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Leave it to my blog readers to put my problems with Size 0 needles in perspective. Who knew there were size 000 or 0000 needles? And who knew there were people that actually knit with these sickingly small needles? I tell you, the lengths we knitters go…

And now, a mini-FO. Just after I got my new camera a few months ago, I decided to knit a camera pouch for it. It was a quick little pouch that I made up and got really excited about until I tried it on and realized that I made it a little too small. I didn’t want to bother making a new one at the time and so I have been using the too small pouch ever since. My friend saw the pouch and asked me to make her a camera case too. She is going on a trip this weekend and so I thought it was the perfect time to deliver.

The biggest problem I have with the pouch I made was that it keeps sliding off my camera while in my purse. So I knew the case I made for my friend had to have a drawstring of sorts. And then I knew what I needed to make…I have long thought the soft drawstring pouch on the cover of Last Minute Knitted Gifts was beautiful but hadn’t really had a reason to make one. So I grabbed some left-over Debbie Bliss Baby Cashmerino in a silverish pink color and using US 6 double points, knit this baby up:


I made a few modifications to the pattern: I cast on less stitches, made the roll brim at the top a lot shorter, and did not add the fringe to the i-cord tie. I love it. It even fits my little camera perfectly. I almost wish I didn’t have to give it away. But I think she will like it so I guess as long as my friend is happy I will be too.

You know, I just find it hard sometimes to give away my knitting. We spend so much time together. We bond. When I give a knitted piece away, I almost feel like a bitter ex-girlfriend. “They will never love the knit like I did.” Of course, most bitter ex-girlfriends are delusional. In the case of giving a knitted gift to a non-knitter, I believe that statement is actually true. Only a knitter can fully understand the time and effort that goes in to a knit project. Truly, they won’t love it like you will. They can’t. But does that matter? Probably not. I am really just trying to justify keeping the pouch for myself. I won’t though. Really it only took me about 4 hours so we are not TOO attached yet. For you and I pouch, it will have to be a short love affair. Adieu.

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It’s so cute, and I’m sure your friend will love it, even if she can’t love it ENOUGH.

I suppose it’s silly to point out that you could make another for yourself? 😉

Posted by: Imbrium | 04/28/2006

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Size 0?!?

I never really understood the idea of size 0. Doesn’t zero mean nothing? So how can someone wear a size nothing pant? And don’t get me started about size 0 needles. I casted on for the Simply Lovely Lace socks from the Spring 06 Interweave using size 0 double points last night. I am only a few repeats into the cuff and I have to be honest…I am hating it. I don’t know if it is the sock pattern or the size “nothing” needles. Knitting it has been painstaking.


I love the yarn. Sweetgeorgia superwash sock yarn in Moss. Love it. So soft and the color variation is so subtle�??it is just beautiful. But I am seriously debating continuing. Doing a simple sl 1, k2tog, psso takes forever. I am thinking about frogging and re-casting on using 1’s. Do you think that will be better? I can’t imagine it would change the size too much. I just don’t want to knit something that I am not enjoying. I don’t know. I think I will try again another night and see how I feel.

Forecast is coming along nicely. Here is the upper body finished:


I feel like it looks like a little child sweater in that picture. I am loving this sweater. So much. First off, I have tried it on and at this point I think it will fit well. I LOVE the texture of it. All the purl stitches really work for the style and feel of the sweater. The color is much deeper in real life and has some great yellow undertones to it. I will try next time to get a better picture of the color. The pattern is easy to remember and it has been really fun to knit. I knit the upper body several inches longer then the pattern calls for and I am going to knit the ribbing at the bottom longer too. I am wagering that the sweater will not be done in time to wear before it gets too hot but I am going to keep working on it anyway.

This weekend I am going casting on for Rambling Rose. So that should be fun. More small needles. Just as long as they aren’t 0’s.

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Honey you gotta try knitting with 4/0000 dpn’s aka as 0000. Girl them 0’s will feel like chopsticks after working with needles as small as the 0000. I do however, still feel your pain. I’m sure it will be oh so worth it, in the long run.


