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Indecision is

the girl who knits lace burden

inconstant, fickle

like in love she goes

through patterns with interest

peaked and then waning

trellis was the first

unfinished, sits abandoned

wanting to be knit


Green Hedera sock

lunch knitting, social buddy

one but toe complete.


a cool hemp ponchette

pretty and hippie friendly

new love–pray it lasts


there are yet others

mim mountian peak out of reach

pattern incomplete

fidelity is

impossible for this girl

who knits much lace. Next?

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I feel ya! I have two more secret lace teammates, in addition to my Trellis. Let’s just say they’re on the sidelines!

Posted by: Olga | 06/29/2006

best haiku i’ve read in a long time (actually it’s probably the first i’ve read since primary school :0)
ohh love the hemp ponchette have wanted that myself for a while, if only i could get my hands on the pattern! with so many lace projects on the go, you are bound to succeed somewhere- right?! x

Posted by: the knitchick | 06/29/2006


Posted by: margene | 06/30/2006

Wow, I am most impressed.

P.S. I love the socks. And the “hippie” top.

Posted by: Chef Messy | 06/30/2006

I’ve had to set my Hedera socks aside for a few weeks now because I’ve been a bit confused by the pattern. For some reason the number of stitches don’t seem to add up after picking up the stitches along the heel flap. It probably doesn’t help that I’m trying to do it on magic loop, but still. Frustrating.

Posted by: David | 06/30/2006

I like your Hedra socks so much more than the example on the weird plastic leg thingy in Knitty. You make me actually want to knit them.

Posted by: KatherineOfItAll | 07/03/2006

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Last week was my cousin’s wedding. My much younger than me cousin’s wedding.

I am by far the oldest single cousin in my decent sized extended family. In fact, the only other singles of marriageable age are my two sisters who are 4 and 8 years younger than me. Everyone else is married and most with children. So I am the reigning queen singleton of my family.

Now, it is important to note that I am not unhappy or jealous of my cousin or bitter about my life. All I am saying–and I hope most of you can understand this–it was vital that I didn’t look or come across as the sad single spinster at the wedding reception. I know most people don’t view me that way and I am generally not sensitive about it but there is just something about these kind of occasions that make me a little bit more aware of being single.

People don’t mean to but they say awkward or condescending things. “Just you wait!” and “You’re turn is next!” are common phrases I hear. It can be funny. Sometimes sad. (But mostly funny.) I was once told in an elevator at work “yup. you’re pretty. you’ll get married.” For the record, I didn’t ask (obviously it was a guy). But it makes me wonder…is that really all it takes? And if so, should I take my lack of a date this weekend or husband for that matter to mean that I am not cute enough? I don’t think so. But I digress, the wedding…

So I wondered what I could do to handle the event. I thought of bringing my hottest guy friend as a date/fake boyfriend but in the end I decided that would be too complicated. At the next family function I would have to stage a fake break up, pretend to be sad, answer questions about our relationship and dissect what went wrong. Way too much trouble. Plus, worst case scenario someone would find out and then I would feel like a sad geek on TV who has to pay their cousin to go to prom with them. In the end I decided it would be better to just go with my sisters.

So I went. I mean really, I was being foolish about the whole spinster thing. No one REALLY thinks that. I am confident working girl. I am independent and travel and can shop when I want and have a career. People think I am cool. Obviously. I walked down the reception line, the bride looked stunning and happy. I gave her a hug and the first thing she says is this: “how is the knitting?” (giggle)

“Um, fine.” (think fast…when did you talk to her about your knitting?) I assumed I must have mentioned something, shrugged it off, told her congratulations and moved on down the line.

Next up, her married, pregnant sister…”hey, how was your knitting thing?”

her sister-in-law…”So you are really into knitting?”

And her mother (my Aunt)…”have fun knitting?” (What??!?)

I was dying. I love my knitting. I do. I just couldn’t understand how everyone learned about my traditionally spinster-like hobby on the very night I was supposed to be the anti-spinster. It wasn’t fair. It took one more comment before I had to ask, how does everyone know about the knitting? Turns out, I missed the wedding shower because of the Estes trip. So my youngest sister told everyone that we were at a knitting convention.

A knitting convention.

Well now, besides the fact that it sounds fun to me, to the ignorant mind I know how lame that sounds. My illusion shattered, there was no way I could play cool jet-setting single anymore. I guess it is time I publicly embrace my knitting passion despite it’s implied stereotype (good thing I am not a cat person).

For the record, next time I am just bringing the fake boyfriend.

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Hmmm… so not only is she single, she also knits. What an interesting way for the family to allude to your marital status without using the word “boyfriend” or “husband.” And since you’re labeled a “spinster” should you learn to spin? Interesting dilema. 😉

Posted by: susan | 06/27/2006

I know I feel silly telling non knitters that I go to Maryland Wool & Sheep festival the first time. Now they ask me if I’ve gone and how it was….

Posted by: Lisa | 06/27/2006

i know exactly how you feel. i avoided my younger-than-me second cousin’s wedding for similar reasons.

oh well. i’m sure you had a much better time at the “knitting convention” than you would have at the wedding shower. showers are only fun for the couple getting married. and maybe not even for them.

Posted by: Sara | 06/27/2006

haha! But you know, for Utah, you ARE an old spinster, but we still like you 😉

Posted by: Miriam | 06/27/2006

I’m sorry I told everyone you were at a knitting convention! At the time I didn’t realize it was knitting FESTIVAL — which sounds much more hip to people who don’t understand your craft. (Now that I think about it, the word covention does invoke feelings of “Star Trek” and boys with bottleneck glasses and creepy chuckles. Yikes! Sorry ’bout that.)

