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My title is a quote from last night’s Grey’s Anatomy. Man I love that show. Isn’t the line so true though? No matter what else is going on in life, I’ve got my knitting. Yes, that sounds a little cheesy and perhaps depressing but it is still something. On the show Meredith decided to gave up on men and take up knitting. Heh, heh. I am pretty sure my Mom just groaned at that comment. It’s okay mom…I still believe I can have both. Someday. Soon-ish. I promise.

So it is official…I ran out of yarn for my vest. I knew it was going to happen but still got bummed when it happened before the yarn I ordered arrived. So instead of finishing the vest this weekend, I casted on for a new project. Forecast did not inspire me at first, I didn’t catch the vision until I saw Winnie’s version. So pretty. Plus it is made with Cascade 220 which is a pretty inexpensive option for a sweater (although I am skeptical I can make the whole sweater with the 4 skeins it recommends.) I bought some yarn from my LYS in a deep olive color and casted on last night. Here is a peek at the start:


Due to a stupid pattern reading error on my part, I had to frog and restart 5 times (yes, 5 times! Grrrr ) but I am now on my way. I love the feel of the yarn and it is an interesting pattern so it has been fun to knit so far. It is knit top down so what you see above is the sweater collar. This is more of a fall sweater but I am hoping I will finish before the spring is over so I can wear it once or twice before the heat of the summer. I joined the KAL too so hopefully that will keep me on track.

Once I get my yarn from KnitPicks I will finish the vest so I look forward to that. I have also been compiling a list of projects I want to knit and will share the list soon. There is so much I want to knit now it is crazy. In order to get it all done I would have to quit my full-time job and focus 100% on knitting. But I know myself. If I did that I would turn into a crazy lady that only goes outside to collect the mail and has piles and piles of handknits that never get worn because I never go out. Yes, I think having a job is good for me.

The following 2 comments were originally left at blogspirit:

Forecast is also on my to knit list. Can’t wait to see yours finished in olive green! Too bad we don’t have Cascade yarn in Australia but it shouldn’t be difficult to find a substitute.

Posted by: Yuli | 04/03/2006

Ugh, I’m sorry you ran out! That always seems to happen to me too! They always say “buy extra” but I can never bring myself to do it when I start, even though I almost always have to do it by the end!

Posted by: Kim | 04/04/2006


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