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Honestly, why on earth did I wait so long to finish this:

Cherry is done and I love her. I had a suspicion that this would be one of those infallible patterns. Not a single version I saw finished was ill fitting–everyone looked great in it. I was so pleased to discover I was right, it is simply a great pattern. Some things I love about it? The sleeves (see below). I love how slightly gathered they are on top and the length and the overall look of them. I also love the color. I got really lucky with this part as webs had an amazing sale on this color of the suggested yarn and I got it for something like 2.50 a ball. I think the whole sweater cost me less than 30 dollars to make. I really just love how classic and simple it is. Totally wearable and yet still fun to knit.

Project Stats

Pattern: Cherry

Source: Anna Bell @My Fashionable Life

Yarn: Jo Sharp SoHo Summer DK Cotton

Needles: US 6

Size: 36/38 hybrid (see mods below)

Mods: I did make a few changes to this sweater and I am sure you can guess the first one. As is becoming my custom, I added 4-5 inches to the length of the sweater. I added most of the length before the waist band and about an inch after. Remember, when you knit more length to a sweater, you need more yarn. I know that sounds simple, but learn from my mistakes so you don’t have to place a second order a month after your first.

I had a hard time deciding what size to knit as my bust size falls right in between two given sizes. The sweater is designed with one inch of positive ease on the bust–which I wanted–but if I followed the sizes as written it would either be zero ease or 2 inches of positive ease for me. So I decided to knit the back in size 36 and the front in size 38. A compromise that worked to give me about 1 inch of positive ease. Perfect.

I started this sweater back in August of last year. I put it on a huge hold for all those reasons that we put projects on hold: change of season, loss of interest, giving attention elsewhere, life in general. I have to tell you though, it feels so good to finish. I like finishing things. Must remember how much I like finishing things.

Oh yes, and I am officially back from all my traveling. The next several posts will most likely be travel related, just as a heads up. To start it off (and to keep with the theme of this post) here is Cherry in the gardens of Versailles:

She had a grand time.

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