I will have you know, though, that I told countless people you and Kara were “hip knitters” and proceeded to list off the cool things you’ve done. So whilst it sounds like I’m the mean sister who ratted you out, the truth is (from one singleton to another) I was simply explaining to the group why you weren’t at the shower!

Phew. It feels good to get that off my chest. I don’t want your knitting friends to think I’m not supportive! 🙂

Love you, babe.

Posted by: Posted by: Briana | 06/27/2006

Next time just wear a gorgeous lace shawl fashionablely drapped over your shoulders. They’ll oooh and aaah and will fall at your feet to worship your ability.

Posted by: margene | 06/27/2006

It WAS kind of a knitting convention, though, right? And I’m totally, 100% positive that it was more fun than a wedding shower would have been (gag — I hate wedding showers). Definitely, you should come out of the closet with this knitting thing. Some people will be annoying about it, but that’s life. And most people will think it’s okay. Maybe a little idiosyncratic, but okay and maybe sometimes interesting. Maybe you could be… um, the HOT single knitting cousin? Does that work for you?

Don’t do the fake bf thing. Seriously. Way complicated.

Posted by: Posted by: Katherine | 06/27/2006

Oh Erin! You are SO NOT A SPINSTER! You get to do so many fun and exciting things! I so envy the time you and Kara have to go off and go to Estes and be the cool sisters with such a wonderful talent! I don’t know if I would necissarily go back to being single if I had the chance, but at the same time… there are defiantely days I wish I were not married or a mom. So I guess the grass is always greener, eh? Enjoy the time you have to really develop your talent, because when you time does come and your little one frogs your project that you FINALLY have going after several failed attempts….. oh you blood boils!

And I was there when Brianna was telling everybody and I will vouch for the fact that she didn’t make it sound like you were doing something lame! Having had the knowledge of where you were going before hand I was quite jealous, actually that you had a very good excuse not to be there.

Posted by: Posted by: Cassi-Lou | 06/27/2006

Believe me, I know I am not a spinster–it was just a funny experience that was just so classic. But thanks for the kind words Cass.

And Bri…I know you didn’t make it sound lame. I know you got our back girl. Now if you would only start knitting too…

Posted by: Erin | 06/27/2006

hm, I have to say I’ve never thought of knitting spinsterly. I always considered myself somewhat of a female McGyver, I can cook from scratch, make clothes out of fabric and yarn, and if I was ever dropped on an island with other non-creative folks, I’m sure I could kick their butts with my skills. 😉

Posted by: Steph | 06/27/2006

Take it from an even OLDER spinster librarian lady who can’t knit one little bit….you get to MAKE your own socks and you don’t have to pick up some dude’s socks from off of the floor ’cause he won’t put them in the hamper.

Posted by: Posted by: natalie | 06/27/2006

You’re not jealous or bitter? Way to be. I wish I was.

How come people say that it’s perfectly normal for a five-year-old to have an imaginary friend, but when you’re twenty-eight, all of a sudden it’s psychosis? Coz I could really use an imaginary girlfriend.

Posted by: Posted by: Anony-mouse | 06/27/2006

Bring a fake gay boyfriend! Then you can have fun trashing the bad wedding fashion with him. *wink* And I totally relate to everything you said, I’m single too and I’ve been having, well, issues with it lately. It’s awful how you can be fine with it for a long time and then some little thing will make you flip out.

Posted by: heather | 06/27/2006

Isn’t it funny how “knitter” has so many stereotypes? Only old grannies, singletons, young hip Hollywood stars, mid-lifers, cute guys and Mommies knit. Funny how all the stereotypes of a knitter fits just about everyone!
If I had the choice to go to a knitting convention or a wedding shower, you would so see me at the knitting convention! Show me the FIBER! : )

Posted by: Amanda Cathleen | 06/27/2006

The term Spinster is such a strangely loaded word now. It used to be a spinster was a woman who had been trained with a marketable skill-spinning. She didn’t NEED to get married, she had the ability to take care of herself. I think jelousy influenced the “modern” meaning more than anything.

Posted by: erin (the other one) | 06/28/2006

How can you possibly be a spinster? To my knowledge, you don’t spin, and anyway, nowadays we use a different term for people who spin: NERDS. (j/k)

Posted by: David | 06/28/2006

i know a little about how you feel, the first thing my grandfather says to me when he rings every week is, “any news?” and i am not quite 23! like ‘catching’ a man is the supreme goal of all women- puh-lease!
thing is- and i find the need to say this to myself often- we can do whatever we like; stay single, knit, spin, whatever, we don’t need anyone’s approval or support, the main thing is that you yourself are happy and everyone else can just get ____ (insert word of choice). x

Posted by: the knitchick | 06/28/2006

I always planned on being a single schoolteacher and was totally cool with the idea of doing what I wanted when I wanted. Kind of selfish of me maybe, but it worked. Life throws us plenty of elbows, though, and things don’t turn out as we planned. (I got married at 19–“spinster” idea down the drain. 🙂 ) My best friend is 31 and unmarried, and we’ve had many, many conversations along the lines of what you’ve discussed. You just go and be you and everyone else be darned! 🙂

Posted by: Stitchnsnitch | 06/30/2006

Oh, snap. That’s terrible, if in a funny and totally ridiculous way!

For the record, my niece- Yes, NIECE- just got engaged. It hurt, just a bit.

