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So first I have to say, this contest was the best idea ever. If you love Gilmore Girls then you should go back and read the comments on my and Kara’s blogs. I found myself laughing and smiling with every comment that was written. I am so sorry I haven’t been able to get back to everyone who left a comment, I am having a particularly crazy week with some more madness ahead–but more on that in a future post. For now…the winners.

Yes, you read right, I said winners. Kara and I were so thrilled with the entries and had so much fun drawing a name from a basket that we thought, why not draw another as a runner up? So here goes…

Grand prize winner…Sulafaye!

Runner up…Amy!

Hey ladies, you have both been emailed so remember to send me your mailing address and we will send out your Star’s Hollow inspired packages this week.

Thanks again for all who shared their fav memories–I love a good theme and the comments made it a festive goodbye for GG. As for the finale, i was pleasantly surprised. It felt like an end you know? I loved that we got to say goodbye to almost every character, and that everyone had their final moment or joke–even Taylor with the painful “Rory birthed from the town’s womb” speech. Classic. I loved that Lorelai and Luke found each other again but loved even more that it was not the focus of the episode. I loved that the show ended the way it began and so appreciate the final image of the diner window. I thought it was great.

So I am officially letting go of the bitterness I felt, although I still don’t think the CW has their act together (um…canceling Veronica Mars? What!?) But I am glad this show was at least given an end and that before this season was up, the show was able to find itself again.

Finally, it is time for me to reveal my favorite memory–choosing was difficult since reading all your comments reminded me of how many great moments there are that I love. How do I pick? But I will choose one, or maybe two–one for Rory and one Lorelai.

My Rory moment comes in the third season, at the big 24-hour dance off when dressed in 40’s garb and exhausted from 23 hours of dancing and after breaking up with Dean, Rory breaks down to Jess and admits she likes him. I love how he asks if she is really broken up with Dean and after she confirms it, Jess only says he has “something to take care of” and walks off without another word to presumably break up with the girl he has been passing time with. I don’t know why I love this moment so much. I guess it is because we see a glimpse into the man Jess really is. I know Jess is controversial but I can’t help it–I am all about Jess. (I actually quite like Logan too. I think a cross between Jess and Logan is my ideal man. Is that strange?)

For Lorelai, the moment is really a sequence of events from the Love, War, and Snow episode in season 1. I remember one night in college when I walked out of the library at around 9pm and the whole sky was lit up with this purple glow and the most beautiful soft snow was falling and accumulating on the ground. I had never seen anything quite like it. That night, I fell in love with snow. So maybe that is why I love this episode. “Everything’s magical when it snows, everything looks pretty.” This is how Lorelai explains her love affair with the snow. Snow brings her Max Medina, Maaaax Medina in this episode. As much as I love Luke, I always had a soft spot for Max. They have a perfect snow filled impromptu date walking around the town and unknowingly making Luke jealous. That episode is pure magic in my book.

So there you go. Thanks for saying goodbye to Gilmore Girls with us And for those of you here that could not care less about GG, I promise I will stop talking about it (but for the record you should really try out season 1 on DVD.)

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Although I only watched the show off and on, I loved Jess as well! Glad you’re over your bitterness;)

Posted by: Heather | 05/21/2007

I’m all about the Jess too! My fave moment is when he kisses her at Sukie’s wedding. He’s so bad and she’s so good and he kind of screws with her a little bit and rocks her world. I actually had a moment in my life like that (so not as glamorous!) but I remember how it felt and I thought they portrayed it really really well.

I was actually a bit disappointed in the end. The whole Luke and Lorelai thing fell REALLY flat for me. So not the kiss I was wanting (more like the one when L opens the in and they kiss and naked Kirk comes flying through. Now THAT was a kiss!)

Posted by: Cara | 05/21/2007

This was a good idea for a contest. I enjoyed reading everyone’s remembrances. I loved Jess too. For some reason, the conversation between him and Rory on the sleigh ride and the his encounter with the Bjork snowlady makes me smile when I remember it. Bjork snow lady…ha.

Posted by: nova | 05/21/2007

I was never really a Logan fan (too much like every guy at my high school), but I am so with you on Jess. I can’t believe they broke up in real life!

Posted by: Cathi | 05/21/2007

Cancelling Veronica Mars – the CW is dead to me.

Posted by: tiennie | 05/21/2007

I thought it did end up pretty well too. It tied up quite a few loose ends nicely. I was hoping for Jess to make a comeback in then end too, but I guess Heroes is taking up too much of his time now, huh?

Posted by: Sarah | 05/21/2007

i am almost through the first season after a 6 episode marathon session last night (even though i am *desperately in need of some ‘beauty’ sleep :0) and i am loving it! it’s a shame i hadn’t caught on to the greatness that is gilmore girls sooner. oh well, thank goodness for dvds!
i loved the snow episode too. it was sweet.

Posted by: vera | 05/21/2007

You are so right ~a Jess Logan combo would be your perfect man.

Posted by: Posted by: annzy | 05/21/2007

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So, you may have noticed, we (girl who knits and knitting lemonade ) are sort of fans of the show Gilmore Girls. Ok, we’re completely devoted. And since tonight we have to say a final good-bye to our best friends, Lorelai and Rory, we thought we would host a joint contest.

Here are the details:

  • Leave a comment on this post telling us your favorite Gilmore Girls moment from any of the seven seasons.
  • We will pool the comments from each blog, put it into one fabulously chic hat, and draw one lucky name. This person will get a care package from οΏ½??Stars HollowοΏ½?.
  • You can enter twice if you leave a comment on BOTH blogs, but it has to be a different Gilmore Girls moment.
  • You have until Thursday, May 17th, midnight (MDT) to enter.

So tonight, order way too much take-out, grab some tissues (and your knitting), and watch our favorite Girls say good-bye. That is what two sisters in Salt Lake City are going to be doing.

