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The other day, Mele Kalikimaka came on the radio. I immediately teared up. It was an unexpected reaction to a very simple song that I didn’t realize I had such a strong connection to. Throughout the song I was taken back to many a Christmas in Hawaii. A childhood filled with tons of family-time and traditions. I was born in Hawaii, lived there until I graduated from high school. My Dad was born there as well which made it so I had cousins and grandparents that lived on the island near us. We grew up close, our extended family spent every major holiday together and created many memorable memories and long lasting traditions–Christmas was far from the exception.

As I listened to the song play I remembered the smell of the water that ran down the rocks in Grandma and Grandpa’s house. The excitement of being “backstage” as the grand-kids prepared to act out the nativity. Putting on Santa hats and singing “I’m Getting Nuttn’ for Christmas” with our names subbed in. Yearly words of wisdom and expressions of love from Grandpa. Christmas morning brunch complete with scones and honey butter. The year grandma made jams for all the boys and the year she made us all our own plates.

The song ended and I left my walk down memory lane. I am excited for new Christmas traditions with my family wherever I live in the future. Although I have to admit, there is still a part of me that wishes for Christmas in “the land where palm trees sway”.

Miss you Hawaii.

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It must be so different living in Hawaii and coming to snow and cold.
BTW, your blog isn’t updating on Bloglines.

Posted by: margene | 12/18/2007

sniff sniff. thanks for taking me on your little walk. i’ve been thinking about “the old days” a lot. we had good times didn’t we!? it’s so fun that we all have those memories together. i think it is part of what makes our family so close.

merry christmas! i hope i get to see you while we’re in utah!

Posted by: megs | 12/18/2007

Okay, I’ve never lived in Hawaii…I’ve never even been to Hawaii…and now I miss Hawaii too!

Posted by: Laurel | 12/18/2007

You’ve made me miss Hawaii too, and I’ve never been there!

Posted by: Heather Joins The Round | 12/18/2007

It’s funny.. life that is. Mele Kalikiaka came on the radio this morning as I was driving to work.. and INSTANTLY, I thought of you. And while the song played, I found myself dreaming of all the things you may have done on Christmas in Hawaii. BBQ on the beach? Running through the grass w/out shoes on… and thinking of how very different it would be to have grown up with a Hawaiian Christmas.. rather than an Idaho one. Nonetheless, it made me think of you, and how much I miss my Queenie….and how very grateful I am that regardless of where I’m at for Christmas, it’s wonderful friends like you who will always be in my heart and thoughts.
Sure do love you.

Posted by: Posted by: Red | 12/18/2007

Take heart that wherever you are, you are not far from kids singing “I’m getting Nuttin’ for Christmas.” I just led a pile of 2nd graders with names changed this afternoon. We’ve got the stuffed frog, Tommy eating a bug and a prat bat hit too. You may not be “there” but the traditions continue and are that because of your part in them.

Posted by: becky | 12/18/2007


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Quick note: I don’t know what is going on, bloglines…hates me. It refuses to pick up my feed. Grrr. So if you missed the 1st and 2nd days of my Christmas blogging, just know that I have been faithfully posting. Even if bloglines is making me look like a slacker.

I am not going to be in my apartment for the holidays so I opted not to get a tree this year. But I still felt I had to do something to get me in the holiday spirit. So a couple trips to target later, I have this:


I know, it isn’t much. But looking at it makes me happy. The snowflakes are cheap ornaments that I tied to fishing wire and then tacked into the ceiling. Here’s a close up:


A little holiday decor to brighten my day. And it does. It almost makes up for not having a tree. Almost.

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I love the snowflakes, so bright and cheery!! Even without a tree, your place still looks great! I have a mini tree this year since I am in such a little space and even that makes me feel all warm and fuzzy! It’s definitely time to get a nice big cup of hot chocolate and sit down to watch “While You Were Sleeping”!!

Posted by: Kristine | 12/16/2007

The snowflakes are very festive! And don’t worry, Bloglines doesn’t hate you, it hates everyone. I gave up and switched to Google Reader.

Posted by: Cheryl S. | 12/16/2007

that is a really cute idea! i love it 🙂

Posted by: rachel i. | 12/16/2007

Lights are the best thing about Christmas decorating. I love your snowflakes!

