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Feels like home

I went home this weekend to attend a dear friend’s wedding. It was a beautiful wedding of two people who went through quite a lot to be together and who are madly and truly in love and committed to each other despite the difficulties they have faced. Normally at weddings I have my cheese meter on and am prepared to be kindly amused by the gushy photos and cheesy sentiments expressed. I don’t know if I have changed or if this wedding was just different but there was nothing silly about it. Every kiss, every look, every whispered “I love you” was so real I could feel it. When the groom started singing to his bride as they danced I felt, not amused, but happy.

I initially thought this was a bad weekend for me to be gone. I am still house-hunting and not anywhere near settled. I really, really want to be settled. I want my stuff back and I want to feel the comfort of having my own place. Of being home. Now at the end of my weekend, I realize that I needed it. I have been so frustrated and stressed out that I haven’t allowed myself to relax. I now feel recharged and ready to face the decisions I have to make in the next week or so. So that is good.

I am spending the afternoon trying to get caught up on blogs which has made me crave my knitting, blogging, and communicating with friends. I am so ready to get back to my creative pursuits. To real life. Please forgive me for not being very communicative of late. I have been a bad blogger. For instance, I have been meaning to write about fun Estes Park and the good times I had there but haven’t been able to get around to it. It feels a little late for a full recap now but I will say it was fun to have my sister there, to see some of my favorite Utah knitters, and to meet-up with some new and familiar Colorado knitters. I even got a special going away gift from the grrrls at my old SnB group.


Gifts from home.

These women (and one man) are fun, thoughtful, giving, kind, interesting, smart, diverse, and all around class acts. It was an honor to knit with you. Thank you for thinking of me and welcoming me into the group. I hope to knit with you all again really soon.

I think I am having a sentimental afternoon. It feels good though. I like Colorado–I just needed a break from internalizing my move. I am ready to go back in just a couple short hours. I am starting again to feel more like myself. I think I will feel home again really soon.

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I think it’s funny how sometimes life throws you exactly what you need — like a much-needed break. I also think big moves are one of those deceptively simple things — they can take a lot more out of us that we may expect. I’ll keep my fingers crossed that you get settled soon!

Posted by: Posted by: Melissa | 06/24/2007

I did a big move from NYC to Chicago a while back. It was hard but the best thing I’ve ever done. Hang in there!! 🙂

Posted by: Mary | 06/24/2007

It sounds like you’re getting settled – in life and soon in home. I can’t wait to read that you’ve found a place and that you’re stuff is where it should be. Then you can get back to knitting your beautiful things and blogging about them. I hope you find another great group of people to knit with!

Posted by: tiennie | 06/24/2007

We miss ya, girl, but we’re glad you’re getting settled. 😉

Posted by: Stitch-n-Snitch | 06/24/2007

I am bummed I couldn’t see you this weekend. It was totally my fault as I forgot and then had already committed to “puppy-sitting” for my parents because it was their anniversary. I am glad that you were able to relax and have a nice break, though! I will be seeing you in just four short weeks…can’t wait!

Posted by: Posted by: Amanda | 06/24/2007

It’s hard to go through the process of change, the changes of self, the changes of place, the changes of friends, etc. It won’t take long before CO feels like home and you settle into a new life.

Posted by: margene | 06/25/2007

You do beautiful work. What a great blog!

Posted by: therapydoc | 06/25/2007

Sounds like a good weekend… CO should only get better from here.

Posted by: Posted by: jeff | 06/25/2007

It is so nice to read about a wedding that was sincere and sweet. I’m glad you had a good time.

Keeping up with the blogs is hard; don’t worry about it for now. The most important thing is to get settled and then you’ll be ready to post again. It’s so hard to be uprooted, even if it’s ultimately for the best.

Posted by: Debby | 06/25/2007

I hope your able to feel home again real soon! There is nothing like that feeling.
Sounds like you where at one amazing wedding : ) and it looks like you have some wonderful treats from home.

Posted by: amanda cathleen | 06/25/2007

you’re in a different place AND it was a really great wedding…..and so wouldn’t have been the same w/o you. your perfect house is waiting for you to find it….can’t wait to see how this all turns out!