Posted by: Necia | 04/27/2006

Man, i feel you on the 0s. i’ve knitted one pair of mittens and one pair of socks on 0’s, and one pair of socks on 000s. it’s like being in hell. i don’t know what it is about being one less than #1s, but it somehow makes a huge difference. i’d knit on 1s and cut out a few stitches if you have to. but that’s just me.

Posted by: Sara | 04/27/2006

I know what you mean about the nonsense of being size 0. But it’s even worse when you look at size 0000 needles!

Generally, I would say that if you hate something in knitting, you can just stop doing it. In this case, if you hate the size 0 needles after a while, maybe you could try it out on size 1’s. However, it will make a less dense fabric that you may not like or that will not wear as well. It’s always worth a shot, at least.

It kind of sounds to me like what you’re hating is the stitch pattern. If so, just do a different one. I do it all the time!

Posted by: Posted by: Katherine | 04/27/2006

Forecast looks awesome. And I am so jealous about rampling rose. I have had my eye on her for a while, but know i am not getting anywhere near it anytime soon. as for the 0’s. keep trucking. I know it’ll be workt your wile. you are going to end up with some awesome socks. I am working on a hat with 0’s and i was feeling the same way about it being tedious, but is looks awesome now.

Posted by: Posted by: cassi | 04/27/2006

Yeah, I thought it was a child’s sweater too when I first saw the photo. But then realised that it was the famous Forcast. Looking very good!

Posted by: Yuli | 04/27/2006

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What comes next…

I don’t know what to do with myself…I only have one project on the needles. That’s right…one! Forecast is coming along great�??I am loving the texture of the pattern�??although I have had to ignore it a little to make 6 swatches for a finishing class I am taking at my LYS on Saturday. I am very excited for the class and just know afterward I will be an expert finisher. I just know it!

I have been wanting to cast on for other projects but I think I have too many things I want to do and that is making it difficult to decide. Plus sister/roommate Kara and I made a yarn diet pact that we won’t buy any new yarn until Estes Park in June. That’s right…June! I was committed until I saw Knit and Tonic’s entry today. How much do I love the allhemp6 cool hemp ponchette? I love it…so much. Pre-yarn diet Erin would have purhased the pattern and the yarn today. Kara tells me I can buy the pattern but not the yarn. Oh the agony. What good is the pattern without the yarn? Argh. Hrumf.

So this leads me to my next train of thought, the projects that have been tempting me but have not yet made it on the needles. Every day the list grows and alters. Some of the projects I have purchased yarn for, others are just a glimmer in my eye. Here it is as it stands today:

Socks (Due to a recent obsession with sock yarn, I must start knitting more socks.)

  • Simply Lovely Lace Socks (Interweave Knits Spring 06) medium_sweet_georgia_moss.jpg love these and will probably make next with my sweetgeorgia moss yarn (see right and make sure you expand the picture so you can see the pretty blue undertones to the yarn�??ohhh I love it).
  • Evening Stockings (Knitting Vintage Socks)…I adore these socks, just haven’t found the right yarn for them yet.
  • Jaywalkers (Magknits/Grumperina)…this seems to medium_lana_grossa_yarn.4.jpg be an initiation of sorts�??all sock knitters must at some point in their lives knit Jaywalkers. Plus I have the perfect stripy yarn (see right).
  • Over-the-Knee Stockings (Handknit Holidays)…tried to knit these already but the yarn was all wrong on way too large needles so I frogged.
  • Mata Hari (Craftoholic…scroll her gallery to see the picture)…have some hottish pick Lorna’s Laces yarn I am thinking of using for these.
  • Springgrass (Craftoholic…scroll her gallery to see the picture)…v.v. pretty.
  • medium_cherryblossom_close.jpg Bed Sock (Knitting Vintage Socks)…I want to buy some nice cashmere as the pattern recommends.
  • Hedera (Knitty.com)…a lot like the simply lovely lace socks, perhaps too much?
  • Pomatomus (Knitty.com)…I love how unique this pattern is. Perhaps I should use my Sundara Cherry Blossom? (see right)