Posted by: margene | 12/16/2007

I love your snowflakes. Looks like another trip out to the store for me!! Best wishes for the holidays!

Posted by: Petunia | 12/16/2007

I decorate with snowflakes too…the beauty is that you can leave it up until like mid-February and no one can comment…it’s still winter…there’s still snow.
SO clever. I might have to try hanging them from the ceiling too!

Posted by: Laurel | 12/16/2007


Bloglines… *sigh* At least Google Reader is picking up your feed, so you can tell your feed works. Have you contacted bloglines? That usually seems to get things going again.

Posted by: Chris | 12/17/2007

it looks so warm and cozy!
i love it.

Posted by: leslie | 12/19/2007

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I don’t know what is up with this last week. Maybe it is the snow or the pretty lights or the homemade cookies everywhere but this week has made me want to knit EVERYTHING. Mainly gifty type knits. I want to knit a present for everyone I know. I am feeling the Christmas gifting love. Only problem, I don’t have any time. I already have several projects on the needles I have to finish in the next week. Why didn’t I feel this way a month ago?

Then I saw The Golden Compass –which I loved by the way. If there was nothing else to love about the movie, at the very least, there are the costumes. Particularly, the hand knits. The main character Lrya’s sweater coat, gloves, vest, and hats made me want to rush home and do some knock off knitting. For example this coat and hat. You can sort of see her gloves here. And mainly, this hat. I can’t stop thinking about it.

I am sure the hat would actually take like 5 minutes to make but the effort to work out a pattern and yarn selection is time I don’t have–at least not for a couple weeks. But I can so see one of my little nieces tromping around outside in this hat.

If anyone has seen someone write up a pattern for the hat please let me know. Or, if you want to figure it out, I wouldn’t argue. In the mean time, go see the Golden Compass. It is beautifully filmed, visually stunning, perfectly casted, and a truly original story. I read the books years ago and have been patiently awaiting the movie release. As always, the books are better, but I was very pleased with what the movie was able to do in 2 hours. So go see it.

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The hat reminds me of Michelle Heyman’s Elf Caps from Melanie Falick’s handknit holidays. I haven’t been bit by the knitting bug lately, but I am starting to feel the excitement again as the snow grows!

Posted by: Beth | 12/15/2007

I also wonder if maybe you could modify this pattern or use a chunky yarn to make it more of an adult cap:

Posted by: Beth | 12/15/2007

I will have to pick your brain about the Golden Compass. I keep getting emails about it. The comercials for it look awesome. I know that you would give me probably a more honest perspective about the whole ‘contreversy.’

Posted by: Cassi | 12/15/2007

I totally know what you mean! I feel like every time I turn around I just HAVE to knit something for so-and -so!! I love to hankdknit gifts, mostly because I seem to be blessed with recipients who like them!
The Golden Compas is on my to-see list!
I want to read the book first!

Posted by: Silver Ilix | 12/16/2007

The one Beth mentioned is available free here:

There’s also this one on Ravelry:


Posted by: Cheryl S. | 12/16/2007

The hat looks like the baby bonnet from Last Minute Knitted Gifts. I bet you could just sub in bulky yarn and knit the pattern pretty much as written.

Posted by: Posted by: Annika | 12/16/2007

you know i’m dying to make that hat too! i’ll probably whip one up after Christmas and i’ll keep you posted.

Posted by: rachel i. | 12/16/2007

I loved the books, so I hope the movie does the first book justice!

Posted by: Chris | 12/17/2007

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My very first sweater ever was the Rebecca Wrap Cardigan (ravelry link). I fell in love with this sweater the minute I saw the picture of the model walking in the streets of some foreign city. It looked elegant and feminine and I wanted to look just like her. So I bought the yarn and cast on. I had a really fun time learning how to knit sleeves and all about sweater construction and finishing. When the sweater was done I was really proud of it and eager to try it on. I wanted to love it, I did, but when I put it on I just didn’t. It just didn’t look the way I thought it would.

I was disappointed but it became a perfect example of knitting for a body that is not mine. It was way too short for me and was not as flattering on my hourglass frame body, and with not enough wrap. It took me a few more tries before I started knitting garments that actually fit me right. But this sweater sat in my closet, coming out every once in a while when I would forget that it doesn’t work on me. It dawned on me a few weeks ago that this sweater, while not cute on me, could be cute on someone else. Someone who would love it and wear it outside and give it the love I have not.


