know all the work you did to move in! Can’t wait to see Cherry grow;-)

Posted by: margene | 07/06/2007

Yay! I’m glad you picked Cherry.

I can’t believe the mgmt didn’t have the place spotless for you!

Posted by: tiennie | 07/06/2007

From your new digs, the place to go is: http://www.thelambshoppe.com/ It is near your new neighborhood and they have a late night (Thursday) I think. Congrats on the new digs. We’ll have to get together soon.

Posted by: Wanda | 07/06/2007

Total and complete ditto on the cleaning pet peeve! Happy knitting! 😉

Posted by: Stitch-n-Snitch | 07/06/2007

Looking forward to seeing you knit Cherry!

Yeah, the moving-cleaning thing is a royal pain. I hope it goes well for you.

Posted by: Brenda | 07/06/2007

You’ve been training for this for a long time, so go go go! (I mean the knitting. The cleaning part really stinks, I’m with you on that). 😉

Posted by: sulafaye | 07/06/2007

I second the Lambshoppe suggestion.

My friend and I visited Denver over the winter and we went there a total of 3 times because no one else compares to them.

Posted by: Rachel | 07/06/2007

WEBS has that yarn on their site- i know – i bought some there!
very pretty!!!!

Posted by: Posted by: beth | 07/06/2007

Congrats on finding a new place! I was the same way when I rented. The place I left had to be clean, and the place I moved into had to be clean before my stuff even saw the front door. Didn’t matter if it looked clean, I had to *know* it was clean too!*L*
Can’t wait to see what yarn you choose for Cherry

Posted by: amanda cathleen | 07/07/2007

I lived in Boulder last summer and I absolutely loved it. Congratulations on the move and finally having a place of your own!

Posted by: Erin | 07/07/2007

Hooray for Cherry and the TdF kal!!

Posted by: Heather | 07/08/2007

So glad Cherry won!! Can’t wait to see it. And woot! for the Tour KAL… I think I might go on over and be a joiner too… I had a spark on genius on what my project could be.

Posted by: knittingphilistine | 07/09/2007

A fab choice in projects!

There is nothing more annoying than having a prior renter leave the place a mess *sigh*

Posted by: Kristi aka Fiber Fool | 07/09/2007

I am so glad to hear that you found a place to live! And that’s one of my pet peeves, too.

I’m in the TDF, too, but just doing socks. You better get sprinting!

Posted by: Chris | 07/10/2007

Oh Cherry is lovely indeed: appropriatique for the TdF KAL!! Hope you find the right wool soon!! Hapy Knitting!!

Posted by: Posted by: 2paw | 07/12/2007

Oh my gosh, I know what you mean!!! I remember once we moved into this place that still had hairs in the bathtub! So GROSS! I always still have to clean mine anyway, even though not everyone does it…

Anyway, so glad you found a new place and that you’re getting settled!

Also glad you picked Cherry. I love it.

Posted by: Kim | 07/12/2007

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Anyone else tired of depressed and unsettled Erin, girl who moved to a new state and stayed homeless and stashless for one WHOLE month? Me too. She was kind of a downer.

Well, that girl is no longer because as of now, I have a place to live. As of tomorrow, I get my stuff back. Life is good. Thanks for all your well wishes and for putting up with my month of struggle. I really have no idea why it was so hard for me, but I feel good about where I have landed. I officially have a Denver address. Yea!

It is interesting but as soon as I got the call telling me the place was mine it was like a huge weight was physically lifted off my shoulders. I felt it leave. Not that I don’t have a LOT of work ahead. Moving into a new place requires unpacking and shopping and cleaning but I feel like this work will be nothing compared to the hunting and unknown of being in limbo.