Posted by: Coralie | 07/09/2006

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Order of business: Emily is the winner of the second prize for being commenter number 9. Congrats Emily! I wish I could give yarn to all my blog friends. I will have to host more contests in the future. Now on to my post…

The weekend all started with Kara and I flying to Denver on Friday morning. We got a lot of flack for flying from people…the SnB ladies, the front desk guy at the hotel, our horseback riding guide. But we flew and we are happy about it. See flying gave us 3 days to enjoy all that Denver and Estes Park had to offer.


Okay, so I was fibbing a bit when I said we enjoyed all that Denver had to offer. We basically spent the afternoon shopping at a mall. A really nice mall mind you but a mall all the same. I know we should have gone on a tour or the US Mint or something but we were so focused on Estes that when we arrived in Denver we realized we didn’t do any research or make any plans. So we went to the Cheery Creek Mall, shopped, and ate really large onion rings. Don’t believe me?


It was too big to enjoy fully you know? The only activity we did have planned in Denver was dinner. I got a recommendation from my friend Tony to go to Carmine’s on Penn. This restaurant did not disappoint. It is amazing homemade Italian food served family style with big shared portions and amazing bread. We got this chicken dish with sundried tomatoes, spinach, artichoke hearts, and fontina cheese with a side of homemade pasta in garlic and olive oil. It was heavenly.


After dinner we retired to our cheap hotel which was kind of depressing looking from the outside but decent on the inside. The beds were nice but I had crazy dreams all night and kept waking up nervous that I would oversleep and not get to the Wool Market when it opened and then miss out on all the great yarn and then I would remember how excited I was and so sleep was not an easy thing for me.

Estes Park

We got up early and rode to Estes Park. We went directly to the Wool Market and Festival grounds and waited outside the vendor area for the shops to open at 9am.

When they did open, we walked in and started making the rounds. Talk about a crazy, paralyzing, and overwhelming place. Both of us had no idea where to begin. It was way too much. Should we purchase the first yarn that catches our fancy? Or wait until we have surveyed all the offerings. But what if the yarn is gone by the time we get back? Will this work with that project that I brought all the specs on but am not even looking at because adding another level of complexity to the yarn buying process was not appealing. I was freaked for the first 20 minutes or so…Kara even longer, but we got our acts together and started buying and I don’t have a single purchase that I regret. I love all my yarn.

Side note : I am not a yarn photographer. I wish I was. I am extremely envious of all you bloggers who take accurate pictures of yarn that shows of the color, sheen, and texture of the yarn. I know I am not doing my yarn justice but I wanted to share anyway. So when you see the pictures don’t be like “really, that is it? That yarn doesn’t look all that cool.” Because it is cool and beautiful and 10 times prettier in person. I have good taste in yarn. Really.

My haul (and potential projects):

Brook’s Farm became my favorite vendor and I ended up buying from them on 4 different occasions.

Wool/Silk/Viscose Blend in Wine (I am thinking Somewhat Cowl…it is a different gauge but I am wondering if I could adjust the pattern?):


Wool/Silk/Viscose Blend in Light Teal-ish Blue (think I will use for a shawl):


100% Mohair in Teal (A sweater project? Who knows. I just love, love, love this stuff–you can’t even begin to know how beautiful this color is and how soft the yarn is):


Larkspur Farms had this amazing array of 100 yard skeins of soft 100% alpaca in every conceivable color. I wish I took a picture of the display.

100% alpaca in Orange and Purple (Okay, the orange…I know it is bright. But I swear I asked my sister and everyone around if it looked clownish and they all assured me that it went with my coloring and would look great as a knitted sweater for me. I am thinking Circus Knits soon to be available Lucy. I still don’t know though. I would have to double the yarn and see what kind of gauge I get. I am still debating. Am I crazy for buying Orange?!? The purple I bought for baby booties or a bonnet.):


Plain and Fancy Wool

100% single sport wool in Avocado (I bought 2, one for a giveaway and one for me):


I don’t remember the name of this vendor but they had stunning lace weight wool. So I bought 3.

Lambswool laceweight in Deep burgundy, teal, and green, abt. 1325 yards each (One will be used for Mim’s Mountain Peaks Shawl ):


So that is the extent of it. When I lay it out like that it doesn’t feel like much but it did that day. I am very happy. At the end of the day I went a little crazy and almost bought a drop spindle. Then my inner voice firmly told me…put the spindle down. It is only a matter of time I am sure.

At the festival we had all kinds of fun. I wasn’t as outgoing as I would have liked. I wish I had organized myself more and really got to meet all the interesting people that were there. But it was fun to bond with bloggers and knitters and to get to know the Utah knitters better. We went to lunch with a few which was so much fun. My favorite part was sitting at a restaurant table with people who don’t even blink at the thought of getting their knitting out while waiting for food.

Here is a pic at the blogger meet-up of mainly Utah peeps.


I would name everyone but I don’t want to forget anyone and I will. I know myself. I will give you some shout outs though in the form of my “picks”.

Blogger I met/saw who

talked me out of the most money…this would be Mim. She may not realize this but she is personally responsible for the loss of about $100. But I got my lace and another brooks farm purchase out of it so it is all good.

has the coolest not-so-secret-lifeCarole. She is a Civil War reenacter. How cool is that? I couldn’t have more respect for that level of obsessive interest.

is the most famous…obviously, Margene. The grand duchess of all things Estes and blogging. It was cool because I heard some bloggers talking at a booth that Margene walked by and they were like. “Look, that is Margene.” in these hushed and revered tones. Thing is, she really is that cool.

bought the exact same yarn as me…all I am going to say is Michaele is a little copy-cat. Or am I the copy-cat? I don’t know but we bought two of the same yarn (the teal and wine colors from Brooks Farm).

has the coolest blog name everWandaWomanKnits! Wanda is super friendly too. I am so jealous of her blog name though.