This is Emily. She is talented and funny and kind and full of energy and has the best eye of the tiger I have ever witnessed. I am lucky enough to be one of her leaders though my Church’s youth organization. She is the proud recipient of the Rebecca Wrap Cardigan. The minute she tried it on I knew the sweater was perfect for her. Just looking at this picture makes me smile. Doesn’t she look beautiful?

Oh, and for the record, I would say generally re-gifting is a bad tacky practice. BUT re-gift knitting is my new favorite thing. Let’s see, what else am I not wearing…

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Ah, this is brilliant! the color looks great on Emily, good choice for a re-gift knitting recipient. I’ve definitely considered re-gifting some of my knits that just don’t quite work. I’ll have to look through the pile of shameful knits again and re-assess their value…

Posted by: rachel i. | 12/14/2007

I think it’s a wonderful idea. Who wouldn’t love to be the recipient of a lovely handknitted item that looks great on them, even if it wasn’t originally intended for them?

Posted by: Cheryl S. | 12/14/2007

Great idea – Emily looks wonderful, and your knit is going to be worn!

Posted by: Octopus Knits | 12/14/2007

what a beautiful young woman! she looks very happy to be gifted with this attractive knit. (I love the way she’s chosen to wear it over white and so show the lace pattern off so beautifully

Posted by: materfamilias | 12/14/2007

For the record, i have always really liked you but this makes me like you even more. I want to regift a knit….but that would require I knit something….hmmmm.

Posted by: Laurel | 12/14/2007

Hmmmmmmmm gr8 idea buddy, color looks superab on Emily…

Posted by: Life Info Zone | 12/15/2007

Oh, Erin…you made me cry! What a sweet thing to do–Emily looks wonderful in it! What a great way to kick off 12 days of Christmas blogging–by giving!

Posted by: Posted by: mom | 12/15/2007

Ohhh what motivation for me. If I can lose the weight I need to in order to be your size will you regift to ME???? You are amazing and the sweater is perfect for her.

Posted by: Posted by: DeAnn | 12/16/2007

Emily is the perfect for the sweater ~my only question… will she share it with her sister?
Good job~

Posted by: Posted by: annzy | 12/17/2007

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I’m back!

So I am back from my unplanned blog break. I have no real excuse, life just got really busy I would say. I tried to sit down and write a post last week but had a hard time organizing my thoughts and getting back into the blogging groove. I’ve decided that I need a bit of a jump start to get my blogging mojo back. SO, starting on Friday the 14th, I will be posting every day until Christmas (that scream of joy you hear is from my Mom all the way in Hong Kong–it’s nice to have a fan.) So yes, I will be blogging for the 12 days of Christmas. The only commitment I am making is that I will post every day–the content will be varied and not on any central theme. I do think it will be fun though.

As for what I have been up to?

Chirstmas knitting. I have two projects I am working on which will remain a secret until the big day.

Joining a gym. I even got some personal training sessions with my package. I had my first one last week and could barely walk for two days after. Funny side note: my trainer crochets!

Lots of visitors. I have been the lucky host to several of my favorite visitors these past few weeks. First there was ex-roommate and knitting sister Kara. You all know her–if you don’t, you should. Kara came for Thanksgiving and we had the most fun shopping and cooking and eating Smashburger and watching series like The Starter Wife (complete with the hot British guy from NYLON except he talked in a boring American accent and played a homeless love interest in the show which kind of made him less hot) and the last season of Monarch of the Glen (we both cried like babies). Kara and I can do just about anything and have a great time.

Just one week later my other sister and her hubby Adam came to play with me. It was so fun to hang out with my favorite newlyweds. Briana (or Bri, or Breezy, or Sneezy, or Sneezers, or now since it is holiday time: Ebesneezers) really wanted to eat at the Cheesecake Factory so we did. And it was delicious. We shopped and watched holiday movies and made really dense Malasada’s because we used expired yeast that didn’t raise. Good times.


Here is a shot of us in decorated downtown Denver. We were so very cold.