The following 32 comments were originally left at blogspirit:

I just thought of another one… you know the Thanksgiving episode when Lorelei and Rory realize the commited themselves to 4 dinners? It’s funny when they are like “what are we going to do?” Because they both eat like horses.

Posted by: nova | 05/15/2007

I already posted my favorite Rory moment over at Knitting Lemonade, so I’ll post my favorite Lorelai moment here: When she and Luke are painting his diner in the first season and they’re kneeling looking at his dad’s order on the wall, and he says “thank you” to her, and they come so close to kissing. *sigh*

Posted by: Karin | 05/15/2007

Fun, fun, fun!!!

I’ve already mentioned this on my blog, but I absolutely love the Dance Marathon episode. Lorelei’s so intent on winning, but after Rory breaks Dean’s heart, she gives up on the trophy. And Kirk wins! Kirk always wins!

Posted by: laceyj. | 05/15/2007

I’m so sad it’s ending!! I love after Jess is such a jerk to Rory and then they Devil egg his car.

Posted by: Posted by: Christine | 05/15/2007

Mmm…so many to choose from…

I love the episode where Lorelai graduates from community college…specifically, the moment where she accepts her diploma on stage and her parents are all teary-eyed in the audience and she looks at them and proudly moves her tassle. Because: Aww.

Posted by: Rachel | 05/15/2007

We’re freaky fans too! Unfortunately we can only watch it on DVD, so we won’t feel the full extent of your pain until next September when season 7 is released. Then I’ll be crushed.

There is no way I could choose just one moment, so thanks for the option of posting two! I think that my favorite for right now is the Friday night dinner when Lorelai and Rory make up with Emily & Richard after the Luke/Christopher debacle at the vow-renewing ceremony. One minute they’re crying, then they’re laughing, then shouting. It is paced very different from most GG scenes, but so so funny!

(My husband’s moment is Kirk’s unwillingness to come up three cents when bartering for books at the local bookstore sale. And of course Kirk’s movie.)

Posted by: sulafaye | 05/15/2007

i liked any moment they had a super fast dialoge banter… oh wait that was all the time.

i always like jess so when Rory first choose him over dean – i confess it’s one of my fav parts.

Posted by: margaux | 05/15/2007

Kay so I posted the thanksgiving one on the other blog, but the episode that i really like too is when Rory comes out as a deb and christopher is there. And you got to see flash backs of when Lorilei was supposed to come out. I love that whole one, something to do with the big, white, princess dresses.

Posted by: cassi | 05/15/2007

Kay so I posted the thanksgiving one on the other blog, but the episode that i really like too is when Rory comes out as a deb and christopher is there. And you got to see flash backs of when Lorilei was supposed to come out. I love that whole one, something to do with the big, white, princess dresses.

Posted by: cassi | 05/15/2007

Man I love Gilies. I was crushed to hear that they are ending. I started watching them during season 2. After I met my husband he got hooked. The only problem is that we always are gone on Tuesdays. So I get to watch everything 24 hours later.

My fave moment of many. Lane finally fessing up to her momma about all her hiding spots and she flips open every spot. So amazing. I went to a super strict boarding school and I had to hide my music like lane.

Posted by: chrispy | 05/15/2007

Fav moment: After Asher dies and she is telling Rory….Rory starts to try to ask if it happened during “you know” and Paris replies “No, this great man was not brought down by my vagina.”
Definitely my favorite line.
I, too, was sad that it is leaving. I’m an addict and the first 5 seasons on DVD are my repetitive watching while knitting. However, I thought that this was the last season after Amy Sherman-Palladino left, and I kept getting confused by why things weren’t getting wrapped up. When I read on your blog, that they just decided, I was rather bummed b/c I knew it didn’t have time to end right. At least, Logan is out, though.

Posted by: Christy/ Not Hip | 05/15/2007

Ahh, I know, so sad! I love how Kirk has just about every single job every known to mankind–he’s always popping up in random scenes. Then again, is directorial debut was pretty amazing too.

Posted by: Posted by: Sophia | 05/15/2007

It’s all because of Kdubbs that I’m hooked on GG, so I am sure a lot of it has to do with you as well! Thanks for the years of great memories:
I love when Luke and Lorelai break up and she is sooo sad and so she leaves the message on Luke’s phone about the movie “The Way We Were” – when Katie (Barbra) calls Hubbell (Robert Redford) after they break up because he’s her best friend and he is who she wants to be with when she’s sad. (I had just seen TWWW the week before for the first time, so I was totally vibing with the scene) When Lorelai realizes what’s she’s done she runs to Luke’s and steals his answering machine tape and when she gets back – he is there! Oh! So classic GG – The tenderness and deepness of the Luke/Lorelai friendship mixed with the pop culture reference, just makes very thing that much more powerful.

This was so good it prompted lots of tears and a call to Kdubbs to freak out!

Posted by: amy | 05/15/2007

I loved the episode where they had Lane’s baby shower and they drug her down in the bed just to have one for her since she was under bedrest…I got such a kick out of their onsie decorating station….must be the baby urges in the air….

Posted by: BAM | 05/15/2007

I love all of the little quips and pop culture references. I probably miss about half of them, but they are hilarious. I know that it’s not just *one* moment, but I couldn’t pick just one.

Posted by: Heather | 05/15/2007

i love gilmore girls, too. my favorite moment is when lorelai asks luke to marry her. it was so sweet and unexpected and so lorelai.

Posted by: amanda | 05/15/2007

My favorite moment (if I have to narrow it down) was in season 2 in the episode titled The Bracebridge Dinner (I had to look that up). There was a snowman contest and Rory and Lorelei built a Bjork snowman. And the song that was playing was Bjork’s Human Behavior. Its my favorite moment because it is so quintessentially Gilmore Girls — non-sequitor, random, unexplained, and really an inside joke for the Bjork fans out there.