Finally, my trip to beautiful Estes was made even better with a stay at the Stanley Hotel.


See how happy Kara is to be there? After staying here I decided that I want to stay at more historic hotels. Like one a year is what I am thinking. Our room was beautiful with 4-post beds and two windows over looking the mountains. Plus we got to knit on the porch.


Here is the view from the porch:


The next morning we had a breakfast buffet at the hotel that was AMAZING. Here is my first plate. (You heard me…my first.)


There were made-to-order omelets, cinnamon French toast, mini-bagels and pastries, perfectly cooked steak, bacon, sausage, potatoes, crepes, fruit, and more. I was in full on gluttony mode.

All in all it was a perfect weekend. Estes is a stunning place and my first fiber fair lived up to every expectation that I had. There was also horseback riding and walking around downtown Estes while eating homemade ice cream and more but I just can’t cover it all here. I will end this entry with this promise:

I will be back Estes…just you wait.

The following 10 comments were originally left at blogspirit:

you travel in style – I can respect that, even if I was one of the people who gave you a hard time for flying! 😉

Posted by: michaele | 06/20/2006

Ooh I’m so excited about my incoming yarn!

Those onion rings are INSANE. Seriously. Was there actually onion inside all that breading?

Posted by: Emily | 06/20/2006

Now those are some BIG onion rings WOW! Love all the yarn that you purchased, it looks lovely. Great colors too : )

Posted by: Amanda Cathleen | 06/20/2006

Dang…that looks like the way to go! A little pampering is good for the soul. It was fun to run into throughout the Market and it is also great to have you as one of the SnB grrls, too. Thanks for the shout out;-)

Posted by: margene | 06/21/2006

Looks like a fabulous time! Love all your yarn.

Posted by: Lauren | 06/21/2006

Trust me, you didn’t miss anything by not touring the Mint in Denver. And I’m in agreement with those who are convinced flying is the way to get to Estes. Hmmm… maybe next year.

Posted by: susan | 06/21/2006

mmm…that food looks sooo yummy. and the yarn equally as yummy! :0) looking at all that yarn and hearing all the future projects was making my mind crazy…so many fun knits are coming your way! x

Posted by: the knitchick | 06/21/2006

So, so fun! I’m so jealous of everyone that got to go!

The funny thing about Mim is this: If you tell her, “Don’t let me buy___,” (fill in the blank with any of the following: “Ben’s Cookies,” “more than 5 CDs at Virgin Megastore,” “Yarn that will make me look fat,” etc.), she will never let you. Otherwise, the girl is bad news. 🙂

But you have to have some enabler friends, right?!

Posted by: Chef Messy | 06/22/2006

Those are some serious onion rings. Holy moly.

Posted by: KatherineOfItAll | 06/28/2006

That’s so nice that you think I have the coolest blog name ever! It was nice to meet you too and I’m enjoying your blog. Carmine’s on Penn is an awesome restaurant. You reminded me of a place I haven’t gone to in quite some time.

Posted by: Wanda | 07/10/2006

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It is too much. There is just so much to report on I don’t even know where to begin. I mean I have a contest winner & twist (read further for announcement), Estes Park purchases, mini-break to Estes Park/Denver, new project started, and an overdue tribute to one of my all time favorite guys.

Where to begin…

Okay, okay let’s start with the contest. First off, thanks to those who emailed and left comments for my little contest. It was so fun to read about your projects and what accomplishments you are proud of. Knitters are amazing. Like Holly (who I hope will send me a link to her blog soon) who is learning to spin on a spindle…she made herself! Or blogless Christine whose first pair of socks gave her the confidence to knit more complicated projects. Bunchkin Knits took two patterns she liked and molded them together. Look at how cute Ann’s baby jacket and mini-clapotis is. That’s right…a mini-clap! Stefanie (who is cool if only because she lives in France) deciphered a French pattern of an adorable baby bonnet and booties. Thanks to everyone for visiting my blog, entering, and sharing your projects with me. I have added you all to my bloglines so I can keep up with you.

So I had the hardest time deciding on a method for choosing the winner. Random number generator? Pick out of a hat? So I decided to do both. I picked all the names randomly and lined them up as I drew them. Then I used the random number generator to choose from there. Why so complicated you ask? Well, because I am a bit of a dork.

Thus, it is determined that Kim at Chef Messy is the winner! Kim is one of the first people I “met” when I started blogging. She is truly a domestic goddess. The project she choose for the contest is this duck she made for her son because he “loves it so much he has squished all the stuffing out of it”. How cute is that? Congrats Kim. Here is the grand prize:


The yarn is a Brooks Farm Limited Edition. It is 60% Superwash Wool, 20% Silk, 20% Viscose and has 420 yards–enough for a pair of socks. This picture makes it look a little darker then it is but I loved the heathered look to the green, blue, brown, and purple of the yarn.

But wait…I love a good reality show twist. So for the rest of you, the contest is not over. I HAVE A SECOND PRIZE! This prize I will send to one lucky commenter. I have just generated a random number from 1 to 10. Leave me a comment and your number will be determined by the order of the comments. If you are the correct number then I will send you the second prize. Simple as that. Anyone can comment whether you entered before or not. For those who think this is a shameless attempt at comments…well, that is one way you could look at it. Or you could see it this way…I just love a good game.

Here is the prize up for grabs:


That is Plain and Fancy Wool in the colorway Avocado. There are 400 yards and it is single ply sport yarn. There is enough for a pair of socks or a hat I would dare say. I loved the slight variation of the greens.