  • Rambling Rose (Rowan 39)…bought Rowan 4-ply Soft for this sweater in color medium_4ply_daydream_yarn.jpg #378, Daydream (see right) . I want to start pretty soon.
  • Streakers Shrug (Interweave Knits Spring 06)…love this but no yarn yet.
  • Somewhat Cowl (Knit and Tonic)…great work top but again, no yarn.
  • Argyle Deep-V Vest Revisited (Eunny)…want to knit one that fits this time. Maybe I need to choose different yarn?
  • Bonita Shirt (Interweave Knits Summer 06)…can’t really tell if I like this yet since all I have seen is the small preview picture but I want to make a good summer top and this one looks pretty.
  • Beth (Rowan Ribbon Twist Collection)…I have been wanting to knit this one for a while but just don’t want to spend the money to knit it in Ribbon Twist…and yet I like the ribbon twist look so I am stuck. Still want to knit it though�??any good substitutes?


  • allhemp6 cool hemp ponchette (kpixie.com)…my new obsession.
  • Trellis Scarf (Interweave Knits Spring 06)… medium_green_anne_yarn.jpg have the most beautiful Schaefer Anne sock yarn (see yarn) that I want to use for this or another wrap.
  • Icarus Wrap (Interweave Knits Summer 06)…again, have only seen the preview but think it looks gorgeous.
  • Branching Out (Knitty.com)…have long wanted a nice lace scarf and love all the versions of this one I have seen all over the blogosphere.
  • Dad’s Sharfik (Grumperina)…bought some knit picks Andean Silk yarn in Slate for this one.
  • Baltic Sea Stole (Fiber Trends)…do have some gorgeou medium_gold_lace_yarn.jpg s Kaalund Expressions yarn in the color Silky Oak bought in New York that I could use for this (see right).
  • Print O’ The Wave Stole (Eunny Jang)…could use the Kaalund for this too.

I am thinking I should always have a sock on the needles and 2 other projects (one big, one less so.) That sounds about right to me. So what do you think? Which projects should I put on the fast track?

The following 4 comments were originally left at blogspirit:

The constant knitter conundrum! All of your wish list projects look lovely – no matter what you pick I look forward to seeing your progress in the coming months! 🙂

Posted by: Amy | 04/21/2006

What a great knitting list! While I would be thrilled if you knit both my socks really fast ;-), I have to say that I loved Pomatomus. It’s so beautiful and fun to knit. The Beth sweater is on my list too, I have some recycled Ribbon Twist to use, but I think you could use any chunky weight yarn for this, or maybe a polar weight. Elann often has some good alternatives in those weights.

Posted by: Steph | 04/21/2006

Hi! I’m a Utahn too, who subscribes to your blog but have only lurked up until now. I swear, I’m not creepy, just quiet. I decided to de-lurk all over the place this week, so howdy.

I love to read people’s project lists. It’s so interesting to see what we have in common and what we totally DON’T have in common. You and I often have differing tastes, but I bought the Deep V pattern about the same time (I haven’t started it yet, but also plan to use Merino Style. Your experience has been quite instructive, thanks!) I also like the Print O the Wave stole — is there some Eunny obsession here? And the Icarus wrap — Mim’s lace patterns are really breathtaking. I notice you have another Utah girl designer up there, too. Isn’t it neat to see how many Utahns are producing absolutely beautiful patterns? Makes me proud…

Posted by: Posted by: Katherine | 04/21/2006

And, I thought my list was long! I change my mind so frequently, I won’t even bother typing out my “in queque” list. No way! So have you decided on what you’re going to work on?


Posted by: Necia | 04/24/2006

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The Clutch

I can’t sew. I knew this and yet I still choose a knitting project that involved me having to sew. Perhaps I was in denial�??I must have thought the bag would sew itself once the knitting was done.

It all started when Kara put some gorgeous yarn in my stocking at Christmas. Classic Elite Miracle in this cool orange color called Cuban Sunset. On a whim I choose the Accessories Pouch pattern from Handknit Holidays and started knitting over the holiday. The two panels knit up pretty quickly and they turned out great I thought. Then I was faced with the inevitable reality, I had to sew it. Oh, I distracted myself for a time with buying the lining and zipper but then I had to buckle down and actually do it. I enlisted the help of a friend who sews and sat down to her sewing machine. She started by guiding me and then she stepped in to fix a mistake of mine and then she just took over and did it. I was thrilled with this set-up. Only problem was that the zipper was the first part that was sewn and it was done by me and it was done poorly. Initially I thought I could live with it but I took the clutch home and stewed over it and then my perfectionist tendencies took over and I knew I had to fix it. Or, erm, I should say, my friend had to fix it because goodness knows I couldn’t do it. Anyway, months later the clutch is finally done. My friend returned it to me yesterday and I was able to seam it up last night.