The passing of GG is especially poignant for me since I have been watching it for the last seven years with my daughter who is leaving home to go away to college. And so it goes…

Posted by: Posted by: freerangeliberal | 05/15/2007

I have to admit that I wasn’t an avid watcher this season, but I was for the first four.
I loved Lorelei and Rory’s relationship. I think my favorite moment from Gilmore Girls was the night of Rory’s 16th birthday when Dean made her a car and then says “I love you”… but she is afraid to say it back, and runs home.
Lorelai then instructs Rory to wallow after she tries to spend the morning running many, many errands. Once Lorelai convinces her, they have such a great moment when Rory finally cries.

Posted by: allie | 05/16/2007

I love Gilmore Girls so much I own all of them on DVD (except for the season that is airing on CW right now).

One of my favorite moments is from Season 3- Dear Emily and Richard- I just like the flashbacks of the younger Lorelai and Christopher. I like at the end when Lorelai is in the hospital and Emily and Richard are rusing in the hospital and Emily is all upset about how Lorelai left them a note that she was in labor and was going to the hospital.

Posted by: Jessica | 05/16/2007

I’m so sad to see GG go.

I love the episode where Headmaster Charles tries to get Rory to be more involved at Chilton rather than listening to her headphones and reading at lunch.

Posted by: Jodi | 05/16/2007

My favorite GG moment is when Richard and Emily have their minister over to convince Rory that having sex is a bad idea, and the minister tells rory that if she gives it away to one man, then all she has to give the next is a sweater.
That had me laughing for days.

Posted by: Kate | 05/16/2007

i love gg but am terrible at remembering tv, movies – anything. however, i did just love the knit out this season. the scene with all of them in the park knitting was definitely a fav moment for me.

Posted by: amy | 05/16/2007

I absolutely cried last night. It was so sad, but I think a good way to end the show. They wrapped up all the ends nicely.

How can I choose my favorite??

Um…perhaps the shirtless Kirk dancing movie extravangza?

Oh, and when Babette comes running up to Luke in the town square holding her bazooms, I can’t remember what she was doing that for though…geez!

Or when Sookie threw that golf ball cake into the trash because the guy wanted a troll theme retirement party (what???!!)

But I can’t leave out the episode when Sookie and Lorelia comment on Luke’s butt the whole time. Too good.

Ok…I’m going to leave more on your sister’s blog.

Posted by: Sarah | 05/16/2007

There are so many great moments from the first 6 seasons. I’m enjoying reading everyone else’s favorite moments because it brings back such great memories. I really like that snowman one too! One of the many great moments for me was Lorelei learning French from tape before the Paris trip but she’s repeating the English with a French accent instead. What about yours, are you going to tell us your favorite moment?

Posted by: Posted by: Evelyn | 05/16/2007

It’s not really a moment as it is moments. I like the very last scene of the first episode of the first season AND of the final eppisode of the seventh season, because they are the same!. The girls sitting in the diner with Luke in the background, giving them the time they need to be together but also in eyesight – watching over them and taking care of them. Kind of like the Stars Hallows’ version of NighthawksοΏ½?? by Edward Hopper (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nighthawks). I loved how they bookend the series like that; basically saying that everything has changed but yet everythings still the same.
I also love the Dragon Fly Inn’s test run for the town and the bay brige(?) theme dinner!

Posted by: Posted by: Adrienne | 05/16/2007

I love it at the end of season 4 when Luke realizes that he wants to date Lorelai while he’s listening to those self-help audiobooks. He’s so earnest about courting her properly. I love it!

Posted by: Posted by: Susan | 05/16/2007

I cried my eyes out last night!

One of my favorite moments was when Lore gave Luke an ultimatum and he didn’t say yes so she called off the wedding and slept with Chris.

When Luke comes to see her the next day he is so desperate, rambling with all the possibilities. He just wants to be with her. When she tells him what happened the night before he just leaves. He doesn’t get angry and yell or scream. He is very upset but doesn’t take it out on her and that is classy in my book.

Posted by: brandilion | 05/16/2007

omgoodness, i started crying right when emily looked kicked in the gut at rory’s job announcement, and didn’t stop until a good 20 minutes after the show was over. it was the perfect ending, and a little piece of me died when they started to pan out on the two of them ordering ridiculous amounts of breakfast in the diner, because it would be the last time we would see that.

okay, one of my favorite moments (there’s about 5,300, so i’ll just pick one) was when paris and rory got on the paper at chilton, and paris got editor. she and rory had had a grudge going for some time, and rory tried to get paris to let it go, since they would be working together. paris pretends to be okay with that, then tells rory the first meeting is at 4, when it’s actually at 3:15. this caused rory to show up late in front of everyone, then paris gives her a crap assignment for her first story (covering the repaving of the parking lot.) after the meeting, rory gives one of her fantastic comebacks, telling paris she can keep giving her crap stories all she wants, that she’s gonna write the best damn paper on paving you ever saw, and the next day she’ll write the best copper piping story, etc. etc.

that was kinda rambly, but there you have it. =]

Posted by: amy | 05/17/2007

Ooh! Ooh! The music nerd in me got off-the-wall excited when Thurston Moore and Kim Gordon from Sonic Youth along with their daughter Coco performed on last year’s season finale. So edgy!

Posted by: Faith | 05/17/2007

Bugger, I think I’m out by 16 minutes…

My favourite, amoung many, many, many would have to be the Luke/Kirk battle for Twickham house!!! Kirk the bad boy….Ha!

Please Season 7 on DVD soon, it’s killing me here in Australia, reading all these Season 7 references!!!!