Now on to Estes. There is no way I can do this trip any justice right now. Let’s just say. AMAZING. I had the best time. Everything was perfect. I will go into more detail tomorrow or the next day but I will give you this picture of me in my hotel after the yarn shopping gluttony was over. (There is a matching picture on Kara’s blog too.)


Oh Estes…can we always be friends?

I started a new project over the weekend. Hedera Socks baby…more details soon.

Finally, I know Father’s Day is past but I just couldn’t get my act together yesterday to send all my love and Happy Father’s Day wishes to my Dad. My Dad lives far away. I don’t get to see him often but that distance does not diminish his presence in my life. My Dad is an important man to many people. He is strong and wise and a true leader. He is amazing for many reasons. The one I care about most though is the plain and simple fact that he loves me without condition. He is always there to listen to and to support me. I love how in my adult years we have grown closer and how he has a unique connection with each of his children. My Dad loves being with his family and I feel that when we are together. He is funny and sharp and smart and kind. I can’t wait to see him soon (only 12 more sleeps!) I love you Dad.

The following 17 comments were originally left at blogspirit:

well i missed the last contest so i’ll make an attempt at this one 🙂

glad your package arrived safely. looks like you had a great time at estes too!

Posted by: amy | 06/19/2006

Eeeeh… a comment? Just anyone? Well, I can tell you that I don’t know at al where I’m going with my Rambling rose, and I hope you will finish yours soon to give me some guidance! 🙂

Posted by: Vivapia | 06/19/2006

You look so happy with all that yarn. And cute. So cute.

And I am guessing #6! Unless that’s not part of the random comment thing. But just so’s you know, I pick 6 because it’s June and my birthday is on Friday and my party starts at 6! ooh, three 6s…there’s a fourth just so we don’t have the devil take over your blog. 😉

Posted by: Kit | 06/19/2006

i am positively *green with jealousy looking at your stash enhancement! i am thinking my next vacation will be a year-long world trip where i visit every.single.craft fair/show/market in every.single.country and buy exobitant amounts of yarn. care to join me anyone? :0)

Posted by: the knitchick | 06/19/2006

Wow! Can’t wait to read all about Estes! Sounds like you had a great time! (Gee, I’d link you to my blog, but I don’t know how to get there myself, LOL! I’m just a newbie – I only posted once to try it out. I just haven’t had time to mess with it! 🙂 So I’m pretty much blogless too)

Posted by: Posted by: PBnJ(Holly) | 06/19/2006

Lucky Chef Messy! It’s too bad you never got to meet her in person when she was here and coming to S’nB–you grrls would have been bff. That is one beautiful hank of yarn. I didn’t get any BF because the line was ridiculously long but I’m glad to see you managed it. I don’t know how you can part with it, though–ab fab colors and all.

Your photos are darling–where’s the one I took? You two looked adorable in that one, too.

Bring your haul tomorrow to S’nB so we can have show ‘n tell. I’m dying to see it all.

Posted by: green-eyed grrl | 06/19/2006

Great stash enhancement! You have that “I just bought yarn” grin on your face. Don’t you love that feeling?

Posted by: bunchkin | 06/20/2006

Here’s to hoping this is the winner. I feel kinda famous getting a shout out on the blog about my socks! I’m jealous – looks like you had a great time.

Posted by: Posted by: Christine | 06/20/2006

That green yarn is GORGEOUS! So here’s my comment in an attempt to win it!

Posted by: Emily | 06/20/2006

I’m comment #10, so someone has probably already won it, but what the hell, eh? So did you end up getting 2 skeins of Brooks Farm then? Or are you giving away your only skein?

Posted by: Miriam | 06/20/2006

darn, I guess I’m out of the running. Still, fun to see what you ended up with. Man, Brooks Farms was dangerous for the three of us, wasn’t it? 😉

Posted by: michaele | 06/20/2006

Blast. I’m past comment number 10. Blast! I have serious yarn jealousy after reading your post. Oh if we could get some sort of yarn extravaganza here in Phoenix they would sell out…I would max out my credit card, overdraw my bank accounts and end up a divorcee…..:)
Glad you had a good time!

Posted by: Amanda | 06/20/2006

yarn envy,
contest winner envy,
green with envy of the yummy green yarn envy.
do they have these yarn fairs everywhere?
how do i find out?

Posted by: April | 06/20/2006

It was great meet you, however briefly at Estes! I picked up that same Avacado Plain and Fancy yarn 🙂 I haven’t decided what I’ll do with it just yet…

Posted by: Kristi aka Fiber Fool | 06/20/2006

Bah – I’m too late for the second contest, but thank you for the honorable mention!

Posted by: Anne | 06/20/2006

OhmyGoodness!! Looks like you guys had fun! Can’t wait to see the yarn that you bought in closer detail ; )

Posted by: Amanda Cathleen | 06/20/2006

Well, I am commenting a day too late but I just had to tell you that your yellow top is ADORABLE! And well, the yarn is great too 🙂

Posted by: Stefanie | 06/21/2006

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Tomorrow is a good day. It is a day when I leave for Denver.

The next day is even better…for on that day I arrive in Estes Park. There I plan to buy yarn–lots of yarn. Remember I will be buying yarn for a lucky contest winner so don’t forget to enter. (Side note: Here is the deal guys, entering my contest gives you really good odds. I have a handful of entries so far but just FYI odds are good. So enter. You know, if you want to.)

So Kara and I are going to Denver/Estes Park this weekend–in case you didn’t understand what I meant when I said that very thing up above. We are beside ourselves silly with excitement for this trip. SO excited.

First off, I get to buy yarn. Finally. For those of you who don’t know, Kara and I went on a yarn diet for the last two months to make Estes more fun and affordable. It has been hard, but I hope it will be worth it.