I feel like I have all the time in the world now which is silly since I have a ton going on this month. New job is busy, unpacking, sister getting married in two and a half weeks, etc. And yet, I still am contemplating taking on one more thing because, well, I am crazy. As soon as I read about the Tour de France Knitalong on Jacqueline’s blog I have been mulling over the idea of joining. I mean really, what could be more fun? Who doesn’t love a good theme?!?? Do I follow cycling…not so much, no. My good buddy Max is REALLY into it though so it is not like I am completely ignorant. Plus, it is in France and it features men with really great (albeit shaved) legs–what could be bad?

The basic premise is that you have to choose a French or cycling inspired knit and knit it over the course of the Tour. There are different groups to “compete in” depending on what kind of goal you are going for. If you know me at all, you would know I am interested in the sprinter group–the ones that want to finish over the course of the tour.

So I am not saying I am going to join. I have a couple more days to decide. But I have given some thought to some appropriate projects. I thought it might be fun if you all would give me your opinion on the matter. Here are the projects I am thinking about with my “french connection” justification and then if you wouldn’t mind, give me your opinion in the poll at the bottom of my post. Sounds fun right?

Cherry by Anna Bell — Definitely a top I could see myself wearing while eating a baguette and reading a book at a cafe in Paris.

Swiss Cheese Scarf by Winnie Shih — Hello…CHEESE?!?? What could be more French?

Flower Basket Shawl by Evelyn A. Clark — France has lots of flowers.

Ene’s Scarf by Nancy Bush — Ene sounds kind of French to me. Plus it is pretty and France is really really pretty.

Okay, now vote. Please.

The following 27 comments were originally left at blogspirit:

Yay! I am so glad my Eres-Bears is getting settled. Must plan next trip now.

I think that Cherry would be fabulous on you. Plus, I have my eye on it, so it must be great.

Posted by: Kara | 07/04/2007

Congrats on finding a place – it is always nice to feel settled once again. 🙂

Each of the patterns looks great – I say go for Swiss Cheese, it looks like it is “mindless” enough to be knit on when you need a break from unpacking, etc. 🙂

Posted by: Amy Artisan | 07/04/2007

Welcome to Denver! Once you’re settled, you’ll have to come out for a knit night. The Downtown Denver SnB has a strong following. They (we) like to visit several locations including local yarn shops and coffee shops or bars.

Posted by: Kaitie Tee | 07/04/2007

i like Cherry – check out the blog tentenknits, she’s doing one that looks great. So glad you are finally settled.

Posted by: Posted by: Christine | 07/04/2007

So glad that you found a place finally, hope the move goes smoothly…and I am doing the Canal du Midi socks for the TdFkal, hopefully they won’t be too tricky!

Posted by: Heather | 07/04/2007

Congratulations on you new non-homelessness! I know that weight-lifting feeling and it is great.
Cherry will look fabulous on you. But Ene is a close second for me, as I have a huge love for bird’s eye lace.

Posted by: Artmomma | 07/04/2007

Ahh yes, that feeling of limbo. It is a very familiar one. Glad the weight has finally been lifted from your shoulders!
As for the knitting. i voted for flower basket shawl, but i also really like cherry and i think it would be fabulous summer knitting. I definitely think you could do it- you’ve had plenty of training! :0)

Posted by: vera | 07/04/2007

Great news on getting settled.

Posted by: Kathy | 07/04/2007

Yay for being settled! Double yay for getting your stuff!

Posted by: nova | 07/04/2007

Fantastic! Enjoy your new place!

Re: the stag bag, am thinking you’re right and I should just get the alpaca blend yarn…I love knitting with alpaca. I am looking forward to seeing how yours comes out!

Posted by: Heather Joins The Round | 07/04/2007

Yay!! You’re now really ready for it all to begin! You and Cherry were made for each other…just sayin;-)

Posted by: margene | 07/04/2007

Yay! I’m glad you’re no longer homeless! Glad things are settling down for you. I voted and I can totally see you rockin’ Cherry!

Posted by: tiennie | 07/05/2007

you do realise that i am taking this post as a definite committment to join!

i have even alerted the KAL organisers on your behalf 😉

Posted by: jacqueline | 07/05/2007

Congratulations! I’m happy to say, commence with the dishrags!