Posted by: Rachael | 05/18/2007

I’ll probably be disqualified for this because I’ve never actually seen the show. BUT, my husband’s best friend has seen them all, so my favorite part about the Gilmore Girls is teasing this macho guy about watching a girly show. Good times. Goooood times.

Posted by: 5elementnknitr | 05/18/2007

ok, i know i’ve already commented, but I just rewatched the finale and I think the sweetest part about it is when Lorelai and Rory pull up to the surprise party and Jackson and Zach come out with the umbrellas. How fitting that Jackson and Zach are taking care of the best friends of the women they love. Reminds me of how much my best friends husbands mean to me and the strange but special relationships I have with them.

Posted by: amy | 05/20/2007

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I Raced

I am not a natural athlete. In junior high I was the girl that couldn’t even stay up for one second in that hanging chin up exercise they made us do to test our fitness. I can’t even tell you how embarrassing that was. I am not good at things that require a lot of hand eye coordination like football, soccer, or frisbee. I am horrible at aerobics and other activities that require things like learning “routines” and “dance moves.” I have also never been very good at high impact endurance activities. Which is why I usually don’t commit to mornings like today. But in this case, I am glad I did. Sort of. Let me explain…

Along with 16,000 people, I ran the Salt Lake City Race for the Cure. A couple of months ago my friends at work talked about running the 5K together and I thought it sounded fun. You know, because it was weeks and weeks away. I do work out quite a bit but I tried to change my workouts to focus on endurance and running. It worked, or so I thought. You see on a treadmill, I can rock the 5K. The real outside though is a little different. Around the end of mile 2 it started to get painful. I should have stopped and walked for a bit but my goal was to run the whole time. A huge feat for someone like me and I didn’t want to fail. Did I do it? Why yes I did. Did I push myself too hard out of sheer ego and competition? Why yes I did.

I ran next to my co-worker Lacey whose presence was the only thing keeping me from walking. I am willing to bet Lacey was the type of girl who could keep her chin above the bar for like a minute. Lacey and I have been doing a lot of trash talking about who would finish first so when I saw Lacey start to sprint to the finish I knew I had to pick up the pace too. We touched the finish line at the same time. When I stopped running, I thought I was going to die but turns out I only needed to throw up–then I was fine. Was this embarrassing? Why yes it was. But I did meet my goal of running the the whole time and supporting a very worthy cause? Yes I did.

Actually, just being among the crowd of people running was pretty inspirational. I saw a Dad and 3 kids running in memory of their Mom who died in February of this year. Can you imagine? There were survivors running in pink shirts, family members with pictures of loved women on their backs, and supportive friends whose lives have all been touched by this disease. It was heartbreaking. But it also reminded me of the strength of women and the power of getting involved. I am really glad I participated.

We didn’t have our cameras during the race but here is a picture after the race at breakfast of me and my friends who ran the race with me:


Lacey, Me, and Maryann at Finn’s after the race.

I know it is just a little 5K but I still feel like it was an accomplishment. Yea us!!!

The following 25 comments were originally left at blogspirit:

Congrats on the 5K! I’ve been working on running, too, and I know what a big accomplishment it is.

Posted by: Heather | 05/12/2007

You are fantastic! I’m so proud of you!

Posted by: Heather Joins The Round | 05/12/2007

Good for you! Congrats on the 5K – that really is cool!

Posted by: tiennie | 05/13/2007

I also helpping AID ride this year…

By the way…Visit my knitting blog sometime!!!



Posted by: charles | 05/13/2007

Yay!!! Great job. Also you sweater in the previous post is gorgeous!

Posted by: Posted by: christine | 05/13/2007

Congrats, I’d say that a 5k is a big accomplishment… And don’t feel bad, NO ONE could do the bent arm hang!

Posted by: Heather | 05/13/2007

Your did great, for a great cause. Congrats!

Posted by: Petunia | 05/13/2007

That is definitely an accomplishment – good job!

Posted by: Laure | 05/13/2007

I couldn’t even make my arms bend. I hung like a smoked ham from the dang thing.

But you are so amazingly awesome. What a feat!!!

Posted by: Kit | 05/13/2007

Fabulously amazing you are!! It’s such a big accomplishment and you deserve lots o’ kudos!!

Posted by: margene | 05/13/2007

It’s definitely NOT a “little” accomplishment. It’s a BIG one. Way to go, girl!

Posted by: Cheryl | 05/13/2007

My dad always told me if you threw up at the end of a race then you ran hard enough πŸ™‚
Good job girl, I’m proud of you!

Posted by: artmomma | 05/13/2007

Woo-hoo! What you did is truly inspiring!!! πŸ˜‰

Posted by: Stitch-n-Snitch | 05/13/2007

Whoohoo! Go Erin! I am completely embarrassingly unathletic, so I really admire anyone that can run at all! Congrats!

Posted by: Kim | 05/13/2007

That picture is AFTER the race and the, ahem, post-race?? What women!

Knitters continue to make me proud to be among their company. I think your victory is is quite an accomplishment (though still maybe second to the gorgeous Eunny Jang fair isle? maybe).

Posted by: sulafaye | 05/13/2007

it’s that heart rate monitor, i’m tellin’ ya. you rock for doing that 5k and i can’t believe you ran the whole time! i swear i’m not copying you (again) because i’ve been planning to do this for a month or two, but i want to run a 5k in the fall with my friend. i’m preparing with the HRM and i can only run 1.5 miles straight through. i’m so impressed that you ran the whole 5k! it’s a true accomplishment.

“I cannot boast of knowing more than half-a-dozen, in the whole range of my acquaintance, that are really accomplished”-mr. darcy, P&P

i think you’ve joined the ranks of the truly accomplished πŸ™‚

Posted by: rachel i. | 05/13/2007

Way to go! I am so impressed. I am so not a runner anymore. I loved sprinting, but runing long runs were not my bag. When Kara and I did track in middle school she was always the distance runner. You ROCK!!!