Here it is:


Pattern: Accessories Pouch

Source: Handknit Holidays

Yarn: Classic Elite Miracle, #3385 Cuban Sunset, 2 skeins

Needles: US 5

Alterations: I added a third row of the scallop pattern to make it more of a “clutch” and less of a “pouch.”

Notes: I love it! The yarn is perfect since it has these great yellow undertones to it that give the scallops a lot of depth. Plus it feels very silky. Perfect for a night time clutch.

I tried to get an action shot but I am taking pictures during lunch at my cubicle so all shots of me holding the clutch turned out miserably. I was going to ask someone for help but really, how do you explain why you need an action shot of your knitting for your knitting blog to a casual co-worker.

Take a look at the inside (complete with sample items the clutch could potentially hold one day):


I love how it turned out. I would make more…you know, if I could sew. Someday maybe…someday.

The following 10 comments were originally left at blogspirit:

That’s the way to do it–knit it and make someone else sew it! It looks gorgeous!

I cross-stitched Christmas stockings for my sister and her husband 4 years ago and they are still not finished because I don’t know how to sew them!

Posted by: Kim | 04/18/2006

Sewing takes some practice (unfortunately) but I’m with you on finding a friend who can do a good job right off the bat. The clutch is perfectly fabulous!

Posted by: margene | 04/18/2006

Fabbity fab fab! And the yarn is AMAZING! 😉

Posted by: Sister/Roomate Kara | 04/18/2006

I love it! You’re so lucky to have a go-to sewer.

Posted by: Emily | 04/18/2006

The bag looks great! 🙂

Posted by: Amy | 04/18/2006

That is beautiful. The colour is gorgeous!

Posted by: Yuli | 04/18/2006

It’s gorgeous! I love it. I’m putting that on my wish list of things to make.

Posted by: Posted by: Cassi | 04/18/2006

Gorgeous! Even if you didn’t do the sewing yourself, the bag looks amazing : D

Posted by: Amanda Cathleen | 04/18/2006

very nice!

Posted by: bonnie | 04/19/2006

Oh things like this make me wish so much that I could knit ~Damn my sewing skills I want to knit!

Posted by: Posted by: Ann | 04/20/2006

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Awww yeah, you gotta love my argyle mini-dress:


After 42 hours of blocking the vest is ready for pictures…but not for the public. Turns out, after all my mistakes, fears, miscalculations and close-to-frogging moments, I was right. I should have started over when I first got worried. You know the funny thing? What I was most worried about was the length…it is long, but I kind of like that part of it. I am 5 ’10 and the length looks good. So what is wrong you ask? Perhaps you can’t tell from the above picture�??it is kind.

Meet…the wings:


Some people might call them armholes but they have a very distinctive aero-dynamic feel to me. I really don’t know what happened. Did I make the wrong size? Was it my longer row gauge? I just don’t know. I still highly recommend the pattern. It is incredibly well written, full of useful information and very easy to decipher. Just make sure you know your gauge and make correct adjustments. Mine didn’t turn out because of my own folly.

Here are the specs:

Pattern: Eunny’s Deep-V Argyle Vest

Yarn: Knit Picks Merino Style, Storm (6 skeins) and Tide Pool (4 skeins)

Needles: 29 inch circular US 4’s

Modifications: I didn’t make any intentional modifications but due to not understanding the implications of row gauge I accidentally made it about 5 inches longer then it is supposed to be (it measures in at 29 inches). Read all the details of this experience here.

I am sad because I love it. I love the pattern, the argyle, the colors, the style…oh well. I am going to have to re-knit, I just don’t know when or how I will avoid the wings in the future. I don’t think I can bear to unravel this vest so if anyone knows a broad shouldered, long torso-ed lady who wants to tempt it away from me…I could be convinced to do a trade.

The following 13 comments were originally left at blogspirit:

That looks almost exactly like mine does when I try it on!! Oh, I’m so glad I’m not the only one. I used the same yarn and the same needle size as well. Damn row gauge!