Posted by: sulafaye | 07/05/2007

I have to agree with Margene: you and Cherry were made for each other! 🙂

Congrats on the new place!

Posted by: Lolly | 07/05/2007

So glad to hear that you now have a home! I’m thinking Cherry would be well suited for you.

Posted by: laura b | 07/05/2007

glad you found a home. happy settling in!

Posted by: Haley | 07/05/2007

I feel so much better now that you have a place. I don’t envy you the challenge of getting a place together ~I have been in mine for a month now and am only starting to make a dent in it.

Posted by: Posted by: annzy | 07/05/2007

cherry all the way~ 🙂
hope you are getting settled!

Posted by: leslie | 07/05/2007

So glad you are thinking of joining us! I vote Cherry, but whatever project is going to give you peace in the midst of setting up house is the one to choose. 🙂 Congratulations and I’m looking forward to hearing all about your setting up home!! I’m about to go through this too so I would appreciate your advice re: unpacking and cleaning. 🙂

Posted by: Debby | 07/05/2007

Congratulations on finding a place to live! My DH and I went through a similar thing 7 years ago. Once we had a place, everything else was easy.

I think Cherry is really pretty, so I voted for it.

Posted by: Brenda | 07/05/2007

I voted for the Swiss Cheese because it is SO much closer to something french than the cherry thing – but it looks like I’m being outvoted.

Glad you found a place – have room for visitors?

Posted by: Posted by: freerangeliberal | 07/05/2007

Swiss Cheese Scarf!

Congrats on soon being reunited with your stash! I am also separated from mine, but have been rebuilding a small “mini-moving stash” for this transitional moving time.
You’re going to feel so good when everything is in it’s place and you can sit on the couch and knit!

Posted by: bunchkin | 07/06/2007

OK. Not that you need more temptation… but as soon as you said “French” and “bicycle” I immediately thought of a few more ideas for you from Knitty: Chapeau Marnier (Summer 07), Ribena (Spring 07), and Eiffel (Winter 06).

Posted by: Lisa | 07/06/2007

Hi Erin!

So happy you found a place to settle down… Can’t wait to hear all about it.

Miss your face!

Posted by: laceyJ. | 07/06/2007

Congrats on your new home!

Posted by: Teyani | 07/07/2007

Erin, I just read your blog. Sounds like you’re doing good.

What could be more French then the Swiss Cheese Scarf? How about a scarf that doesn’t have the name of a country besides France in it.

P.S. FranklinCovey misses you.

Posted by: Brad K | 07/11/2007

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New Inspiration

I really thought I did a good job of packing. I anticipated the need to have most of my stuff in storage for a month or so and packed everything else that I was sure I would need for that month. Sadly, I didn’t anticipate all my needs. Bella Blouse is finished, ready to be blocked and then seamed together…but I have no blocking pins. Grrr. Yeah, I could go out and buy some blocking pins, sure. It is just the principal of the thing, you know?

So while Bella sits waiting for a good cleaning and shaping…


Yes, I started on a new project. The Intricate Stag Bag by Norah Gaughan and featured in the fall Knitscene and free online from Knitting Daily. I am really digging the stag design of the bag. In fact, watching the stag grow has been uber-fun. His name is Chester. He got the name because when I was talking aloud to myself a little while ago I said to the stag, “You are so cute. I will call you…Chester.” It must be meant to be.

Chester is SUPER excited to grow horns and to feel the shade of the trees on his head. (I can’t wait either!)

I want to finish the bag before I go home for my sister’s wedding in two weeks so my Mom can sew a lining in the bag. One of these days I will learn how to sew but in the mean time thanks be to crafty Moms who love me. I am using Blue Sky Alpacas Melange yarn in cool yellow mustard and orange. It is knitting up oh so soft. There is just something about those alpacas.

