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In fact, I have been a knitting fool in December.  Just as I thought it would, once I moved into my new place and started feeling a little more settled, my knitting genes started kicking in.  Most of the month has been spent working on Vivian (for me) but the desire to gift knit crept up on me and about a week and a half ago I put everything aside and knit up some last-minute gifts.

It all started when I found out I was going to be the Aunt to a new baby girl.  I have known for months about the baby but two weeks ago I found out about the girl bit.  Baby sister Bri is the pregnant one.   (Side note: Can you believe how much Bri has grown up since I started this blog?  From a carefree, newly college graduated singleton who wears really awesome hoodies to a blushing bride and now a mom-to-be.  I can hardly stand how happy and excited I am for her–and you too Adam.)  Now I would have been just as happy if they were having a baby boy but I have to admit that knitting for a girl is a wee bit more fun.   So really, you can hardly blame my excitement to get started and give this little unborn (but already deeply loved) baby a little something for Christmas.

I love baby booties.  I mean really, how cute are these?  Ysolda’s pattern is easy to follow and is perfect for using up spare sock yarn as it uses hardly any yarn at all.  I happened to have two perfectly complimentary colors of sock yarn in my stash that resulted in the idea to make the soles of the booties a different color.  I love the two toned look.  The other thing I really like about these booties is the cute eyelet looking pattern on the toe.  Oh, and the buttons!  They really do look like mini-shoes.

Pattern: Tiny Shoes (raveled here)

Size: 0-3 months

Yarn: Leftover fingering weight sock yarn

Needles: US 2 1/2 double points

Mods: Knit the soles in a different color.

I kept with the shoe theme for my next gift knits which were made for my sisters for Sister’s Night (The super cool holiday I made up when I was 12 that lands every year on Christmas Eve).  I decided to make this ballet flat pattern that has been in my queue for ages.

These are, in a word, awesome.  If you want more words I have compiled the following pros list for your reading pleasure:

  • The perfect gift knit, you could make a pair in a long afternoon.
  • They don’t use a ton of yarn so one skein is all you will need.
  • They are SO comfortable and fit on the feet well without slipping around too much.
  • A nice alternative to wearing socks, they are both warm and not too constricting.

After one pair I had the pattern memorized and am hoping I am not too bored of knitting the same pattern so I can make a pair for my Mom and sister-in-law.  Not that it is a boring knit, I am just not good at repeat knitting projects.

Pattern: Pleated Ballet Flats (raveled here)

Size(s): 9 (Blue), 10 (Green), 11 (Orange)

Yarn: Blue and Green flats are Berroco Blackstone Tweed, Orange is Rowan Rowanspun Aran

Needles: US 7

Notes: You could make the flats a little more durable by adding a leather bottom but I opted to just put puff paint on the heels and soles so they wouldn’t slip around too much.  It works perfectly!

As for sizing, if you are at a half-size, I’d recommend going to the higher size.  I am a 9 and 1/2 and the size 10 fits me perfectly.  Don’t freak out if you think the flat fits too tight though, it will stretch.

Hope your holiday and gift giving (whether it be homemade or not) went as splendidly as mine did.  Now back to knitting for my favorite recipient…me.  🙂

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Holiday Housewarming

I am not ready to post “finished” pictures of my living room yet but I thought I would give you a few sneak peeks so I could show off my holiday decorations. Sound fun? Okay.

First up is the hand-carved Nativity my Mom brought me back from China. Thanks to a suggestion from Kara, I decided to put this up on the middle shelf of my bookcase.

Pretty right? I love the little sheep.

Then of course, I had to get a tree.

I’m not a huge fan of fake trees…I know they are cheaper and cleaner and easier and better for the environment but I just can’t let go of real trees yet.

I am a total sucker for Christmas lights. Light anything up with little fairy lights and I am pretty much in heaven. So it is not surprising that I liberally use lights when I decorate for Christmas. Going through my old decorations I found this berry garland. The perfect size for my entry way.

Of course I had to wrap it in lights.

And then there is the window in my kitchen. I bought these lights on the streets of Thailand years ago but hadn’t ever used them before.

Washing dishes has never been so festive.

And finally, what do I see when I look out to my balcony?

I am just waiting for it to snow again so I can sit, knit, stare at pretty lights, drink hot chocolate, and watch the snow light up the night. Like I said, heaven.

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A new me

So all I have are poorly lit photos taken by me on my cell phone at work BUT, I thought I would share anyway.



It is like it is a whole new me.  (But still totally me.)

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