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thirty three

(giveaway alert–read to the bottom for a chance to win!)

Today I turn 33.  I know I shouldn’t say yikes or talk about how old I am because I know plenty of people are older than me but it is my birthday and so I am going to indulge in a little mini freak out.


(I hope that wasn’t too offensive for those who are > 33.)

Now, I have plenty of things I have been wanting/needing to write about.  I need to send out a long overdue thank you to some awesome bloggers who gave me a very kind shout-out on their blog, talk about the project I just finished that I love love love, discuss my current lack of knitterly inspiration despite a plethora of WIPs and a growing queue, wonder at my lack of stashed dk weight yarn and the abundance of patterns I want to knit that calls for dk yarn… As you can see, I have a lot to write about and I will be writing on all these things soon.

But for today I thought I would do a list of sorts.  I first thought of goals or wishes (i take birthday wishes very seriously) but then I thought that could border on depressing or perhaps even ungrateful.  So I thought instead I would give a list of 33 things I am grateful for or simply love about my life, just as it is.

Here goes:

1. Vines on my windows.

2. Complete control over my DVR.

3. Smart Start Maple Brown Sugar. I love this stuff.

4. “Original Children” moments.  This is when just the original children (brother Brett and sisters Kara and Bri and I) find ourselves alone together in a room.  We like to pause and take a moment.

5. Inspiration.  Both divine and creative.

6. The sound of Emma, Ellie and Ryan running to the door when they know I have come for a visit.

7. Parents who love each other.

8. Chuck.  Yes, from the tv show Chuck.  I think it is okay to be grateful for him.

9. Knitting.  I really, really love it.  (Just in case you were in doubt.)

10. The ability to pick up and travel wherever I want without too much fuss or coordination.

11. My fingers.  I am a little vain about them.

12. Eating Baskin and Robbins’ Peanut Butter and Chocolate ice cream with my sisters.

13. Very patient friends who still love me when they haven’t heard from me in ages.

14. Watching Survivor with my Dad.

15. Funny instant message communications driven primarily by emoticons. 

16. 6 wooden dolls sitting on my dining room table right this moment. I know this sounds a little strange but trust me–best. gift. ever.

17. Discovering Dr. Who and Battlestar Galactica with my geek tv loving sister Kara. 

18. Drinking hot chocolate in my beautiful butterfly tea cups/mugs.

19. The feeling I get when a Chinese take out order is perfectly chosen. 

20. Reading comments from my thoughtful blog readers.

21. Banana Republic miracles.

22. Emails from Emma.

23. Making Ellie laugh.

24. Flipping Ryan upside down.

25. My membership in the pro-Bri-getting-pregnant-sooner-rather-than-later committee.

26. Cheap airfare to Salt Lake City.

27. England.  Just that it exists and I can go there or stay here and watch their fine television shows.

28. Checking blogs on cold Saturday mornings.

29. Watching Gilmore Girls whenever and for however long I like.

30. Reading a book for 10 hours straight and having no one to judge me.

31. No mystery food containers in my fridge.

32. Faith and hope.  Two things I can’t live without.

33. Knowing my life can and will change on any given day.

Wow, that was harder than it should have been.  Must be grateful more often. 

In the spirit of gratitude I think perhaps it is time for a little giveaway.  So here is the deal, leave me a comment by October 28th telling me one thing you are grateful for or simply love about your life.  A winner will be chosen randomly and you will receive a fun package filled with treats and goodies from moi.  Anyone is welcome to comment, whether I know you or not or are a knitter or not.  Sound good?  Good.  Comment away…

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Um, yes.  It probably escaped your notice that I never posted the final post about my big trip.  But I didn’t forget and at the risk of beating a dead horse, I still want to post it for my own edification and records.  First though, I do have to say thank you–so so much–for all the wonderful comments on my Little Birds pullover.  You guys make a finished knit so much more enjoyable by sharing in the fun with me.  So thank you.  And now, to Paris…

Paris was blissful.  Restful.  Beautiful.  It was all things yummy.  Speaking of yummy…

Here are some of the edible highlights:

  • Salads topped with the most perfectly cooked potatoes and, among other delights, tossed with chunks of amazing cheese–french cheese
  • Baguettes–lots and lots of baguettes
  • Pan au chocolat–I believe I had one every morning we were there
  • Macaroons–I have never had anything like these.  I thought all macaroons had to be coconut.  Not true at all.  We had raspberry, pistachio, chocolate, lemon…all in vivid colors that made them not only taste good but look like a perfect rainbow of deliciousness.
  • Crepes–three to be exact.  One savory and two sweet.  The best one was bought on the street and where the guy had the nutella heated already.  Oh man…I can still taste that crepe.
  • Angelina’s Hot Chocolate.

I believe it is safe to say that if I didn’t do anything more than eat I would have been perfectly content with my stay in Paris.  Of course though, Paris is more than just food.  As this was my first trip to the city I felt we needed to cover some of the basics in terms of art.  I mean, I HAD to go to the Louvre.  I mean really.

I think I thought this was going to be another of those places where I have seen the “famous” art so much in pictures that it really wouldn’t be as cool in person.  I did not find this to be the case at all.  I mean, the Venus de Milo was stunning and the Mona Lisa really is pretty mysterious after all.  But I did find it interesting how a lot of people pass by the art that is not well known and hit the “famous” pieces only.  I also wonder why some sculpture or paintings become more famous than others that are seemingly (to me at least) as interesting.  We also made it to The Orsay museum which houses a lot of impressionist art.  It was so beautiful Kara couldn’t contain her glee.

“I long for the Orsay, don’t you?”

Our last morning in Paris was spent walking around what is, I believe, the coolest graveyard I have ever been to.  Pere LaChaise is haunting and full of a variety of interesting dead people.

I love this grave where the statue happened to be holding beautiful fresh flowers.

And here lies Oscar Wilde who should never be in doubt of the love people have for him.

Well there you go folks.  The trip recap is over.  Thanks for reading along and encouraging me to share.  And to my sister and super fun travelling companion Kara, here’s to memories that 50 years from now we will share with our cats as we knit in matching rockers.  Only good times ahead I tell you.

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