Posted by: Cassi | 05/13/2007

Congratulations! Well done!

Posted by: Brenda | 05/13/2007

Oh, Erin… Where do I begin?

First, I loved this post… not just because you thought I was that girl who could do the hanging ching up. (Not even close.)

Second, YOU helped ME get to that finish line without walking…

So glad we did it together.

(And, might I add… You puke so elegantly.)

Posted by: laceyJ. | 05/13/2007

Yay, Erin! I know for me, running the Race for the Cure last year was a really emotional experience. It brought all the turmoil from dealing with my mother’s cancer right back to the surface. It was touching to see all the people who wanted to make a difference in the lives of the men and women who have been affected by breast cancer. Thanks for being one of those people.

I’m hoping that I can be ready to run it again this year in September down here in Texas. Who knows if I can get rid of enough baby fat by then to do it? Wish me luck!

Posted by: Posted by: Susan | 05/14/2007

A little 5K… that is still about 2.2 miles than I would be running any time soon. Good for you!

Posted by: nova | 05/14/2007

yay you! : )

Posted by: Amanda Cathleen | 05/14/2007

Wow! Good job! I’ve never had the guts to tackle a 5K, so I salute you.

Posted by: KatherineOfItAll | 05/15/2007

YOU are so incredibly cool! I am impressed beyond words at your accomplishment. There is nothing better than doing something hard and then know that you can do hard things!


Posted by: DeAnn Hansen | 05/15/2007

Congratulations on finishing the 5K! It’s wonderful to be able to support those with disease however we can. I’m not terribly athletic myself so I know how you feel…good for you for overcoming that fear and doing it anyway!

Posted by: Debby | 05/16/2007

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Yes, Blithe really is finished…


I tried to think of a really clever way to write this post but was at a loss. I asked Kara for inspiration and she told me to “let the sweater speak for itself.” Who am I to argue with that?


Hello my pretty knit.


The ribbed sleeve is one of my favorite design features.

Other favorite design feature, the ribbed pattern on the front and down the button bands.


The back of the sweater. Obviously.

I realized today how rare it is that I actually knit a weather appropriate garment in time to enjoy it for the whole season. And here it is, warm weather around the corner and I have the perfect cap sleeved cotton shirt ready to wear. Yea me!

The stats:

Pattern: Blithe

Source: Kim Hargreaves, Shades of Pale Collection

Yarn: Rowan Cotton 4-ply, Steel Blue

Needles: US 1 & 2 straights

Mods: I extended the length of the body by adding about 2 inches to the straight rows after decreasing for the waist.

Notes: As far as the fit of the sweater goes, hands down this is the best fitting sweater I have knit. Kim’s design is really well written and easy to follow. I will not hesitate to buy a kit from her again. The yarn is both nice to knit with and makes a great fabric. And the design of the sweater is both modern and classic. Anyone who is contemplating this knit, I give it an enthusiastic thumbs up.

Did I mention yet that I love it? Quite a lot actually. A little secret about me is that I am rarely pleased with a knit when I am finished with it. I am a perfectionist and very hard on myself which means I am never quite satisfied with the end product. This shirt, however, was a different story as soon as I put it on. I am simply happy with it. That in an of itself is really something.


Yet another profile shot to add to my collection.

The following 59 comments were originally left at blogspirit:

Lovely! All the little details are so pretty, and the color is great on you.

Posted by: Knittypants | 05/07/2007

She really does speak for herself! Blithe is gorgeous! Ummm…Blithe is a she, right? :0)
I was looking at the knit and thinking, ‘wow, what ply yarn is that?’- 4 ply, yep. i’d still be knitting that for next year and a half. So yay for you!!!
I really like the buttons too.

Posted by: vera | 05/07/2007

It is beautiful!!

Posted by: Elena | 05/07/2007

I give it a 10 and two thumbs up! The color is gorgeous, the fit is perfect and overall you look fabulous in it.


Posted by: Stefanie | 05/07/2007

Blithe is absolutely gorgeous! I think i need/want/must have a blithe too….maybe i can knit her early spring in preparation for next summer!

DIVINE!!!!!!!!!!!! Well done Erin!

Posted by: jacqueline | 05/07/2007

Your ‘Blithe’ is a knockout! I can’t believe that you did that one size 1s and 2s, you have a lot of patience. I agree that the ribbing on the sleeves is key to its success. I especially like it with the brown tee, btw…

Posted by: Heather | 05/07/2007

I love, love, LOVE it! It’s amazing and I’m so glad that it feels that way to you too — I have that same thing where I’m rarely pleased with a finished knit. Maybe I need to give Blithe a try!

Posted by: Posted by: Melissa Ryan | 05/07/2007

Blithe really is a beautiful sweater and a perfect fit for you all the way around. Nice work, good job;-)

Posted by: margene | 05/07/2007

PERFECT! Congratulations – wear it well!

Posted by: Cara | 05/07/2007

Wow–you both look fantastic!!! πŸ™‚

Posted by: Stitch-n-Snitch | 05/07/2007

erin no words can express how fabulous that knit is!! i love kim h!! excellent job and what a wonderful fit! oh boy do i have to get back into the knits πŸ™‚

Posted by: margaux | 05/07/2007

what a pretty knit! it’s so classic and wearable, and the fit is fantastic.

Posted by: Sara | 05/07/2007

Beautiful! Just beautiful. It fits well, the color is gorgeous, and it has that timeless quality common to so many of her knits.

How did you obtain more yarn to lengthen the sweater, though? Her designs are just sold in kits, yes?

Posted by: Amy | 05/07/2007

You look great in Blithe! Those cap sleeves are very cute.