I feel pretty lucky to belong to a family where my best friends are my family. I can’t wait to see them all in less than two weeks for non-stop holiday festivities.

So that is a bit of what I have been up to. Now I am off to check all my blogs and see what you all are up to. See you again on Friday for the 1st day of Christmas.

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Merry Christmas…to us! Looking forward to it (and isn’t it funny that all the knitting projects we’re all working on are secret??).

Posted by: sulafaye | 12/11/2007

Wow! I think you’re the first non-Portuguese person I’ve met who knows what malasadas are! And if you know how to pronounce the word properly, then you get an extra gold star 🙂

All my ancestors are from Sao Miguel, so I didn’t realize that that’s where they originated… interesting!


Posted by: Miriam | 12/11/2007

Just yesterday I wondered what was going on in your life. It’s good to hear from you and even better we’ll be hearing more!

Posted by: margene | 12/11/2007

sounds like some fun visitors! and hey, even a dense malasada is still a malasada.

ty and i started battle star, as you suggested. gee thanks erin! all we needed was another obsession. we’re waiting with baited breath for season 2 to arrive. will commander adama survive boomers–what appeared to be fatal– shots? if so, will lee take over his father’s command, even though he is currently in handcuffs for disobeying his orders? what’s the deal with the cylons having babies? the anticipation is killing me!

Posted by: megs | 12/11/2007

woo! i look forward to your post a day! 🙂 glad things are gong well in your life… your gym trainer sounds a lot like mine… i swear i couldn’t walk… and walking down stairs… ouch! haha

Posted by: margaux | 12/11/2007

Nice to see you blogging again!

Posted by: Cheryl S. | 12/11/2007

It does sound like you have a wonderful family. I’m close with my sister, but the problem is she lives so far away!

Posted by: Erin | 12/11/2007

Wow, you do sound like you’ve been incredibly busy!

Posted by: Chris | 12/11/2007

I wish my two sister could come visit me! They live in different states, too, and I miss them terribly.

I’m on Season 5 of Monarch of the Glen myself — it gets a little silly from time to time, but the landscape and the accents (and the cute boys with accents) keep me hooked. 😛

Posted by: Katinka | 12/11/2007

I feel the same way about my sisters!

Posted by: Heather Joins The Round | 12/11/2007

Brilliant idea, I can’t wait to see what you post about! It’s not just your mom screaming with joy.

Posted by: Posted by: Natalie | 12/11/2007

Blogging for the 12 days of Christmas is a good idea. It’s so easy to get writer’s blog, but challenging yourself should get the creative juices flowing (I should be doing the same thing!)

Look forward to seeing your Christmas knitting.

Posted by: Knittypants | 12/11/2007

I’m glad you’re back and are doing well.

Posted by: Cassi | 12/11/2007

I am glad you were having fun and being productive during your blogging break. Welcome back!

Posted by: nova | 12/12/2007

Welcome back! Sounds like you’ve been having fun. I love it that my best friend is my sister too. I just wish she lived a tiny bit closer. Mine’s all the way in West Virginia.

Posted by: Michelle | 12/12/2007

I just tagged you…do you feel like being random? Read my blog for details…BAM

Posted by: BAM | 12/12/2007

I must admit, Erin, after shouting with joy in anticipation of your daily blogging for the next 12 days, I thought, “it can’t get any better than this!” Then I read that you convinced Kara to do it as well. I was giddy with excitement! Erin, for this most amazing and wonderful gesture, you shall be rewarded in April–with what, I don’t know, but something fun should catch my eye in this city! Now if you could just get your little sister to be a blogger…my joy would be complete! Until tomorrow….

Posted by: Posted by: Mom | 12/12/2007

Glad your back and glad that we’ll be getting 12 days of posts!

Posted by: tiennie | 12/12/2007

Hurray, a post a day! I’ll be here!

Posted by: Lin | 12/13/2007

oh what a pleasure to have you back in blogland!!!!

Posted by: rachel i. | 12/13/2007

Miss Q.. I’ve missed you and am SO excited to be able to read all your days of Christmas.. Love ya!

Posted by: Posted by: Red | 12/18/2007

OH — it sounds like you are having fun. Can’t wait to read your posts!

Posted by: Debby | 12/19/2007

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