Second, I get to meet bloggers, knitters…people like me (but not exactly like me which makes it even better.) I am so glad I recently got to hang out with some Utah knittters who will be in Estes since it makes the whole meeting people thing seem less scary.

Third, I love to travel. Particularly, I love the anticipation to a trip, the planning, the hotel selection, researching restaurants. I love it. I think I get that from my Dad. One of my most fond memories is of he and I pouring over the Walt Disney World pamphlets and guide books, studying what we were going to do months in advance of our trip. He gave me a love of vacations. Now, I don’t always need a trip to be structured and I can be very flexible but I do like being prepared. Unless of course it is a spur of the moment get in your car and see what you find kind of trip–those can be fun too.

We figured out finances last night and the trip has been pretty economical so far. We found cheap airfare and car rental, got a decent hotel for cheap from Hotwire for the first night in Denver, and horseback riding is pretty cheap there I thought. Yes…we are going horseback riding! Can’t wait.

I will give you a picture filled report of the whole weekend when I get back.

Finally, I made a list of projects I want to find yarn for. In case you are interested, I thought I would share.

  1. Somewhat Cowl by Wendy Bernard
  2. Mountain Peaks Shawl by Miriam Felton
  3. Knee-High Springgrass Socks, Inspired by Winnie, Lace pattern by Steph at Craftoholic
  4. Whatever else strikes my fancy

I am sure I am missing something but that is the basic list. Can you tell I am excited??? If not, I am.

I wish everyone as good a weekend as I hope to have! If you had told me two years ago that I would be this excited to go to a wool market…oh how I would have laughed. Life is funny.

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Have a wonderful weekend! Can’t wait to hear all about it! 🙂

Posted by: Amy | 06/15/2006

Ooooh! I can’t wait to see what color you pick for the no-name pink sweater….. =)

Posted by: rachel | 06/15/2006

oh a trip! how exciting! wish i could come along ;0) have a *fab time! x

Posted by: the knitchick | 06/16/2006

I know what you mean about finding yourself loving fiber so much when you never imagined it. Have tons of fun at Estes and with all the other knitters! I’m so jealous!

Posted by: Lauren | 06/16/2006

i love the knee highs and they don’t take very much yarn. have fun buying lot’s of yarn. i’m jealous.

Posted by: April | 06/18/2006

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I still can’t believe it. I actually won a contest. I know! Me! Amy at Good to be a Girl had a second blogiversary contest and…I won! I never win anything.

So when I visited Amy’s blog and discovered that I was one of the winners, I was shocked and thrilled. It literally made my day. I had no idea something so simple could make me so happy. It almost seems unbelievable. I mean, I have never met Amy. I read her blog but don’t comment all that often. And just like that she sends me this:


I know! Awesome right? First the yarn…gorgeous. I love the colors and the feel of it–I see some beautiful socks in my future. I also got some great napkins, mints, some cupcake shaped bath thingies, and homemade stitch markers.

How cute are these stitch markers?


I know the picture is a little fuzzy but hopefully you can see how cute they are. You want to know which is my favorite?


Yup. Peas in a Pod. How cute is that?

Thank you Amy! So much. I really can’t get over how nice it was to have a someone I don’t know send me such a fun present. So I thought…when a good turn is is given you then you should give back. Right? Right. It is the decent thing to do.

So a contest. An “Erin Won a Contest” Contest. Can you stand it? I know I can’t. Here is how you play…either send me an email at girlwhoknitsATgmailDOTcom or leave a comment telling me about the project you are most proud of or is your favorite, a link to a picture of it, and why you picked it. That is all. I just love learning about people and am a total knitting voyeur (aren’t we all) and so I think it will be a fun way to see what people are proud to have accomplished. Also, let me know if you are not okay with me including a link to you and your project in an entry. You can have your privacy and still win but I think it would be fun to compile and show what y’all share so just let me know. Everyone who enters will be put in a drawing to win a prize.

What is the prize you ask? Why yarn of course. Estes Park Yarn to be bought this weekend at the market. There will also be some local goodies. There may be some chocolate involved. I am just saying. It will be the kind of prize that I would want to win.

Everyone is eligible. Well, all except Kara. Sorry babe. But everyone else is good. I will accept entries through Sunday the 18th and will pick a winner on Monday the 19th. So again, a big thanks to Amy and good luck to all!

The following 11 comments were originally left at blogspirit:

hi hi hi!
just wanted to say that.
i love your green gable.
cant’ wait till i can make one!!!
i would love to be included in on your contest.
my camera is down right now,but i do have something that i just finished and am really proud of. i’ll try and borrow a camera and take a picture.
take care and congrads on winning!!!

Posted by: April | 06/13/2006

fine, go and enjoy your stinkin’ contest. i didn’t want to be in it anyway…big sisters drool!

Posted by: Kara | 06/13/2006

Well aren’t you lucky! That is some seriously lovely yarn. My favorite project? How can I choose? Some of my favorites have been gifts that were never photographed. I think my very favorite was a graphic modern felted bag that I made for a Stitch’n’Bitch bag exchange. I’ll think about this and get back to you. Since I can’t attend Estes (sob!), the prize sounds VERY attractive.

Posted by: KatherineOfItAll | 06/13/2006

I’m so hesitant to enter this because I’m on a bit of a stash diet, although one of my ‘exceptions’ are yarns received through stashes or contests. Still! Hi. Y’know, my very favorite projects has been Rogue. And lucky me, I get to do it all over again (since mom, uh, washed Rogue I and wasn’t as careful as she should have been).

By the ways, congratulations, you lucky duck! That pea stitch marker is totally the cutest thing ever!