Posted by: Emily | 04/13/2006

What a shame it didn’t turn out exactly as you wanted! Still, it really is a beautiful vest, and if you wear a long-sleeved shirt perhaps that will help to diminish the appearance of the too-large armholes? I haven’t knitted it myself yet, but I have a feeling the row gauge discrepancy is at fault for the sleeves…in the pictures Eunny shows, the armholes seem to be much smaller, and therefore more form-fitting. But it makes sense that if your row gauge is off, the armhole openings are larger than intended, which would make it look baggy. I’ll know for sure once I modify the pattern for my row gauge and actually knit it up, but that’s my best guess.

Posted by: Kerry | 04/13/2006

Oh man, it looks so awesome except for the wings. I can completely understand your disappointment but totally believe it is worth re-knitting the top portion if that is at all possible. I know you had steeks to contend with and I am unsure how to fix garmets with steeks. But good luck.

Maybe you can wear a blazer/jacket on top, so the wings don’t show, but the rest of the vest is visible?

Posted by: Lisa | 04/13/2006

I’m in the knitalong and keeping a close eye on how everyone’s vests are turning out. I’m way off on row gauge myself and per Eunny’s advice, I’m going to do whatever i need to do to get row gauge and then block the hell out of the thing to get stitch gauge. God, i hope that works…

I agree with some of the above advice – can you wear a blazer over it? Or maybe pick up stitches and add little cap sleeves so the “wings” look more intentional?

Posted by: Lisa | 04/13/2006

Hana hou, for the try! I think it looks fab, granted the armholes. But the blazer idea might work or a cute denim jacket?

Posted by: Posted by: Cassi | 04/13/2006

Many Fair Isles have the same problem as there isn’t enough shaping in the armscye area. You would have to take more stitches out under the arm and then decrease as you would for a sleeve to make it fit better. You might redo the armbands and pick up fewer stitches to make the wings smaller. That way they will be less noticeable and it might salvage the sweater just enough you can wear it.

Posted by: margene | 04/13/2006

Hi- in the argyle knitalong too… if any of us sees a slender 6 1/2 foot tall woman, we should immediately ask her if she wants about a half dozen argyle vests! I’m 5’11” and made the 36 size, and I had the same problem as you- too long and too bulgy in the top/ sleeve area! I, too, want to make it again so that it fits!

Posted by: amanda | 04/13/2006

Did you follow her suggestion and make a size with no ease?
I think the problem is that the top is too loose. Did you adjust for your row gauge when doing the sleeve parts? If you did, then maybe you can redo the neck ribbing to tighten it up a big?

Posted by: Posted by: Linda | 04/13/2006

I totally agree that this fall me, you, and Amanda (who commented with the same exact issues!) should have a re-argyle-along since we all had the same problem. There’s no way I’m starting a new one right away, especially since summer is about to begin.

Posted by: Emily | 04/14/2006

unfortunately i have no tips or helpful advice on the ‘wings’ except to say that i didn’t notice until you pointed them out as the vest is just so beautiful they missed my attention. hope you can learn to live with them :0) as you look gorgeous in it. x

Posted by: the knitchick | 04/17/2006

wow, you made a steeked vest! Ok, it doesn’t fit so well and that’s sad, but you should still be proud for trying and learning something new 🙂

Posted by: Steph | 04/21/2006

Why don’t you just sew (with a machine) around the armhole where you would ideally like it to end, then cut off excess fabric, and pick up stitches and re-knit the ribbing?

Posted by: Posted by: caro | 04/26/2006

Ah! So, I’m just about to start mine and I’m using the same yarn as you. What do you recommend? I just made a gauge swatch which had the same off row gauge problem as you did. I was thinking about moving down to 3’s…

Posted by: Sarah | 05/12/2006

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I spent Saturday morning, in bed, doing this:


Yes, that is me going against all natural instincts and cutting my knitted work. Steeking is fun…ish. I am still nervous that the whole garment will unravel in a mess of aqua and navy but it seems to be holding up just fine now. I am so close to being done with the vest and will hopefully have finished pictures up soon. I am beginning to feel better about the length but I can’t really be sure until I try it on. I refuse to try it on until I am all finished. This drives sister/roommate Kara crazy because she desperately wants me to try it on. I think I might have put it on last night after I bound off the neck band but I didn’t want to give in to her incessant pleading. It is my vest and I will try it on when I say.