Posted by: Cheryl | 05/07/2007

it looks great! I love it! congrats on a great looking, great fitting sweater! πŸ™‚

[I also love the brown under — looks great with that steely blue!]

Posted by: jess | 05/07/2007

What a great fit! I loooooove it, it looks very pretty πŸ™‚

Posted by: Brooke | 05/07/2007

Looks great! Can’t wait to see what you make next!

Posted by: Cathi | 05/07/2007

You with the gorgeous sweaters! Love this one! And it looks so great with the brown. I have no idea how you keep churning them out…

Posted by: Kim | 05/07/2007

Erin, you are so gorgeous!!! Oh yeah, and Blithe is pretty too. I need to come to SLC so you can teach me how to knit. πŸ™‚

Posted by: holli | 05/07/2007

It’s totally gorgeous. You look great in it! I have much knitterly envy, as per usual.

Posted by: KatherineOfItAll | 05/07/2007

Blithe turned out lovely! Great job!

Posted by: Octopus Knits | 05/07/2007

It looks absolutely fabulous on you, girl. Fit, color, the way you matched it with the brown. LOVE it. Brava!

Posted by: Lolly | 05/07/2007

Really fantastic! You are inspiring me to get on my summer knits!

Posted by: nicole | 05/07/2007

Fabulous. I’m glad you picked that color, it looks great!

Posted by: Steph | 05/07/2007

looks great! i’d love to knit it as more of a tunic and add a few inches to the torso.

Posted by: kelliann | 05/07/2007

It’s fantastic and it looks great on you, and you have a whole season to wear it!

Posted by: nova | 05/07/2007

Really beautiful work! It looks so wearable too!

Posted by: laura b | 05/07/2007

She’s gorgeous. I am in love with this sweater! The textures are great.

Posted by: Jess | 05/07/2007

It is completely stunning. Now I am 100% convinced that I need this.
Good work. It’s perfect.

Posted by: Kate | 05/07/2007

you have done a really amazing job! the color, the fit, it’s all perfect! not to mention, i think your model shots have improved now that you are wearing a knit that you truly love. blithe is just perfect!

Posted by: rachel i. | 05/07/2007

Gorgeous! It looks perfect on you. Congrats on a fabulous FO!

Posted by: Meredith | 05/07/2007

Blithe is saying “Look at me! Look at me! I’m so pretty!” Another beautiful fit!

Posted by: tiennie | 05/07/2007

any one who sees this and doesn’t automatically want to knit it is crazy ~except for me because I saw how tiny all of those hundreds of rows are.

Posted by: Posted by: annzy | 05/07/2007

Love, love, just love it. It fits you so well…

Posted by: lisa | 05/07/2007

Looks lovely on you! I love the colour you chose. I would love to make this… soon I hope!

Posted by: jen | 05/07/2007

Love it! Wear it to work so we can all tell you in person. It really suits you.

Posted by: Posted by: freerangeliberal | 05/07/2007

Oh Erin – that is absolutely drop dead gorgeous!
Congrats on a perfectly executed sweater – you look mahhvelous!

Posted by: Teyani | 05/07/2007

Gorgeous, absolutely gorgeous. It really really suits you

Posted by: Posted by: Bev | 05/08/2007

You should be happy, it is gorgeous!

Posted by: Posted by: Jen M | 05/08/2007

Hi, I’m delurking to say how much I am in love with that sweater!! just beautiful!

Posted by: Emily | 05/08/2007

Blithe is so gorgeous! I definitely want to get this kit, wow! And it looks fabulous on you and fits you perfectly!

Posted by: Crystal | 05/08/2007

super, super cute!

Posted by: Stefanie | 05/08/2007

Unbelievably beautiful!!!! I totally relate to the whole perfectionist thing and not always being totally happy with the finished product, but Blithe is REALLY beautiful. And perfect on you too! Nice πŸ™‚

Posted by: Sarah | 05/08/2007

Oh, WOW! Blithe turned out so pretty! And such a perfect fit on you! Congrats on one beautiful spring sweater, babe!

Posted by: knittingphilistine | 05/09/2007

Once again… you make me want to knit. Blithe is AMAZING and you look so fantabulous in it! Love, love, love it.. nice job Queenie.

Posted by: Posted by: Red | 05/09/2007

Such pretty details — it looks fabulous! πŸ™‚

*waves hello from (kinda) down the road from you*

Posted by: Katinka | 05/09/2007

Erin, I just wanted to let you know that your blog is great and I always look forward to what you’ve written and knitted! Blithe is really fantastic, I wish I could knit something that beautiful!

Posted by: Posted by: Kristine | 05/09/2007

It looks fabulous! I love it pair with that brown πŸ™‚

Posted by: Kristi aka Fiber Fool | 05/09/2007

I can’t believe I’m commenting twice on the same post… but as good as Blithe looked on your blog, it looked even better in person. Best of luck to you!

Posted by: Cheryl | 05/09/2007

Wonderful. I have always loved this pattern, but was scared by the itty bitty needles. You are brave and it turned out beautifully!

Posted by: shopgirl | 05/09/2007

I love it! Looks great on you!

Posted by: Posted by: Dawn | 05/10/2007

You’ve pushed me over the edge… I’ve ordered mine today. Thank you for sharing yours!

Posted by: jen | 05/10/2007

That sweater looks fantastic on you. I’ve always loved Kim Hargreaves’ designs. They’re all so flattering.

Posted by: Erin | 05/11/2007

That looks great!

Posted by: Romi | 05/12/2007

Blithe looks fantastic on you! The color, the fit, wow! Great job

Posted by: Amanda Cathleen | 05/14/2007

Wow! I’ve always been a fan of this designer but this sweater is spectacular! I went to the link of the book. Did anyone else notice that the model in the picture (second row, middle shot) is playing the circle game? Look at her hands…

Posted by: 5elementnknitr | 05/15/2007

Wow… that is a gorgeous sweater in an amazing color. You’ve really outdone yourself. I hope that every time you wear it, you glow with a knitter’s pride.