Posted by: Kit | 06/13/2006

when i saw on amy’s site that you had won i was so excited! :0) knitting competitions are the best! you were really spoilt with that pack o goodies! x

Posted by: the knitchick | 06/14/2006

wow! Aren’t you lucky, the stitch makers are just too cute!! Love the colors in your new yarn : )
I’ll have to look though my photo’s, maybe because it because its so late, I really can’t think of my favorite knitted project!

Posted by: Amanda Cathleen | 06/15/2006

Ooh, I wanna play!
and if this helps my chances at all, I’m extra cool because I live in Utah too! Oh, and I also used to live in a small town in Colorado called Windsor, when I was a wee little gal, and we would go to Estes Park all the time, mostly to feed the fish and the other animals… I didn’t knit then or I would have been all over the Yarn Market! I seem to remember that we would eat very scrumtious ice cream while visiting Estes Park!
Here is a link to one of my knits: http://notsoplainjane.typepad.com/photos/rockin_the_wardrobe_2005/mysock.jpg
I chose this one because it was the very first and very only pair of socks I have ever knit! I would love to knit more, but never have… I also sort of miss them because my husband accidentally put them through the dryer and since they are made of wool they felted and are now very stiff little baby socks 😦
Have loads of fun on your trip, I can’t wait to see what you ladies bring home!!!

Posted by: sarah | 06/15/2006

Wow, what great goodies you got!
The project I am most proud of is my Lelah/Picovoli sweater. I mixed the two patterns together, and then added my own shaping for the bust and neckline. The reason I am so proud of it is that it is the first time that I have broken free of the pattern trap and trusted my skills as a knitter to alter things to the way I wanted them. While I love the wonderful patterns and designs that are out there, it is a great feeling to have the confidence to do a little tweaking. Another reason I am proud of it is that it actually fits! Here is the link http://bunchkinknits.blogspot.com/2006/04/tah-dah.html

Have fun buying yarn! (How can you not have fun buying yarn? Is it possible?)

Posted by: bunchkin | 06/16/2006

Hi – a competition? Good odds? I’m in!!! (And I’ve been lurking round your blog for far too long, it’s time I said Hello properly – so “Hello properly”)

My proudest knit is a little baby jacket and scarf set that I did for my goddaughter. The jacket was my first real design project, and I just managed to make the mini clapotis with the leftover yarn.

Mind you, this project was also my nemesis – it was my first introduction to really soft and delicious yarn (Debbie Bliss Babycashmerino) and since then all I’ve wanted is more more more!

Anyway, you can find it at http://tinyurl.com/mos6h

And congratulations to you on winning a contest.

Posted by: Anne | 06/16/2006

OK here’s my contest entry.

My favorite thing I’ve made is this duck: http://www.chefmessy.com/photos/fo_gallery_2005/duck.jpg

Because Matthew loves it so much that he has squished all the stuffing out of it.

That’s a good reason right? 🙂

Posted by: Chef Messy | 06/16/2006

I think my current favorite thing that I have an actual photo of are my Sally Melville gauntlets, seen here, matey.


And of course I’m very proud of my new knitting related t-shirts. I’ll print more soon, if you want one.

Posted by: KatherineOfItAll | 06/16/2006

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So I did it. I finally made it to a Utah knit gathering. We talked. Ate. Knit. Publicly. Because that was the point.


Worldwide Knit in Public Day was really fun. I don’t know why I took so long to join the SnB group and now am a little ticked off that I waited. I love meeting new people and learning about their life, interests, and ideas. The fact that everyone else is a freak about knitting like I am was just a bonus. So. Much. Fun.

It was a perfect day to be out in the open. I love the Farmer’s Market and today was the opening for the season. There was a nice group out knitting. Several of the knitters are bloggers. Like Laurie who is knitting the largest tote I have ever seen–felting makes for funny knitting. Katherine is so elegant and cool and has the cutest red-headed kids you’ve ever seen. Meeting Mim is sort of like meeting a celebrity. After seeing a version of her Mountain Peaks Shawl in person…I am in. Absolutely stunning. I briefly met Michaele and also there was Eliza whose Weekender Bag I am so jealous of, and I know there were one or two more bloggers there but I didn’t get to really talk to everyone and my memory is not so good so forgive me if I missed anyone. Everyone was so welcoming and kind, it was just a plain good time. I guess I will have to start going to SnB. I mean really…how can I resist now?

The following 6 comments were originally left at blogspirit:

Sorry to have missed the KIP day in the park! Hope to meet you Tuesday but our trek to Estes.

Posted by: margene | 06/10/2006

I think I missed the entire thing just by managing to somehow sleep till 11:30! But it really looks like it was a wonderful day. Perfect for knitting in public!

Posted by: Kit | 06/11/2006

haha! We’ve so TOTALLY got you! 😉

Posted by: Miriam | 06/11/2006

Good for you! Glad you went and had fun.

Posted by: Lauren | 06/11/2006

Dang! I *relish* being thought mean and intimidating. It’s an attribute necessary for an English teacher. Oh well, you found us out. We’re marshmallows in real life.

I’m so glad you came! It was great to meet you. Wait’ll you see the bag now that it’s felted. It’s still huge!


Posted by: green-eyed grrl | 06/11/2006

Sounds like you had an awesome WWKIP day!! It looks like it was a beautiful day too 🙂

Posted by: Sarah | 06/12/2006

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So my Mom is worried about me. She confided in my sister that she thinks I need a boyfriend since I have resorted to dating my lace.

Oh Mom…

My lace and I aren’t dating. It is more like a casual summer fling. Feel better?

So Green Gable is done. Ta da!