I think I am on a bit of a colorwork kick lately. The other pattern that caught my fancy in the new Knitscene is Road to Golden. Only problem…I don’t think the neckline would be that flattering on me. I am thinking of trying to convert it into a v-neck. That would be cute right?

You guys want to see something else? Since I am so behind on my blog reading I don’t know if news of this sweater is out already but if you haven’t seen it, you will want to. Trust me. Go here, scroll to page 2 and 3. I’ll wait, but then come back because I want to talk about it…

It is the Autumn Rose Pullover by Eunny Jang and it is coming out in the Simply Shetland 4 book sometime in fall and I am totally in love with it. Look at the flattering scoop neck, the modern shaping, the perfect fitting sleeves. The second this pattern comes out I am in. Anyone want to join me?

The following 31 comments were originally left at blogspirit:

I just posted on Ravelry about the Autumn Rose pattern–love it! Again, Eunny shows us what a knitting goddess she really is. I can’t wait for the pattern to come out!

Posted by: Sophia | 07/01/2007

I am so in! I remember when she posted a little glimpse of it on her site months ago. I tried to hunt it down at the time, but it obviously wasn’t appeared in full yet. I love the look of the full neck fashion-wise…but I also love that it won’t feel closed in. (I hate the feel of most wools right on my neck).

The bag is looking great….I really want to start that soon also.

Posted by: Christy/ Not Hip | 07/01/2007

Love the stag bag color combo–I’m mulling over what I want to use. and I love that his name is Chester. It’s just so right for him.

Posted by: Ashley | 07/01/2007

It’s a shame your blocking pins are packed up… I look forward to seeing your blocked Bella Blouse in the future. I’ve got to get me the new Knitscene — the online preview has me drooling over several things (including the stag bag and the Road to Golder). The Autumn Rose pattern is really lovely! I’ve got to get some more colorwork experience under my belt before I try anything like that!

Posted by: Octopus Knits | 07/01/2007

I *love* that bag!

Posted by: Romi | 07/01/2007

I stashed away the Stag Bag pattern for the future – I haven’t done any colorwork yet, but I did think that would be a fun project to make. Yours is looking great. And Autumn Rose will be gorgeous on you!

Posted by: Cheryl | 07/01/2007

I’m in too! I adore that sweater (and Chester, too).

Posted by: sulafaye | 07/01/2007

The stag bag is looking great!

The Autumn Rose sweater is gorgeous. I wonder what the sizing on it will be…

Posted by: Kristi aka Fiber Fool | 07/01/2007

Road to Golden caught my eye too, but when I tried to hunt down Knitscene, I couldnt find it.
I am so in for the Eunny sweater though..

Posted by: Kate | 07/01/2007

I love that new Eunny sweater it is gorgeous. The Road to Golden I’m not too keen on. I don’t know that the neckline is well-suited to you, a V-neck would be better.

Posted by: Wanda | 07/01/2007

You are about 2 rows ahead of me on stag bag! I haven’t posted a picture yet- probably at the end of the week.

What yarn are you using?

My LYS did not have the “light” version of the yarn called for- I ended up getting the berroco ultra alpaca in Sage and Forest-and using size 10(US) needles

It’s my first go at colorwork and I’m thinking if it’s really bad, I’ll felt it when I’m finished.

Posted by: becky | 07/01/2007

Love both the sweaters you mentioned, too bad about the blocking pins. But at least the bag looks great!

Posted by: Posted by: Christine | 07/01/2007

Once again, I’m reminded what a slow knitter I am. I was at the same place you were when you posted the last Bella Blouse pic, and now I still have both sleeves and half of the left neckline to go. I can’t wait to see pics of yours!

Right on about the Simply Shetland sweater. I can tell ya right now I can’t afford the yarn for it, but have fun.

Posted by: Elizabeth | 07/01/2007

Eunny’s sweater gives me heart palpitations. SOOOOOO PREEEEEEEEETY. 🙂

Posted by: Katinka | 07/01/2007

I must not look at Eunnys next sweater… I havn’t made Venezia yet!