Posted by: allie | 05/15/2007

I gotta say; when I saw Blithe on that scrawny stick of a model, I was all eh, and I couldn’t figure out why you were spending all this time knitting it.

But it looks fantastic on you. The color is great, the knitting is wonderful. Nicely done.

Posted by: Kristine | 05/15/2007

Blithe came out great! I know what you mean about perfectionism. When I finish something I look at all the things I wish I did better, rather than just enjoy it. But your top really does look perfect on you!

Posted by: Debby | 05/16/2007

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Blog love

One of the first things I found cool/odd/interesting about the blog world was the generosity and general kindness of (for the most part) total strangers. This week, I was the recipient of this generosity when I won a contest over at Ms. Amy Artisan’s blog. Besides having the best name ever, Amy is one of the first blogs I started reading after I joined the blog world. She is one of those bloggers where you can just feel her goodness through her writing. Besides knitting, I love reading about her trips and how connected she is to her family and friends. In fact, the contest was to write a comment about friendship. So I did. And I won!


Don’t you just love when there is a nice box of goodies at your door when you come home from work?

As you see I got some fun treats including, Friday Night Knitting Club by Kate Jacobs, 2 skeins of Classic Silk yarn in beautiful shades of grey blue and taupe, a sunflower growing kit, some fun pads of paper and a cute pouch. Thank you so much Amy! I love it all.

Now if anyone remembers, when I am the recipient of some unexpected blog love, I like to give back. So, in the next week or so, Kara and I are going to jointly host a little blog contest. Details coming soon…

In other news, I will have a finished Blithe post on Monday. I just have to get some thread to sew on the buttons and it will be done. So stay tuned for that too.

Have a great weekend everybody!

The following 9 comments were originally left at blogspirit:

Hey congrats! Can’t wait to Blythe all neat and tidy and ready for the prime time!;)

Posted by: Heather | 05/05/2007

congrats on winning, amy is the best

Posted by: amanda cathleen | 05/05/2007

What a fun package to receive πŸ™‚ Looking forward to Blythe, can’t wait till Monday.

Posted by: Knittypants | 05/05/2007

I’m happy you won! Can’t wait to see Blithe!

Posted by: jen | 05/05/2007

I’m happy you won! Can’t wait to see Blithe!

Posted by: jen | 05/05/2007

Looking forward to seeing Blythe – and congrats on your lovely win – I’ve been wondering if that book was an enjoyable read – keep us posted.

Posted by: Teyani | 05/05/2007

How fun! Glad you won. Enjoy!

Posted by: tiennie | 05/05/2007

What a fun thing to receive! Packages are the best… What was your comment on friendship?

Posted by: LaceyJ. | 05/06/2007

I love the title “Blog Love”… it reminds me of the Scrubs musical, when Turk and JD sing the “Guy Love” song. Hilarious!

Posted by: amy | 05/14/2007

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Gilmore Girls is cancelled.

I am, what you would call, a big fan of the show. I have watched faithfully from the beginning of the first season. I own all the seasons on DVD. I introduced many skeptical friends to the show who are all now avid watchers. I love this show.

Now, I know it is just TV. It is not the end of the world or anything–I have perspective here. But I can’t help but get ticked off by the way our television business is run. I have spent seven years watching this show. I am invested. And then because of disputes or ratings or the network, the show gets cancelled two weeks before it will air it’s now final episode? How can this be right? How is the show supposed to end the way it should in two episodes that were filmed with the uncertainty of a follow-up season? I feel cheated.

This is why I hesitate to get involved in any new shows that come out since in a moments notice it could be cancelled and then the 5 hours you spent getting involved in the story are totally wasted. Or on the flip side, a show goes on many more seasons then it should and the integrity of the story and the characters are compromised. Someone needs to clean this system up.

Still…I will miss the show. Cancelled or not (and thanks to TV on DVD) I will always knit with Gilmore Girls.

Thanks to Kara for the button.

The following 14 comments were originally left at blogspirit:

how can they just cancel a show like that with out giving it closure!?!?! so f’in annoying. i know how you feel. i think LOST is so on that chopping block soon! maybe it will have a weird resurrection like 7th Heaven did??

Posted by: margaux | 05/03/2007

I got really tired with the show after it started being all about Rory. Loved her mom and her grandmom; Rory not so much.

I blame the one season where she was hanging out with Jess and talking about Ayn Rand all the time.

Posted by: Eve | 05/03/2007

Such brutality! I know how you feel. I sued to watch ‘Freaks and Geeks’ and was devastated by that show being canceled, and that was 7 years ago!!! I know I need to get a life…

Posted by: Heather | 05/03/2007

I’m so bummed. I love GG.

Posted by: Wanda | 05/03/2007

I was always a fan of the witty and snappy dialogue, usually between Lorelai and Rory… I too will miss the show.

Posted by: nova | 05/03/2007

Funny, I just read this before I started the nightly blog crawl. And I thought of you, of course. Sorry.

Posted by: susan | 05/03/2007

i know *exactly how you feel. seriously, you fall in luv with a show, and you follow it, it becomes part of your life, and then they just cut it off. It’s terrible!
At least with alias they gave half a season warning so they could end it. But no ending? That’s a great shame.
Hope you can recover from this tragedy soon!!! :0)

Posted by: vera | 05/03/2007

I know how you feel. I was a West Wing fan, and still miss it. We will survive, though!

Posted by: Petunia | 05/04/2007

GG you will be missed!