What a satisfying and easy knit. I added several modifications after lurking in the KAL to try and fit my body better. I think it turned out really well and I am very pleased.

medium_green_gables_side.jpg :

Project Details:

Pattern: Green Gable

Source: Zephyr Style

Yarn: Brown Sheep Cotton Fleece, 3 skeins Willow Leaf

Size: M (with modifications)

Mods: Many. Knitted 2 extra sets of the C&D rows, knit 5 decreases about an inch apart starting about 3 inches under the armholes, 4 increases an inch apart starting an inch after the decreases, used short row shaping for the bust, knit 6 rows of ribbing at the bottom of the shirt instead of 3.

Notes: I believe this is my first really wearable knit. Really quick and easy, I love how it is knit top down and how easy it was to modify for my body type.

So there you go. One headless close up before I go:


The following 16 comments were originally left at blogspirit:

that looks SO AWESOME! I am so jealous. I want a cute sweater like that to wear!!!

Posted by: Posted by: cassi | 06/06/2006

It looks wonderful – congrats on a great project! 🙂

Posted by: Amy | 06/06/2006

i hope mine turns out that well! thanks for posting the waist shaping info… that’s where i’m stuck right now.

Posted by: jenny | 06/06/2006

gorgeous! what a beautiful sweater. you must have done a fabulous job with the adjustments because it looks like it fits perfectly. it looks gorgeous on you! x

Posted by: the knitchick | 06/07/2006

Your sweater looks great! Have fun doing the Trellis Scarf, I picked the same thing for The Amazing Lace!

Posted by: Lauren | 06/07/2006

That looks adorable on you! Your mods are great, it fits perfectly.

Posted by: Jenna | 06/07/2006

It looks amazing – without the mods the Tee would look awful. And I agree – knitting it from the top down makes it VERY easy to modify.

Great job.

Posted by: Lisa | 06/07/2006

Very pretty! Great job on the modifications, isn’t it amazing when you ‘tailor’ a knit perfectly for your body?

Posted by: Steph | 06/07/2006

Hehe, MY mom was giving me the lecture about snuggling my husband while watching movies and not just knitting.

Your sweater looks nice! How is it that people knit sweaters so fast. I don’t get it.

Posted by: Chef Messy | 06/07/2006

That turned out so well! That color looks really good on you 🙂

Posted by: Sarah | 06/07/2006

that is fabulous and i love the color! great job. 🙂

Posted by: amy | 06/07/2006

Very nice! It’s great that you were able to modify it just for you you you. I’m going to be doing a tank shortly with short-row bust shaping. And I really don’t know what I’m doing (I’m kind of making it up as I go). So maybe I’ll be asking you for help…

Posted by: Posted by: Katherine | 06/08/2006

It is beautiful! A fitting job very well done for sure!

Posted by: Kristi aka Fiber Fool | 06/08/2006

Very very nice. And lace is much easier to take care of than a boyfriend.

Posted by: Posted by: Natalie | 06/08/2006

What a great job & it looks great on you! Not everyone can wear that color green, but on you it’s perfect:)

Posted by: Gwen | 06/08/2006

Hey!!!! Your Green Gable turned out great!!! =)
The shaping looks fabulous!

Posted by: Rachel | 06/14/2006

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What follows is my first entry in The Amazing Lace.

This summer, I am not racing around the world. My every move is not being filmed and viewed by a global audience. I am not in the running for a million dollars. Funny, even writing that makes me a little depressed. It’s just…my life is not very exciting. Mundane really. I work, work out, eat, and knit. Don’t get me wrong, this is not a bad life. I make a decent living, have great friends, the best family, and a hobby I am passionate about. Life is good. I just have no adventure.

Folks, I want adventure. I want a challenge. I want love and excitement and thrills. I want the unexpected and unpredictable. Enter…lace. (Don’t laugh–this my team I am talking about and loyal to a fault, I have my lace’s back.)


Yes, lace and I are joining forces to give my life the spark it so desperately needs.

As for the team…my name is Erin. I am 30 years old, love peanut butter anything, and think British people are smarter than everyone else…you know, it’s the accent. For the record, I’m not British. My imagination is most active in the mornings while I am driving to work. That is when I daydream about the big promotion I am going to get or the old crush I will run into or how much I will win in the lottery I didn’t enter. On Friday’s morning drive I had an impression…this lace is going to lead me somewhere good. Where I am not sure. But somewhere. Good. The lace could be several projects but will start with the Trellis Scarf from Spring Interweave 06. Yarn: Kaalund Expressions. So far we like each other. We can’t hangout all the time because I get testy and he gets too complicated. I am worried he has issues. It is probably more likely however that the issues are mine.

Our first date (and official team photo):


So what do we hope to accomplish? The way I see it, there is a difference between knitting lace and knitting in the Amazing Lace. I want to produce at least one (hopefully more) beautiful lace garments sure, but what will make it amazing? What can a simple partnership with lace bring my life? Honestly, I don’t know. But hey, isn’t finding out part of the fun? See? The adventure is already beginning.

The following 3 comments were originally left at blogspirit:

hehe! you sound just like me complaining about my life sometimes, but deep down i really do love it!
good luck with the amazing lace! though i’m sure there will be some conflict (in all relationships there are), i know you two will make it! :0) x

Posted by: the knitchick | 06/04/2006

Good luck in your race! It sounds like you’ve chosen a worthy partner…you two will create something beautiful together 😉

Posted by: Sarah | 06/05/2006

What a great entry into the Amazing Lace – go team, go! 🙂

I would have loved to join in the fun but given the travel schedule with work I need simple projects for the forseeable future. 🙂

Posted by: Amy | 06/05/2006

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