Posted by: Posted by: zadalouise | 06/25/2007

Such a thoughtful glimpse into your life, it doesn’t seem right to type a quick sentence & leave again. Thanks for keeping us up to date, and I certainly can’t wait to see where you do settle down. Good thing there is knitting and the occasional blog, though, to keep unsettled feeling at least familiar!

Posted by: sulafaye | 06/25/2007

Hope things get really settled soon, and that you find somewhere to live, so you can start to relax! And get back to that knitting and ‘real life’- i know exactly what you mean! :0)

Posted by: vera | 06/26/2007

Glad you had a good trip home! Don’t worry about the not-blogging! You’re in major transition, and we all know you’ll resume knitblogging soon! I am excited to see what great apartment you find!

Posted by: Kim | 06/27/2007

It will take a little time for you to be settled, esp. once you find your own place, but you will feel settled and CO will be home.

Posted by: Wanda | 06/27/2007

Good to see you’re posting again, and have found a welcoming new group. Hope you’re all settled in soon and that you’ve found time for some theraputic knitting. Have a great weekend!

Posted by: Posted by: Jeanette | 06/29/2007

Moving is a transition on every level – it is a big shift for the mind too, and sometimes takes a little while to catch up with you 🙂 I wish you the best, girl!

Posted by: Lolly | 06/29/2007

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Surprise! A WIP

There has been an embarrassing lack of knitting on this here blog. In fact, there has been an embarrassing lack of knitting in my life lately. Unfortunately, it has taken a back seat to the bone tiring task of finding a place to live. But I have to find some knitting time for sanity sake and in the last month I have got some knitting in. I don’t think I mentioned it before but I have been working on the Bella Blouse, a web pattern from Interweave. I have the edge, front, and back finished and part of the right neckband done. I am using Louisa Harding Nautical Cotton which I think matches the pattern perfectly since it has a kind of vintage-y look and feel to it.


When I picked the colors I thought they were a little closer in color to each other. I wanted two close shades of a neutral color. That was my vision. But when I started knitting them up the colors ended up looking a little less subtly different then I had hoped. I am hoping when the neck and sleeves are done the colors will balance each other out and look okay.


So this weekend brings with it lots to look forward to. My fav knitting companion, sister, and ex-roommate Kara is coming to visit me. AND just in time for Estes Park Wool Market on Saturday. If you are planning to go make sure to look for two tall sisters and say hello!

The following 20 comments were originally left at blogspirit:

House hunting is so stressful! I hope that you find something soon!

I think those two colors will work nicely together on the Bella Blouse!

Posted by: laura b | 06/15/2007

The WIP is looking great!

Have a wonderful time with your sister this weekend & enjoy the wool market. If you see Jack & Kim from Sit&Knit/Cast Off, Bets On be sure to tell them hello for me. 🙂

Posted by: Amy Artisan | 06/15/2007

Wow I love how the two neutral go so well together, very understated and lovely!

Posted by: Heather | 06/15/2007

I’m definitely looking forward to seeing how your Bella Blouse turns out!

Posted by: Octopus Knits | 06/15/2007

Very nice project. Have fun at Estes. I won’t be there this year.

Posted by: Posted by: Wanda | 06/15/2007

I think the two colors go very well together. I can’t wait to see how it looks all done. I have been thinking about that pattern since it came out.

Posted by: Kate | 06/15/2007

Have a great time with Kara and Estes too!

Posted by: tiennie | 06/15/2007

Looking forward to seeing your blouse done.

Posted by: jen | 06/15/2007

glad to see that you are knitting during the insanity of house hunting – the WIP looks like it is the perfect comfort project!

Posted by: Teyani | 06/16/2007

That’s a great top! I look forward to seeing it finished. 🙂

Posted by: Romi | 06/16/2007

can not wait to see how your bella turns out!

Posted by: amanda cathleen | 06/17/2007

I think those colors look good together. Looking forward to seeing how it turns out.

I hope you find a wonderful place to live really soon!

Posted by: Brenda | 06/17/2007

It’s terrible when other less exciting things take over your life and leave no time for things like knitting!
Glad to see that you are squeezing some in. That is a great looking pattern :0)

Posted by: vera | 06/17/2007

Love your Bella. I am knitting it too. Acutally I’m done but haven’t finished blocking it yet. I love the way it came out and surprised that not many people are knitting this. I chose not to include the sleeve inserts because I liked it without. Can’t wait to see yours – love the two-tone idea!