Posted by: Monica | 05/04/2007

If it makes you feel any better, it was always in the creator’s plan (that sounds way more biblical than I meant it to be) to end the series with Rory’s graduation from college. And with the change in the guard this past year, as much as I would love for the show to go on (I am obsessed as well), I won’t miss the painful moments that have littered this season.

Posted by: Cathi | 05/04/2007

Yep, just read this last night and I’m so disappointed. Can’t say I’m surprised though because this season has definitely been rocky with Amy Sherman-Palladino. She was such a huge part of the show. The beginning of this season was really lacking the great wit and quirky storylines that make the show. The last few episodes certainly have been better – or maybe I have just forgotten the magic of the show?

Posted by: Posted by: Evelyn | 05/04/2007

I know! It totally sucks. On the plus side, I read that they wrote the season finale to possibly be the series finale, so they shouldn’t be ending on a cliffhanger.

Posted by: laura b | 05/04/2007

So sad… I still can’t talk about it- every time I do, I get pretty bothered. Boo.

Posted by: laceyJ. | 05/06/2007

Isn’t it horrible??!! I’m watching the second to last episode EVER right now. Horrible.

Posted by: Sarah | 05/08/2007

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I have been very monogamous lately. No wondering eye or even a fleeting temptation. From the moment I cast on for Blithe, I have been wholly committed. Oh wait, I did knit those baby booties…but that doesn’t count right? It was gift knitting. (Oh my goodness, I cheated without even realizing it. And now I am justifying it. Yikes, I am one of THOSE guys.) Oh well, let’s pretend the baby booties didn’t happen. Monogamy suits me I think. Stuff gets done.

See Blithe blocking…


Sorry for the bad picture but you get the idea. The two pieces at the top are the wee little cap sleeves. I can’t wait to show you the cute ribbing on them. I will try and seam tonight and will for sure have a FO post by the end of this week. Yea!

So what’s next? (Perhaps I am more aptly described as a serial monogamist.) I was going to tackle the Dollar and a Half Cardigan but I am not really in the mood thanks to the changing season. I am thinking I might wait until the end of summer so I can have it for the fall. So instead, I am thinking…Bella. This is a new Norah Gaughan pattern from Interweave and you want to hear the best part? It is FREE. Honestly, I am shocked this is one of the free web patterns. I love the elegance and details of this top. It is so beautiful. Seriously, do yourself a favor, open the pattern and scroll to the bottom for pictures of the collar and cap sleeve. You’re welcome. I will try to make it to my LYS in the next couple days for yarn. Anyone want to join me? I can’t wait to start, which means that it was time to move on I guess.

Please don’t feel abandoned Blithe, we had some great times. Sorry about that weekend with the booties.

The following 16 comments were originally left at blogspirit:

Oh I can’t wait to see Blithe! That color looks so perfect fotrthe pattern! You’re right about those sleeves on Bella… they definitely make the pattern.

Posted by: laura b | 05/01/2007

Bella is a real beauty. Very unique. Norah always takes a new angle – I love her stuff. I swear they called this one “Pomegranate Tank” in the previews… must have had a change of heart!

Posted by: Lolly | 05/01/2007

Those booties will get you every time! You and Blithe will have loads of time to make up for your indiscretion.

Posted by: margene | 05/01/2007

I can’t wait to see you modelling Blithe….I have been eyeing off that pattern since it came out so to see it on a real person will be fantastic.

Posted by: jacqueline | 05/01/2007

I can’t wait to see Blythe all finished. I’m going to order mine this weekend, but I still can’t decide on a color.

Posted by: Kate | 05/01/2007

I definately complete more when i only have one project going. When there are wip’s everywhere i spend most of my time trying to figure out what to do first! If only i could finish off all the ones i have and then i could spend the rest of my days as a happy monogamist ;0)
Blithe is going to look fabulous! Can’t wait.
As for IK i am always really surprised at the web patterns, a lot of the time i like them better than the ones they actually put IN the magazine. Weird…

Posted by: vera | 05/01/2007

I’ve decided that I need to be more monogamous in my knitting too–it’s amazing how fast things seem to get done that way! Can’t wait to see the finished top. πŸ™‚

Posted by: Meredith | 05/01/2007

Blithe is almost done! It’s time to start Bella now. Do you have a color in mind?

Posted by: Debby | 05/01/2007

Blithe looks gorgeous already – I’m sure you’ll look fantastic in her. And I’m sure she’ll forgive you for your small transgression.

Posted by: Cheryl | 05/01/2007

Excuses… excuses… Isn’t that what cheaters do? πŸ˜‰

Can’t wait to see your finished top. You have such a great talent for making things fit you well!

Posted by: tiennie | 05/01/2007

I’ll do Bella with you! I should have my yarn this weekend.

I laughed uncontrollable while reading your post!!!!Rarely, am I a monogamist! I decided that it’s boring. Knitting is the one area of my life that I allow myself some freedom…sooo I’m willing to start another project!I love the RUSH that it gives me!

Posted by: Posted by: Sharon | 05/02/2007

Am printing out the pattern right now, but I have to do some measurements to see if I want to knit it. Measurements of me and of some clothes I like the fit of, you know.

Posted by: Heather Joins The Round | 05/02/2007

Wow, you’re not fooling around! So gorgeous…nice work! I can’t wait to see it put together.

Posted by: Heather | 05/02/2007

Looking forward to seeing Blithe all finished. I’m sure she’s OK with the bootie knitting. Bella is lovely! Curious to see what color you choose.

Posted by: Brenda | 05/02/2007

So THAAAT’s what monogamy gets you…. FINISHED things. Beautiful finished things! I really must try your approach! Beautiful!

Posted by: knittingphilistine | 05/03/2007

I tend to be a two or three timer, but I must say sticking with one projects actually sees an end result, which is kind of nice, really… Is Blithe going to be as nice as I think?

Posted by: nova | 05/03/2007

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