In other news…thanks to zeneedle’s post today, I learned about the Estes Park Wool Market in nearby Colorado and Kara and I decided on the spur of the moment that we are going. Yea! I am so excited! It will be my first of these types of events and I am excited to walk around and see what is there. I think Kara is most excited to take pictures of llamas so she can be a cool llama-pictures-in-her-post-blogger. Either way it is going to be great fun.

The following 5 comments were originally left at blogspirit:

i have never done steeking before (not game enough as yet) but fingers crossed it doesn’t all unravel for you! can’t wait to see it when it’s done. and definately do not(!) give into the pleading. it’s fun to make people wait… :0) x

Posted by: the knitchick | 04/10/2006

This is the last time you’ll be worried about cutting a steek…you’ll see how magical it can be. You’ll have a super time at Estes!

Posted by: margene | 04/10/2006

I’ve never tried steeking. Sounds scary, so I’ll live vicariously through your project. Smile.
Knit on!

Posted by: Latoya | 04/11/2006

I want to go too! I think it’s totally cool you two can take off and go on road trips. Have fun!

Posted by: Posted by: Cassi | 04/11/2006

you are so brave! I have never done this, in many years of knitting. and alone too!
woo.it looks good.

Posted by: HPNY Knits | 04/14/2006

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I can’t believe I made it this far but see what I am working on now:



For a while there I thought this vest was going to a pre-mature grave. Here is the story…

So my extra yarn came on Wednesday and that night I picked up the vest and got to finishing. A few hours into my work I finally let my mind address what I had been subconsciously worried about ever since I reached chart two (about half way). It is too long. Some of you may remember that I had already discovered my row gauge stupidity but I thought I fixed it. Or, I should say, it was supposed to be fixed. Around midnight on Wednesday, I stood up and held the vest to my body only to discover…it was knit for an amazon. My sister roommate Kara was on the couch knitting and when she looked up and our eyes met, there was only one thing we could do. We laughed. We laughed hard for a good while. The whole thing just seemed so ridiculous. I mean, why can’t I have one handknit sweater that turns out. Why? I sat back down and thought things over. Frogging was the only solution I could think of and the only one I was unwilling to accept. Then I started thinking, surely this will fit differently once it is seemed, steeked, and blocked. Perhaps I am being too hasty. Perhaps the late hour is addling my brain. Perhaps it is just fine. Don’t be so hasty.

I went upstairs still a little depressed but with a hesitant optimism. I decided to play down this newfound optimism to find out what Kara really thought. Depending on our moods we sometimes withhold our true opinions until we know the other can take it. You know how sister’s can get a little sensitive. Anyway, here is how our conversation went…

Me: It is so long. I am probably going to have to frog it.

Kara: Aw…is it not funny anymore?

Me: Um, yes (laugh) it is.

Kara: (she giggles) Good. Muahahahahahahahahahaha.

This is when I smile and go to brush my teeth. Then I hear…

Kara: Yeah, too bad your vest didn’t turn out.

Ah Ha! The truth. She thought it was hopeless. Well, I went to sleep feeling that way too. It took a night’s rest and a day’s work to come back to the vest and realize that while yes, it is long, it is not THAT long. I made the decision to accelerate the end (making the neck decreases more frequent and starting the back shaping immediately) and by doing that I cut about 10 rows. It might only save an inch and a half but it is something. Tonight I finished the body of the vest:


I am now working on the crochet steeks. I haven’t cut anything yet (yikes) but I will be cutting this weekend. Honestly, messing up in other areas makes me feel better about the steeks. Bring it on I say. If I mess up on the steeks then…sucka…the vest was already too long so who cares?

Secretly (between me and you) I want it to turn out. I have visions of putting it on and discovering that the length is, in fact, hip and elegant and that it is the best fit piece I have knit. Perhaps this is the same optimistic yet faulty thinking that led me to believe Ben Affleck and JLo were going to go the distance. And I really did too. Hopefully the vest has a better fate.

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