Posted by: Tammy | 06/18/2007

Bella is going to be gorgeous when all is said, done and knit. Have fun with you sis and have fun at the festival. You totally deserve some fun!

Posted by: nova | 06/18/2007

I hope you both have a great time together, and you find a place to live soon! We’re in the middle of packing, but I push Chris out to ride his bike and I try to knit too…you need a break sometimes. 🙂

Posted by: Debby | 06/18/2007

Congratulations on your move and going after the job of your dreams! It takes a lot of courage to leave a life you’ve built to persue bigger dreams. You should be proud of yourself for taking that leap.

I loved Colorado when I lived there last summer. I’m sure you’ll love it. And you get to go to Estes! I just missed it last year!

Posted by: Erin | 06/19/2007

I’ll be moving soon, too, and I’m not looking forward to the moving/apartment-hunting — it can be rough. Good luck!

I love your Bella colors — it think it shows off the vintage-y-ness (ha!) of the yarn. I think Bella will be my summer sweater project, but I’ve been having trouble finding the right yarn in the right colors, too. Yours looks great, I’m looking forward to seeing how it turns out!

Posted by: Jocelyn | 06/22/2007

I’m working on the Bella Blouse, too, in light blue. I am really eager to see pictures from other knitters so I can tell if I’m doing it right! Just started the left neck insert. (Pics on my blog.)

I think the different colors you chose will work because they’re both pretty neutral.

Posted by: Elizabeth | 06/27/2007

I thought that was “Cast On, Bet’s Off” unless there’s been another book published. Has there?

Posted by: Posted by: joanne | 07/09/2007

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Week one in my new state was good. Yes, good. The job, well, the job is great. I have been busy and am working on fun, interesting and exciting stuff. Work is great. Everything else…well, it is fine. I still don’t know where I should live and I miss my family and friends and I miss Salt Lake. The farmer’s market opened this weekend and I LOVE the farmer’s market. I guess I am just a little homesick. I am sure I will get over it.

I think I just need to get settled. Find a great place to live, have my stuff around me again, start getting out and meeting people. I had been staying in a temporary apartment which was very helpful but a little limiting. I mean, only 2 tv channels and no internet. I didn’t realize how dependent I have become on the internet until I couldn’t use it on a whim. Thankfully on Friday I moved into my friends’ house in Ft. Collins and yes everyone, I am online once again. But still without permanent housing. One step at a time I guess.

Anyway, I thought I would check in with you all. Thanks to everyone for all the well wishes and support. I am sorry I haven’t been able to email everyone back but I am really so thankful for all the blog love that came my way this week.

In fact, I felt a lot of love from friends in the weeks leading up to my move (still not sure about that segue but I am tired so it will have to do.) Several of my closest and best friends come over the Saturday before I moved to help me pack. I gave two of them the task of packing up my stash. I don’t know if any of you have ever used Space Bags but Kara became obsessed with them and so we ended up buying some to help with the move. So…I gave my friends a space bag and sent them to my stash.

Now remember these are non-knitter, non-blogger friends. And yet they still knew how to document a blog-worthy event like packing the stash.


Yes, Angie, I have a lot of yarn. This next one is a little disturbing to me…


Thing is, I wish I could have packed up Amy and all my friends and taken them with me. Just not using Space Bags. That would be creepy.

The following 24 comments were originally left at blogspirit:

We miss you too! Hopefully you’ll find a place and then things will start to settle down a bit. We will be seeing you Saturday, right?

Posted by: margene | 06/11/2007

I know you’ll get settled soon, and then you’ll be back on your feet in no time. 😉

Posted by: Stitch-n-Snitch | 06/11/2007

Hang in there- this is the hardest part -(not being settled in with your stuff). It’ll get better soon. May you find the perfect apartment!
Photos of packing stash are a hoot – but if it’s all still packed, perhaps you need a trip to you LYS?

Posted by: Teyani | 06/11/2007

That is a lot of yarn, but I am sure it will make you feel a bit better about home sickness you might be experiencing.

Posted by: lisa | 06/11/2007

So glad you’re liking the job! Can I tell you how much I’d love a job working for a magazine? So fun.