Posted by: Lin | 07/02/2007

Love the Stag Bag & Chester! I’ve been waiting for Monday so the LYS will be open & I can go and get the yarn to start this! Also, can’t wait for Road to Golden, love it! Thanks for turning me on Eunny’s new design, I hope I can get to be proficient enough at stranded colorwork to attempt this!

Posted by: Posted by: Kristine | 07/02/2007

Great to see a post from you, E! and such a lovely new project too! I love this bag, and have since I saw it in the preview. I am thrilled that KD is offering it for free. I just printed it! also lovin’ Road to Golden.

After your success with Eunny’s Venezia, I am sure this one will be a piece of cake 😉 Good luck!

Posted by: Lolly | 07/02/2007

Wow that is gorgeous, both the bag and the new sweater you are going to be making. I need to knit me some Eunny J stuff. I am a Jang Junkie without a cure.

Posted by: nubiancraftster | 07/02/2007

I love that sweater!

Posted by: Lisa | 07/02/2007

I LOVE THAT BAG! Just downloaded the pattern! Can’t wait to see the FO.

Posted by: Heather Joins The Round | 07/02/2007

That bag is going to be beautiful! That was my favorite pattern in the last Knitscene. And thanks for the link to Autumn Rose. It’s gorgeous!

Posted by: Michelle | 07/02/2007

LOL! I just ordered the new Knitscene just for the Road to Golden pattern (although I like the neckline as is), and I will gladly KAL on the Autumn Rose as soon as it’s available.

Dahling, you have amazing taste 🙂

Posted by: Posted by: Natalie | 07/02/2007

ooh! You are a very bad person to show me Autumn Rose whilst I’m still working on Venezia………. now I’m praying for a long cold Winter for which I will need TWO fairisle sweaters :0)

Tho’ I will definitely be re-colouring this one too – I’m not so big on the brownish shades she uses.

Funnily enough I just bought Knitscene for exactly the 2 patterns you have mentioned…. spooky.

Posted by: Heather | 07/02/2007

I love Eunny’s sweater — it’s more than I can take on right now but it will be fabulous! I’ll watch for everyone’s progress photos.

Posted by: Debby | 07/02/2007

love your stag bag color choices. i would love to try my hand at it one day. (i love stranded work.) but for now i have too many other WIPs either on the needles or waiting in line. can’t wait to see your finished bag. by the way, i think it’s great that you have a crafty mom to help you. i use my crafty sister for sewing help.

Posted by: Haley | 07/02/2007

You will rock that sweater! I remember when EJ put a little snippet of it on her blog. You are so great at colorwork!

Posted by: tiennie | 07/03/2007

That Autumn Rose is a very, very Erin sweater. I definitely think you should do it! I am debating the stag bag, also. I think I will call mine Pierre.

Posted by: Kim | 07/03/2007

I’ve been a lurker for awhile now and I just love your blog. Of course it’s all your fault that now I have to rent 6 seasons of Gilmore Girls this summer 🙂 I’ll join you on Autumn Rose. It’s time to try some serious colorwork.

Love Chester’s colors!

Posted by: Pam | 07/03/2007

You are flying along on that bag! Its so neat when you can see the pattern emerge!
PS. I bet Chester would like a head before he gets horns 😉

Posted by: Amanda Cathleen | 07/03/2007

You are flying along on that bag! Its so neat when you can see the pattern emerge!
PS. I bet Chester would like a head before he gets horns 😉

Posted by: Amanda Cathleen | 07/03/2007

I love your stag bag…it’s definitely on my wish list. I see myself toting it around everywhere during the late autumn. Also, I have never attempted fair isle of the magnitude of the Autumn Rose sweater, but if you are rounding up people for a knitalong, I am so in. I think the only way I’ll get through it is to have people around me egging me on.

Posted by: Sway | 07/08/2007

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