I spent the week in Washington thinking about how I’d have to move there pretty soon. Not that I don’t like Washington… I hate moving. Moving, in general, is just unsettling. Hope you find your dream apartment soon! I bet having your own place will make all the difference. Good luck!

Posted by: Kim | 06/11/2007

I’m sure it won’t be long before you start feeling at home and making new friends. It’s just going to be a little overwhelming at first. At least you’ll get to see some familiar faces this weekend, right?

P.S. – I think you’d better be extra careful when unpacking that 2nd space bag. You never know what might pop out of it.

Posted by: Cheryl | 06/11/2007

Don’t feel too homesick. SLC’s been extremely lame this past week–you didn’t miss a thing.

It looks lie you probably made the jump just in time. This place is going to the dogs, for sure.

Posted by: Posted by: Jeff | 06/11/2007

Home is where the yarn is? I’m sure once you find a place you love, and a LYS, things will seem more comfortable. Until then, enjoy the new job!

Posted by: Amy | 06/11/2007

Glad things are going great for you. You’ll find a place to land soon!

That last pic had me cracking up!

Posted by: tiennie | 06/11/2007

Erin- We are so happy things are going well for you. You deserve it!!!!!!!!

You’ll find a place soon………… then we’ll have a address to send cookies etc.

On the missing your family………..Both Emma and Ellie have said many times “we want Auntie Erin to come back home!” Emma has a cool picture she drew for you and can’t wait to give it to you!

Anyway we do miss you but know this is where you need to be! See you in a few weeks Auntie Erin!!!!!!!!!!!!

Brett and Gang

Posted by: Posted by: Brett | 06/11/2007

Moving to a new city is hard, it will take time to feel at home. I am glad to hear you love your job, that’s great.

Love the stash packing pictures.

Posted by: Knittypants | 06/11/2007

I know all about moving to a new city. It will be great when you get your own place.
And lucky for you, Fort Collins is a great place (I have friends there and have visited a few times)

Posted by: Kate | 06/11/2007

It does take time to get adjusted to a new city, especially to be away from your family too. It will get better. Good luck with the new job and if you ever want to get together, just let me know.

Posted by: Wanda | 06/11/2007

Moving is difficult. It takes a while to settle, and you think you will never get there but you will. I have moved around a lot in my life and it never really gets easier to leave behind the places and people you love.
Glad you are enjoying the new job- want to hear details!!! :0)
That last picture is a classic! I agree with the not taking your friends in space bags, that would be a little ‘psycho-killer-ish’ i would say. hehe.

Posted by: vera | 06/12/2007

At least the job is great! Don’t worry, everything else will fall into place soon! And your friends packing the stash, very funny.

Posted by: nova | 06/12/2007

Cool Space Bags rec, thanks!

Posted by: Heather | 06/12/2007

oh man, i can’t last a day without the internet! that must have been rough. I’m very glad to hear that you like your new job and i hope you can get settled in soon. you’ll be making lots of new friends in no time!

Posted by: rachel i. | 06/12/2007

Glad you’re enjoying your new job! We sure miss you; it’s been crazy busy without you!

Can’t wait to hear more about your Colorado adventures. Keeping my fingers crossed for you- you’ll find a lovely place, I just know it!

Posted by: laceyJ. | 06/12/2007

There’s nothing like a good dive in the yarn stash to make you feel at home wherever you are! 😉

Posted by: Romi | 06/12/2007

Hi there! Welcome to colorado! I don’t you know where you’re located exactly but I’m in Louisville (near Bldr) — I’ll keep my eyes peeled for you on Saturday, if you’re going to Estes… 🙂

Posted by: Jenifer | 06/13/2007

Best wishes on finding a new home. Once you do, I think it will be a lot easier, as you’ll have a place you can make truly your own. And you’ll have regular internet access, so your friends won’t be far away. Have you found a LYS yet? Or any knitters at work? I hope the homesickness passes and you’ll be feeling better soon. 🙂

Posted by: Debby | 06/13/2007

Oh my gosh, I love Amy’s quote. Home is where the Yarn is!

I don’t know how the Fort Collins one is, but Boulder has an AWESOME farmer’s market. I highly recommend it… we go as often as we can… sometimes every other week, sometimes only once a month. But you are welcome to join us! Just drop a line!


Estes is having the Fiber Arts Festival this weekend… today through Saturday, methinks. If you’re interested, that is!

Posted by: Ella | 06/14/2007

Lordy, I can’t believe you can hide behind your stash! That’s why I like to keep mine nice and spread out. It helps with the denial.

Posted by: Faith | 06/14/2007

I’ve admired your knitting via your blog for a while now (lurking, always lurking…)and was sad that you wouldn’t be in SLC anymore, even though we have never met (I was going to offer to pay you to “coach” me through my CPH, which would be me first “real” sweater). But I was glad to see you on the staff page of Knitting Daily today – how exciting for you! Best wishes in your new town!

Posted by: Posted by: Rachel | 06/14/2007

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My News

First, I apologize for my lack of communication these last couple weeks. I have been unable to do much blog commenting, emailing, posting, and pretty much anything fun. But big change always accompanies a little inconvenience and soon I hope to be back to blogging and catching up with all of you. So please don’t delete me from your bloglines just yet. There is good stuff to come–promise.

So yes, big change. I am moving to Colorado. Today.

I made the decision a few weeks ago and since it has been a mad house trying to get my life in order to be ready to move. I am moving for a job I am so crazy excited about that this time in my own personal moving nightmare will be worth it. At least it better be. I HATE moving. This is the kind of job I have been waiting for without knowing it was out there to actively seek. Let me explain…

My baby sister graduated from college about 2 years ago. She had a two month struggle of finding the right path/job but then was given her dream starter job which has grown into her full fledged dream job. Two months after graduating and Bri is skipping to work loving every minute of her day. I must admit I was jealous. I mean here I am 8 years after graduating from college and I have a good job, decent career, and I like it–but I don’t love it. I want to be passionate about what I am selling and talking about day after day. Then a co-worker gave her 2 weeks to go work for a scrapbooking magazine. She is passionate about scrapbooking and when this job came her way, she jumped on it. She wrote me an email a couple months after she left telling me about the happiness she has found in her new job. The email sent me into a light depression. I just couldn’t let the thought alone that it is what I should do.

Fast forward a couple months and I by chance stumble upon a job that exactly matches my professional experience to my personal interests. I applied and you know the rest. Only problem, taking this job means moving and leaving in Salt Lake the best roommate ever :


the babies (not mine of course, my brother’s–I have no babies):


Ryan likes cookies.


How can you not love that face?


So grown up.

my friends, my restaurants, my shops, my LYS, my SnB group (miss you guys), and my best friends–my siblings. (sorry no time to find pictures of all these things)

Change is hard. My Mom once sent me an eraser when she was trying to get me to end an unhealthy relationship, the eraser says “smart girls make changes.” I feel very very smart this week. But also a little nervous.

I promise I will be back as soon as I can with new projects to show off and some new crafts I want to take on. I don’t know what kind of internet access I will have right away–still don’t know where I am going to live–but I will check in as soon as I can. This will be an adventure and I’ll keep you posted. Promise.

The following 51 comments were originally left at blogspirit:

You aren’t already gone, are you? We don’t get to have a going-away SnB night?

I’m very happy for you, securing your dream job! YOU ROCK!

Posted by: Heather Joins The Round | 06/01/2007

GOOD LUCK!! Mozel Tov! Following your bliss is the right thing to do. See you in a couple of weeks!

Posted by: margene | 06/01/2007

good luck with the move and congratulations!

Posted by: Sara | 06/01/2007

Erin! I’ll miss you, but I am so glad that you have this fabulous opportunity. I am still looking for my dream job, so I understand the importance of finding it.

Good Luck!

Posted by: Amy | 06/01/2007

CONGRATULATIONS! Rest assured, we’ll be here waiting when your adventures settle down.

Posted by: Amy | 06/01/2007

Congratulations! Wishing you all the best 🙂

Posted by: Lauren | 06/01/2007

Congratulations and good luck! What an adventure–I think it is totally worth it to do something you love doing for work, you are doing the work for most of your awake hours you may as well be smiling about it!

Posted by: nova | 06/01/2007

Okay, so I am a lurker, but…

You’re moving HERE? To Colorado? But that’s fabulous! I mean, change is definitely hard, but you’ve got the prospect of your dream job, and hopefully you’ll find it not too hard to adjust here. The people here are, for the most part, outgoing and friendly. Plus we have some great yarn stores! And not enough knitters!

Will you be near the Denver area? Do you know anyone here? Twenty questions, I know, but feel free to email me if you are so inclined!

Posted by: Ella | 06/01/2007

You’ll be so happy in your new job.
See you in October!

Posted by: susan | 06/01/2007

congratulations! change is hard, but good for you for following your heart!

and thanks so much for my gilmore package, it was great!!!

Posted by: amy | 06/01/2007

Good luck! Change is, indeed, very hard, but usually well worth the effort. Congratulations!

Posted by: Cara | 06/01/2007

Erin – I am so incredibly excited for your new journey…and I definitely want to come visit. I promise to take care of your best roommate ever in San Francisco and you can come visit us soon!!!!! I love you dearly…truly/madly/deeply… : ) Safe Travels! (Enter Gilmore Girls theme song)

Posted by: Meredith | 06/01/2007

You are brave!! But I’m sure you’ll love your new job and Colorado. Where in Colorado? Hopefully you’ll be close to Estes park!

Posted by: Posted by: Christine | 06/01/2007

Oh Good Luck! Sounds so very exciting. It takes a lot of courage to jump right in there and follow our dreams! My thoughts and good vibes will be with you!! Hello, Colorado!

Posted by: Margaux | 06/01/2007

Unfortunately, we spend more hours at work then with the people we love, so having a job that makes you happy is a gift! Good luck with your move!

Posted by: Steph | 06/01/2007

I’m so glad you’ve followed your dreams!! 🙂 Best of luck in everything. 🙂

Posted by: Stitch-n-Snitch | 06/01/2007

Wow! Congratulations on the move! 🙂

Posted by: Romi | 06/01/2007

I am so happy for you – good luck with move and what courage you have to give something new a try and move to get it!

Look forward to hearing about your lovely job and very curious what job you are going to hold!

Good luck my friend.

Posted by: lisa | 06/01/2007

Congratulations on finding your dream job! Some people never do. Change definitely is hard. I hope everything goes smoothly for you!

Posted by: laura b | 06/01/2007

Wow, you are brave AND smart AND a great knitter. Thanks for being inspiring to those of us who maybe haven’t figured out that we can skip to work each day, and all the best in your move and new life! We’ll be here when you are ready for us.

Posted by: sulafaye | 06/01/2007

and PS… THANK YOU so much!!!!!!!

Posted by: sulafaye | 06/01/2007

Erin, I am so excited for you! I know what you mean about a job you skip to. That really is how I feel about my job at IHS. You’ll only be one state away…. not to shabby. Good Luck! Aloha Oe. Love ya! Cass and the Palmer gang!!

Posted by: Cassi | 06/01/2007

I just know that this is going to be a wonderful move for you. And your mother is one very smart lady – you should knit a t-shirt with that message in it. Best of luck!

Posted by: Cheryl | 06/01/2007

I am always so inspired by people who take choose to take the leaps life offers us. Congratulations and I can’t wait to hear updates!!

Posted by: Posted by: Melissa | 06/01/2007

Best of luck with the move. Sounds very well thought-through. It sounds like an adventure and change is good, if not inevitable. Take good care!

Posted by: Kathy | 06/01/2007

Best of luck with your new job! Congratulations on making the change!

Posted by: Brenda | 06/01/2007

Well, welcome to Colorado!

Posted by: Kristi aka Fiber Fool | 06/01/2007

Congratulations! That is awesome. Where in Colorado will you be? I hope you’re coming to Denver!!! Let me know if you need help with finding a place and anything else.

Posted by: Wanda | 06/01/2007

Good luck with the move! How exciting….you will have many new adventures in Colorado and I look forward to hearing all when you return.

Posted by: jacqueline | 06/02/2007

Good luck, and congratulations on finding your dream job!

Posted by: Meredith | 06/02/2007

Congratulations on following your dream! Moving does suck, I know, and leaving your family is so hard too, but I hope you find all the happiness you can stand in your new job!

Posted by: Posted by: Mary | 06/02/2007

Congrats on finding your dream job! I hope your move goes smoothly. How very exciting. I look forward to reading about your adventure

Posted by: amanda cathleen | 06/02/2007

Now, I’ve seen lots of pics of you and your beautiful sis and I have to admit that those smiles don’t seem to reach all the way up to your eyes.

However, speaking as someone who does work her dream job (sounds crazy, I know) it is an invaluable opportunity to experience the bubble of happiness that will expand in your heart each day on your way to work. Seriously–I get happy EVERY DAY as I drive to work. That’s mighty cool.

I know it’s a tough call, but I think you made the right one. And who knows what the future will bring? Plus, air fare isn’t too bad so you can pop home to SLC any old time. Try to make it on a Tuesday once in awhile, will ya?

When you get settled send me your address and I’ll send you some soap.


Posted by: Alarming Female | 06/02/2007

I’m so excited for you! Wait, is this the same job you were telling me about? Details! More details!

It’s scary to leave the known for the unknown (been there done that!), but it can be such a great experience! Even though you’ll always miss the things you love about home, you’ll find a whole new set of different things to love about where you’re going. I think that’s true of any place you go.

I hope you are happy and wish you the best with this new job! I’m excited to hear how things are going!

Posted by: Kim | 06/03/2007

Hey there! Good luck on the move, I hope your new job brings you new happiness. What part of CO are you moving to? It’s so beautiful there, and so much fun stuff to do.

Posted by: stefanie | 06/03/2007

Good Luck. It sound like all the changes will come with a big reward at the end.
I can only hope that I am as lucky in my upcoming job changes.

Posted by: Christy/ Not Hip | 06/03/2007

Wow, how exciting! Congratulations!!!! Colorado? Not much can be better than that (IMHO). Where in CO? I will be visiting there this summer (Breckenridge/Estes Park area).

Posted by: BAM | 06/03/2007

Congratulations on making such a big change! The world is your oyster! I can’t wait to see what it in store for you! Best of luck!!

Posted by: Lolly | 06/03/2007

I am so totally excited for you! Congratulations! I can’t wait to see you start posting again about your new adventure.

Posted by: tiennie | 06/03/2007

Congrats on the new job and big move! I know how stressful that can be… I’ll be keeping you in my thoughts. I’m sure all will be well though.

Posted by: Ami | 06/03/2007

Congratulations! It’s so exciting and totally nerve wracking making decisions like this and going out on a limb. But cheers to you for doing it. I can’t wait to hear about the new job and the new place and all the newness of life. Blessings for the whole process of moving and changing.

Posted by: Sarah | 06/04/2007

Moving can be such a hassle but the excitement of a new place and a new beginning is so much fun! Congratulations on finding your dream job. I’m sure you will find lots of new knitters to knit with and a new lys that you’ll love too.
best of luck!

Posted by: rachel i. | 06/04/2007

I don’t know you very well, but what you described about feeling depressed when others find their dream job, that is so me! So I am thrilled for you that you have found it and are taking the big leap to follow that dream!! I know just how you must feel! It is hard, but there’s that question that I see on wall plaques in gift stores that haunts me: What would you do if you knew you could not fail? Once I know what I want to do, I’m going to go for it too. Can’t wait to hear about your new adventures in CO!

Posted by: Debby | 06/05/2007

Miss you already! Hope everything’s going fantabulous!

Posted by: laceyJ. | 06/05/2007

Miss you already! Hope things are going fantabulously!

Posted by: laceyJ. | 06/05/2007

Congratulations and all the best to you! How exciting to find your dream job!

Posted by: Jacquie | 06/06/2007

Congrats on the job! You know what they say, that change is as good as a holiday!

Posted by: Kate | 06/06/2007

Congrats on the new job & new adventure. How exciting that you’re headed towards something that makes you so excited. I look forward to hearing about how you settle into CO. 🙂

Posted by: Amy Artisan | 06/07/2007

Congrats! I’m in Denver, so if you need any help, don’t hesitate to e-mail!

Posted by: Cathi | 06/07/2007

Wow. Congrats on the move and the new job. There are a bunch of us in the Denver area, including me, that would be happy to show you around the area or help out if you need it. Don’t hesistate to ask.

Posted by: Michelle | 06/07/2007

three cheers!!! woo hoo!! you go grrrl!!!
Congrats on the courage to leave the ‘secure, boring job’ for something exciting.
You are absolutely sure to succeed with such a great, brave attitude!
We’re all cheering for you.

Posted by: Teyani | 06/09/2007

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